Hero Among Us

Author: Fire Horse Studio

10,000+ install


Hero Among Us – 🦸‍♂️🦹‍♀️ Be a superhero in this real time strategy game! 🦸‍♀️🦹‍♂️

Detailed info

File size: 140M
Update time: July 15, 2021
Current version: 1.0.4
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Fire Horse Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review


It's amazing, that's all I gotta say.

Ace knightGaming

After Easy difficulty the game is nearly impossible to complete. I think the devs abandoned the game also.

Skyler Cage

After I Installed the game It's keeps stopping I didn't even get to play it

Faraz Shaikh

Not good

Polukonda Sridurga

It is a waste game this game is booooooooooo

Johda Hegde

The level cap should be higher and I remember that before the heroes where free and you didn't have to pay.

Aisha Kamara

Nice game wow so nice, it sucks no action I hate this game

Hein Sam


Emanuell Gabriel

This game very interactive but sure very hard. I don't know why this game very lagging and very wierd, doesn't let us to choose different heroes. Such boring actually to have game like this. I give two stars because the designs of the heroes are very cool! See that!! Only the heroes design!!! Everthing else was very boring and keep boring if you didn't fix it. The skill charts was rubbish. Too long!


This is so sus


Vengence super Hero...pursuit of Justice

dion m

A game with great future potential and nice gameplay. I'm worried this game is now dead

Overclock Master69

Great game but easy mode is hell and you need to pay money to unlock the other heroes really disappointing still great game.

Dakota Caulder

Satisfying and distatisfying at the same time. There isn't much of a plot line, and "easy" mode is too hard (I still dia half the time on this mode despite multiple playthroughs with all for heroes) or ends when you're finally starting to feel successful. That said, it's a great lesson in not biting off more than you can chew or killing yourself through overwork.

Dave Stuger

I have a problem,when i want to play the game it just kicks me out for no reason you need to fix this i really want to play it

Xander Hale

The fact that I only get one hero option and then am hit by a paywall literally made me not even start a game.

Hazim Wafiq

This game is not too difficult but not to easy

Mr Nobody

Beginners mode is hellish I am sure other mood is hard as well nerf it and pls why all the hero need to be buy?not all of us have the ability to buy things.This game is obviously pay to win


I really liked the idea and the colours and concepts are awesome. My only complaint is that the game Overheated my phone(I have a Realme 7). If you guys can solve this problem you definitely desere 5 stars


This game plays like Plague Inc. but in reverse, you play as the counter agent to the plague, trying to to purify all the regions you can get to in a timely manner. Except instead of microbes, it's supervillains and various macro maladies afflicting the world. All good fun.

Hamza Adeli

Please make it competiteve multiplayer

Bko Midwinter

Worst game ever, it doesn't want to play it just crashes before it could load or show me something, i hate games that crash i would rate them 0 stars if possible especially this one. Really disappointing.

iamaweeb 12

Game have potential but easy is very hard. Way too many crisis in easy

Eko anggoro

Bring More hero n manual book

Steven Onebamoi

It's a good game but it's just too hard

Wiley Terry

Good game but I agree more heros would be nice as well as different game modes if possible.

Nathan Morgan

I can't open the game I hope it gets fixed soon


Hard difficulty is hard!

Daniel Yanez

Very good concept, artis really good and gameplay is solid. Needs more content tho, even with the payed heroes the gameplay loop is quite repetitive. Worth the download anyway.

Enzo Alcedo

When the title is sus

yongbokie Tea

I give it 2 stars because first i cant open the app. Second it took a really long time to download .

Barry Mcdonald

Poor description of what you are actually supposed to be doin. The starter heroes is so pathetic it aint even worth trying and that was on easy.

James Gomez

This game is so sus amogus

Unknown Mf

yo hear me out, THIS GAME'S NOT SUCK MAN, this game is SUS amongus?

Imad hiro

I cant open the game...i tried several times but it just closes


A lot of bugs and the game won't continue after i choose my hero

Wan Izwano8

Has potential but always stuck, uninstall for now, will try again later

Blue Fox

The game has potential i love strategy games like this, it reminded me of crusader kings towards the decision making but it can be improve, hopefully i can play the game even my objective is complete, becauase i've finish the game yesterday and i wish you can control 2 more hero maybe create an organization hero, and have major decisions. I'll definitely play iy again when there's more hero to play

Wan Aqib

Overall it is a great game, but sometimes You just need to nerf the system for beginners it's gonna be very hard even in easy mode. You struggle even in a easy mode and plus, We can't get any other heroes that sucks I'm giving this a 4Star and we understand that the game devs makes us buy the other heroes Cause u need the money. But its still a great game i recommend.

James Cuzynguez

This is super bad game

Zafran Redzuan

I pick easy but it like hard because the disaster is in every country and I can't put the sidekick where i want and the sidekick to weak if it still level one without a upgrade.

Sutthipong Kittisrisawai

Challenged and Addicted

Thangaraj Lamech

Amazing game.

Lucas Callero

Perto de Plague esse jogo é bem limitado e repetitivo, além de bem difícil... Só possui 1 modo (herói) gratuito, sem opção de comprar um "pack" com todos os heróis (precisa fazer duas compras separadas). Mas tem um estilo visual muito legal e a interface bem limpa. Estão no caminho certo, porém engatinhando ainda, pra um jogo baseado em Plague Inc esse app parece quase uma versão beta/incompleta ainda. Aguardo ansioso por melhorias e novos conteúdos. Parabéns pelo trabalho dos envolvidos!

Joshua Salavarria

Gameplay, the art style, and the concept are all fun! Game was a bit hard when I tried it but I managed to beat it after a couple of tries. My only criticism is that the game feels too short and repetitive in terms of strategy to beat the game

K Theeranan

The game difficulty is too hard trying many strategy on just normal level (free hero) play time on normal 20hr+ never win


This game is really difficult especially with starter heroes(free) from normal to hard I can't beat the game with starter one


Interesting game!