Hero of Taslinia

Author: Whoot!

100,000+ install
Role Playing


Hero of Taslinia – Epic Fantasy RPG Game

Detailed info

File size: 61M
Update time: September 7, 2021
Current version: 1.9.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Whoot!
Price: Free
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Customer review

Garcia Sykes

Although higher maps may be annoying, the game has many different things to do, and you can play it for a few hours a day if you like. Spending money is not necessary

Marcelo Wang

They continue to improve gameplay. Whether it's quick rewards or challenging your skills to get better rewards, there's always something to do. I strongly recommend this game!

Thompson Fessler

It provides a lot of upgrades that allow you to move forward without getting stuck, but the level is quite high,Much depends on your ability. Overall, the game was great

Jakob Reed

Honestly I love this game but I have more heroes than I can have on my teams there are six spots you can put heros and only have 4 playable at a time please let us place all 6

Rocket GTO

Oh yea ads needs work show gameplay you idiots I don't care for your stupid player creation video you moron merchant

A Google user

I like this game style. Their abilities are almost different for every hero. So I think you should get it, but don't play too much because you don't want to spend money

Shannon Basel

Action-packed, fun, so many free skins and superhero upgrades, no stupid ads, that's a good thing for me, not annoying, just wish there were more rewards and faster upgrades

A Google user

The graphics in the fight properly integrate cartoon style, stylization and realism, which is pleasing to the eye,Once you start to grow and enter a flow, it's hard to let go

Blake Puffer

I like that characters can change careers later, which makes my strategy more able to win me. The characters are very good and interesting. Create your favorite team and characters.

Kourtney Fields

Game is great and so far I'm digging it. But I think there's a bug with the tutorial. I'm completely done with it but it keeps sending me to the boot camp thing to collect my items even though I don't ;/ I hope they fix that soon.

Celestial Kitsune

Game is unplayable tells me to recruit 2nd party member which i did but does not register 2nd party member so stuck in loop i can't get out of. I played this game awhile ago was so much better. Now it's laggy and just unplayable. Such a shame.

Beck Probst

The game is great. I hope there is such a system that you can move to both sides in the game,How to move to the side with more open space, this ability will make the game more interesting

Rick Willis

Good so far, reminds me of shards of magic, which I can't find

Alex R

The advertisement says you get a weapon with 500k power and you get nothing even close scam

Witt Hosein

If you are not new to grinding, be sure to go and have a look,A quick duel or complete task in a story or event,No matter what type of player you are, there are many different choices

John Moore

Played a whole 15 minutes got to the part where you make a second character and its stuck at that point. Everytime i try to continue it tells me to make a new character and i already have.

Harris Ivor

Choose the right role, there are several ways to improve the role level * warning, you will have to work harder,I hope they will bring more roles and changes in the upcoming update

A Google user

Haha, this is definitely an interesting and cool game. It's very interesting to play. The graphics are great. There are many different characters to choose from, so please check and enjoy!

Toby Awosan

Ýùì look§

A Google user

First of all, this game is really interesting. Probably the best mobile game. Second,You can get really good grades by paying, but you can get the same good grades without paying (a little slower)

Shane Kennedy

Love it so far

kalvin harvey

Having fun playing, it's a bit different from the battle games I am used to.

Rowland Stewart

The later story performance is obviously more challenging than the beginning.I enjoy every bit of it. Just a hint: remember to unlock dexterity and parry skills. You can thank me later. Enjoy yourself

Brayden Harness

Amazing game play and Custom characters makes it way more better and one thing you guys can make it better is to Custom the aromr

A Google user

There are very few rewards, so I can understand why someone will spend money,You will be attracted by trying to collect all characters and play games in all different modes and categories

Osborne Fresco

Marvel's game is very good. The graphics are great and the controls are very easy to use. I would certainly say that to be truly successful in this game, you need a great, informative and helpful League

A Google user

I never stopped playing,From the first day, I have been introducing this game to people. I hope you will continue to bring new and exciting opportunities,Continue to maintain the intensity of the game

Nixon Caskey

It will take a long time to see real progress, so please don't think this is a fast stimulation game,As you progress, you will realize that it is more detailed and deeper than you initially thought

Malakai Adiao

it's another idle rpg game that doesn't do anything to make itself different from the multiple other idle rpg games. not only that but attacks miss way too often and the amount of damage your attacks do is very random, so the combat is very annoying. That and the ad for this game convinced me to install this game, but the ad is nothing like the actual game.

A Google user

It takes a while to understand what all characters can do statistically, and it's great to play when you're not busy,Unless you're really not good at learning to save resources, it's not a paid game

Kevin Croom

Game is fun but the storyline didn't interest me

A Google user

Perfect to keep the challenge going. Keep up the great work. Can't wait to see what happens next! I still play and love the sport. There are so many different paths in the game, the way you manipulate your team is fantastic, and winning comes at a price. In general, it takes a lot of effort to beat a super boss, although I like the feeling, like I'm actually in the game.!!

