Heli Monsters – Giant Hunter

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Heli Monsters – Giant Hunter


Blast away at a terrifying array of monsters and keep on helping the damsel in distress escape like a true action hero 🚁


🚁 Dive straight into the real action: There’s a boss at every level in this crazy shooter! Survival won’t be easy, but thrills and spills are guaranteed from the very beginning.

🚁 The right tool for the job: You start the game with just a pistol, and there aren’t many giant monsters you can destroy shooting one of those. Earn cash in levels to upgrade your gun to something more appropriate to the monster task in hand, then switch between the weapons in your armory to find the right gun for each level.

🚁 Nice threads: It’s not just guns you get to collect, there’s a whole range of outfits to win too. Use shields and body armor for protection, or just get clothing and accessories.

🚁 Use the terrain: Theoretically, you can take out every monster just by shooting, but when there’s a crowd of zombies encroaching on the hostage or an incredibly resilient boss draining your life, it’s worth looking round to see what else you can use – like explosive barrels or a crane in the face, for example.

🚁 Rooftop rampage: These monsters tower above the skyline, which is why most of the action in this game takes place on the rooftops. Take down boss monsters before they wreck the city or keep shooting to hold off the mutant hordes and give the hostage time to escape to freedom in helicopter.

🚁 Work all the angles: Rooftop levels alternate with tower levels where your helicopter spirals around the floors of a high-rise block and you have to take out multiple enemies through the windows. You’ll need trick shots, double taps, and the occasional explosion to subdue return fire and survive to the bottom floor.

🚁 These monsters have friends: As if giant freak wasn’t enough, most of these boss monsters have minions accompanying them, so keep an eye open for who’s sharing your skies and keep shooting fast to ensure your survival.


If you don’t, it’s time to find out, because this game offers an endless stream of giant monsters hell-bent on bringing the world to an end. You’re the only one who can destroy them, so download this insanely entertaining shooter now and start saving the world again and again.

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Update time: Sep 2, 2022
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Developer: SayGames Ltd
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Customer review

Nur Fajar Mulyono

Wow, unique game

Ramt Nepal


Schalk Jacobs

Same game as heli escape

Dewi Dewi

Bagus gamenya

Jason Morgan


Terry Thornton

Great game but the sound keeps going out!!!

Tatsumi sama

Nice game

Arthur Martin

Very Very slow won't stay download

Solomon Beckett

Big fun

Goram Vital

Good enough

Solomon beckett

Oh my God unbelievable

Vaibhav O

This game is so nice we can play every day

Pooja Gupta

This is very game 🎮 👏 I love ❤️ I l I love ❤️ ttgfhffhvthfthgfyhjjjjjjjjjjķjjjhhhhhhhhhhiiooooooooollllllojjsjhshsjejshhshejdnudjdjsjjejejejnrorkrjejkejejekekejkejejekekhehehdjdjdhjdjdjdhjdjdjdjxjjdndnndndnnxbxbdnjdjdjxnnxjdndnndndnn This This FLCL dl dl u tell to u dl top Yvonne toxic do do do go do dl dl bbnb2nwnejjsjjejej3jj3jduhsjdjdjjdjdjdjxjjdjfjfjjfbsjjejejdujdhfjrj g jetra dl GL dl dl GL shhehdhdhdhhdhrhrhhdjdjdjdjjdjdjdjjdbdndjfjjdjdjfjjdkdjjdkekemdmv blen Iiiiiii Jjjjjjjj

Orion Bethelgeuse

I love this

Thomas Chandler

Very entertaining, and full of excitement

mohannad masha'al

لعبة رائعه جدا جدا جدا

Byron Hite

This, hellcopter & heliescape were my favorites but are now deleted because of the *glitch* that you've recently ADDED!?! ADDED?!! Why? Whenever I'm destroying the level I'm repeatedly bounced out to an ad. I'm not the kind who minds ads - you make money that way - but mid-level? And stealing all the shields is BS as well; out of nowhere, one hit takes 6 shields? My weapon fires 4. Do the math. What you've done sucks, & I'm done with you.


Nice Stress Relief

Angel Nunez

Yay ok

Lorenzo Warren


triishul kethe

Triishul somebody somebody's game subway game subway game super game game superst game

Roderick Spivey

Trash as a garbage bin

Earl Hall

So far so good.

