Gummy like rubber fighting game!

Stretch the character’s head, arms and legs to fight your opponent!
Smash em to the wall!
Attacks will be forwarded to opposite side you stretched the character’s body parts.

Super fan and satisfying!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 1, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: 株式会社ドワンゴ
Price: Free
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Customer review

Bushra Hamid

I rate this one because its not even letting me play their game!

Marney Ratahi

Like Luffy Really fun cool

Everard Isaiah Blackwood


Dwi Merdekawati


wong zai

Why the bot hit me one time and i am lose

Cian Aaron Mangaoang


Master Artists

Is good

Simone DIXON


Mangor Bility

So usefull

Vaidyanath A H


Amanda Putignani

Has a lot of ads and is too easy.

Jacob Becker


Neylin Joseph

This is a good Luffy game

David's TV

this game sucks the enemy punch to fast

Black Dragon

Really fun game the mechanics overall are really fun but I've had some problems with some of the levels because they just one shot you and you can't do anything and you have to try like 10 times to even get a hit and sometimes you don't even stun them which makes it even harder so basically it's a really great game but the one shots make it not that fun


You made the guys with weapons way to much love ck, u don't last 2 seconds, to can't even pull back with out being hit

a b

the fact that you can flight by punching the sky whith your head

Tengetile Maziya

Simple but fun

Katy Webb

Terrible, when you reach a higher level like 50 you get one shot and you deal no damage to them even if u spend all your money on damage it does nothing.

Kamarian Miles

Very cool and fun

Tony JR

Worst game ever every level you complete gives you adds I do not recommend getting this game it is terrible.

Tobin Marco Soledad

Whoever makes this game (your game suck it has a lot of ads and dont ever make another game🖕🖕🖕)

Elida Pierre

Good keep on


Nerf the weapons

Richard Johnosn

First time I played this game

Mellissa Santiago

I watch One piece and this is and that's why this is fun game you should download it I don't really care it's good though

Zabir Tushar

মজাই মজা

Kayzer Milkhem Bernardo


Margaret Clemens

The game is really cool but it's really laggy for me

Chelsea Tolaro

Its hard to stop playing

Andrej Jovanovic

Gum Gum Battle does this make you happy

Md Rafan

The game is so boring

Amit pawar

Fun games ever

Coreen Moodie

On level 75 it won't let you get up when the boss punches you this game should go in the trash 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Joshua Wuensche

Way too many adds and not enough game play. Most of my time was spend watching adds.

Mak Mic

Not bad not good ads but not tha much

Bunan Heng

Go!!!!! oddd!!!!

Kelvin Le noob

Et verri good

Zay Cryptic

I wil never begin to understand why game ads never match with the actual game. In the ad, when you hit an opponent against the wall, they bounce off. To win you have to get the opponent over the wall and into the void. In the actual game, however, the wall just breaks and they fall. And the maps aren't big so it only takes one hit for the enemy to hit the wall, so the match is done in 1 sec. At that point the game is litteraly not even fun bc its just an automatic win.

Thecoolgamer 123

Why do I Rates 2 stars? Well at level 57 It's so impossible I know it's not expected For someone to get to that level But this game should have been finished at 99 or something And that there's so much Adds Doesn't make you any better Update this game please But besides all of these it's fun I guess

Margaret Nyabero

Ok 👌 Ok 👌 on Xbox ☺️😍🖕

Maxine Green


Kristoff Abulencia

So amazing

James Dalton

So easy yet so fun

Joshua Caito


Eric Lawson


Francesco Quaranta

Guys turn of your wifi, it's a fun game you can get coins without ads like re lax don't panic over ads

Mary Boyd

Fun game but in the higher levels the enemy takes WAY less knock back. I'm on level almost 1000 and the sear amount of hits it takes to even get they to FINCH is insane but that's what you think with the high levels. The problem is the you don't get enough money to really upgrade your character enough too. You could hack in a 10x normal money and it would help out a lot but it would still be VERY hard to beat say level 2000. Another problem is the adds, there are WAY to many for my liking.

