Haunted Laia

Author: Dark Dome

10,000+ install


Haunted Laia
A new family has arrived in Hidden Town, but since the day they moved in, they have been harassed by strange presences in their own home, until a few days later they disappeared without a trace. What happened? Where are they? Help Laia solve the mystery and reveal the secrets behind her disappearance

Detailed info

File size: 69M
Update time: February 24, 2022
Current version: 1.0.17
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Dark Dome
Price: Free
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Customer review

Queen Cars

Not sure if theres an order to play them and Nowhere house was my first then I got this, didnt expect them to be connected! Made me love this game even more! Hooked on Dark Dome games!! Definitely give them a try for a good binge game!

Angelyann Vazquez

What a fun puzzle game! I can't wait to see what you guys make next!

Angge Amante

Downloaded this after playing Nowhere House and I was not disappointed! My only problem with this was the ending! I feel like a better ending would be really great. But the ending now also makes sense and I like how this story in this is also kinda connected with the story in nowhere house. Overall, I love this game!

elia bernabeu

I love the connections to the other games but how you don't need to play the other games to enjoy this one


Muito bom

Louise J

cant pass line code in tomb

Eddie R.

I have played almost every mystery/escape game there is but Dark Dome game are just immaculate. The story plots of every game are just perfect and the way they interlock the stories is perfection. I have played every single Dark Dome game and they never fail to surprise, engage and satisfy me in all ways. I await for the games to come and hope they never change. God bless🙏🏼🦋


Very challenging game.

Sana Obeid

Absolutely loved the game. Tho they did the girl dirty at the end but still the game is definitely worth it with an awesome storyline and some not so easy puzzles.

sara exol

amazing hago

Esther Poinson


Leah S

There's a bug that halts progress. After you put the rock down, you can't do anything.

Shaira Duran


Joud Jojo



Very cool, like how you linked the games

Mahi Kumari

Its amazing


Everytime the current story connects with the previous stories i get so hyped up. Im legit now a big fan of this series 💪💪

Nyx Asteria Sotto


Sara Hassan

Good storyline! I like how it connects to the previous games. The flashbacks are cool! (Spoilers ahead!) One thing that stressed me out was the skull puzzle. I could not solve it, even when I looked at a walkthrough. It's through sheer dumb luck that I somehow managed to pass it. Some of the othee puzzles were a little confusing, too, even when usimg hints. I'm hoping there's gonna be another game since it ended on a cliffhanger.

Mustapha Sepahvand

excellent game...👏👏👏👏🌹🌹😔 but Laia🖤

Yeganeh Rzb

OMG! I played "Nowhere house" and then i played this one.... and i undrestand both of this games are part of each other.... OMG..... U R Great team guys👍🏻 I realy like this type games... I bring my book and pencial with myself and play game❤️

Katie Hoffman

I love this entire series of games! The way they all connect is amazing. By far the best mobile game of all time.


I've downloaded all of your games and its really interesting, Kindly make part 2 of each of your story (part 2 where the trapped people can be free and the happy ending) so I can rate it 5 stars. Thank you!

John Smith

Good game, terrible ending. Also only found out from looking for a sequel that you have to get all ten iguanas to get the rest of the ending, which still doesn't resolve the storyline. To be continued?

Thac Sermise

Wow this is a masterpiece


Love all games from this company

Jea Herrera

The Graphics, The Story, The Plot is Juat Perfection kinda sad about the Ending soon i was so shocked love it 5 solid stars



Linoy A

I loved this game, great story, awesome puzzles, and I really liked the ending! Definitely recommend

TatteredRose 13

Not too hard and pretty fun ive played 2 of your games so far nothing but love!

Marc Piscaer

Great game! Love the story line and the puzzles.

Aryan Kabi

It all links together

Sylvia W

Amazing game. The clues make sense, the story is great...I wish there was more!

