Happy Pixel Puzzle: Free Fun Coloring Logic Game

Author: Banana Games LLC

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Happy Pixel – Free Nonogram Coloring Puzzle Game, also named as block pixel puzzle is a free classic nonogram game that challenges you to discover the hidden pixel-art pictures by coloring the blocks. You can free download the brain game for your Android phone. Happy Pixel Puzzle offers you dozens of creative pictures that are covered by numbers. Train your brain on solving the pixel puzzles and find these pixel arts whenever you want to keep your mind active or pass your time in a pleasant way. Let’s discover the mystery of nonograms! ❤️

❗️How To Play Happy Pixel❗️
Every puzzle in Happy pixel is a pixel art. All you get at first are blocks and colored numbers in some of them. You have to use these colored numbers as hints. Start with one number, drag the correct square or rectangle that contains the exact number of cells. The square or rectangle is filled with the color of this number. This can be very tricky. You have to think about the shape or position of all blocks. All cells of a puzzle have to be filled. After all blocks are colored, a surprising pixel picture will be finally revealed.

Key Features
✓ Tons of completely free pixel puzzles, starting from easy to difficult
✓ Solve the puzzles and uncover the hidden pixel-art pictures anywhere ☘
✓ Detailed guidance for beginners of this game ️
✓ Intelligent and unlimited hints: tap the hints button whenever you having trouble finding the block
✓ Happy Pixel comes in 4 difficulty levels, easy, medium, hard and expert, perfect for Pixel Puzzle beginners and advanced players!
✓ Offline game: don’t need to worry about the WIFI or data networks

Happy Pixel also offers
✓ Both challenge and relaxing mode for users
✓ You can create your own creation with the pictures you find after solving the puzzles
✓ Simple but functional interface
✓ You can find the beginners’ guide in the app at any time
✓ Undo your mistake steps without limitation

The Happy Pixel game is appropriate for both male and females, the younger generation and also the elderly. When you first open our Happy Pixel app, you see a complete tutorial on how to color the blocks and discover the hidden pixel-arts. After experiencing several successful trials of solving the puzzles, you can have a try to change the game mode to challenging mode and acquire your own feeling of accomplishment by breaking the records continuously!

This is a coloring puzzle app for nonogram game lovers.The puzzles of our free Happy Pixel app are completely logical and creative, which can train your brain and stimulate your initiative to some extent. In addition, the way to solve the puzzle – coloring the blocks by numbers also adds more fun for the puzzle-solving game.

Happy Pixel is a representative Nonogram Game, a super welcomed kind of game type at present, which can help you consume the time, offer you enough entertainment and at the same time, sharpen your mind and logical thinking. You don’t need to set aside special time for solving puzzles, just open our happy pixel app whenever you want to kill the time and wherever you are instead. There is no need to worry about the situation of no WIFI either because Happy pixel is a offline game and your daily game progress will be automatically saved. It’s really an entertaining and addictive brain game that can help you relieve your stress and anxiety in your life. Train your brain and improve your IQ with Happy Pixel now!

Detailed info

File size: 32M
Update time: July 5, 2021
Current version: 3.6.9
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Banana Games LLC
Price: Free
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Customer review

Lauren D

Fun and truly free. I enjoy the game but now they have an annoying song playing that you can't turn off.

Karinna Duffey


Christi Gutshall

Good overall...however, upgraded my phone & transfered everything including my games. Everything transferred just fine but this game is making me start all over from the beginning & I'm so upset about it. I had over 1000 hints saved & over 2 years of every daily puzzle done. I also had all the levels & challenges complete & the acheivments. I'm really frustrated over it. If there is a way to get my game back please help. Thank u!!

Diana Ruskey

I loved this game until I needed to change it to a different device, none of the progress changes over. What is the point of having the awards for the months done, if it is all gone once I can't use the same device anymore.

Sue Bond

Very relaxing

Susan Horn

I like the app but had to uninstall because it doesn't allow to be moved to external data and I didn't use it often enough to allow it to take up 600mb on my phone! Please update it to allow to move to external! Or maybe I'll say again someday when I upgrade my device!

Chloe Hamilton

Great way to pass time. Wish we could import our own pictures though. But it's still a great game!

Becky DeGraff

Fun to play

Matthew Mebane

Very fun, super easy to spend hours on!

Dina Mohamed

I really like this game! It's fun and easy! The events are really fun! 😍 No glitches at all! So entertaining! I'm obsessed with this game since I downloaded it. I really recommend this game....

