Happy Merge Home

Author: Casual Joy Games

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Happy merge home, a game that combines integration and decoration. By completing quests, you can find a variety of new items, combine them into useful tools, create a unique design for each room, and build the house of your dreams according to your own designer’s vision and wild imagination!

Game Features:
– Exquisite decoration materials: as small as a nail, a brick, a tile, as large as a chair, a cabinet, a vacuum cleaner.
– Cultivate your unique home design skills: Start designing and decorating from a dirty and dilapidated rough house, select the floor style, design the furniture layout, select accessories, assort and integrate colors, and transform a deserted room into a cozy home in your dream!
– An easy and fun way to merge: In this fascinating game, complete the tasks of each level one by one, find hundreds of unique items and combine materials and tools to carry out repair work, and create a new home design.
– Relaxing game experience: With detailed 3D graphics, high-quality image quality, and calm music, Bring you unique visual and auditory effects! There are no punishing game mechanics, play at your own pace with a relaxing, satisfying, and stress-relieving gaming experience.

More details
– There are lovely characters throughout the game and interesting conversations between them.
– Regular updates and fixes to make the player experience better and more enjoyable.

No matter what the style, there are always more items to synthesize, more rewards to collect, and more areas to explore. You are the best designer, and there’s an empty mansion waiting for you to show your skills!

It’s time to start your design journey. Once you try Happy merge home, you will forget about other merge games. Enjoy this colorful merge game where you can design your dream house!

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Update time: Jun 15, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Casual Joy Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Precious Agbaranta

I was enjoying the game but it's taking time to prepare the next level.


I really enjoy this game, like the " Real feel" of decorating each room, wish the merge board had that same feel and not a cartoony one like it does. I like that it's not littered with ads but you still have the choice to watch one to get those harder to merge items. I'm not that far along and maybe there are special events but I have yet to see any and that would be nice. I especially like the fact that there is no ridiculous storyline that's usually a romance, that is a breath of fresh air.


I am looking for a new merge game and this one looks nice but the merging grid is too small...why make it so small when you have plenty of space to make it bigger. The previous games I have played had big grids that take up maximum space on the screen and it's more soothing to the eyes. And also you can't save your progress. I think I'll skip this game for now and will check back in the future if there are any improvements.

Heather LaCarte

like these merge games

Rebecca Martinez

i like the game

liza collins


Debbie Young

Love this great graphics if your a merge fan this is a game for you 💯

Benjamin Denton

awesome game

Tracey Jones

Good game but ridiculous waiting times

Kim Warne

absolutely Love This game you can play for hours I deleted almost all my other merge games it gives you plenty of rubies plenty of experience and plenty of coins to just keep playing love it love it love it


Do not like the promo ad!! Will not be installing this game due to the man bashing attitude!!


Instant uninstall. The forced tutorial for longer than 10 seconds is beyond annoying with such a basic game. Put me right off wanting to play any further

Starbaby 344

love this game..love the decor for the homes as well..great way to pass time..

Donna Graham

Absolutely love this game, if you don't mind watching adds, you can keep going (unlike other games).

T. Shea

Absolutely norhing I despise more than a game that hijacks your phone. Don't FORCE me to do your stupid demo preventing me from turning off your obnoxious music. Uninstalled third step into forced tutorial on a stupid match 2 game.

Leam campbell

amazing game keep it up

Faith Griffin

Adds are very inappropriate

Phyllis Matthews

Beautiful Game! So Much Fun To Play To Show Your Decorative Skills! Love It! Wish Could Give More Than 5 Stars!

Linda Arnold

thank you I love how you help out your players pocket. I will always look for your company with my games.

Sheila Woods

love it

Cheryl McCurday

great gane

Lexie Norton

Not the game that I seen on the ad for it. Very disappointed.

Diane White

❤️ This game 🥰

Alex Damson

I love this game. But I completely did all task I couldn't open another rooms because it's shows coming soon for long

Teri McDaniel

When I first started this game was fun. Now, not so much... thinking of uninstalling it because the item energy runs out too fast, even after upgrading them. The special, secondary items, are too far and too few between in their appearances. I've been working on a large paint order for almost a week, and still not even close. I play several times a day and I might get two of the smallest tubes in 24 hours...if I'm lucky. All in all, it's making me lose interest as its more of a chore.

Kattie Pelletier

Great Game

Marion Fitzgerald

relaxing fun

pam black

Your app is stuck on pending for an update. I've emailed you once on this. Now I don't want the app and I can't get rid of it nor can I update or download any other app. Please fix this issue immediately..

Brittney Gabbard

Excellent. I love playing games in my free time-hate not being able to enjoy them by having to make purchases. You literally don't have to spend anything in this game (unless you want to). I haven't spent a dime. You can watch ads and earn what you need. Probably one of the best games I've played in while that doesn't try to con you into spending money but still get a great experience!

Daryad Deniz


Mary Massey

Started out fine and now constantly freezing up. Can't even contact support.

Sama Nouri


Nury Caneppa

to many ads

Tshegofatso Kogotsitse

When is the attic opening it's been a while now?

Rochelle Johnson

I can't go to the next level in the game.


great wee game

Tania Holl

Takes to long for your tools to recharge so can make new stuff. If use a tablet you can turn wifi off and get no ads. But if you play with internet off you can't buy and install all the things you need. Some things cost real money. I never use a credit card as fb is not getting my card details.

