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Author: HKxunyuan

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Happy Desserts – Dessert Chef Gaming – A new experience for the Dessert Shop! Come and run your own DessertShop

Detailed info

File size: 54M
Update time: August 31, 2021
Current version: 6.5.020
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: HKxunyuan
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jasmine Añabieza

I used to play this before, My phone storage was full so i deleted it, Now that i got more space in my phone storage i decided to download this again but it keeps saying error, I used to love this app My level was at 28 or 30+ but now I can't open the account i was playing before.

Emica Haga

I used to play this last month, but I had to remove it due to lack of storage and now I finally got a memory card. After obtaining a memory card, I downloaded this app and tried to login , but it keeps saying error! Please fix this!! I really wanna play this game again, but it keeps saying "error" every time I try to log in! Please add an option where we do not need to connect to be able to play this game please!!🥺😭😭

Genevie Mangubat

Why can't I play Happy Desserts App?!

SophiaSoledad Hizon

Can't retrieve my account on fb

Amalia Noni

i can't login with google account

St. Clare Angel Balares

I can't log in this game like wth

Carla Jane Amparo

I download this game more than 3x, I can't log in nor sign as a guest. Please fix this

sassy girl mahomoc

I don't like this game I can't log in 😭😭😭

ririn achmad

Before update i still can play this game.. but almost 1 month i cant open or play this game.. so sad even now i level 10+ 😥😑

Annisa Rayhan

Everyone~ Just open in hago-_-


It was a nice game, but then I couldn't log in anymore

Nathasia Wijaya

1 week almost 2 week no confirmation about anything, trust me I love this game but this is bad, everyone can't login, no announcement at all

anna lofranco

i realy like this game,but since yesterday i cannot log in to the game.What happen? i already uninstall it and install it again and nothing happen..Please fix it right away...its already night but still you dont fix the problem im the game..I cant log in.. Today its christmas eve already i cant log in the game.... When will you fix this??

Kagura Chan

you know i connect my fb acct. then i wait like hours , then exit then open the game amd continue waiting still the same, the i connect to guest same the problem then try to my google acct. same problem to, ayst plssss fix it iwant to play happy dessert 😔

chamcha 3

After the latest update, I can't even log in to my game. Please fix it soon!!

Phuong Trinh

The game can't be logged in to play but the game publisher has no explanation

RaniA Nguyen

I paid a lot of money for this game and they don't even fix their log in problem even though people keep telling them to. They don't make any announcement. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER 😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬

Aisyah Riries

Now i cant open my game, 1 week... What happen with this game??? Dont say this is a maintance... This game going badly day after day, i like this game.. please fix it

Bubble Prison

Not updated.

Chai Talion

I'm at level 24 however the game is totally not working anymore. I can't open the app even though I've already updated the app. I really enjoyed playing this game, please fix this issue.

Mary Angela Bea Lamboson

Got another issue. Reached lvl 30 then it forced me out. cant seem to open my account. tried uninstall then install again, still the same. please fix pls 🙏

Veronica Aquino

It's good


After reach Level 14 and buy some Novice Package, I can't login anymore.. "Google Login Failed" and Chinese Massage, Already reinstall and still can't login.. and this review definitely get a template reply with no solution 🤣

Vania Sandjaja

Fun and lovely graphic in the beginning. But now i can not login even i already updated it. The game said "facebook login failed" and i tried to press the facebook button but nothing happened. Unfortunaly, i reached out level 30. Please fix it.

Li Castle

I can't log in through my Google account on December 18th 11pm until now December 19th 5am... I spent a lot of money to this and then I can't log in, oh my , fix it please

Noverry Fadilah

Actually I know this game from hago and later players from the guild I joined talked about the apps from play store so I also downloaded from play store, it's just why the game from play store didn't have the same event update like from hago? Anyway, good game.

Sasha Lee

Thank you for fixing the problem 🥰


dear developer,i love ur game so much,but i want you to add features that u can change the day,like morning,night,afternoon.. and can u add some feature that you can close the restaurant,cause when i want to re-decorate my restaurant, it's so annoying cause there's to much people who want to buy my dessert,i really appreciate it if u make this,and i would love if u answer these..

Barroga Kristine Pauline

Help me with my purchase... I purchase the Well Upgrade but it didnt change in my game. The payment was succesful and deducted in my money.. please help me with this.

