Hero Adventure: Dark RPG

Author: Pride Games

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Welcome to Hero Adventure: Action RPG & Shooter — a new open world dark fantasy rpg in the series of diablo like games! Become a monster hunter in Dark London and kill vampires and werewolves that filled the dungeons of the city!

Play a ghost knight in the castle dungeons, upgrade guns, armor, level up your archer, call heroes, become the best shooter. Shoot your way through the open world of evil lands just like in the best hero action rpg games! Now you are the Dark Avenger who is not afraid of the dark. You’re our last hope!

True shooter features:
☆ Tap to kill unique ghosts & fight every boss on every level as a real monster hunter
☆ Upgrade your knight and his gun, open new weapons & armor, become a powerful archer
☆ Summon the legendary idle heroes, collect all, kill enemies even when you don’t play the game & become a noble ghost knight and the best dungeon tycoon
☆ Learn every mighty magic skill to become the master hunter & fight a monster battle in this real action shooter
☆ Tap & fight the battle against every boss & ghost on your way and you will be a mighty hunter
☆ Explore the dark open world of evil & play your own knight dungeon quest
☆ Find the way to win in this action shooter with elements of rpg games
☆ If you die — just revive & continue your hero quest
☆ Learn more about the castle dungeon story

The magic story of Hero Adventure:

After some mysterious incident, you awaken in evil lands and don’t remember anything. Searching for some answers, you became a ghost knight and started shooting your way through the monster world. So you created & upgraded many weapons and armor. The gun was your favorite weapon but soon you understood that the castle dungeon was filled with enemies and gunpowder was really rare. So you started shooting a bow & crossbow as well. On your journey you rescued a lot of heroes and set the shelter.

Now it’s your home when you get tired from monster battles. In the shelter you upgrade guns, other weapons & armor, learn a new magic skill every day, train other archers… However, many questions are left unanswered. Many monster hunters are still jailed. So it’s time to take a gun and continue the quest. Until you will find your way out of the castle dungeon.

The adventure calls the knight and darkness rises. Are you ready?.

Hero Adventure is a new idle dungeon game so we are happy to get player’s feedback and add new features in this shooter and open world game.

Share your opinion about shooting & action rpg games, feel free to ask at help@pgstudio.io. See you soon, Monster Hunter!

Customer review

Austin Gavert

I love the game, especially now that it's the way it is, but I did spend money on the game like 2 days ago and now it sent me back to the beginning and I no longer have anything I had purchased.


Best games ever

Ray Lansing


Mark. Harris

Nice little pass timer

Johnny Appleseed

very fun

Ya Sin

Your game is all verygood but need joy gmail. .now m have lose my account so i anay angry u. For loser my acc 😈😈..lernmore u need added chracter attribute

Kyle Smythe

Great! Really enjoying the fresh take on these type of games. Fun visuals an love the upgrade system.

Dennis Billings

Every boss one-hits you. Only way to beat them is to grind ads(hours at a time for level 20 plus!) Started great, but is horrible now. Also, broken quest for last piece of puzzle to recieve powerful weapon

Alfred Echternacht

Love it!!!

ricky Douyette

Good advertising game

Cr Cr

Not a bad game. It has a nice concept.

Billy Butler

Vary cool game

Robert Farquhar

Nice game

Alexander Sikat

Love this game

life death

End of game is very difficulte.To pass and kill priests you ve to kill first clthulhulu who has located at front of last boses.You should spend lot of money to upgrade character.Another minus is checkpoint.There is only checkpoind at start of game.If you die ,you start from enterance.Game is good.

The Lazi

Fun, adds aren't terrible, worth some time

Matt Shasta

Interesting little casual RPG. They appear to have removed all the non optional ads, which is good, but you pretty much have to watch the optional ads to progress in the game. the subscription just adds a multiplier to ad rewards. Enemy difficulty grows unevenly. With a few exceptions, you either obliterate everything or get one shot. And the transition is abrupt. At level 20 your pretty much grinding the same rooms over and over again


Great game

Edwin Morales


Deleted User

Was good until it suddenly got ridiculously hard, I don't know why.

Sebastian Fenton

It's incredibly fun and addictive can't wait to see more content

James Osbornecline


Peter Cho

New style of Archero. The ads are optional. No force ads. Greatly appreciated

Will Parkin

Great game but...played before the quests. The doesn't drop to open the door to the rescue...no key drop on the big boss...that is now 2 hour cool down? Why? And like everyone else...no vampire. Please update to have the quest lines actually work...I don't care about the quest completion item but let me have me 12 million in currency when I log on. It took a while to get that pillar up that high.

