Guns at Dawn: Shooter PvP Game

Author: Viva Games Studios

1M+ install


Guns at Dawn: Shooter Arena is an action shooter multiplayer for mobiles.
Can you survive in deadly all-out gun battles and be the last gunslinger standing? Grab your weapon and don’t miss the shot. Make each bullet count!

Key Features
Skill based PvP Duel Battles
Play online and master the art of shooting pistols and dodging bullets. Unleash lethal skills to gun down your enemy in split seconds.

Intuitive Controls
It’s so simple than you learn quickly tactics to kill your opponent and rank up in your leaderboard. The skill-cap is high enough to be extremely challenging and be the last survival in this PvP shooting game

Customizable Characters and accesories
8+ gunslingers with special skills: The Outlaw, the Bounty Hunter, The Graverobber or the Marshall. Create a unique hero by using a combination of hundreds of accessories and find the perfect look.

Cool weapons
10+ iconic weapons: Walker, Navy, or the PeaceMaker. Choose the specific gun-fighting skills you want to develop and acquire new shooting abilities to become the last shooter

High Quality 3D Battlegrounds
Fight across 5+ console quality multiplayer maps with objects to hide and destructible environments and obstacles

Worldwide competitions and modes
Rise in the leaderboards Leagues and weekly Rival Ranks to battle to the top in competitive ranked mode. Compete against thousands of shooters worldwide in realtime 1v1 matches.

Note: An internet connection is required to play online this game. the gameplay uses realtime online matches with player across the globe.


Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 25, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Viva Games Studios
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ricardo Passos

I really liked the game. One thing I noted is that if your oponent leaves the match, your win streak resets to zero.

Justine Paul Boloyos

Fun and addictive game, highly recommended for gamers. HELLO developers of GUNS AT DAWN, I am Greatly disappointed that the cheaters are still out there and winning wanted points. I lost 3 times to day because of cheaters and that isn't how fair gaming works. Think about the people who play fair and watch adds just to get some silver, we gamers that play fair needs justice.

Pankaj Kumar

Very nice

Andrew Greenidge

Great game smooth and fun

Amirak Soso

I like duel

Shaun Hall

Great game really Enjoy the gameplay

Greg Duffy

Awesome My favorite for a long time now. No problems yet. It's been a couple months now. Still love it.

Ghostiko TV

I just format my phone and downloaded the game again and didnt find my progress so i will not repeat my lvls again :(

Thomas Bates

Quick + Fun Shootouts! Doesn't require huge investment Can be FTP in early/midgame (far as I've seen) Quick battles that can be exhilarating Controls are a Lil wonky.. Just practice and deal wit it **Wasnt able to change devices w/o restarting 😞😞


Useless unplayable game, it's showing only connection lost.

Altin Isaku

Great game

cesar galdamez


Cory Daniels

Very fun game just wished it had more things to do maybe a story line of some sorts


Op game and the control are so op and the game was so smooth.


Very nice game♥️♥️


how to open previous account

Marcus Williams

Matchmaking is broken. It is always players who are stronger than you and can land every single shot. Plus there is alot of items that will "help" you win, if you purchase them. I don't like my experience so far because I keep getting killed by stronger players.

cesar saludario

nice game.


stupid game, i already have a cover but the enemy can still hit my body?? LOL!!😂😂😂

Gregory Bellwood

Decent game so far.

handsome boy

Bohot accha game hai

S crazy Boy

Nice game

fahim hossain pranto

Awesome.... The developers are simply awesome. I have played most of your game, and they are pretty good to play or spent free time.. coverfire is one of my favourite games. Thanks to all of the members and admins, developers for gifting us with such precious and awesome games. Please do make more games like this.💯❤️

Gaurav Misra

Some technical glitch with perfect reload. It's not getting registered in the tasks.

Jerome Dizon

It's a good game at the start but as it lasts the screen freezes and it automatically go back in home screen


Just like it after a lot searching


I love this game

Viki Gupta

Now new update make game dead why 1. Matchmaking very bad enemy is more powerful every time 2. Hacker is everywhere 3. Pay to win 4. Impossible to upgrade because very High cost of product 5.enemy always fast in reloading 6. Punishment system is useless for Hacker Don't waste ur money and time this game became trash 👎👎👎👎👎

Thu Yain

good game

keyhan mahmoodi

Please add offline mode🙏

Jonathan Purdie

Awesome gameplay, though progression past the beginning feels slow and a bit PTW

Sandi Nay Win

I like

Jayden Grimes

I want too fight real player's

Matthew Musick

Fun western shooter that isn't very pay to win and doesn't take 5 hours to get all your upgrades and loot sorted

sankalp vyas

The Game is awesome. Really gets the feel of it. The game would be greater if we can make friends and challenge them for a Duel. Or may be a Team Duel, that would just level up the game.

Kevin Vergara

I'll give you 5 stars if you add ragdoll it's fun to play if you add ragdoll and some blood in this game looks more real.

Gary Piccalo

I was coerced..... Lol. No... I actually woulda given it 4, but considered it'mas originality, and the fact that its creative earned it the other One.

