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Hair salon – It’s time to visit our beauty salon! After all, each girl, no matter how old she is, just love to change her appearance. And sitting in the front of the mirror, making bizarre hairstyles, curling their hair
– young ladies feel like real princesses. And that’s why we are presenting them our new game from the series of educational games for children: “”Child’s hair salon””. Our hair salon is famous enough and
very popular. Today there is a long turn of girls who are willing to be prettier and more original. And you as the best hairdresser and professional stylist just have to make their dreams come true. Use all your
imagination and make something unique! You have all the necessary tools at hand. Wash hair and dry it. Don’t forget that a haircut is very responsible and delicate matter. But even if you don’t get what you
want for the first time – don’t be disappointed. It’s not a problem. Using a special hair spray, you can lengthen it and try again. Use a hair iron for straightening or curling it. Also you can paint hair any color!
Use all the color palette. Put on lipstick and paint eyelashes, put on flush on cheeks, choose a proper dress and a hat. And don’t forget about luxurious jewelry. Prove that your beauty studio is the best in
the world. Take a picture of what you’ve got in the end and share the result with your friends and relatives. Have a fun playing our game

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File size: 42M
Update time: August 9, 2021
Current version: 1.0.7
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: YovoGames
Price: Free
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Customer review

Moon _

This game is bad.

Jeannette Dillon

I think it's cool.

Elijah Grant


Markita mcelroy

Iove it likeeeee it god loves you🌹🫂💋

kim ferron

It is funny.

Amal Musa

I like this game because I love to make hair

Hilary Trevino


gina roach

I hate it

Marcos Alonso

I don't like be caz you know the ad down they block the things🙄 ya you to fix it😤

Irwin Gouws

The game is very best I'll ever play in my life I am 8 years old and playing that game

Zohreh Ahmadi

خیلی خیلی خیلی خیلی خوب بود 😊😊😊😊😊😄😁😀

Angel Measmer

Really fun app I can't get off of it but there's a lot of things to buy there's no boy things that made me sad but it's a full because it's actually really fast

Amanda Russ

ITS very boring the outfits are the same and very ugly please fix this before i install again Thank you



Mila Angy

Hiii i love so so much this game 😊 And this game is nice 👍and is a great game Thanks 💖

Keonda Sharae

It's a bad game

Denisha Pascuala


Kenia Duran

Thx for making this game is great in u can dyed hair in make-up in take photos in u can make any styles I give 5 stars I like this game

Jennifer Mitchell

It take way to long to lnstaing

Samiha Hoque


Maharjan Rodriguez

Love it so good rete 5

Analia Arroyo.


dana duncan

I hate this game it's so horrible

Lydia Heles

This is an okay game it doesn't have a lot of things you have to buy a lot of stuff and it's just a okay game

Riley Zo Damms


Olivia morello

I love the game to be so cool and you're my favorite part of the game is the makeup and hair is so nice and I love it 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Dilini Tanner

this is a fun game and you can hair style hair, but the game could have some more details

Bella D


work music peck

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Gwyneth Dawes

A nice game to play. However needs more variety in headdresses. No earrings!

Gabe Copeland

IT WAS TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I COULDN'T EVEN PLAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chantal andine

He i am Ellia i love this game

donnarie thompson

It's good but...

Adam Gulli


funmilayo Ikponmwosa


Beau Dodge


Nancy Phillips

I love this game best game ever

izza ch


Chilumula Kotaiah


Mel Moua