Gun Fest

Author: Rollic Games

100,000+ install


Gun Fest – Multiply, Aim, Shoot!

Detailed info

File size: 37M
Update time: September 27, 2021
Current version: 32.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Rollic Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Benjamin De Van

Ads on ads

Isidro Lopez

Once the ad shows up close the app and reopen it way faster than waiting

King Kobra

Average gameplay. Same as every game in this error. Ciuld do better on unity by myself poor graphuc, collision, etc

Garrett Keirs

my son and I love ot so far.


Worst and most boring game I've ever played. You can't unlock anything without watching ads, and if you deny an ad offer, it forces you to watch one anyway. Don't waste your time with this garbage


Too many ads. You get an ad at the end of every level, whether you take the bonus or not.

Kevin Bean

You have the dumbest advertisements for your game on other games. So bad, I had to download your game just to one star it so you guys knew.


Game wouldn't be terrible if it wasn't for getting 10 ads in the span of 3 mins.

James Roby

Way too many ads. Nothing to it. Just math. No challenge at all

Dazzler Bear

good time wastwr,but too many ads


Legit started falling asleep. Game is so boring. And I pushed myself to go to level 50! There's just no variety in the game man! Only cosmetic skins! Don't waste your time here. You'll just end up uninstalling after 10 mins

Kristian Smith

Fun at first but gets a bit samey after a while and got bored quickly


Worst game ever I played 100 levels and didn't enjoy one it's really bareboned and the only way to get new weapons is by watching ads, it's so bad don't bother wasting good internet downloading it

pandas and penguins

Enjoyable. Would be a higher rating if there was a no add version I enjoy alot of these games especially with 2 kids the like playing around and it's super annoying with adds pop up when the little ones are playing. Would be a really good add on to put in hopefully it might get one so I can play it more

Ryan Dunlop

Too many ads, even in airplane mode you get ads. Beat a level, get the option to claim a larger prize by watching an ad, say no and get an ad anyways

Tony Ng

Uninstall. Do not download. ALL the ads ARE KILLING THE FUN.


You get an ad literally after every level. Including the very first level. Essentially it's a 30+ second ad after every 5 second long level.


Lots of ads but fun

nab stab

Fake leaderboard. Easy maths as well.

Jerry Chua

The ads is just horrible. Avoid.

Cricket and Chipmunk

The game itself is fun, but after every action is an add


More ads then game.

marc-eric cassistat

Should be call adds FEST.


Incredibly framy, heavy ads. Just what you expect

Z Lim

The one star is for the ads. The four empty stars is for the devs/business model. Shame on you


so far good experience, i will change my rating if a lot of ads pop out


Way too many freaking ads

Roy Nahum

Gameplay was ok but 5 seconds of game and then 30 seconds forced adverts


Basically is a game that contains tonnes of advertisement. 1 advert after 1 round. Super irritating

Sir Archer IV

Why is there a game when I'm trying to watch all these ads?

Breh if i comment your unfunny Very mutch

Horrible 2 ads in 25 sec of playing

Elvin Tan

Complete garbage. A couple of ads for less than a minute of gameplay. Please do not install or waste time on this.

Marc McClure

Just a lot of ads


Too many ads

Mohawk Zack

It's fun and a good time killer, sadly they hit you with ads after every round and sometimes they double them up. Would be better if it wasn't overkill with the ads.

wacky jacky

Dude like I play for 5 seconds and then add pop up. After 60 seconds of adds. I play for 10 seconds. Then another 60 second add. Come on. Such a choke hold. Plus the game isn't that fun.

aakriti bam


michaelflash123's stuff

Too boring.

Shawn Tan

Want to play? ADS Claim rewards? ADS Upgrade? ADS Finished a game? ADS Skip Ads? More ADS 5% brainless game 95% Ads playtime. This isn't a game. This is an ad-fest. The game is the bonus.

Rich Emery

Way too many ads would give less stars if I could