Hero Ball Z

Author: JOYCITY Corp.

1,000,000+ install
Role Playing


Meet Hero Ball Z!

â–¶A Character Collector RPGâ—€
✔ It’s nothing like any other typical shooters. Say hello to a character collector RPG shooter!
✔ Don’t stop combining and upgrading your heroes!

â–¶ Unique Heroes at Your Service! â—€
✔ Awesome characters from mega-hit game “Game of Dice” came back as heroes!
✔ Defend our planet with sensational heroes!

â–¶ Various Characters with Unique Skills â—€
✔ Strategically place heroes with 4 different types and lead them to victory!
✔ Evolve skills to make them stronger and cooler!

â–¶ Filled with Eye-Catching, Breathtaking Actions â—€
✔ Exploding fun with awesome characters you can’t help but love!
✔ Try out various skills and let the coolness sweep all over you!

â–  Customer Support: https://joycity.oqupie.com/portals/812

â–  Community: https://www.facebook.com/Heroballz.en

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â–  Terms of Service: https://policy.joycity.com/en/policy

Detailed info

File size: 74M
Update time: September 4, 2021
Current version: 1.3.4
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: JOYCITY Corp.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Johnathan Green

They keep buffering and resetting. need to fix your server it's running slow

alaa Joe

Why when I try out of the game is delayed very clearly and also does not respond to the phone screen

April Preston

Good game

nik firdaus

Game best..tapi kelam kabut sangat..

Damian West

Unplayable, constantly loses connection with server, then it has to verify files, then it logs you out, then you start all over again.

Mkt Thapa

Wow wow wow wow it's nice game 💘😘🎯

Jahshem Lynch


Bryan Sloan-Kentta

Crashes almost every time I watch an ad and does not give me the reward after. Much bs. Avoid at all costs.


Something different


Fantastic in game for first day

Valentina Ivanova

The concept is great so I give it a +1star but everything beyond that is a cash grab. They quickly show you what do to through a tutorial and you get 10 free pulls for the gatcha, however its already decided what you'd get or there is a limited pool of heroes. You then start playing alone and there is no way to pull heroes without paying. They give you some 'free' stuff that is 100% useless to you since you don't have good charecters to use it on. I'd rather spend my money elsewhere.

A.s Tuimathing Khaiyar

Very good and addictive game

grim josh

Can't login after reinstalling game keeps crashing after finally reinstalling

angela mack

I love hero ball z

Hilaria Herman

This is the best no ads It's easy and fun what are you wait for download this game right now;).

Abdul Rashid

yes ,kawaiie


good game

Final Timeless


Oshae Kasey

One of my favorites until never

Akysza Mamaril

Thank you for making this game

Robert Hancock

5* game but all of a sudden it won't open, liapp alert. But nothing is on my phone no root, no Xposed. Nothing fix and 5* it will be

Ian Richeson

Pretty solid am tempted to give 5 star just haven't played long enough. Alot of SSR for newbies which is nice. Easy to play and auto battles make it so u can progress while offline. Alot of so called idle games don't live up to this true idle game in the fact youncant do much unless you're logged in. This game doesn't seem that way in a good way.

Jonathan Van Burick

Great game and LOVE the voice acting and gameplay very good

Irpan Hermawan

i love this game npc , haha

parnia bokaeean

It's a really cool game and I enjoyed playing it😊

Nahal Rahaman Taisir

Like it

7852 avika

It would be better if we could play as the characters for example genshinimpact Hokkaido impact etc


A cute gacha bulletstorm with pretty nice summon rates but the ads it keeps offering seem to be unavailable half the time. Still, a fun game.

Jaywalking v Agatha

Hi tanks for best gamet

Agi Aditya Sudarjanto

Just amazing wow


It's an ad generator that pretends to have a game attached. Watch a ad to get a few crumbs for advancement, realize you have no where near enough, watch 30 more ads. That's it, that's the game.

Goku (Dez)

It's cool

JoJo Osita

laggy , crashes everytime i watch ads to get the rewards and the draws rate is worse

Nabi Kirche

Nice game with nice graphics, for those looking for games that don't need much focus. I recommend this 😊

Daniel Garner

Fun and fast paced. Maybe too much going on all the time

Androny Ian

After 2 months,I finally came back to play this game.The performance was bette than the previous one thanks to the developer but I face some lags when autobattling even though the resolution is low and sometimes it glitches and throws me out from the game.

