Hero of Taslinia

Author: Whoot!

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Role Playing


Hero of Taslinia – Epic Fantasy RPG Game

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File size: 61M
Update time: September 7, 2021
Current version: 1.9.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Whoot!
Price: Free
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Customer review

Courtney Steinbroner

It would be nice if I were able to get by the 1st page where it just says "update complete". This game has a tons of bugs and becomes difficult to power up your characters unless you pay for them.


Who tf set the hit rate %? What garbage

A Google user

When the character sends out skills, the special effects are good. It is suggested that the speed can be faster and the visual effect will be better. I just started playing this game. It is commendable that this game makes the characters very beautiful and lovely, and the process of creating characters Very interesting, I hope to complete the whole game, recommend it to players

Shields Falconer

It takes a long time to train, you must be online all the time to really benefit, improve your team's ability, the graphics are so beautiful, it's awesome, enjoy the experience and sense of achievement from the game, a lot of content needs you to explore, The upgrade condition is not a copy, it's just a matter of time, you can play the game in your spare time, you will be happy

Mcgowan Sanni

You have to manually make quick decisions to defeat the enemy, and the equipment level is deep, you need to use good enough equipment to become a powerful force, if you like the turn-based PRG combat system, then I would recommend you to play this game , crazy challenge

Desham Mundys

I love the unlimited creation but I don't like how slow the leveling is

Downs Kinnear

From my point of view, I really like the function of customizing characters. It can add a lot of fun to a single-player game. The characters are very cute. I haven't really dived into the game, but what I have seen and challenged, It's all well done, all in all, I really like this type of game

Taarank Acharya

In this type of game, character balance is almost impossible, but it's an amazing game. I like the gameplay, characters and story of the game. There are a lot of things to do and unlock, and I need to develop to be stronger and stronger. The team, this is really a good game, recommend

Clowdus Dykhoff

The game works great for me, the characters are refined, yes you can buy them, but if you are patient and level up to a high level, you don't have to, and of course leveling up is a challenge, you can too After choosing to buy and speed up, seeing that many people are troubled by this, it is recommended to learn to complete the victory strategically! Can help you upgrade quickly

Watkins Sondra

I've been playing this game for a long time and really like it, improved a lot, enhanced the game experience, made it workable for all kinds of players, love how they strategically balance the nature of the game, got me a lot of rewards, the leveling up process really does It makes people feel hard and difficult, but once you are strong, the pleasure of playing the game will skyrocket, you can try

Oneal Jazmin

No matter how good a game is, there is room for optimization, this game is great, there are too many ads in pop-ups, but once you get used to them, you just close them, and sometimes the goodies that pop up are very affordable, but there are still too many pops Well, other than that, it's a lot of fun, and it's a game that's perfect for pastime when you're busy with real life

A Google user

I appreciate the graphics and the variety of characters in the game, as a newbie, I just play to kill time, I like to make friends in the game, the ability to add friends is good, and it also allows me to get rewards, if I can make friends with friends As opponents, just play games together, I will be proud to beat my friends, haha

Kainnen black

The fact the game doesn't doesn't steal or collect data is 3bough for 5 stars.

Slater Carrico

This game is about upgrading heroes, and it is about learning how to level up efficiently. There are some strategies and determining which heroes can work well together. You will find that you are more and more involved in it. Personally, I like this game very much. Thank you to the developer

A Google user

PVE, story, PVP, and training upgrades, everyone has their own things, free games are actually not affected by insufficient purchases, but you need to spend a longer time to advance, this is the good game for me to pass the time, I haven't unlocked the full content of the game yet, but I'll try

A Google user

The creators have done a great job of keeping the turn-based curated game authentic, always trying to upgrade your gear and abilities for greater success in the game, the game is full of challenges, they have different missions, matches and events Keeps you busy, it's great

A Google user

Skills and characters are fun, there are multiple places where you get more resources, I love the ability to level up, make my team stronger and stronger, it takes time to hone, whether you're slow or going all out or It's about spending money to get yourself going fast, it's all about the best free time games

Bolton Sfeir

Playing this game is more relaxing and enjoyable, the characters look cute, for those who like turn-based combat and strategy gameplay, this game is very interesting, the most important thing is to find a way to make your team strong quickly, so I spent a small amount of time. Part of the money, it can be annoying to show deals frequently, but some deals are really good, great value for money, which is awesome

Abraham Leon

Go gq ga

Atkinson Wiggin

The conclusion of this game is that it has a very interesting corner creation process, as well as a deep strategic gameplay, but the gameplay is relatively simple, but it does not hinder the entire experience, a lot of grinding, spending time planning and building your team, and you can get from it A lot of fun, good game to kill time, highly recommended

Don Heller

Slow and child oriented.