Aaron Wright

Amazing! There might be ads but it's truly amazin!

gabriel thompkins

in the later levels sometimes you can't even do anything, instead you just lose. also the opponent can hit you one time and you lose.

Sherehan el amrousy

Great Really Fun

Lila Subedi



this game is good but why i only have to hit the head like i tried hitting the body but it didnt work so can u fix that?

Juanita Thompson

Very fun and and I'm loving the powers

Michael Salas


mick hucknell

This game is the best i love this game

Oluwafikunayomi Omoteye

Thanks u for making the adds lower

chid nawchuku


Salman Ibne Musa

I like this game

Vicky Matthews


susy l

This is good game 👍 I really like it lol

Jarand Kennedy

Iove game

isael y veronica Arrona


Jerin Chowdhury

This game is awesome I am at level 300 and I am telling the truth

Logan S

it's chill and cool

Michael Banks

Too many ads, play a lv. Yep 1 lv. Ad, hey you want more coins ad, just too many ads to br an enjoyable gsme. Reduce the ads and you actually have a good game.

vemula nagababu

Nikhil Naga1234

I do random stuff

Worst game ever there is literally an ad ever 3 seconds

Joel Figuracion

very cool

vxrii S.O.T

i gave a 2 star 1. i like one piece so thats a star and 2. theres always a ad everytime i beat a level i keep beating the levels every single 5 sec and i keep getting ads i think yall should down the ads and make it every 3 levels

Kevin Bandru

6 words. Too much ads, do NOT recommend.

kevin banana

The game gets more difficult until it isnt humanly possible

Ahmed Atya

Good luck Gems tesas Wow Please Gems Arabic thanks you

Brad askme

Sucks in every way you win with one hit and a video after every match spend more time watching videos then playing

reaper cregan

Boring gameplay too many adds overall bad



Sara Antila

This game so good you people good

Justin Carmichael

I love it so much its fun.

Sam Liebl

Its starts out being fun but then its a cash grab giving you immposible levels

Trevez Williams

At first, the game was fun. But I Realised this game is kinda riggged. Theres so many ads, andcthe enemy are VERY unbalanced.

Olipa Ndekha

It is good

Hashim Hatoqai

Good but soooo many ads I can't play at all so just make it a better game by just removing ads they are enormous

Bentlee Blades

is ..... good? Turn off the Wi-Fi and no ads but all you really do is hit and it's not much else pretty good

A Google user

I love this game

Amanda Santry

It's good but to much adds if there were not that much a 5 stars

Kathryn Bailoo

It is too hard to kill your enemies it's like every single match it gets harder and harder and let's not talk about it adds like this game is just to get money out of you

Tommy Ishaka

It,s cool


To many adds and harder when you get over lv 50


Played for 5 seconds, and got hit by an ad. Uninstalled immediately. Not going to deal with this nonsense.

Stephen newell

its toooo easy. if you do your biggest punch on the guy that your fighting he just flys away and after every time you win a ADD WILL SHOW UP AND THE ADDS ARE SO ANNOIINGGG!!! ITS ALWAYS EVERY TIME YOU WIN YOUR REWARD IS YOU WATCH AN ADD !!!!!!!!! and when you fiight your enemys they have a wepeon AND YOU CANT GET ANY WEPOEN AND ARMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and somtimes you just got to quit the game. and thats WHY I GAVE IT 1 star cuz it sucks. BUT IM NOT FINISHED YET WHO EVER MADE IT SUCKS LIKE PEE

Taheer Kamara

Not so much

Noor Aziana Ahmad



is this based on the anime one piece? Because it looks like it.

Brent Biscocho

Trash + no effort in the game + one piece copy game + money stealers


Good for about 5min then it's all the same after that

Darshan Singh

Boring game

Michael Fletcher

Can't play

Lance Goebel

Ads are too much. I would have paid a few bucks to get rid of them, but since that option doesn't exist, I'm just going to uninstall the game.

Darcy Trussler

👎 and good 👍 Ghana is the best.

Imrana Imrana

Best game