Julie Oliver

Awesome 😎

Ysnaira Santos

this is amazing 🇧🇷✨ This game is very good and interesting ✨ I loved 😍 I loved the fact that the story ties into the story of the other game✨🇧🇷❤️


Great adventure game for free. Minor ads not too irritating and watch an add for a clue if you get stuck. Managed to complete with just a couple of clues. Nice and logical puzzles. Great story. Looking forward to trying out some more from same developer.

Nichola Churchill

Great escape game, loved the art style .... well done!

Marlon Payne

Real Fun Game, kept me on my toes just like the other Dark Dome titles, I just wish it was longer.

Luis Murati

This game is AMAZING. It's interesting and thrilling. Dark dome littery makes the best games! hope dark dome makes more games like this. Very satisfied with the game (~‾▿‾)~

Mia W

Love seeing a connection between this game and Dark Dome's Nowhere House. Challenging and fun but short game

Ivy Marielle De Mesa

I really love your games, every game are connected to each other!! I love the storyline and everything!

Izzatul Khairina

For me the puzzle its really tricky. and the hint never show you the answer.. that's how apuzzle game should be.

Nicole Alberto

I was a little sad because of the ending but this game is really good

Rhian karnation

I loved this game. Really great graphics and hard puzzles . Loved the music too.


GREAT GAMEE, all the hints are on the game itself yet still difficult to manage. The other game are related to each other, how awesomee😍

Alexis Howe

This was pretty good. I like how theyball tie into each other!!

alexandro sosa

All the games from this company are great! A real nind f$#^ but i think they made me smarter

Lynne Cohen

Fun escape room with an interesting story! Worth the small price for the premium experience. However some of the puzzles are obscure. Avoiding spoilers, I never would have thought to do that with the candle if not for the hints.

karyna avila

Me encanto el juego, sus pistas no son imposibles como en otros juegos pero si es dar mucho de que pensar... me gusto la parte que se combina con el juego anterior

C. Zenapai

It is a good game, however, I'm just gonna have to give it 4 stars because at one point I cannot click the setting button at side so I cannot manually save it because I noticed the auto-save is not working, so I had to force exit the game and then ended doing it all over again because it didn't save. That was so frustrating because I've solved so many already. That's my one problem. But I finished it, anyways. Good game 👍

Amber Latonio

I LOVE IT! I really recommend playing this game. I love it how the game is connected to "Nowhere house", I was so shocked after I realized the game has a twist. Love it!!

Sana Siddique

It's totally offline that's a great thing for me plus graphics, story, and all are great I want more games like this it's a legendary game I love this by heart 🤝😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

Omonye Nene Egboh

I love how allghe stories perfectly intertwine. A scene from this game explained what happened in a scene from nowhere home... It's kinda cool how everything works. I'm playing the remaining 3 or 2, I think, now😄

Chane Vosloo

Its really fun and challenging.I loved it .Its a real edgy game.music awesome and its very very intertaning❤️❤️😈🦎😁

Izuku Midoriya

I have played all of your games and it's amazing great story line ❤

Ahmed Sher

Captivating from the start till the end

saltanat nugumarova

Игра огонь, но эта ведьма (╥﹏╥)

Hue Janus

now that hurt.

rebecca campbell

My favorite so far.

Saracen Govender

Absolutely love this game series. Keep to up👍

Matheus Santos

Amazing! Just wish some out of the box things that would be harder to implement in games like this.

Kirstin L

Another great game by the developers! I really like the unique style of the puzzles, the story and how it connects with the other games and their stories! Also the devs included "secret" things into the game play which I don't think effects the outcome of finishing the game, but it's like a mini game within the game! Thanks for making this and the others available for people like me who LOVE your games!!

Saydie Marie Fernandez

Its so good

Cole Sivertson

This game was much better. It was fun, challenging, and interesting. Good job.

