Gun Trigger Zombie

Author: Hwanho Studio

100,000+ install


Gun Trigger Zombie – The survivors of the 10 million people preparing FPS survival game!

Detailed info

File size: 62M
Update time: July 16, 2021
Current version: 1.4.3
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Hwanho Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Marco Thomas

Decent will continue to play

Dan Chambers

Good gameplay and graphics nice guns too good explosions cool music and gpod sound effects, nice drones too

Abdulatif Salim


Felicia Redd


Rodney Colwell

This is a Great Game

Jacob Boehme

Poor game

Ty Wood

You should provide a beginning weapon with more power too many zombies come at once and the game is not as accurate as some other game I like I can't find the name of but the guy student wood position as a zombies Kenny and you just take potshots taking them off those are the games I like

Stephon mandingo


Robert Rincon

Great game!

Lance Overton

Good game grachics

Mike Roundtree

Cool game

Marcia Rakes

It's a good game to play with friends on FB and adorable and funny your videos 💛💚💙💙💙💜 I love it yet I love you

Randi Clanton


Montez Holman

Love it

Paul Blitz


Marvin Jordan Jr


Benjamin Santiago


Abin Giri


Jonathan frady

Very fun game enjoyable and exciting

Sohel Khan

its nice game graphics and control are nice

Lilly Thorn

I love this game already and I just started though the alien is hard but I don't care

Ramon Quintana

It's a fun game

Anthony Golson

Love it

James Ripic


Pete Trantino

Killing zombies great fun!

Adam Ellis

Totally Nasty fun and addicting game with lots of gore

Joenard Orbeta

Verry nice game

Teresa Breakey

Just started so far good

Debbie Schütz

Love it

Adel Aly


Harsim Singh


Mario Orduno

It's good to pass the time

Patrick Patrick


Terrill Render

Great game

Harry Smith

OK 👍

Ben Simental

Love this game very much, I recommend it to everyone.

Florence McArthur


Nikki C

Fun as hell!!!

Boyd Gurney

Fun fun fun

imrana Siddiqua Attaullah


Elnaz Abz


Brian C. Sanders


Mousumi Bose

Very bad 😞😔😔😔 game please don't download.... 😡

Miradz Aydaan


Bernard Leonard

The graphics could be better. But i will still give it 5 stars because it is challenging

Para Celcus

Terrible I wouldn't recommend

scot price

Pretty good game

Ella Henderson

This game I the best men it's keeps me busy when am not try you will enjoy it

Lance De Chambeau

Ok very repetitive though,great game go pass the time

Davonta Jackson

Trigger slow

PARV Itondiya


Ray Bautista


Joe Duran

Great fun game

Shalandra Heard


Bsjdne Bsns

The best

Quannize Trice


Shailesh kumar Singh

The game is good but the controls are hard

Mweene Bright

Very nice game, dont miss it

Pythias ck Ngosa

Good game


Good game to vent over. It needs bullet reloading time be reduced for one to be not defeated

Joel Ignacio


Ramkaran Saini

1000000,400 give plaza just now

Leoncio Salanio

Nice to play

John Wayne

One of the best game

Lawal Isah

Very good game

DeShawn Parker


Tim Duckering


Kiboi Cool

Cool game

Mukuka Luo

Its a nice game but ive seen better graphic than this

Jacob Hall

A lot of action

Gloria Mensah


Charles Mwansa

So far so good

Maruthi Kumar.g

Bad game

puppy All dogs


japhet Ikechukwu

It's Amazing.. Cool game 🤩😍👍

Moulali Shigganvi

Hi to everyone and hi to the Facebook page and if so please click the button below to

Thembekile Mbiko

Great game so far so are fairly good well done team there is more room for Improvement keep up the good work

aziza karamatova

In my opinion it is better game than others

Bamidele Seyi

It is the best

Mohamed Tito


Shaikh Amanat


Sahil Shaikh

It's better



wesley sedurifa


Richard Lovero

Yes I like the game very much

Sanjay Singh

Just the the guns should be a LITTLE bit like discount of events and things u know

Jacob Sanchez

Need better weapons to start out with

Oriyon Mix

Agood game

Vishnu Khamdroa


Edwin Mmbengwa

Danlnd Gun trgger...

Rahat Saeed

Best gamefor one mini bus and the other hand I have a good day today but the two of them were a good day and the other hand I think it would be good relationship between the two of them are in a good relationship between the two of them are in a good relationship between the two of them are in a good relationship between the two of them are in a copious amounts to be able and I think we have to be a lot of time relationship between the two of them are in a good relationship between you and your

Richard Keene

I. Love. To. Take. Out. All. The. Zombies. So. Much. Fun........aka. The. Game. Master

Naeem Khan

Good game i really like this game

Sseruyigo Gilbert

It's actually a good shooter game but the the only problem is that the wepeons are more expensive.😍🤩

Amir Heidarieh

Gets repetitive very quickly.

salima stahimili

It's not a big deal for me to killed the zombie

Allen Prather

It's good

Brijesh Yadav

The rate 5star are not allowed for girls

Mario Yamutewa


Joseph Harris

Love the game