Happy Animal Hospital

Author: Century UU Co.Ltd

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Happy Animal Hospital – Grow herbs and run a hospital of your own.

Detailed info

File size: 159M
Update time: September 3, 2021
Current version: 1.43
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: Century UU Co.Ltd
Price: Free
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Customer review

Dahianna Olivo

Supér cute, me encanta la dinamica, esta precioso~(^з^)-☆

Naomi Lee

Cute and simple. That's it

ryan humphrey

I like this game because it is kind of like this other game called Animal Restaurant but it's a hospital that you tap and click on. It also has a quiz which has questions about real things which could be tricky sometimes but is fair enough


This is such a cute game! Ads are optional and you can progress at a good pace without watching them, though doubling the acorns here and there helps a lot. Very cute design that looks tidy even with customers flooding in, and I love the speech bubbles coming up while you play. It's so wholesome how caring the doctors are! Also, the in-game purchases (totally optional) are very affordable and offer good perks, including permanent ones <3

Your Mum

Great game. :)

Fernando Acaba

This was sooooooooooooo cute i like collcting the animals

Dahianna Olivo

Me encantaaa!!!

Leona Tating

I enjoy it

Heather FX

Cute game. Tons of characters. Feels incomplete though. After finishing the beginner quests, there's no more (aside from daily missions like watching ads). Translation is sometimes poor and you're left without instructions on portions of the game. Also, it would be nice if the inpatient supplies were bought with acorns instead of an ad or jades (which build up very slowly) just for one supply. Things just move too slowly because supplies go so quickly and cost too much jade or time.

Paul Larison

It's getting five stars because it is cute! I really enjoyed playing.

Juveliza Serrano

It's amazinnggg

Dea Desideria Yusuf

Hi! I love your characters, they're cute. BUT, I'm stuck at point I can't done my surgery. That's really suck for me. The patience and the doctor already in surgery room. But they are not doing anything. How I suppose to do for getting my surgery done? :(

Khoushy Angela


Ishkira Wind (Ishkira)

Cute game

kavya gosawi

Grateful to find out this app. I fully recommend

Charnae Leigh


Mohd Norkhairi Ariff Bin Nordin

Dont buy the vip!. Totally not worth it. Theres tons of ads your still need to watch even after buying it. The game should change its name to " animals ads hospital "

Andreea Opăriuc

I was looking forward to playing this game because if looks cute. But dude. All the 5 star reviews are fake. It's obvious. "perfect game for salarymen" who says this?? At least try to hide it because it's clear as day. People will see they're fake like I did. Do it better if you want to be fake at least. It's ridiculous.

Kanyarat Chaichaow

I can't save game🥲

christina snyder

Every time I click the app and play for like not even 2 minutes the app crashes alot I like the game please fix

Evangeline Mildred

It's heartwarming~ I really enjoy it.

Boyd Salih

The art style is very cute.

Maxwell Cancel

The graphics are refreshing. Treating animals is heartwarming. Upgrading facilities is really fun!!!

R. ytrfgdcxw rewcsdgip

Cute art style and captivating stories. I strongly recommend it.

Green Dumont

It's a fun game with top-notch graphics. I'll keep supporting it.      

Cannon Ramirez

This is definitely a generous game. The character design is pretty good, and the content is amazing!

Houston Navjot

I really enjoy it.

Estes Kike

The art style is very cute. I play it as a way of relieving stress.

Gray Liane

The more I play it, the more I'm hooked. Simply put, it's really good.

Gibbs Gogia

It's super awesome. I want to download it and play it again.

Vega Gaara

A really fun game.

A Google user

Not bad. It feels great. It's a decent choice for passing time.

Mcmillan Banner

I had a satisfying experience. There's a lot of content in the game.

Stark Restrepo

The animals are cute, and the game is pretty fun.

Patrick Ponce

The art looks cute and relaxing but do not bother. Too much to click. Too many things to upgrade. Too much effort for low rewards. Not forcing you to watch ads but you wont get anywhere without ads. Not an idle game either because you have to watch an ad to do auto for only 10 minutes. TLDR: it is just another ad viewing game. Wish they were more creative in monetizing the game.

Johannah Marie Pareja

I love e!

Arjhay Gonzaga


Joseph Fudalan

Fun and relaxing game, needs an English version.