Flazer FreeZar

Is a relaxing game to me, I don't need to wait too long for the stuff to cooldown, quit easy to get diamonds, the design of the characters are cute and the quality is good, 5 stars


Your game it's sooo goodd!!! i love it very much:)❤️ it's very easy to play,and i love the dessert! it's very cute,but please add some feature that you can change account everytime! so i can make 2 account:D,i hope u read this.. love from indonesiaa<3 sorry for the bad grammar


Yesterday, I can play it, but today suddenly I can't open it. After configuration nothing changes still on the start screen. I think my signals are fine. Can you help me?

Firma Firma

The game is good, nice graphics but I can't logged in now.

Cahya Devi

Love this game so much


i love this game so much,this game doesn't bore me,and the ads are not annoying at all,So far I haven't experienced any bugs in the game, I really enjoy it.this is the best game,thank you developer for making this game!

Reiva Wisdharilla

Hi my I'd is Reiva Wisdharilla. Please help me get unstuck on level 3, it told me to tap land to harvest but there is nothing to harvest and I can't progress at all.

Khương Trương Vỹ

I can not change my avatar !

Edward Umboh

Happy Dessert... Rate this app POST

Aris Cruz

I spend a lot of time and effort playing this game and really enjoyed it.But this morning i can't log in its say log in failed even though i had a good internet connection .pls fix this i really really love playing this game will edit the rating as soon you fix this.godbless edit:after trying so many uninstall install The game finally... hard to earn coin and to level up but i really love this game.patient is a must to earn and to level..tnx godbless

Fenny Deskintani

i always failed to login the game. even i used my google account, or facebook account, or even login as guest. please check. i can't playing this game.

Badang Naive

the game isn't that laggy anymore but i couldn't login because there's new "log in to Facebook " and won't even connect to Facebook this is frustrating please fix this problem immediately

carm C

Could have been better but costly, coins are expensive...I mean it needs a lot of coins like 500k to upgrade level 3. I was even planning to purchase the highest cost for gems (am at level 14) but nah, better not waste. How much more if I'll be at level 20+ 🤦😔

Raitra Gims

Suka sama game nya, selain itu lucu2 menarik walau sederhana. Kalau bisa ukuran tempatnya di perbesar lagi

Angeline Balmilero

Why do I stock from the intro

Arch Calizo

I like to game so far. But gaining deco and guild coins is too difficult. Deco coins needs to be bought using diamonds which is stressful. It would be pleasant if there are activities that can earn deco coins and guild coins. Games should be fun not frustating.

Kari Beko

Very cute and organized game. but recommend to add more exploration to the game, it somehow get boring

Putty Wibowo

Fun game

Chocolate Cream

This game have a really good graphics and everything. It's as enjoyable as i love coffee and other cute cafe games. But.. the coins is the problem. Usually new player wouldn't have a problem with coins or the in game money when they just start. Sadly this game is. I wouldn't waste my time with waiting for some game that is too hard to play. It's stressful 😂 if the cs or developer read this please change this coins thing. This game have a good prospect, even the decorations is super cute.

Anita Nuryanti

Nice game

MizzAihk Gaming

Nice I love it, it's very cute... Just I wish they increase the daily task dias to 10 instead of 5 hehe it will help alot of F2P players ^^

Dinah Lingga

I love this game

Asep Hidayat

Knp jadi eror.gk bisa di buka

Maria Angelica Magayones

Research tickets hard to get ..i hope the game available in landscape mode..but overall its pretty game..

Maritess Roa


Lalaine Chavez

Fun game!

Anya Gabrielle

Nice game

Aiyanah Ashley

Bruh idk why it turned Chinese,I'm from philipines and english is my mother tounge,Make it English or atleast tell me how to fix it.

Bian Montana

I love it ❤️😍

Azlan Pasai

Good game for kids


Edit: Dev, I don't think the lesser money resources is my problem only since I saw other people mentioning it too. The price I could set to sell my desserts is lessening almost half of what it used to be. I noticed while some people also uses the new, cheaper price, some others still can sell with the old price. Please explain how could this happen. If it's only happened after we get into a certain level, it's really not cool; the upgrades are getting more expensive yet our income is lessening.

Stefany Kurniawan

Always reconnect and reconnect

An An

Ad có email để hỗ trợ riêng cho người chơi không? Cách hoạt động của hội nhóm mình không hiểu và muốn mời thành viên cũng không được. Admin, do you have an email for supporting players? I cant understand how about group's work? How can i invite my friend to join my group? Thank you. My ID is : 71841

Amoy Lee

i really love this game! cute and good display but please make this game to be able to be played on offline mode

Rasiel Blancada

It was a good game and the developer are approachable and they will help you in error in game

arlyn rose saclote

I love the game at first but when your level goes higher, its kinda boring coz theres nothing else to do except collecting coins. Theres no even new items thag can be purchase by coins. Hope you do something on this.