Do Choi

Highly recommended

Elisa Rizal

I just played through the entire series and it's all so good! Legit every ending was a surprise for me, I love it


I've just finished the game and it was very good very nice. Kudos to the developers and the team for making this awesome game. I really love this kind of games and I'll really look forward for more games in the future. <3



Maria Princess Sabangan




wolf lavender berry

Loved the game but got to a part after solving the skull puzzle and got an add after she walked into the hole and it froze. The ad wasn't working right.

briar hui

Love the art style and gameplay! The puzzles varies with its difficulty, making this much more enjoyable, and the storyline? LOVE how it interconnects with the Nowhere House game, it made my skin tingle. Please do more game like this!

Yasmeen B.

Uuugggghhh! Why you gotta do that. After alldjidskalugxgdms Anyways... Such a good chapter! More please 🙏 Thank you Dark Dome team and More Power 💪

Ernest Brent Libres

Great game!! I love how the games are connected to each other!!

Shivnath Shaw

O my good this ending is fantastic. U are the great story tellers and also the game maker I hope u will continue the story. I am very excited to know what's next. I'll appreciate you .keep it up❤️❤️


Pretty good game. I played the other game before this so it was pretty surprising to find out different stuff.

Silver Studios

10/10 recommended

Rickylyn Azcuna

The game was great and fun!!! I enjoyed the puzzles and finding the Iguana 🤣🤣🤣... The ending is sad though 😭😭😭...

Michaela Wayman

Awesome game!

Lisajane Conlon

Really enjoyed playing this, I love these Rusty Lake type games. Scratched my head a couple of times but there's nothing I couldn't solve eventually. Creepy story and the type of animation suited it, I'll be sure to buy others from the company which look as if they're similar in style.

Atreyee Das


Micah Carandang

I've finished all the current games, and I love the connections and the storyline! I'll be right here waiting for more yes p.s. THAT EVIL WITCH

Laura Katicich

Quite enjoyable, though some puzzles required walkthrough

Eman Noor

This game is so nice but it have ads pleas fix this problem

Tania Laipubam

This game is freaking amazing!!! All five stars to thus game and special thanks to dark dome company to making awesome games!! I have almost completed all dark dome games i love it!! I request to make more games like this !!❤️

Marta Lacava

There's a little bug, i can't take the ladder to the basement I don't know why. please fix it, I really want to finish it.

Aisyah Jali

Superb game as usual by Dark Dome. You should play 'Nowhere House' first before playing this one. There's a small link between both. Caught all 10 iguanas and I think there was suppose to be a secret ending like in Nowhere House? But if the ending is like this, it's still great though. Edit: After playing the rest, you should play NH first then HL, TGITW and GC last 👍🏻

Isabelle Parsons

Loved it, it really got my brain thinking

Mahsa Asghari


Alyssa Denise Martinez

I hope there would be someone who'll set those ppl free from the witch's spell and beat her someday. She's getting on my nerves. 😩

Manashvi Kandwal

In my opinion, this is a really good game. Everything was made by a genius person👍. But I am a little disappointed by the ending, I really love all the dark dome games and always wait for your new release but this time the ending was just not it... I hope that you can bring an update related to that , and overall it was a great experience 👍


It's been challenging so far, but I think I've actually gotten stuck - I used the wire cutters which triggered the change of location, but I hadn't finished the first location yet, and there doesn't appear to be any way to get back. Do I just have to restart the entire game when I've done heaps of the puzzles for the second location already?

Johanna Rivers

Great games! I would recommend to play: nowhere house -> girl in the window -> ghost case -> haunted laia :) you'll love them if you love creepy escape rooms!

Josh LB

Amazing story and puzzles and connects to the other games

Briana Arthur-WORK

Loved it! Starting to love this line of games!



Arshiya Hallajiyan


Salma Kim

It's so so cool

eL aia

Fun and interesting.

First State Coton

Excellent game. There were some levels solved by myself but some levels you will need clues just because you need to know which step is next. One issue the hint to solve the sliding disk is wrong. The three lines are at a bend not an end point. I hope to see Lia in another game. She needs a reward not punishment the kids already lost so much time. Otherwise there were no glitches and no unusual or long pauses between scenes.