Angel Alvarez Pérez

Unplayable because of add. Poor gaming experience because of adds. Adds is killing your game

Joe Techie

Too many forced ads

loveth Sam

Love it

Mintu Das


Dion Bradley


Jake Rademacher

Fun so far, just downloaded.

Paul Farmer

Very good

David David

Fun game

Πέτρος Ξανθόπουλος

It's good at the start but after a certain point it's just the same thing over and over again.

Happy motor Sparepart automotive

Sosbdddisodo siss ssos sos sos Sj zis s skzpavf Fos xox d X did d s z. X xkdxjdkzjnde Xb suiw

Shlopi The gamer

So many ads

Gretha Volschenk

I love the 🎮

Theo Van wyk


Azalia Aragon


Elsy Solomon



This is awesome

Justus Guerrero

Good game

Dyah Ayu Pratiwi


Daniel Hicks

Loved this game, very addictive. But since the last update there is no sound after you complete the initial level. The sound effects are the best part of the game for me! However all the commercials do have sound? Seriously thinking about deleting this app.

Fabiola aguirre arriaga

Overall good game I ever played, would love it if you got some licensed monsters, it would be cool shooting down Godzilla!

Markeysha Malone

So cool

Madhutaksheel Taksheel

It was a very good experience of shooting

Ali Zaid

So addicting and fun but ads

chris hammerhead

Awesome game

Michael Smith


tony Smallwood


Bryan Bennington

Satisfying and fun. Although it doesn't appear that there is a way to bind it to your Google or Facebook account. So if you uninstall it and want to play it again sometime, you'll be starting all over again. That's why I give 4 stars instead of 5.

Dhruva D

Too many ads

Derrick Gauer-Brown

Not bad

Sylvia Smith

Whoever was involved in this is freaking awesome omg is sooo cool I like the original one also it's the variety of guns the outfits are so cool ..thanks for the game ...

Elijah John Tin

An Awesome game 🎮

Cory Suarez

Sticks a bit at times but great also it can be addictive

Tom Edwards


Paul Davies

Great 👌 game

Patrick Hay Kelly

Too many adds

Dawai Prawira

This game is cool 7

Jessica Ryu


Simon Perry

Time crisis 2. Needs screen flip software for landscape view. Remember the plants.

Prin Weerachon


Matthew Mullock

Good fun

karex 7171

bad game

Karl Kincaid

I like this game , coz your killing monsters.

Aishath Shamra

You game game

Cody Lake

Watch a video to get 3x your money and it gives you half maybe. Shorts you money.

Geoff Johns

When I go to play this a different app I have starts instead. My hellcopter plays instead of the helimonster. I've not been able to play helimonsters.

Charles M Thompson


Kurt Lian

It's good 5stars

Shalom Okezie

Terribly hard

Ken YesIAm

What the hell? This is just helicopter escape! You get a big ZERO for ripping off another game but this one has extra ads? No thanks. DELETE!!

Bojan Ilic


Isabel Tebuteb

Horrible just Horrible L game


Too Many Ads



James Evans


Jim Scodary

Immediately I was hit wit an add!! Even if you hit the "no add for extra" button, you get an add!! Not worth the constant bombardment

Irene Mylona


Rachma Wati

Game is the ozem

Glenn Reel Entrampas

Too much ads

Michael Hyche

Good luck

Lawrence Hicks

Just starting

rixey wase

First time playing this game

David BJR

Great Game with damn Good Controls, Graphics & GamePlay. Thank you Developers for this Masterpiece!

Riri Riri beaumontignacio

It's cool And no internet game



Sheikh Azman

The best game ever dude👍🏻👍🏻 cool and I like it wow amazing 😍🐨❤️

Ludger Koch

Cool game. Adds are ok but here they are too long and way too many. Let the adds come in massive later, but for the first few levels keep it down to find out about the game.

Jeffrey Sagala

Thank you for creating this game

Christopher Killion Sr.

I've only a couple of quick levels so far but depending on how much commercials that you are forced to watch is more than your play time your loosing out because we never get time back.

Abel Hernandez

The greatest,,!!!

Henry Ng

Fun fun fun

Chris George

There's no challenge whatsoever and too many ads the game is unplayable.

Angel Farrugia

It's the best game ever played


Just a fun game. There are several versions of the game I think I've played 4 of them I like them all.

nirmal thakur


Dimitri El hage


brian lee

Too many ads that hinder the gameplay even though it has potential

Debbie Ann

I haven't got to play it yet because it won't load fix it or I'll delete it