Gun Sprint

Author: KAYAC Inc.

1,000,000+ install


Gun Sprint – Move the gun by shooting !

Detailed info

File size: 91M
Update time: September 10, 2021
Current version: 0.1.7
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: KAYAC Inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Grace Williams

I like the game, though I wish there was an ad less often, more around the 7 game to 1 ad.

Kyle PlaiZ

fun very much

Leonard Rodriguez

It had a novel charm for a while, a simple physics concept game. But honestly not a lot of reason to keep playing after a while for me. I could see this being someone's unwinding game though. Like I said, there is a charm to it.


Lot of ads

Moeez Hussain

Not goods

Hamed Baradarvar

ماهان خیرخواه

Anurag Chatterjee

You play 1 round for 15 seconds and then watch ads for 45 seconds!


satisfied 😁

Govind kumar Kumar


Ishmael Romero

Just an ad generator.

Taj Khan

r p mental

Avon Akai

I hope the creator of this game DIES💀👹

Pervin Mansuri

moza 1000 wal nhi meirah

Rob Haigh

This game reaches new levels in the amount of ads the player is subjected to

Joke A Throwaway

Stupid way to force ad. I hope this thing will get lost soon

Eric Sedgwick

Nothing but two clicks. Then ads.

Subhan gujjar

this is a vary hard game

Adham Walid Mosa

cool game but make the levels longer

Aaron German

Really good game but it just needs to have adds unless you want to have them .

Sapna Jain

very nice game gun

Don Bosco

very nice game

Fábio Ponte

More like a app do watch ads

bad dreamz

well... ads = airplane mode so that's that. only weapon I can use is the deagle because grenade launcher you always will aim for 1000x and get something like 5x. machine gun you have to be SO careful. shotgun sucks period you will always miss. I didn't get past grenade launcher because I uninstalled it. Please don't make this like every other mobile game. "ONLY 0.00001% CAN HIT 1000X!"

Shankar modak


Rani Sharma

nice game

Ross Jaynario

awesome game, addictive

Scotty Rice

Ads after every game. Hardly playable. Could be a good game.

Annemarie Whiteman

too many ads

Camden S

it's the best game hot game sooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

Salman Deshmukh


Martin Reyesswoffer

When i hit the 1000x rainbow it didn't give me the coins


it fun, try it. I dare you

ghanshyam patel



fun game

Hiroshi Hiroshi

It's fun at first but no more whe you have the crossbow you can just put your hand at the screen and win, also what the point of playing whe you already have everything, the reason I download this game is because I was going on a trip and I need a game that don't use Wi-Fi.

Patti Moore

n unicycle

Gavin Malone


Julian Roquemore

it's a lot of fun, but the ads are annoying as hell and there is no way to get rid of them.

Brian Grassie

The most ad heavy game I've ever experienced. Unplayable

Tensaye Richards

it's fun

Mai Samoha


Rajshekhar Samajdar

The world beats game

Jesika Narvariya

Kutta hai tu kutta kuch bhi matlab yeh game hota hai kya

Suraj Meshram

best game

Christopher Hope

It's fun for a short while, but a long ad after every level, which are already really short. You can stop this by airplane mode, but I didn't see an option to buy the game to remove ads legit. You collect tons of coins but barely anything to spend them on. Barely any variation in targets. So game gets boring fast.

gamerfactory jones

Too many ads but fun

Sanjay Pansare

ruduce the ads


extremely fun and innovative very addictive very difficult but very easy if you have that type of brain functionality so it's extremely easy to play for the most crippled of people like myself two thumbs way up great video game

Patrick Stehl

Kind of cool but the ad after every level is ridiculous. It's being Uninstalled. Along with all the other games that give you ad after ad. Or ads that you got to watch 20 sec of ad then click the x then wait 6 sec more and cluck another x and then you get to watch more ads for 10 sec more and click x. And half the time you have lost your upgrade in the game you were playing and it resets the game. I'm done with this stuff.

Sarfraj Ali


Aedyn Allee

Hello see all you got to do is just turn on airplane mode

Raghav Thakur

Very good game I love this game a lot

Shams Peer

Good game

aneesh sriram


Fabian Garcia

I just downloaded this game just to test an auto clicker, The gun doesn't shoot that fast 😔

Josh Hubner

I love this game


Worst game ever even if you die it will just give you an ad and you can't even buy an ad blocker

chris gets-it

Add hungry game

Chad Houle

to many adds

Mamo Thome


Äĥmêð Ġäď

Dude finished this game too fast and there's not more new guns above 200 and levels are horrible

ling long

Too much ads

Arva Tiwari

Good game

Asha Rawat

Go go

Darwish Khoo

the ads are so sus

Suman Rawat

Not bad

Anthony B

ads after every round...ruins the game but you guys (the developers) already know this....

denandra aqilla

Garbage game too many ads uninstalled

Wonder Kids Diaries

This is so so so so😡😡🤡😡😡😡goooood🥰🥰🥰😍🤩🤩😍 I love it download it now

Klaus Leerhuber

too many ads too often. going to Uninstall!

Craig Scott

Looks like a dumb concept but its a lot of fun. Take a shot!

Anwaar Zia

excellent game I enjoy

William Stewart

Awesome 👍😎

Chohan Jitubhai


Alex Nolan Maas

gits old but it's good till 150

Rahima Chowdhury

i love this game

Mahendkar Vinay

Ok ok add Sam more feachers and stages

Andi Nurman Nasution

so funny

Korbin Cox

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many ADS BRO LIKE WHY?!!???!!!

myo aung


Michael Santangelo

So. Many. Ads. An ad after every level. It's ridiculous. Shame too because the game is pretty fun, just way too many ads.

yash gupta

I think this is the gest offline game for time pass the quality and guns sound are good this game will hopefully give you peace so go for it..

Fakhr Amin

It gucci

Jullian Torres

It's fun but when you beat all levels it gets boring

Damian Saenz

Too much ads and levels r way to small

Ishu Rana

Nice game

Mohd Zubair


Jrdan CP


Amandeep Kumar Amandeep Kumar


Dusty Suttles

Way too many adds only made it to level 5 before deleting it bc got tired of adds, would b a decent game if there wasn't so many

William Gates

a little difficult at first but it gets better as you go lots of fun.

Rachelle M

Turn off wifi NO ADS

nageshkondamanchili nageshkondamanchili





toooooooooooooo many ads

Giovanni Hernandez

There's an ad after every level.

Puneeth Venkat



Best game

parsa akrami

Garbage game for with ads each 20 seconds


This is actually good fun. I recommend it to anyone.