Elle Yen

I was rly satisfied with the game before the update. But after today's update, I got rly disappointed. They only added a guild feature (w/c doesn't even provide money) but idk why they had to LESSEN all the money resources while the furnitures, plots, and upgrades is still overpriced. I'm thinking of quitting now along with my friends that I invited to play this dumb game. :)

Loreine tiffany Trinidad


Wheng Tamsi


Jicho Visayana

It's so fumln I like it

Cee Juniii

The game is actually quite nice. However, once I reached lvl 7 and they introduced me to the shop, I couldn't seem to move the game anymore! I collected the daily gift and even bought one of the things at the shop. I even Uninstalled, cleared my cache, & data (I don't have to fear losing the game since the game is linked to my Facebook) but still nothing worked. Which is the reason why I asked for a refund from Google awhile ago. This game just isn't going to work for me.

Saudilyn Ambrocio


Ceilo Sky

These game is really great I like it, but when I logged in again for the second time it stopped working like it was stuck or something. I have a great connection of wifi and it was fine when I played other apps. Some features of the game is fine I can still open the icons like edit, daily task, etc. except that I can't drag the screen somewhere else and no one is entering my shop, the customers are only outside and not coming in. These really got me annoyed. Please can you fix this problem ASAP.

Lana Madrid

i love it so cute ❤ it's easy to play with. hope to have more clothes that's one of the things I like in a game so please made more that we can buy using game money not real money. Tip for that make a clothes in different colors.

Ambar Mentari

So hard to get some tickets. Uninstall it

Diana Rose Grandeza

It crash at level 7. Cannot play it

Leslie Ann Gonzaga

It's very fun and easy to play the Game. It's very interesting because there are many task to Do so. I really like it. I recommend this app for those who are bored.

Noniq Noniq

Okay...Now I know how it's works, earn money upgrade etc, I can't stop playing....the character is cute, simple game with great graphic, I love it ❤️

Chrislie Nono


Pratiwi Diansari

This games is nice but When I logged in I can't click anything even My network so good. Please repair it cause I wanna play this game

Lady Purple Ak

Super cute game. I couldn't say more. 5 stars for this awesome game...

Crissa Palermo

i bought diamonds but it the game didnt give me what i purchased. please help. ID # 40426

Princess Farales

So nice

Joanna Anunciado


29 - Nguyễn Hồ Hoàng Thơ 10A1

It is a nice game. I am liking it so far!

Angelique Raper

Nice game


Wish we can help our friends water 3-5 farm plots everyday so Friends can be useful. And also so we can do something while waiting for the plants to ripe.

Cere Laxx

The water, the plot, and the order board is very unbalanced. First off, there's a lot of things to do like the order board & the cooking for the cafe. There's also a variety of crops to plant BUT the plot is very limited (not to mention that it's costly too lol). I hope you'd sell atleast 2 plots each lvl instead of one. Also, finishing the order board is very much unlikely since the water is VERY limited. I hope you provide upgrades for well too.

Angeline Caminade

because of this i have a new friend

Lovely Yu

So far is good

Jasmin Dador

My id is 50986 pls fixed imediately

Mary Joy Endico

Good game, but i once i logged in, i can't click anything. The game will just stop. I have a good wifi and other online games working fine. Please fix this asap. It's annoying.

Mirai Kuriyama

love it

Airiin Chan

Great game! It's so cute and addicting! (In a good way ofc)

Mystic Eyes

That feed back reply is just wow...I need to relax ny attitude to enjoy this game...nice one devs...keep up the attitudes yourselves...

Cathy Zacate

Just downloaded it this morning, after clicking on the game icon it just loads until 100%.. yet it doesn't open into the game itself.. then this messages appears on my screen, "the game has error, would you like to close it? report, wait, ok".. pls help, i wanna try it out 😥😥

Monette Pajac


Estela Marie Dela Rosa


Kay Escala

It wont upgrade!! i just need 100k coins to upgrade and I already have 4000+ coins. Why!?


This game is gold, I highly recommend this to those who have played Flero's My Secret Bistro. You guys will beat lots of games if your game is playable offline too. Alas, that's too much to ask for.

Vaelliesha Rae Rossengail

This game is really cute! Highly recommend! Although could you please add the option where we could change our avatar and our names? That would be really nice.