Happy Chicken Town (Farm & Restaurant)

Author: sonew

500,000+ install


Cooking fried chicken and drinks at the store
Happy Chicken Town is a new concept SNG (Social Network Game)
Enjoy it with worldwide users

[Game Features]

⊙ “Happy Chicken Town”
This game manages both farm and store
You can grow chickens and crops at the farm
and you can cook chickens and dessert in store

⊙ This is not difficult
Happy Chicken Town is configurated to be easy to use and enjoy
So anyone can play and have fun

⊙ It’s ok if you don’t speak a foreign language
Would you like to become friends with users all over the world?
Happy Chicken Town doesn’t require knowing a foreign language
With the translation function within the game
you can easily check a friend’s message and guest book

⊙ Please take advantage of the Bulletin Board
If you use the bulletin board in the game
You can quickly make friends
It is only natural to visit a friend’s store and farm

⊙ enjoy special mini-games
Gather collectible items obtained by helping friends
And you can play various mini-games
You help friends and enjoy mini-games ~!

[Service center]Is it difficult to play or do you need help?
Please contact the following e-mail and we will help you.

[Official Facebook page]http://www.facebook.com/happyct

Detailed info

File size: 40M
Update time: June 4, 2020
Current version: 1.3.2
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: sonew
Price: Free
170 votes

Customer review

Tran Tran

The game is super fun but it crashes constantly. Such a killjoy.

dear name

i can't open the game and i don't know why. my internet are working so fine. it looks like as if the game needs upgrade but there's no option for upgrade in playstore so i don't know what to do now.


It is a cute concept but after I reached level 4 the game just shuts off now. I uninstalled it because it became a waste.

Emereaulle Eliseo

easy to play

Mariah Cachero

So fun, obssessed w this game. Can get enough! Download now!

sharon munslow

Good game but keeps crashing

R.e.s. 123

It's not bad. Hoping for a little more though. Like having the main character be a part of the game, having a little more of a story line, being able to change the mc's and employees clothes and hair, things like that. Also it took way to long to cook the latter recipes and stuff you needed to buy got too expensive. I like I could delete my account. Uninstalled before deleting though and can't get back into account to delete it. That's my own fault though. Fun. A little too bland for me though.

Halil Bornes

This one is excellent! I really love it.. it's a fair game.. it depends on how you manage it❤️

LovelyLily Lily

please fix i cant add a picture to my profile

Leon De Bruxelles

Nice and addictive!


this is a good game, we can make friends while playing

Nevaeh Birchell

I love this game so fun and addicting the only downside is that its offline

Vivas Alejo

I enjoy playing this game, come let's play with us now! .....

athittyyy L

Pls update for new event, I love this game.

hssnn Hsnsnsn

lave 😘😍😍😍

ara amberlyn



Cooking time is too long, slow process. I cant log in Facebook to save data. And i cant change avatar.

asd fghjk

This game so cute, i enjoy it ♡

Audrey Magpantay

This game is good.But sometimes not why? Because this always go back to my home screen and it always say "Happy Chicken Town has stopped" it always happened all the time.And I can't play because it always go back and I need to tap the app many times.So sometimes I hate and I don't play this game.So please try to fix it.But if it's on my internet connection I will try to fix it but if it is in the game PLEASE FIX MY PROBLEM!!!😢😢😢

Rachelle Abadiano

I love the game,but I can't add my avatar,I did it how many times,but it still not working,but I think its alright,its not a big deal anyway,much important is that i enjoy the game,and its so addictive..

Daneesa Afiqah

I love this game..Its fun for killing time.. But My ACCOUNT has been HACKED by SCAMMER.!! THEY USE MY PROFILE, MY NICKNAME.. Please fix this as soon as posible..

Grace Eveline

if u bored u shld download this game

Shanez Pricillia

I love this games, but why I can't change my profile picture ? the game is very slow and sometimes cannot loading, even now I can't open the happy chicken apps, I think it's because my internet connection but my internet is fine, please fix the game !!

NJ Castillo

It's cute game but they always crashed 🙄😩

Fanny Bong

great game. graphics are cute

Shafira Rosdin

I like the game, enjoy simple game but i cannot put picture in my profile please solve that problem

Holiday Vibe

Super Game😍

Nana Rieyy

I play this game before.. but when I want play again, my account no longer exist.. so sad

Lizasyalily Alias

This game is best

Janine Du preez

Not bad but tasks are slow to finish...bit draggish and eggs are slow to come

Midnight Sidekick


Misora Doan

The game is great. However, I cannot change my avatar. After some tries I even got the alert that I was trying to cheat (even though I was just trying to change my avatar in a normal way???) and my game data could be deleted!?


Good game for timepass

Zakirah Hadi

ok, good so far

sumthin girly

Love the game. But just got a alert saying something about I tried to cheat and could get my account deleted? Not sure what I'd did but I don't know how to contact customer service and really hope someone from there sees this and helps me out. I did the re iew for 5 eggs and when I went to go back on that's when the alert popped up.. I've spent a lot of money on my account so I definitely do not want it deleted, specially when I've done absolutely nothing to get it deleted..

Tammy Pritchett


Mary Joy Endico

I can't upload my display picture. Please fix.

anime lover

devs fix the game. i had to uninstall and reinstall because i was having problems but now it just sits there on the start screen and never loads. i really liked the game but no point in keeping a game that doesnt work.

Bian Montana

I love it.

Conny Jupha

Love this game... You should try..