Maggie Burbridge

love the game seems like can get pretty far on energy and diamonds. the game is very giving which i love it keeps me going for hours

Isabel Alvarado

Its so fun to play

Heidi Harvey

I love this game it's one of my favorite games that I love to play

Ivy Storm

love it, just wish the updated rooms were available.

rebecca bowden


Anel Oelofse

This game are great Bit I am on level 42 and no more newer tasks are given and children's room and waiting 3 days for new room to open Please what are going on can I delete the game or what

Gamer Jade

such a fun and addicting game!!!

Sarah Bentley

Takes too long for things to recharge and get items. Uninstalled.

Florence Keaton

I enjoy this game a lot. it's great to see how you can decorate a place. I hope it doesn't run out of areas to decorate.

Paula D Pozo

A fun game! Different than the other merge games! THANK YOU!!

Clinton Pham


Bev Rus

Played it a few days ago. Transferred it onto this device instead. The design's are so beautiful and realistic. The game play tortorial is different and so far the customers are getting their things quickly. The annoying droping down friends gift wasn't on my other device. And this game board seems too me, too look widthwise a lot smaller than on my other device. But we see ow this game differs on this device too my other device in the next couple of days 😃

Tanya Bussing


Elisa Kamyar


Rachael Hoyland


Katherine Trimble

This game is demeaning and boring. As it it weren't slow enough and to constantly be shown like a child how to play it no matter what level I get to. The finger pointing to the next move and the constantly explanations popping up as if a toddler is playing the game is completely ridiculous as well as insulting. I refuse to play it any further, I've just Uninstalled it from my tablet and no I would not recommend it to a friend.

Sky Hawk

This is best games I like it games design so beautiful and wonderful so many Rewards give you everyday I give this games 1000 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I will continue to play

A Person

After reading their privacy policy, I will certainly not be using their product. You agree to NO privacy if you use this product. Not only do they sell your info, you agree that whoever they sell it to can them sell it to others. No thank you.

Mad Meika

Uninstalled this weeks ago

Aliscea Phelps


She Lock

I can only give this 🎮 a four-star rating due to the size of the board and the dated decorations.

Komal naaz

Komal naaz love this game

Katiana Desius

I love this game I can't stop playing it..

Amanda Smith

love it, there's not an ad every 2 minutes. you can watch ads to get rewards rather than spending money!

Chello Torres


Susan Berryman

good game to play and relax

Megan Hicks

Never ending fun. Everything to love!

Deanna Brosseau

Keeps getting stuck when I watch ads gives plain white screen with Chinese writing. Only way to clear is to get out and go back in. Also need more rooms.



Marcus Martin


Ariel Rowan

I got stuck because the tutorial wants me to tap something but my board is full because I was busy merging stuff to fulfill orders. Now it's just a Mexican stand off. Otherwise eokay game.

Nyia Lamb

When will the attic be available have over 300 experience stars and can't use them ... The event sucks don't like playing. Ready to install and find another game the updates did not include the attic being open to enter.

Doris S


Chrystal Secrets

this game has various options to help merge, get rewards, and level up with little to no pressure to make an in app purchases or timed sessions. I love it 😍😍😍😍😍

Shaza Hosni

very good

stormy holcomb

love this game so good

Mrs. KG Ice Wilburn

I'm really enjoying this game

phoebe l


Heather Schmitz


maria chechak

it's a good merger game no annoying ad pop ups

kyaw zin


Ravin Brown

The worst. I'm tapping these icons like crazy and nothing is happening! It says they can be opened in one minute but it has been a half an hour and nothing is opening. It absolutely takes away from the fun of playing the game. I'm not going to wait around for the errors to be fixed because that never happens in a timely manner. I was very excited about the first few rounds because I think the decoration options are great. However I play games to relax and this game is making me angry

Myint Htwe


Star Lambert

Pretty fun for a merge game, but the updates for new rooms and orders is slow coming. Even occupying myself with just merging and filling only the special orders is getting tedious. When a primary goal for merging is to keep space freed up, now it's just a matter of figuring out what I want to delete. Now I have nearly 500 stars, or whatever they are, just on standby for the next room to become available. I'll get that done quickly enough, and be stuck waiting for the next one.

rick Guess


Kristen Stewart

a blast

Eva Gurlacz


Afsha Mahreen

Àmazing game with real interiors decoration option but it gets harder after level 10


Love tjis game so much 💖

DeLynn Killingsworth

fun game

Kizzy Taylor

like this game

Noor Raddam

wooow I love this game

lesley whibley

Dose not work.

Amy Clark

Edited my review to 2 stars because of the reply, devs I KNOW how to play the game, that is not the issue. I shouldn't have to delete items that I will need later in order to make space to match . Then spend ages trying to build them up again with limited space. The board and inventory gets clogged up when you need more and more complex items to fullfill the contracts, which stops the game from being relaxing. Personally I would prefer an option to play with a bigger board.

Janet /Shannon


Maria Stoyanov

The graphics are awesome but the merge game is messy, illogical and all over the place. It's not very clear what exactly you are merging or there are 3 different things coming from a "box" that gets "exhausted" after 10 items and you need to watch an ad to "reload" it. But the items you need hardly ever come out. Plus some items only reload after hours or with gems. I'm seriously thinking about uninstalling - the only thing stopping me are the awesome graphics

April Preston

awesome game just started playing though hopefully it will continue to be you do have to watch a lot of ads but they are not forced ads completely optional if you have gems you can just buy the item or engery to keep playing will play this game for while

MX Tabletone

I really like this game. Only adds is every now n then

Denise Covington


Charity Preston

love it very fun

Shelly Degoey

Always room for improment.

Carolyn Mosier

💕 it.

Linda Larochelle

i am enjoying this merge game. There are ads but the rewards are worth it.