Matthew Glazier

Amazing game but has severe performance issues with older devices

Og Phoenix

not a bad game still have lots to learn

Hanz Und Gunter

This is a fun and simple game


Fun, but repetitive.

Roaa Ahmed

It is a nice game

Holly Jones

Pretty exciting game

Camilla Bucoy

Fun to play


"cannot connect to the server" wow...it's been 1 day...and nothing wrong with my internet...

Nathaniel Hadsock

It should be on steam I like how the game doesn't have any bugs in it

Deku Deku


Sukhping Sison


Sterling Nichols

What are the similarities and differences between Hero Ball Z and Crypto Ball Z?

Azri Kassim


Firoz Ahemed


khatab chichani

Nice game and good job

Alexa Garcia

Pretty good. Reminds me of a android genshin impact.

dk noob music

Great game

niloy bhai



epic game

Lopms click me •69 years ago Boi tap about

There's way to much gacha

Markel B


Alun Khan

Nice game 😘

Lazy Lightning

You woul be hard-pressed to find a game more predatory than this one. Literally uses every trick in the book to separate stupid people from their money. If these Devs want to be casino owners, then they should have to follow the same laws as real casinos.

Rana khan


Khadija Ndiaye Ba

amazing game love it

Sandesh Magar

Love you

Margaret Ervin


Layla Trash

OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS GAME! I may be over exaggerating but it's a really good game! So many features. Addicting. Really good art. Can be laggy. Really fun. Play it!!

rich barner

Fun game

Sean McLemore

An avalanche of menus and submenus that are kind of a nightmare. But the aesthetics and nice and the simple reward loop is fun enough

exrot6 l

Just boring

Deaths Waifu

Designs, graphics, characters everything about this game, excellent✨ I love this game alot its enjoyable and does not get boring, i downloaded this 2ish days ago and im already well leveled up with characters and my leveling, if anyone is looking for a game that will cure boredom or just need a game to play thats enjoyable this one is for you:D

Peter Bartlow

Decent gacha game. Interesting take on the idle part with it being a bullet hell. Character art looks nice and most of the animations are smooth with only a few stutters on certain attacks. Would be 5 stars but the gacha draw seems to be broken. Every time I do a draw I just get a black screen. It only goes away after I force close the app. I still get my characters but it's annoying regardless.

Joseph Gerischer

Very addictive, but still learning the ins and outs.... so far so good.


Love the game. Lots of menus to click through. Upgrades. Merges. Graphics are pretty good. Keeps you busy. But the ads, man, I'll watch ALL the ads but they crash the game half the time. I would say they're programmed to crash to incentivize microtransactions but the game has crashed a couple times just switching from autobattle to menus and vice versa. Edit: Holy S**t, the crashes! Even having changed performance settings to low, it's a nightmare. Too bad. Game's right up my alley.

cortez anderson

I love it make me think of a strong team to work with


old ad generator

jerney mendiola


Melody West

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Sean Kryštof Sitka


Lionel Lorenzo


Selina Ruiz

It's okay


Installed 4 hours ago and haven't stopped playing, lol very addictive

That Mario Guy

It is not an idle RPG do not recommend go play something way better like Mario RPG or Paper Mario the 1,000 year door

Robert Richards

Having fun and i love the art style

Rashid Karim


Bhooyah Gaming


blaxxdon blaxxbad


ozzie Edwards

So far so good...my players get stronger even if I'm not playing.

Ben Raynolds





Great game but Google removed my play points despite hours I've put in, this review is for them.

Shagor Shaikh


Hadi Aboshok




Siolen Hamilejs


Mark Sabin

Really funny you deleted my previous review. This game is just junk full of predatory microtransactions.


How do I get my hero promised to me in game for downloading.

Fati Bzrafshani

خوبه بد نیست بله رو بزنید اینقدر پست میخونی زیرش بله رو رو هم بزنین من برا همه زدم❤️😘


Nooce hehe

Abdul Isik

"Connection failed. Tampering detected. Closing the game"

Random Fandom

Crashes a lot, but it's also a garbage game.

Gaming World

Can't give me point...🤧🤧

French Hiding

That's good .