Buford Richardson

Good way to take out anger by blowing noodles out of somebody's head

Soroush Theist

After one week playing with this game I have to say it's so boring... I feel like my competitors are nothing but Bots ( cause obviously they are... , with same random names and same profile history as mine... ) game doesn't support global chats so you can not talk with people... Well game needs some changes to be a great one, cause it has the potential to be one of the best games...

Dustin Thomas

Love the concept, and the game play. But literally 4 out of 5 opponents are hacking. One shot instant headshot kills. They shoot through cover, while I'm moving, various ranges. 100% confirmed hackers. Clean it up and it could be a really fun game. Right now, it's unplayable.

Vik Marisco

This game is perfect for me. Quick easy fun and great replayability factor. Could give those of us who don't pay alittle more love but I love the game overall!


Add open world and we'll talk.


"Grab ammo" or whatever it is, its garbage just remove it from game or make it a single mod and don't put it in god damn main game

A 47

Gameplay is good. Once I received a message saying "server is undergoing maintainance", so after that I successfully uninstalled it. Now I have more free time to work on my goal.

Derek Gilly

Pretty good game..movement could be tweeked a lil and reloading could be adjusted but overall fun game!turn this into a full game like red dead revolver where you travel thru towns picking up health,more guns,and horses and you got a major hit!

Sourya Kundu

I lost my account 😭 can u give me back

john giles

Fun game

Amirhossein Darvish

Rely good

Lain fonseca

ESTA Bien pero deveria tener la opcion de vincular la cuenta a Google

Russell Masbate

This is amazing game!!

Elena Whitenack


Nabil Shaleh


Ali Mohamadi

This game is hilarious. Micro-damn-transaction everywhere. I installed the game, reached level 10, then you'll meet the cheaters who shots from behind everything. Controls are laggy too. The only thing that took my attention was sound design.

Lawin Colt

needs more historical firearms, improve graphics and issue fixes


Lovin it 🔥

Shawn Frost

Frustrating Control

Steven Schnelting

Fun and entertaining

Tom Smith

Games great but your matchmaking system is garbage. Level mismatches galore. Get to lvl 11 gunslinger get lvl 14s. In between giving me gummies. If possible straighten it out cuz is a good game

Chris Buzolich



It would be better to change the rolling animation with just a simple dash 💨 cuz it looks weird and also make it realistic

Carson Ravan

..Update..It's a really nice game gameplay is great so are the graphics.One thing is if you're good at the game and get anything above 30k most wanted bounty you don't appear on the most wanted leaderboard.Soo that being said some kid with a 8k or 10k bounty is number one thinking he's so good and I'm sitting here with 91k and I'm not on the leaderboard.Yes I play so it should be updated.

rocco nicosia

Great game!!

Benjamin Cruz

This is a good way to do a PVP only game. The design is very well done and feels like a western shootout. My main issue is the amount of items that are locked behind spending gold or insane amounts od coins, which can make the game more pay to win. Overall, good for moblie.


Nice game

Justin Miller

If you're into the older Westerns like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood then you're going to really enjoy this game the controls are spot on and the graphics are amazing so great job developers

Zavier Harley

I love this game, finally a game i was looking for

Anthony Rivera

Pay to Win

Marvin Logpit

Very nice games

Sycon X47

Every thing is nice in this game i just hope you increase the graphics of characters and it would be amazing)

Any Any

I do like it, but it's just ordinary but great.

brandon unknown

It is a fun game

Collin Corcoran

A great short match game. Really enjoying at lvl 34 on only two gunslingers. Not at all pay to play at all unless you're "spreading out" you earnings in game instead of picking a build and focusing on it.

marcus gabriel martinez

this game is awesome underrated

yannick sinkler

Really Dope Game with amazing visuals

Ansley Africa



Perfect game....

Viera Wandi


Alicia S.

Fun but I feel like there are some cheaters in the game.

Jabed Miah

It's good but a bit repetitive.Please add new game modes and a mode where we can play with friends

Derek Melfor

God game

Christina Houston


Gafa-man Zm

It's trying

Bader Alonazi

its a very good game because it reminds me of read dead redemption 1 it was my favorite game and now this game reminds me of the good old times

George Addo

No worries


With high graphics❤️😻

Azli Aziz

Great game...feel liked a real guns deal...

Ajay Bishnoi

NicE GamE

Draemone Cook

A fun quick draw game. More game modes would up the replaying

asukulu wamsewa

I love this game but please 😍😍 can you guys make the character and the background more realistic puma high graphic

Kodi Karthik


Edwars Harry

Please add customised clothes


make it possible to exclude maps, because the train map is very laggy on my phone.

Banana Gaming

Best game i play

Amanda B

Too many adds and microtransactions also the controls are clunky.

Joshua Mason

One of best games on market... Wish though there were like mini games or a little story line... Plus be cool if you added like a rifle to the game like a .30.30 lever action or .44 Henry repeater rifle but still a great game

Robin Cagle

It's different and Cool for a duel

GamesBorn Here

What a game you guys made, Thanks

Bharath Raj

If you want a game like fights of cowboys this is the best When I play this game I think that I am watching peaky blinders and the good the bad and the ugly best please download it

Habibe Nasre Nadrabadr



Fun time killer