Cherry Hayden

Fun game, great waste of time. Though, don't get too attached to the side quests, multiple bosses don't drop the required items, and the devs have known for a while but give everyone the same copy/pasted response. They might eventually fix it, but I'm not holding my breath.

Wolfina Wolf

One of the best games I have ever played

Avis Senna

Stuck on mission. Quest item never exist. I've contacted your customer support but still no reply

Ak dmic

One of the best Archero-like games. A little uneven progression, a bit of storyline added. It could really become great if there was more of a story rather than simple quests.

William Hall

Engrossing and fun!

jardin haugh

Great game so far 👏 only been playing for a day

Kary Davillas

Me likie! Smooth and pretty

John Ross Wayman

Sweet game

BigBear Taylor

My opinion, this game is better than the rest of the ones that I have played. 5 STARS 🤩 I'm sorry for the misprint.

Cory Treadwell

Hard at first.it has a odd tempo but after you adapt it's a lot more fun 😊

Felix Aponte

As much as I want to give this game a higher rating, it seems to be completely glitched seeing as I can't get more ice bug chitin for a quest. Sometimes the game will slow down for no reason. Also, I have one quest item that doesn't make any sense and it's a lantern that I haven't used. I've gotten very far in the game, but I feel as though I can't push forward without getting through the quests. Also, I deleted the app and reinstalled only to realize there was no way to get my data back. Help!

Ed McCall

Really enjoying the play

Super Boat1211

Add Google play cloud save & account binding

Roland Kiss

This game can be one of my favourite easily. Unfortunately I almost finished in 3days. Really hope there will be some content soon and I will come back! Thank you!

Jasim Khan

Hello devs. Please fix the Icebug chitin quest. Ive been stuck for a few days now. Please fix it now. I only got 1 chitin and no more drops happened. Its very annoying

Suresh gupta

Very nice game

Mason Smith

Fun game, needs work

Farooqcheema Farooqcheema


victor cruz

Good game but I'm maxed out on the levels,got all gold gear and beat every boss sooooo what's next?

Joshua Bourke


Tinku sharma

Good game

Petrica Nicusor Dulgheru

Started alright, quite enjoyable, and, deteriorated quickly after. Bosses lvl 18-19-20 are close to impossible! Took me two weeks to finally be strong enough to beat boss lvl 18, yet, still one shot kills me if not careful. They introduced side quests weeks ago and it is broken. 3 out of 5 side quests don't work. They know the issues, but, won't fix them, yet, they still will charge you through the nose for top-ups. It gets really boring after a while.

Jozary Chao

Tell me how to get the vampiresnheart quest. And I will rate 5 star.. its almost a week. I cant complete that gold quest.

Russell Cook

It's good until about level 20 (btw levels have no point besides area access, and your stats progrss much faster than needed for each area anyway). After that, even if you pay and spend a ton of money, you Must watch a ton of ads to get enough resources to progress past end bosses in just the first map. So, watch (literally) thousands of ads, even if you are a premium member, just to beat the first map. Lol no thx u.

LrdRod Rheasley

Aaa F' in gteat gamr...

Patriot Junior

It's fun and somewhat engaging. I'm stuck trying to upgrade mercenaries. How do you do that?

Jeffreye Beckmann

Good 👍

fredescence C

It's an awesome game but the drop rate of icebug chitin is impossible I been trying for 2 days already and nothing you guys might look for and update or something besides that is a really good game

Kristinn Gislason (Ludicruz)

I accidentally deleted my previous review, so I add a similar one again. - Issue: Quest item "Vampires heart" is not dropping or the Npc is not spawning in the red area. - Now to answer back to the dev comment: Why on earth am I needed to contact the email ? . You literally saw my 1star review, take note on that and forward the issue to the dev. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS GAME ! They leave you hanging with the last part for a legendary weapon, vampires heart still not dropping.

Sally Storey

Love this game but there seems to be a bug can't complete the quests in the most recent update

Jordan Nelson

Good game, but your greed will kill it. The prices are ridiculous for the battle pass and subcriptions, ($5 every week)? You're smoking dope. Unreasonable prices turn players away. Dont let your greed destroy your game before it even has a chance. Arent you getting enough from the unlimited ads?

Michaela “Victimizer” Cotter

Really diggin it so far 🖖😁✌️

Rev Gary Irvin

Nice so far.

Mun Zweoo

Not bad

Paul Sanchez-Martinez

Awesome game

Joseph Llanos

Update to games

Paul Drogin

This is fun.