A Google user

I also like how you build a team so that you can use your favorite heroes instead of sticking to the same role all the time,This may be the first game like this. I don't have to pay $100 to have a chance,I Love this Game

Barnes Handy

If you don't play it, don't spend time on it, you still won't grow up. Upgrading can be frustrating at times, but that's where the fun lies. Nothing is easy here, great game and amazing graphics, I was looking for a game with a good storyline so I could really get into it, thanks to the devs, I spent a little money and I got a really good one portfolio, it's worth it!

Norman Mcgriff

Suitable for those who seek years of entertainment and progress, or those who have too much free time. The price of in-game purchases is shocking at best, but it's common today, so I think we should look forward to it♡

Matthan Griggs

So far, so good...

A Google user

I like the newly added hero dazzling effect, it's very cool, I hope to add a team that allows more members to fight, that must be great, I'm very much looking forward to doing better and better♥

A Google user

No ads! ! ! None of them are a huge selling point for me, just the popups they provide in the game, the work is real, a bit repetitive, hopefully there are auto battles to make it more manageable, and lots of free s things. Just give the game time, it's worth it

Morales Neufeld

Since the new account, there have been more and better roles. The game really rewards you to play every day.Probably the best game I've ever played,It was a great game

A Google user

As you progress, you'll find it harder and harder to complete the main story, and you'll need to level up your character and equipment, including character spells, attacks, and ability upgrades, and the game is definitely tiring. So far, I'm very happy with it, and the reward system for getting and enhancing so many types of heroes is a lot of fun. Please use more ways to get more energy, I love this game.

A Google user

I buy some packs every now and then, the system for getting items is solid and pushes you to become heroes, if you can play this game past level 40 you'll start seeing the gist of all the microgames, and the plot Great thing, picking your favorite team is part of the fun, so far so good, if you choose to play for free then you'll need longer and harder upgrades and you'll want more 's help


Don't claim your first daily reward before the tutorial forces you to or else you'll be locked in the tutorial trying to force you to claim it when it's already been claimed, even if you close the app and re-open it. Edited Review: Now giving this game a 4 star instead of 1 since the issue was fixed. I got in contact with the support team and was able to show them a screen recording of the issue and they fixed it! They also gave me compensation rewards for reaching out! Great customer service.

Vlad Dragoon

Absolutely LOVE the game the graphics are kinda cartoony but in a good way lots of detail. Also had an issue and the team helped out super quick and great communication!!

Hood Bec

If you are a free agent (like me), then you need to work hard. But for me, it's good. That's all about a game. The challenge defeats it, and then there's a new challenge, but this time it's harder,This game is really addictive!

Brady Damiano

You have to play games to get what needs to be upgraded. This is not a game of instant gratification... It takes time and is worth it. Join the Alliance... You will get more things to upgrade your character and more challenges....

A Google user

Gameplay and graphics are great. Chat actors, events and stories are great,I like the combination of this game. Just like the heroes and bad guys in the story, they made all the changes in order to win the new championship

white black

Add more character customization, and add character edits. Small Character Animations in hero page (like pacing side to side, or small emote time to time) Improve the scaling of enemy pages and boss fights. Really enjoy this game and hope for more developments.

A Google user

I really like the graphic details and stories of all the characters, which improves my interest in some old and new characters, including good and bad people, and even characters in between,So far, this is one of my favorite games...

Danish Aziz


A Google user

I like this sport. It keeps me busy. I like adventure,I often feel that I have chosen the wrong choice, or spent too little or too much in the wrong place. But in general, this is a very interesting game. I plan to play it for a long time.

Cyrus Brown

You can collect characters and use them in missions and battles. You can use them to complete events and confrontation modes,I never lost the fun and interest in this game. It's incredible. So in my opinion, I will download the game immediately

A Google user

Good game, it's really easy for them, but for novices, it's a bit like intrusion,. Alliance, personal goal, story, side task,This is good for older players, but it takes a little practice for novices.This game is great and addictive. It feels good to play

A Google user

Especially when you get some of your favorite characters. The story is very interesting and valuable. The activities with limited time are also worth participating in and completing,You may spend some money on this game, but otherwise it's not necessary.

A Google user

Addictive. I like all the characters in it. I hope it will be easier to unlock higher-level roles. You either need to spend money or just drive the truck until you save enough money to unlock one. Besides, it was a great game. I wish you could start a new move when you get promoted

A Google user

The game is neither too difficult nor too easy. The story mode is great, from the plot to fighting with the characters you love, hate, don't know and know. The graphics are also great. If I am trapped on an island and have only one mobile game to choose from, I will choose this one.

Reynolds Wooden

Because there are too many things to unlock, sometimes it's difficult, but I haven't been collected so far, which makes the experience better!! Although I would say that sometimes I think the price of prizes and items is too high or difficult to obtain, which makes it sometimes painful to play... But it's definitely the best game on my mobile phone!!