Micah Paulien



I really love this game and enjoy it as is. I wouldn't change anything, except I'm not sure why it bugs out when using my phone stylus. I have a samsung galaxy Note 9 and it's so much easier to play this game with the stylus, except whenever I do a daily puzzle it starts to bug out/get stuck at some point and kicks me out of the puzzle. It even happens more than once. It seems like it doesn't happen if I just use my finger to play instead. Please fix this...there's no reason this should happen.

Samira Mahmud


David Turner

I think I left a complaint about this a couple years ago because my girlfriend kept stealing my phone to play this because she had an apple. Well, she now has it too so I can finally get my phone back from her. Thank you!

1 s

I love this game extremely relaxing

Emilee Slatzer

This is by far, the most amazing pixel game ever. There is no game, of my knowledge, like this. It is soothing and calming while also pretty challenging! EDIT: 12/18/21 The game quality has decreased dramatically. The game is now taken over by ads (a 30 sec ad before AND after every pic). There are no new pictures, events, or updates. You lost 3 stars for this. EDIT: 4/11/22 I went to check on the game and found much improvement. Less frequent ads and new updates/events. Kudos to game dev :)

Jessica Young

Good game, but really wish they would bring back the events that it used to have.


Very fun!!

Shadow Fox

Love it really is my favorite So addicting

Patty Wilcox

I'll give you 5 stars for the calming affect this game has on my nerves. Great for stress reduction!

Michele Smith

Ok whoever was responsible for putting the names to each puzzle doesnt know their animals cause if u check the calendar challenge for November 8,2021 it says the animal is a sloth when in fact it is a koala & all the ones that say ice cream do not look like ice cream they look like cupcakes lol

Christina Langley

Fun Game!!

Jake Junkus

Well done

Meredith Pope

i spent 2 hours trying to find this game again, i got it a few years ago but deleted it for space. i loved it so much, and it's still great

Giraffe Tongue

Very intuitive simple interface, fun coloring spatial puzzle game

Nathan Campbell

I've made enough drawings that the app takes 5gb of storage

User name

I love this game, it is very relaxing and super fun. I think you should also get this game and is amazing to play anytime!

Ann Cox

Fun, relaxing!

Finley Craig

This game is awesome and hard I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lori Libby

Love this game! It's relaxing, but a little play one last time...

JesseSarah Simpson

great game

AJ Freeburg

No new content for months. Thought at least the daily puzzles were new but they're just recycled too. Bring back events.

Jan b

Addictive. Ads are not abusive.

Amanda Remillard

I have enjoyed this game for a year, which is why you get at least 3 stars. I just recently uninstalled, because the game will not load properly. I was finished with a puzzle for October 30. It won't even acknowledge completion. I checked for errors, it wouldn't show me anything. Fix this game, please. I hope to be able to reinstall.

Courtney Bates

Great game overall but the ads keep getting suck on my screen and I then have to close the app and reopen it just for them to get stuck again.

Kate Pledger

Love it

gladys brown

This Happy Pixel app is so much fun and addictive. The challenging levels that you can do is workout for your brain.I love it. Recommend to anyone that wants a challenging game to play. One suggestion is to have more postcard challenging. Other wise it a great app to play.

Risa Dalsing

This is a fun game that seems simple but still has a challenge. Don't use all of your hints at once!

Cynthia Valentin

Love Love Love this game!!!!!

Rafif AF

Loved it.


Best filing


Neat concept, nice execution, cute pictures. A fun middle ground between cross stitch/coloring and nonogram puzzles.

Marie Austin

Love it

PuffinstuffYeah 07

I love this game! But I do recommend playing with a stylus pen for better experience

Owen Fritz

Awesome 👌 👏 👍 😍 game

I'm a Monkey

It's a great game for people who want to relax and use some brainpower.

Elizabeth Kaplan

Ever since today's update, the game won't open.

Deep Blue

Played this game since February. Since June no Events anymore. 2 stars only because I played it that long. To the publisher -> Don't answer with returning soon. Some paid for playing the events ad free and nothing is coming anymore. It smells like scam

Sparkle Durio

Lost all progress when I switched devices.

Another Quote Clone

Fun to pass the time with.

Emily Ryan

Not sure why but the events don't show up anymore. So i only get the daily puzzle and no event? Is there a solution to this? Or has there just been no event for a month?

Jason Ford

Most relaxing game I would play it all day if I could and you are heading this from a 8 year old so

Peggy Newman

A great mind exercise

jose medina

Can you add a creator mode? And The puzzles are super easy even in hard And expert easy game great job

Nancy Hulfachor

Works well but not enough variety even when you advance your level. Needs new patterns.

