Heavy Excavator Simulator:Sand Truck Driving Game

Author: HariHara Games Studio

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Heavy Excavator Simulator:Sand Truck Driving Game – You Can Adventure forklift Excavator Crane Game in City Construction Area

Detailed info

File size: 51M
Update time: July 20, 2021
Current version: 1.9.3
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: HariHara Games Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Joy Calañas

Sow nice

Chhin Chhin


Abinash Dhoni

Poda punda gama👙👙👗👙💄

Patricia Esparaza loera

Best game ever also it takes a while to finish downloading

Daniel Leach

Very limited time to complete a mission... Uninstalled

Yuvraj Chouhan 01

Superb game

AR Tanoli


Gopi Pantha


Peter mayian Gai

It's good but the time is limited you can only win level one but the rest of the levels you can't win them because the time

Hafeez ullah

It's a very good game I have really liked them.

Paul MacDonald

Terrible game. No instructions.

Ayan Mandi

Baler game

Saduni Wijesundara

Ww Ww And

Braf Stokes

Is it for real

Marvin Distor

Love it when i try it im enjoy

Kon Leab


Annamalai ganesan

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ajeesh n a

🏙🗻🏙><%_÷\¥> y

Himal Manjula


Sultan Solanki

Heavy excavator is the lovely game Heavy excavator is the awesome game

Zain gujjar 828

Good and amazing game

Lamze Ishq FA

Wao what a brilliant game it is one of the best gamw on google playstore to install

Rizwan Riaz zh

This is the best and truck driving game that can be contain a lot of features for digging

Zain Ahmed

This is the wonderful game I found 5 things best in the game most important is rare bugs

Riaz Solanki

Heavy excavator is the best game. Heavy excavator is the cute game. Heavy excavator is the amazing game.

Huma Shahid

Truck driving game

Tyler kai

Heavy excavator simulator is a entertaining game. It is easy to play. This game has brilliant features.

Makwal 17

Heavy excavator simulator arrested game and have most of it is an entertaining game we can entertain ourselves through this game I love this game so much

inSane !

Stupid and useless l hate the game because it doesn't show the location of were your sopost to be and the help is useless to dnt wats your time

ಶ್ಯಾಮಲ ಕೆ ನಾಯ್ಕ

sar. super.

อาจสรร ละครเขต


Asitha Lakshan


Chithra Gowda

Lakshmeesha .A.R

Ci No

អាងល ដក

Nikhil Deepu

This is a nice game

Sujay nithish Vetha varna

This game is wost why mean that game have timing so that i will not play I will uninstall 😡

Pallavi Ritti

Chinmay. Ritti

Raj Garva

Nise game

Chesken Hizon

Good game

A Google user

Heavy excavator game is a crane machine game its very well working.

Rajib Paul

Riju pal

Yiv AlexzA Vallozo Anordam


A Google user

heavy excavator simulator games wiring smart energy pictures of game one of the best game I seriously everyone to play this game

Mr Smar

Heavy excavator simulator game is a quite new game. It's features and graphics are totally new and exciting.

Afzal Malik 278

X Waiter Simulator Happy Very Good And Beautiful And Amazing This Super Game

Bong Tong


Christopher Marlowe

Heavy Excavator loaded game is a loveliest application of game.This app provides all the necessary tools and informations which one needs.This app is really great.

sonu shaheen

Heavy Excavator have best and amazing turns and havingly new modes and havingly we have best trucked out new features to use

a hoe

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Ajjad Ansari

The heavy excavator is amazing simulation game..You should play it and take enjoy..😀☺️😀☺️

Mitakshi Kansal

Playing this simulator game is an excellent experience which is my favourite and also i enjoy this game graphics

Suraj Kumar

One of the best application for mobile. I recommend to all my friends to download this application. Euanthinn le huet swaenma

Kai Perker

Ond of the best game ever. Gaming skills are amazing . This heavy excavator simulator is really great.

Kabita Saha

I love to play construction games . Work on construction sites as a workers and heavy excavator simulator is very necessary for its .

Karishma Raina

It is one of the best application.....I am surely said that it is worthy of 5 stars.

Tim Toomey

I love truck games this is the best game on Play Store and very easy to use this game download now

sravani sahukar

Nice game

Varikuti Ambikeswararao


TRNK videos

I love this game. Its such a mind freshner game...👌❣️

Ahmad Baloch

I have completed all stages in my very first try.... Good game indeed.!

ohi kumar

Rohit Bihari

Rat Ravy


Santhosh P K

Super game

Sis Bro


karthik yadav

Not bad bugs

Tips Top

Good experience

Firoj Khan


Ignitius Essuman

This is very lovely game,and everybody should try to download



Loonkarn Vaishnav

Naise Gama

su pan


Parbati Sharma

This game is Momo gbhvcxdhogscnkitdh😅🙏🙏🙋👍😘😌🤗👌👌😊😎😎😍👌😭😆😆😃

Shaik hussain


Ashis Limboo

𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚐𝚊𝚖𝚎 𝚒𝚜 𝚏𝚊𝚔𝚎 😡😡😡😡

Rety Ret


Gokulraj I will


life is beautiful

Amazing game

norizam sahar

Player in made malaysia in made sabah kota kinabalu

Mahmoodreza b

Very very bad

Mah Mie

Bes gila

Ravi Ravi


Jeffrey Makola

Thanks for the game

Akash Nayak

Very nic

Sopner Prithibi

Nice app


I am play this game but is the excavator is the very bad

Daxa Pargi


yogesh pote



Heavy exavator simulator is amazing and cool game its have super controls and amazing game play nice environemt Ipayed all levels please add more levels and update soon

Manish Gaikwad

This is a very good game . i love this app


This op game fantastic mind blowing unbelievable game

Kumari Chhetri

Heavy Excavator... .

Zahid Khan

Heavy excavator simulator game is really interesting and Amazing game smooth control beautiful graphics really love it recommend to everyone

Raghavendra MS

Super game

Sadananda Belur


Mohd mujahid yusuf Mujahid


Mimi Sarkar

Kiron Khan ,

Sdfgh Zxcv

Sp boos

Sweetie Pie

Wow wow wow its so ameazing game and lovely

bollimuntha gudari

Super game

Dipak Soni