Havenless – Otome story game

Author: StoryTaco.inc

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Havenless – Otome story game – Survive in a zombie world and enjoy our interactive stories with your choices!

Detailed info

File size: 143M
Update time: October 5, 2021
Current version: 1.4.7
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: StoryTaco.inc
Price: Free
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Customer review

Elizabeth Currie

Great Game I love the illustrations!

Kunjatta Unnithan

This game is amazing mainly the zombies 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️

wonder_ prinsses

The story is amazing and i love it but it was had to make the love ending with others.

claudia García

This game looks interesting but the gems are hard to get

Ahtasha drew villagracia




bella cassandra

Its short but its good and the gems are a little bit expensive and i hope you guys make it more longer cause its so ADDICTIVE

Fire Fox


Esmarie Engelbrecht

I'm only at episode 4 but it seems like a nice story 😄

Mercedita Dela cruz

The priest is sus(ep.1-3)

Andy Copeland

I love this, the story is captivating and THE ARTSTYLE ITS SO NICE I also love the characters as well

De Ville

FINALLY an Otome game with a female love interest- and a good one to boot. My biggest complaint is that it's so SHORT. It's really addictive and has a good story with really unique plot elements.


Good game so far, I've been searching for one like this

Monir Hossain

I wish those gems were not too expensive...I love the story and characters....but this gems are too much!! It needs money and ad. I don't have problem with ads. But even if I watch ads it gives a little amount of gems which is not enough..and for a better ending you need to choose the right decision...but it also costs a lot of gems ... please reduce the price....I like this very much...I would gave it 5 stars...but I am too much disappointed because of those gems. 🔴 (Pls ignore my mistakes)

Rizelle Cortez

Great story. But, the game contains too many ads and even though I only want to be kind in the game, it keeps on increasing the affection to the character that I don't like. Also, even when Noah is not on the scene, when I choose an option which doesn't agree to the present character, it increases Noah's affection instead.

Blanche Irish Gualberto

Great game

Vannessia Rasimin

I love this game so much...highly recommended ❤️❤️

Karan Kohli

I want more stories like this plssssssss!❤I really like this story! :D




Its fun, reasonable and simple as it is, it is extremely enjoyable.

Elahe Seyed Momen

Liked it

Udanti Rendsland

Pretty fun and great game. The plot has my interest. I think its cool there's outfits for the character. Watching ads to get diamonds is really neat. I really love the layout of the game. One frustrating part is that sometimes ads don't have the "x" to go back to the game. I would have to completely exit out of the app and go back in. Other than that 4 out of 5.

Alexia Moise

The game is super cool! <3

peppy mint

For noah...

Nguyen Phuong

The art is so prettyyyy and the characters' appearance have improved a lot compared to Dangerous Fellow




Dude, this game is AWESOME. Super addicting and fun.

Aryan salim

Love it


It's perfecttt

Anuska Bajracharya

For now 3 stars cause I'm still playing the game. Also even if we get gems after completing a episode the amount is only 1. Yeah we can get 5 more extra after watching an "ad". The daily log in diamond reward is nice but can you add more 5-10 diamonds cause in Blood Kiss I always got 25 diamonds when I log in daily! The main problem is the tickets and outfit. You need to reduce the price of outfit and need to atleast give 1 ticket for free. You never disappoint me when it comes to story line!

Karma Shakya

Havenless is a pretty good otome game, collecting the main curency for special choices and items isn't too tedious, though it does take a while to get a large amount unless you're checking frequently for ad slots. The romance options are really solid and I found each of them likeable, which is great since it's a somewhat smaller cast than otome fans may be used to (not a problem for me personally). I reccomend choosing early on which LI you'd like to pursue and skimming chapter walkthroughs.

Delancy Lilian

I would've liked it more if the MC was a guy.

Ki Ki

The female love interest is honestly the best one I've seen in an otome game so far.

Anjali Pal

I really like this🖤🖤🖤😌😌It feels me comfortable there is no issue with this app

Andrea Mushroom

This app and also the blood kiss looks COOOOOOL

jenn wild

Its actually a good game its just many ads

Park Jimin

It's good I like it but the gems are too boring I have to see ads if I want to earn more gems. I think that's not good :/

AZ myhome

this game is very god

Dayanna Dania

This game is so good 👍I don't have anything else to say.. It's just so good

Katana Star

the best game ever