Robert Ivanusi

One of the best arpgs out there on mobile. No overwhelming ads or forced ones Very stable fps(note 20 ultra) Great gameplay Very good source of serotonin Why 4 stars? -A bit too much grind with such big stats increment in enemies - glitching enemies outside walls - invulnerable hero bug (couldn't recreate it) - lack of a minimap Needs more content, make some random dungeon spawner or something and make the main map a bit bigger and I would pay 30$ no questions asked

Nik Norzapina Binti Seman

Saw review was 4.7/5, so i thought to give this game a try. It started off really fun and excellent graphics etc, but then enemy health and attack just got unstoppabble continuously ridiculous even after I spent hundreds of dollar to upgrade ginormous amount of stats and equipment. I wish it had a lower rating before I even so I don't get pulled in thinking by its a great game. Overall, not recommend to save yourself lots of money and still cannot advance the game.

zaw thant

Good game


Hello devs, level 22 is already the max level?You put 80 but when I reach lvl 22 it says max level. Please fix it,many bugs though the game is good.

Carnage The Poison

Good game, and all but I'll have to most likely uninstall because there's no way to save progress. Smh... 😡🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ UPDATE: The reason for my negative review is because of the fact there's no way to link my account since I haven't played in awhile when I went to to install the game I ended up discovering all my progress is gone and I'm back to square one. Maybe I would play again if there really was a way to save but until then NO THANK YOU!!!!!👎👿👎

Magic Gamer (Gamer)

Good have some potential, but the game dont have cloud save system. If you delete the app you lose all yhe progress. No google login, no FB login, no server registration or login. So.. play hours for this risk of lose all? ..

Yeri Detriandes

Seru banget

Ney Banal

Okay lang

Broski Droski

Great time killer...

Maryam Alboshokeh


Drexel Anderson

Been fun so far

MiddleClass DotCom

Not bad. But very slow game

Hein Nyunt


Erik Derieux

I want my money back 1 whole day playing and you take away everything iam good good luck with your game had nice things to say but ide rather not

Colton Morgan

This game is fun its not like any other game that I played so 5 star for me

Matt Fosh

Love the game, but I don't think it is finished guys...lv22 max when it says 80... Hope there is an update on this game.

Ryan Paje

Very addicted games👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫😋😋😋😋😋😋😋🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

Dimitri Moyett

Great ! (Add a map) Honestly really enjoy the game just wish I had a map to better track my progress, missions, boss and mercenary locations.

chad triplett

Pretty cool game

Aaron Sims

Fun to the point combat

Mohmed Salah

Goooooood game

Francis Fajardo

I like the game and enjoy it. Maybe it will look cool if the coat will be view in character just like costumes. I want to suggest to have save point if the characters die and just like town scroll portal if the players want to go back to the respawn area. The best save points where the mercenaries located.

Rob Mcmuffin

stunning graphics and game play so fat, not sure about a story though. there are adds, but only if you want bonus money. love it so far! great job everyone!

Nick Tsangaris

I love the this game, just at least lower some of these prices like this is ridiculous. $10 for the season battle pass, but I could buy $5:37 plus discounts and get the season. Thank you for developing this game.

Israel Flores

Great game 🎮🎯....but can y'all make it playable offline please other than that it's a great time killer.


Fun game but I seem to have an issue with the new quests that popped up recently. I can't get 3 quests as the items won't drop, key, heart and staff crystal. Also, I would like to see an option to merge all the available items at once instead of one at a time. Very time consuming.

Random Content

Good game 🎯

Ben Aitchison

Great game! Super easy, to develop as a character in health and attack, very simple and catchy. Thanks for developing and sharing for free! My new friend put me on to it. :)

Andre Smith


Elder Hades8

Amazing Game

Arnold Balano

Needs an optimization for the graphics

Dan Reed

Not enough drops from bosses, around 60 kills without loot(not including the weaker bosses which also dropped nothing). Not enough xp from grinding or mercenaries. Too many adds for xp. Has potential but falls short for me.

Adv. Muhammad Tahzibul Islam




Jesse House

Max range a little short...

Timothy Shockley



WOW!! What a truly fantastic and marvelously fun game. So smooth, addictive and colorful. Thank you developers

Samantha CherryWolff

It NEEDS a map. Other than that it's an okay and simple game to play.

Farm At Walmart

Have to be honest, this style of game is frequently misleading in the ads. This one in particular tho, nope. Fun, well structured, and altho you can in fact spend to get a leg up, it isn't necessary. Good game ^_^