Dawnalee Barnhart

It's fun. Plain simple fun. I need that.

A Google user

I like this game. Unlike other games of the same type, the developers have created a good story for a game. They also rated the heroes in the game. They can also create characters according to their personal preferences and choose the appearance of the hero you like. This is very good. Worthy of the highest rating, looking forward to a better future

A Google user

It's impressive that the characters can be constructed by ourselves, which is a relatively rare highlight of RPG games, but needs to improve equipment optimization, sometimes it does not play smoothly, only occasionally, it is a great game overall

Shade Osman

How much done don't be fooled by the

Hulk Gamer

I like the game, but 2 huge issues doesn't allow me to do more than 2 stars. 1. The constant popup every 20 seconds on main screen..are you trying to give people a nervous tick or something? 2. Is it even a possibility to use smaller fonts??? Geez, everything I wrote here could fit in like 3 lines in the game. Do we need to project it on a wall to play?Response to Response, they can come read the reviews if the care. Waste of my time to email them. Nevermind, I see it is a fake response

Angela Starling

What is with the constant in game ad you have to clear?

Situ Kreiser

It's a fun and challenging game. For an F2P, the rewards are fair. For me, the only problem is that I can only play 4 heroes. will be ignored because you also want to level up those higher level characters

Camren Clare Baker

The current experience is good, but the content needs to be continuously expanded and added. We still need to give developers more time to adjust some quality. They are growing

Brendan Trifero

There are many ways to get rewards, and I also hope that I can play more battles every day. I think it is fun and the game is playing very smoothly. If there is a bad experience, I will update the comments.

joker latasha

It's fun to solve challenges, but some repetitive characters can be considered to save time, you should choose to turn off intensive animations and deploy characters that don't work for different parts of the game

kitten komedy

Honestly one of the most enjoyable mobile games I've found. I really love the custom characters

Rex Torphy

In fact, the story is not what I care about most, this game is to collect heroes and make him stronger and stronger, get more victories and rewards, easy-to-understand game, the new skill effects are also great, just need to be quick, play Enemies with more HP will be better

Nathaniel Yang

Cool game, but after missing like 4 attacks straight in a row consistently battle after battle... Nah, I'm out... I've never played an rpg with this high of a miss rate and don't plan to.

Reynold Roberti

I always like to buy some card draw coupons, because it allows me to quickly get more advanced equipment, of course, you can also upgrade slowly without spending money, in short, this is a game suitable for killing time

Jake Sikorski

To be honest, I like the characters in this game, the gameplay is relatively simple, and the upgrade is a little difficult, but it is still a good game, and there is potential to make a better game, but it just needs time to increase, looking forward to it


Seems ok so far, they give out regular gear like candy but if you really want the good gear your going to have to spend money... I'm currently nearly stuck on chapter 3 after a solid 3 hours of grinding.... you can run multiple times on one stage but there doesn't seem to be a sweep feature

Terrance Kohler

I'm just getting into the break-in phase and I feel it's a little difficult to level up, the characters look cute, I'm not sure if I have a way to play for free until the end, if I can, I'll never let go of spending time playing every day

Jesse Borowski

A game that I play almost every day, there are a lot of things to do, keep moving forward, and occasionally buy some gift packs that I need to help me become stronger faster, cool game, it is recommended to add some new gameplay and interesting characters

Ann Stephine

They create a story for a campaign, the most interesting thing is the process of creating the character, you can choose the look you like, not fixed, no ads, which is great, give 5 points for now, I'll come back when I play deeper See if it's worth the score

Carrie Herrera

Have strategic skills, learn to use the heroes of each different profession to form a powerful team, you can completely use the correct team to knock down the enemy, if you are looking for a legend game, you can try

Herbert Daugherty

Heroes are very unique, each with their own advantages and abilities, I think this game has great potential, I look forward to it can do better in the future, and the battle will continue to the end, I enjoy this game very much

Shawn Withers

You need to go through many long battles to get the resources you need to upgrade. You can make lightning levels instead of multiple battles. The game is good, but it needs more optimization.

