Hako-Hako! My Mall

Author: CyberX Games

100,000+ install


Hako-Hako! My Mall – Revival of Local Mall –

Detailed info

File size: 437M
Update time: September 8, 2021
Current version: 1.0.98
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: CyberX Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Shreya Barhoe

This game is just the best

manicar liza

It's good but sometimes it's boring

Nur Shafa

Amazing, love it

nikola evna

Love the art!! Very pretty

Moumita Samanta

Good enough to give it a try

Scott TheBot

Thought $25 was way too steep for the "full" version of this game but really wanted to support the devs for a fun and cute game. Paid for no more ads, but I still get them. Nice....

Unseen Context

Stress-reliever. You get to design your malls anyway you want.


I'm on rank legend. I have accumulated more than half of the money required for the next level but the percentage is more than 50% left. Am I not understanding how the total profit is calculated?


The game is cute... BUT here is a suggestion make all object able to turn for a whole 360° not just an 90° turn this is a bit annoying for me not being to turn things the way i want

Kyna Crain

I've been enjoying the game quite a bit. Always something to do. No complaints. Maybe a couple of suggestions, though. It would be great if the buildings could become invisible as an editing option. A lot of stuff wouldn't need to be moved for those times when you accidentally drop something while migrating it to a new location. You'd be able to observe traffic flow as well. And, it would be fantastic if there was storage available for previously purchased items rather than complete removal.

Brandon Ng


Ria Bami

aaaaa what a chilling game ♥️


Great game! Everything work smoothly for me. No lag no crash. The graphics adorable too. It's relaxing.

Iris Lapuebla

Just perfect easy to play gold is more easy to get so many npcs

Elizabeth White



cute cute i like it very much😲🥺

Raiza Villarin

I really love this game. But for some reason when Im playing this game it crashes. Hope this will get fixed.

Stephanie Grace Guimaray

4 stars coz its awsome its like in japan but can you upgrade the app to expand the size of each area its better to look at it if the land are huge and wider ..pls update it✨🥺

Dyna Misha

I just downloaded this game again. It turns out this game is very good. I just realized it now. ^_^

melody Rodriguez



I can't even install the game

Rainbow Unicorn

One of the most amazing games. You dont have to buy anything to make your village better. You just gotta save gold and coin which is easy and its easy to progress through the game, all you have to do is complete tasks. I would die if you guys did a neon lights and buildings theme soon, a few items in the shop and also on the raffle thing!

Merry Htoo

Me shop me upgrade



Ashley R

This game is getting to where it is not playable anymore. I can't get a new shop because this dumb game can't seem to recognize what I did. I sat up ten certain shops and ten certain nature items but the game did nothing. You don't even earn money offline. It's no use to report the problem because the devs just ignore you. I think this game has been abandoned.



Lee Xiao Qing


Jefrex Lavapie

This app is ugly

Melissa H

Love it, but it freezes a lot.

Charisse Sanoria

I love this game hmmm i want to go japan i just want to go there because i love japan can you wacth the movie like kono-suba dont forget to wacth😊😅😄😃

Lm_does Brushes

Its buggy. Wont run the second time you want to play. And even when i exit, the music would still play.


This game Is super fun and chill to play I love how you can create your own areas with beautiful items!


I really love this game. It's cute and relaxing. Thd only thing i can't seem to get is how to synthesize shops in the pearl island. Like hos to make donuts shop. It said that w bakeries and I've tried it but nothing happened

Evelyne Jonathan

So great!!!


This game is so addicting! But sometimes the pop up thingy to get extra cash and gold is a lil bit annoying.

Lizzie Odolf

Cute, easy to play. Love it


PLEASE add a way to save game progress!

Sabnam Priya


L u n a x night Cat


Lagjero Southwolf

i've lost all my progress after my phone crashed,, now i have to start all over again :( is there any way i can retrieve my account? and please add a more reliable game saver so this won't happen to other players..

Gerald's Mess Up Video

Love it

Maximilian Y.

No cloud save lost progress

Brooke Stallsmith

Every time I try to do things, it crashes and I have to do things a second time. Please fix this crashing problem.