A Google user

The game requires you to be almost flawless in many different attack styles in order to succeed. If you are impatient, you will encounter obstacles that require money in the game. If you master different styles, there is no reason to spend money except to speed up the game,If you decide to try, be patient

Griffith Spiker

This is an absolute victory! The game is easy to understand, the control is very simple, and the graphics and games are very smooth. There are many roles and tasks, so there is always something to do. Daily tasks may be a little repetitive, but this will happen in any game. You have to grind down experience or items. In short, this is a great game!!!

Matilda Lucas

The app has come a long way in terms of self-improvement. It even adds some features that might make it better than older versions


Best game of the world 🌍🌎

A Google user

Super super good game this game is so cool and cute I love it

Ryder Anderson

If you do things early you can't get past a certain part like if you collect the VIP cards it won't let you go forward and now my game is just stuck in an infinite Loop because the tutorial system keeps going past level 5 it just doesn't stop

A Google user

Fun upgrading weapons. Easy to learn!!!

A Google user

For me it's a good game. Nice graphics, various heroes to collect.Just spot-on. I strongly recommend it.

Jack Demons

I Love this game !

A Google user

It is good and easy

Israel Anderson

Great Game

A Google user

Fun new game, good heros and very enjoyable so far.

Man Babaran

I really love the game but please add "auto battle function"

A Google user

Great competitive idle game. The players here are dedicated to playing hard and having fun. Good to spend a few dollars, but you can fly as a F2P player and still do well, it just takes longer. Be patient and play smart.!!!

A Google user

Very easy to understand and not messy like other games. Everyone should love this game!

Brandon Mayes

This game is pretty good 👍👍

Combs Ulrika

Grapic is good and vey enjoyable..

Mike Sheggrud

Bout the starter pack, when I go to claim the weapon, it freezes

A Google user

This game is awesome. But sometimes there is some optical glitches. But really rare. It's pretty free to play friendly.

A Google user

Game is good,but there is still need to optimize and upgrade

Joshua James

Boring and worthless

Porter Alexie

Its a great game so far and you can be f2p and still progress with out any issues....

A Google user

Interesting. The combat system is cool, fair and it seems to be really easy to play. I just finished basic tutorial stuff chapter 1 I like the hero customization

John P.

You get to customize and picba character as you level. There are 5 or 6 characters to pick from. Level up your main building to get more characters everything is awesome until you realize you have 6 tiles and but you can only have a 4 man team not 5 and 1 ally but 4..... yes gather mats for upgrades is slow and the VIP system is a money grab but having only 4/6 characters available in a team is enough for me to uninstall. Unbelievably disappointing this game was awesome.

Zavier Proctor

I enjoy the game very much. -1 star for trying to sell me too much and the occasional crash

A Google user

Amazing game good job guys and gals keep up the good work with this game love it

A Google user

Very nice game something new and fresh i love also the hero customization. Keep it up devs.

Tyson Gafford

I want to reset my progress. I've checked customer service and haven't found anything yet. Can the staff help?But I have to admit, it's a good game

Ayman Atitatah

Its helpful and I wish it was played offline

A Google user

This game is worthless compared with other games I've played. I like the characters in the game. All the functions are very unique

shannon penner

If I have to mindlessly grind can you add an auto repeat option? Auto battle is great but then I have to pay attention to the auto battle.

A Google user

I want more redemption codes, but it's still a great game

A Google user

Game is fun to play. Startup quests give a lot of resources to grow up heroes. Recommend to play

A Google user

You can get new heroes, which is the best thing ever, because you can still make good friends, still have grades and new characters, and many other things,Very funny

A Google user

I hope to have such a system that you can move to both sides in the game,How to move to the side with more open space, this ability will make the game more interesting

A Google user

Love this game, I've had a very good experience playing.


Wish that I didnt get the town hall allies message and have it load after EVERY TIME I COME BACK TO MY VILLAGE. But besides that its a good game

A Google user

Can't wait to see the future of this game and more awesome champions join

William Iwona

Pretty impresive for a mobile game I have ever played,

Barber Clarissa

This game has a lot to offer and can incredibly fun for long periods of time if you take the right attitude to it.

Iron Will

Honestly it's fun but after a while ya lose interest. Every fight seems to be the same but with fire enemies instead of rock enemies or ice instead of grass. Oh here's the same enemy but look this one has spikes. It just became a grind and the grind isn't worth the same thing with a different element or something like that.

Moses Candela

Just details and special moves, or moves worth 10 stars..

A Google user

This is a classic. Gameplay is very stable, rather than normal hiccups. Even the best games sometimes happen. The advantage of their technical problems is that they almost always try to make up for them with free game resources and apologies in the game. Keep trying, guys


Alot to learn slow over time a it's a GREAT way to build a real life team with other players. Come