Harveston – Island in the Sky: The Farm Simulator

Author: Ringtail Games

50,000+ install


Harveston – Island in the Sky: The Farm Simulator – Build and manage your farm business in this farming simulator full of adventure!

Detailed info

File size: 222M
Update time: June 25, 2021
Current version: 5.0.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Ringtail Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

TarReen Sassy

I'm frustrated , because I can't play this game .. Please do fixed it.

sunil jose


Lindie Goosen

S-pen does not work on the game so it's a waste for me no thanks

sofia lantz


Shari Collins

It is ok I guess

Nautilus F A

Banyak sekali bug. Dalam awal permainan smua gambar hilang dan hanya muncul warna merah dengan bentuk2 yang terdapat dalam gambar. Jangan diunduh pernainan ini ada baby malware dan spyware. Yaitu aplikasi yang bisa mengambil data2 pemain. Para penilai yang kasih 4 ☆ - 5☆ adalah orang2 bayaran saja. Pengembang pernainan ini tolol !

Kristen Pike

I like the graphics in the controls but the lack of things to do is ridiculous. Everytime I get on this game I'm stuck with nothing to do within minutes if that. Uninstalling this after posting this review

daniel ouellet

I'm enjoying playing the app quite a bit however it doesn't really have any business calling itself a location based game since there is basically no incentive to change your location at all. Literally everything in the game can be played while staying at home and there is no benefit at all to turn on the GPS. It is, however, a very satisfying farming game for those who like to work on the esthetics of their farms. I like the way the social mechanics work as well.

Carol Washington

The game won't open!

George Ruhl (Ru-hall)

Now the game keeps failing to authenticate. And rusty isn't on the load screen.

Mac Guerra

It says I need to update the game but it doesn't have any update for it on play store

Azmath Khan

nice 👍 you 💓💗

Emma Whybird

I can't put my name in

Wesley Franco de Azevedo Nogueira

Great game!!!

Bruno Jamir

Great game! Looking forward to see what's coming next!

Ayyanar Ayyanar


Salina Cline

Would be better if it was horizontal instead vertical

anna james

I really like this game apart from I cant get up and walk around which is part of the game I would like the developer's to help with that so I can enjoy all the game.

Valerie Frost

Only just downloaded it to my phone, will rate after more playing.

Titanium Vapor

Seems more clicky than I prefer. Did the tut. Cannot enter a name to play. Pixel 4XL Android 11... Oh well. Might be fun. I will never know.

Melissa Culmer

Could only get it to load a couple of times

john Auwerter (Garlock)

I enjoy the game proformance has gotten better and the game is very fun to play.

U Thomas

Really addictive game, I'm wondering if we can go over the bridges after Level 35, I'm on 32 and no one on my friend list has passed 35 so far. Love the map feature too.

Joannie Morgan

Cute game definitely for kids not much progress,stopped after level 8, did not want GPS so everything ea Verything was off. Needed something to do while waiting for animals.

Mikael Persson

Älskar detta spelet! Har haft det i ett dygn och har redan fastnat i det :). Kan faktiskt tänka mig lägga lite pengar på detta spel :).


Tutorial takes you from level 1 to 5, with out any mention of the GPS feature. Tbh I wasnt sure there was one. At level 6, the GPS map was shown, but now catcher the cat doesn't use up the attempts and im stuck on mission completion with no way to progress... also things like ostrich eggs could use a decrease in the wait time to produce, im sure other production items could too.

Edu mal

The dog is an idiot


I like the new social features

Alison Moules

This game is too slow


Would ne good if when in inventory like silo or barn, etc, when tap on the items, can have the name of it pop out or a short description as there are alot of items and crops which i don't know what its for. Like those black seeds, what are they?!!

A Google user

Location based farmer. Great idea, love the art style

A Google user

Not happy. I tried to love this game but after installing it the next time I tried to open the game it refused to open. I had no choice but to uninstall it.

A Google user

Cute game. Quite laggy on the gps for walking, but nice indoor/outdoor game.

A Google user

I was enjoying the game untill I got stuck in the mission that takes you to your local map I am unable to complete the mission and can't find a way to return to the part where you build stuff

A Google user

So relaxing ,no immedieaty time limits . Excellent game🤗😘.Love and Hugs to All

A Google user

Awesome game! The dog mechanic is great, and the art looks beautiful!!

A Google user

Cute game! Love the mix of augmented reality and 'home base' I can build and customize. Adorable graphics. The friend system is a bit unintuitive but overall not a big deal. Very quickly addicted to this game and got my mom hooked on it too

A Google user

I was really excitrd for this game, fownloaded it and it wont even load keeps saying "opps somethig broke" . I have a good internet connection and dont have any issues loadi g other location based games but this one wont work. Please fix this issue and i will change my review.

A Google user

Downloaded game and it's stuck in loading world.pretty bad when the game doesn't even load

A Google user

The dog idea is brilliant, everything looks super cute and easy to learn to play

A Google user

Downloaded, installed and got playing on my way home from work! Nek minut, cute fox told me to go pick up seeds in the street and to then paint my farm 10/10 would recommend! Great art and seems fun! The game performs reallt well on my device.

A Google user

Great. Nice gps feature

A Google user

Great combination between farming game and real-world exploring. Nice design

A Google user

The game was very understanding of what i should do. I recommend this game

A Google user

Great looking graphics, cute animals, turn it on when i walk my dog :)

A Google user

I had no issues installing and running the game, although I was on WiFi. The tutorial is thorough, the characters are adorable, and so far the game is running really well.

A Google user

Cosy feeling with a lot of in game choices around building your town and exploring the area for loot. Looks and feels pretty nice!:) Will give it a try!

A Google user

Cannot load the game. Waiting for update to fix..... disappointing

A Google user

Kept failing connection

A Google user

Such a great game!

A Google user


A Google user

game not loading

A Google user

I started playing today, enjoying the concept of having to discover seeds and trades. I would love a share across devices as I would love to play on my tablet when at home.

A Google user

Game is not loading.. but it gave me an error message "We're sorry, something broke".. i you can fix it i will play the game so i can give a reasonable survey.. thanks