A Google user

It is worth spending money to speed up, you can quickly unlock functions and speed up the process, how to pass the level and defeat the monster, you must make yourself stronger first, take the time to really understand it, I recommend this game

Jeffrey Blann

I like the style very much. It is recommended to fight faster instead of 2 times. In addition, the others are all good, with amazing characters and abilities, and the visual effects are good

A Google user

You don't have a button to claim all the rewards and upgrade your gear directly, it's too cumbersome, other than that, the game is good, I've played it for two days, so far it feels good, good game to keep playing

A Google user

A game that collects a lot of equipment and upgrades, to be able to prepare for battles and win games, I hope to make my team strong as soon as possible, so sometimes I will add some money, which can make me very happy to play

Cathy Gusikowski

Love this game, you can repeat it again and again without paying anything. The hero design is very beautiful, and the daily tasks do not need to take a long time to complete. The only thing I recommend is that the equipment development time is too long and requires too many resources.

Sari Leffler

I am very grateful to the developer for making this wonderful game. The characters are rich, the equipment is also very good, and the game also has a lot of content. It is recommended that the difficulty is less or more difficult to obtain upgrade rewards. Thank you

Warner Ilhan

Enjoy your favorite heroes who lead you through amazing tasks and patterns in the game,It's really fun to play!!

Schultz Matin

I love it, I just wish there was a mode to play with friends, that would be a great game for sure, thanks a lot

Snyder Rymer

Make progress in the story. It has a good story about many events.This is really good for mobile games

Wiggins Shann

There is no mandatory advertising, with grinding, everything is within reach,There are many things that keep you busy

Flynn Cathal

It took a lot of time and effort to make these characters unique,good game,You must try the game

Ser. Tol.

Font is too small. Me eyes bleedn

A Google user

I found this very positive in the game. There is both luck and skill,And skills in actual combat

Durdan Geitner

I didn't lose the fun. There are many ways to improve in the game,And I was free to play from the beginning.

Savi Brading

It has some real technology,I just want a game mode,A competitive 1v1 model would be cool

Serdio pamungkas

Unresponsive screen lol

Vincent Avilez

The game is great! I'm totally addicted! But it would be so great if character creating had more options like different races like elves, Orc and so on!

Alvarez Touchet

Character design and animation are great for a mobile game! Highly recommended by true believers!This game is very interesting to play

BubaEr Deljan

I can see that you have multiple 1 star ratings (very recent one's) becuse of the same bag that you are not addressing but you are deleting some reviews. Mine,for instance. For that you have time 😐 yes? Now you deserve zero,for that and for false advertising of a gameplay. Serious game co. do have time to write down in ad that "it's not included in actual gameplay", you have time to fool ppl around by deleting reviews and advertising what your game is NOT. Brutal.

Jordan Grim

Amazing game and fun as long the dev listen to there playerbase

Andrea Metcalf

It's been really good

Ruth N

I loved this game, but recent changes have made it apparent that the creators have lost sight of what makes it fun and begun to focus on how to make money. I get that you need income to keep going, but blatantly limiting what can be obtained for free, and completely rearranging stats on high level gear is not cool. The fun just isn't there.

Arlie Pabon

It really like this game

Xzhan Xtriqker

Your game is A BIG TRASH... a Play to win... I will make a video about this on how this game gets boring and not enjoyable...

Mcfadden Profitt

You need to somehow be smart to beat the hardest missions. You need to read the nodes, learn and use the correct method to defeat your enemies

John Yang

Out of 9 codes im only able to redeem 1. Sad game... those that found this game late, dont waste your time you are far behind unless you got big wallet.


Just ok.

golden doge857

I would rate this a 4 or 5 star but the game is stuck on the tutorial, the part where it tells me to get another hero but I did and then it keeps repeating and won't let me continue the game.