Caitlin Gonzalez

This game is addictive and also calming. I love to play when I'm stressed.

Deb Sukalec

It's a good game.


This is a super fun art game! 5 stars :)

Eric Beilman

Fun game but too many ads. During events you need to watch an ad to unlock one puzzle, and then after you complete it, it shows you an ad. That's two ads per puzzle! Rediculous.

Dane Townsend

A bit boring after a while, overall good game

Suzanne Orbell Meyer

Cool game and no ads, yay!

Brittany Fields

I love it


Love the game! Ive been playing for a long time niw. Only thing the game does need is a save feature. Would like to transfer to a new device but cant.

Brooklyn Eason

Love the game

Tengku Nur Azira bt Raja Mamat


Magda Badenhorst

Love it, especially the special events

Kai Kadgien

Starting to see ads in game again. I paid for ad-free and updates have removed that. An actually decent explanation or time frame for when the ads are gone again would be appreciated. Edit: I'll update my review once the issue has been fixed

Eva Mayfield

Fun puzzle and coloring game. Ads are not intrusive. I admit, I've played this for an embarrassing amount of hours :P

Kylie Perry

Absolutely LOVE this game!!!

H Galloway

Addictive, once you start you just have to keep doing just one more.


I rlly like this game, it's very relaxing and fun to play when ur bored.


The best color pictogram app out there. Tutorial is easy to comprehend, contains multiple difficulty levels and modes and offers new content very quickly.

Angela Beck

Love this game.

Tracey Leppe

Love it

Mindy Wallace

Fix it back to where if you check your boxes and they are correct they are locked in and the numbers disappear. This change is so annoying. I don't want to play anymore

fish boy

Soooo addicting totaly wotth it

Domína Nemcova

Great for relaxations


Really great, fun game! Love it 💖

Molly Conger

I reinstalled the game and all of my progress was deleted.

Lynn Schweers

Great way to relax. I have downgraded my rating from 5 to 4 star as I have upgraded to the ad-free version, but since the last update, I am once again getting ads. I have submitted feedback within the app but have yet to hear from developer.

Lori Fletcher

Stress buster

Calleyanne Clark

Ads are a little annoying, but not too much so and the game is sooo much fun.

Jorgie Drake

I love it

Braylynn Eason

It's very fun and adictive I play it all the the time when I bored I recommend this to anyone

Jessica Mallik

It's fun, but I would like slightly fewer adds, and why did you make it harder also some pics were from bit color, also why did you change that fact you could get 3 checks at the end each picture? Because I want more than 2🤷🏾‍♀️. Also, the adds keep freezing, and I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but when I watch adds for more checks, it doesn't show that I got anymore


Really fun and relaxing game. Give a little challenge throughout. Good way to wind down but still use brain power.

Paige Hearn

Its the best game I've played on tablet but the vr is better 👌😃

Katie madeline

love the game. i just wish from the latest update all of the single numbered blocked already come colored i felt like that was part of the photo

Alana Mancuso

Entertaining puzzles, really good for when you're trying to zone out but your brain keeps insisting it needs to be occupied with something. Easy to play while still holding conversations, listening to music, waiting on the bus, etc. Also has large backlog of puzzles that you can go play once you're done with the Daily and Event puzzles, so there's always new games.

Brittany Mann

3,5 bc too hard to do

jessica herald

I live this game

Sheila Gosnell

I enjoy it while winding down from work. Great way to relax, and enjoy a puzzle challenge.

Parent Malone

So fun everyone should play it

Alissa McCollum

Had this app since late last night First off i love the fact is it completely free doesnt even have adds never had a game like this before! It is very fun and relaxing some pictures are more challenging than others great to play while the kids are asleep and good time passer this app is so worth 5 stars in my book!

barbara vodenik

It's a great game. I spend hours playing. It is super easy, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. My only complaint is the really long lines. I have to zoom in on the screen on my phone to see it, but zoom out when there's long lines. It becomes difficult to see.

Josh Coleman

A fun waste of time!

Kelly Willard

Ugh.....the newest update is not appealing enough to keep me here anymore. 🤷‍♀️ Ads ran and all was fine......smh! Took the fun out of it with the changes.

Rejouissance Wila Wila


Marcy Sain

I spent a lot of time on this game.

Ann-marie Casey

Really like the game but fixing to Uninstall it because there are so many adds making the game not worth it you only get 3 hearts and gotta watch adds to get more end up watching 50 adds in one picture