Hello Kitty: Good Night

Author: Hippo Kids Games

500,000+ install


Hello Kitty: Good Night – Help Hello Kitty go to bed and tell bedtime stories to kids and all her family

Detailed info

File size: 168M
Update time: July 28, 2021
Current version: 1.1.3
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Hippo Kids Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jennalyn Ramos




Lilith Fritz

It is a really cute game

امة الله

Soo good omg i can't it's so nice 👍

Corin reed

Cool stuff 😉

Alt 123

I like hello kitty

Arin Gurung

This app so cute

Sadaf Amroz

Bad game

Takuanda Collier

Fun and playful

XxLuciaDa_ DemonSlayerxX

I really love hello kitty and I still love and play hello kitty even though I'm ten!🤗🥰

Amanda Doherty

This is a bit of a new window

Virginia Benitez

I want to play with you hello Kitty

Mari Rodriguez

I love thai game its so cute and so relaxing 5 stars

Aamir Mirza

Super GOOD

Flores HouseHold

I dont get to many ads. Plus I love this game

Fhvh Gyyu

اللعبه تجننن 💕💕

zabedah zabedah

It's so much fun 😊 I think it's so good 🤩

Precious Dhenaica Ocenar


Tyler Amundsen

Waaaayyy too many ads. More time was spent watching ads (some inappropriate too) than playing. Dev is just greedy, app can be developed for free without this many ads. Ads are fine, but this is way to many

Tzeni Julai

It's all the games so cutee

Dena Golzar


Erol Hasanov

I'm 13yo and I still love the game it's so nice! ^^

dominic gayoma

Ads ads ads ads ads ads, 1 minute of game time then followed by 2 unskippable ads. Ads ads ads ads! Not good for kids. Uninstalling.


Kinda fun but hate the ads and this is for kids!

Beatriz Panlaqui

it's a good game and also the ads aren't that annoying

Kinsie Hanrahan

I love it

lisa Ellison

I like this game because it has most of my favorite characters in the game. AND I like how ITS made

Sandra Fuller


Iktier Hossain


Kailey Papatie

bc i love hellokitty and its so fun

Liliana Rufino


yoyo cheung

The game is great but so many ads but I don't mind :)

Ario Yousefkhani

آریو یوسفخانی سلام این گیم هلو کیتی خیلی 👍 است

cherry._. blossom

I luv it <3

Jun yong Woon

I love this game because is fun and cute

Bobby Duong

I never had this game. Sorry my kids have my email like to their tablets so I personally don't have this game.

Arianna Vasquez


Tayebe Ghassemiordakloo

So cute i love it... but why so many ads. 😕

Torryn Holmes

هذه الألعاب مذهلة على الرغم من أنني 8 سنوات

Stephanie Guerra

I want to rate it but it won't let me download it :(

Ko Pauk

This game is really bed don't download this game


I love the game

Angela Walsh


Brynn Huff

I play this before bed and it's something I look forward to doing. It's really good. No problems at all.

Mark Waters

love ittttttttttt hello game

Olivia Rockwood

I have thought that this game is good for kids 👍👍

Lah Lah

It's very fun


She is so cute and it's fun

Bobby Tindahan


Barbara Walters

You figure out why hello Kitty's family is not sleeping sleeping I hate that Some things are locked though

Laiba Jabir

I love this game so much because you can get in their dreams and it is always not lagyy

athena-grace hill-pearce

I like that you can see her whole family and you, take them to, bed

Eddie Munson

This app is amazing its fun

Sacha Arandia

I can wait until I unlock the grandma and grandpa 😊 yohoo and I hate the app 😡😡😡 will I rate this a 5 or 3? specially I love this game 😍 yohoo and yay yay yay yohoo and it's my cousin birthday yay she like yohoo and went she wake up she like yohoo hahaha !!!

Brianna Gutierrez

I thank tus umasing I gira tus 5 estará

Asia Begum

Good 👍

Adnana K

Cg7 8 lo

Bria Dyhrkopp

I would rate it a 3 because of all the adds wich gets verg annoying, and once your done making or putting everyone in bed it starts to get boring. Also, it says you have to BUY the whole verson of the game, Grandma and Grandpa, You have to unlock. But this is a very cute game

Mukesh Calan

This is the best game!!!

baji Keisuque



Not sure

karel czarina

not bad so maybe theese stars would help??

Mahbobeh Golig

خیلی عالی بود بازی خوبی بود

The Goblin Review

My know two Kitty my Kitty nama hello Kitty and Nyan Cat

MD Gora Malik

my name is kulshum but this is my grand father phone hello kitty game 8s very intrasting like please

Lyra Eranista

Best hello kitty

Zianka Qiana


Payge Cooper

IT IS SOO GOOD BUT can you please add more charters like cinimrool

Ramays Veeriah

Wau soo cool!!!!!!!

A Google user


Aarfa Khan

Very good game Like the game alot

Pam Ramsey

I love this game but the ads are so annoying I like it but it won't let me get anybody else but the daddy also who likes ads I've read it four stars because it's so annoying

Dane Whitehead

LOVE IT!!!!!! fun amazin game.

Mary Torres123 123


Dakota Parker

It is so good


This is so cooooooooooooooooool i cant say this

sophea lim

its so fun

Nathalia Noemi Hermosillo-Nunez

Love it wish u could do more though

isabela victoria

This game is very good! But it has a lot of ads. Still the game is great

Johnny Pittman

I am a fan of hello kitty and I love it so much I am downloading the app now

Richard Pineda

That's good luck!!!!

Bertha Kotch

I like you

Kita lopez

It's so fun I love it

Ronnel Aquilo

That nice

Shermayne Corales

so cute😊


Nice 👍 game I love it because I love cats game's 😍

Mawadah Khojah

Hello Kittg 🤩 I've never

Sakari Johnson

I think this is a cute app/I love hello kitty 😸

allyson lupisan

So cute to play this im so much happy

Symphonia Etheard Chadwick

this game is cute very cute and thats why i gave 5 stars its very cute

kawa karam abdullrahman


Gogga Grobler

This is a very useful game I love this game because you should play this to rate 1000\IO


I like this game so much! Is it so amazing 👍

Lia zach

It means sweet, but not once👍🏻

Amie Bodkin

I put a five because this game is fun but I want nothing to cost me real money

Myrrah Stone

I LOVE this My kid Fell asleep to this!

Cinnamonroll Afton


Joshua Mayandoc


Mishel Khan


Runa Layla

You can't even play it