Woodard Pointon

fantastic I only use it for a few days now, so there are many things I haven't found yet. But I absolutely like it and highly recommend it

M Kouchakzad


Suarez Prosser

It's hard to start this game as a beginner, but if you look at guides and stories for a period of time, you can collect all kinds of heroes

Gallegos Bungay

mobile game. Upgrades, battles, some stories, good graphics and monthly updates with new unique characters and tasks. The battle was not embarrassing

TaKari “Blue-Star” Robinson

I started playing this game because it looke awsome but now iy wont allow me to make it past the recruitment process at the beginning of the game I've tried on two separate accounts and ran into the same issue every time I exit from the castle after creating a second character it's not allowing me to move on past that point it just keeps telling me to recruit more people to complete my team this is really aggravating considering I really want to play

Erickson Gerace

I still love the app, now my focus is on the reading order and storyline, the content is fantastic, the memory is fantastic, and the time it takes is incredible!

Nicholas Fry

Please add auto option to even the first clear. Would help with QoL

Tyler Robbins

Awesome game, update redownload and addicted cant figure out why I deleted it...


The tutorial broke when creating a new hero. I created the new hero, but the tutorial is stuck at wanting me to create a new hero. I'm now not able to play the game anymore since I have a second hero and keeps telling me to create a second hero. Good game, just weird tutorial bugs.

A Google user

It's a fun and challenging game, the character design is my favorite style, and you can choose the look you like, love the variety of builds and ways to level up your character, the whole game is fun, You can do a lot of things and always feel like you are improving, of course it takes some time to make yourself stronger, if you don't want to spend money, I recommend you play this game

A Google user

You can create your favorite characters. This idea is very good. It is different from other games with pre-determined characters. It is very unique, and each one is very unique. Lots of things to do, spend money to speed up, not spend money to win, if you want to play RPG games, I definitely recommend this game, take the time to really understand it, you won't be able to stop wanting to play it


Needs less p2w packs, definitely needs an auto button as no one wants to manually tap these days 🥴 drop rate is disgusting..it's like a half completed game that's only here to scam $$

Page Lauryn

Interesting game, choose the character you want for your team, you can win the victory skillfully through the perfect combination, the graphics are amazing, the challenges are various, and the colleagues are very challenging


I am locked in the tutorial. I created a second character just as it has asked of me, but whenever I exit the castle it asks me to go back and create another, which I cannot do because I have no slots remaining.

A Google user

Been playing this game, it's addicting, the skill effects in the recent update are great, I love that there are so many ways for me to win things that level up, have goals. There are tasks to keep you busy. If you play for free, it may take a long time to develop your team's ability to make your progress faster.


Gets tough without paying quick, attacks often miss like 70% of the time, not much excitement

A Google user

Cool character. Music, gameplay, design and game mode are amazing. In order to further improve the quality of the game, I think it should be free after the first purchase

Quincy Shepherd

When i was done recruit a hero it says it is not done yet lets go recruit a full team when i go you got to reach level 2 castle

Hamilton Anas

The farther you go, the better you get in return. According to your progress in the main movements,There will be new challenges,Let you further entertainment.

Garcia Sykes

Although higher maps may be annoying, the game has many different things to do, and you can play it for a few hours a day if you like. Spending money is not necessary

Marcelo Wang

They continue to improve gameplay. Whether it's quick rewards or challenging your skills to get better rewards, there's always something to do. I strongly recommend this game!

A Google user

It provides a lot of upgrades that allow you to move forward without getting stuck, but the level is quite high,Much depends on your ability. Overall, the game was great

Jakob Reed

Honestly I love this game but I have more heroes than I can have on my teams there are six spots you can put heros and only have 4 playable at a time please let us place all 6

Rocket GTO

Oh yea ads needs work show gameplay you idiots I don't care for your stupid player creation video you moron merchant

Shannon Basel

Action-packed, fun, so many free skins and superhero upgrades, no stupid ads, that's a good thing for me, not annoying, just wish there were more rewards and faster upgrades

Blake Puffer

I like that characters can change careers later, which makes my strategy more able to win me. The characters are very good and interesting. Create your favorite team and characters.

Kourtney Fields

Game is great and so far I'm digging it. But I think there's a bug with the tutorial. I'm completely done with it but it keeps sending me to the boot camp thing to collect my items even though I don't ;/ I hope they fix that soon.

Celestial Kitsune

Game is unplayable tells me to recruit 2nd party member which i did but does not register 2nd party member so stuck in loop i can't get out of. I played this game awhile ago was so much better. Now it's laggy and just unplayable. Such a shame.

Beck Probst

The game is great. I hope there is such a system that you can move to both sides in the game,How to move to the side with more open space, this ability will make the game more interesting