Muhammad Hilmi

Idle game... Love the grphic 😬👍


Hmmm cute game but i just wished we didn't have to keep watching ads to get more funds.. earning money is kinda slow to me that's why i have to put up with ads and it's tiring.. plus i'm used to playing games like these that already show all of the shops/facilities/decors i can buy and i just have to earn for them.. too many requirements just to unlock them as well.. also, hours offline doesn't really earn much...

Miss Mok

If have vehicles on the road will be much appreciated

Ar Aquino

I wish there are more content and events where the players can win special shops. Other than that, the game is so cool. Kudos to the devs.

Phoebe1370 Phoebe1370

Stuck in small areas to play..

the odd one

The game is cute and I love the balance between the price and the items. The thing I don't like is that the game doesn't really collect that much money if you're idle or the game is closed? Lucky Draw feels rigged and the spinning speed isn't inconsistent. Like I swear at times I could've gotten tickets but it sped up and I got something else. And the saving method is also quite inconvenient. Maybe just let us link our Google Play account instead of saving it manually with codes?

Shan Col

Good game,could do with more too do on it though

Victoria Garza

I recommend a meter to see how close you are to getting the next popularity level in the region. So that its easier to tell how far you are to getting to that level.

Trexcy Torrefiel

It wont open

Adif M. R.

The game was so cute and interesting.

Pamela Brenot

So much FUN! Just downloaded this app a few days ago and I'm addicted! Great graphics for each of the many elements in the game. A lot of fun to play and you arent pressured to be there all the time or watch ads. Hours of fun. Play a little or a lot. Its perfect for any gaming habit!

Melody Yau

Nice and fun... But recently game keeps crashing when try to watch those ad video for reward. Please fix the issue.

Wing Yin Tsui

The game is so cute but is something wrong on the everyday log in rewards. I log in everyday somehow always on when I reach 8th day then back to day 1.......thats make me wanna quit this game

Andita Rizkia

I love the game actually but the app keeps closing whenever I click the ads

Draycos Dragon

Every time I tried opening this game, I just get an endless blank black screen. It's a waste of time just to download


This returns the same memories, when there was a predecessor game "Japan Life" by Nubee

Marly Llorin

Wow ! Amazing

Christina Bella

Really cute and fun, easy to understand, dont have to know japanese. The ratings for this game should be MUCH higher - there are other simulation games with much higher ratings that arent nearly as good. I was pkeasantly surprised - I assumed it would be entirely japanese and I wouldnt understand anything but that wasnt the case at all. Graphics are cute. A lot of dif things to earn, buy & decorate with. I really enjoy it a lot. Give it a try!

Ummu Balqis Ibrahim

Love this game :) i wish you can make the landscape expand

Sarah Oishin Abayon

Can you please help me? The game isn't even loading. I tried playing other games which required fast internet connection and it's playing smoothly though. So why the game keeps on loading... non-stop 😭

Clio Ursa

Its a cute and fun little game. Not too challenging and easy to get items

Ben Fung

A lot of time, it crashes when click on viewing videos. My device is pixel 3. Please fix it. Thanks.

charice llorin

Amazing game i like it! Can you please fix what below here please: 1.)Letter for naming the mall please maximum it to 30 or 40 And please make more shops like for example: 1.)School suplies shop 2.)Board games shop Thank you for the amazing game. Make some new shop dont forget it.

Mahbobeh Ghorbani

Paniz 132

A Google user

Fun! Love it!

A Google user

Nice game, but bonus ads sometimes cannot load after update.

A Google user

It's a fun game to pass the time but there are some days it will keep crashing or the bonus ads will not load.

A Google user

Wish there was more space on maps but very fun

A Google user

Fun game!

A Google user

Lovely game !

A Google user

I love this game ! It's cute, fun and relaxing. I haven't played a long time, but i like the game mechanics so far. The characters are very friendly (love the cat). The buildings and decorations look awesome. I enjoy reading the dialogues and which upgrades people desire for the town, it helps me learn japanese. The music is good too. It is truly a wonderful game :)

A Google user