Guess Who – Who is Die First ?

Author: Sky Central

100,000+ install


Who dies first and who is the last survivor in the story?

Detailed info

File size: 63M
Update time: July 12, 2021
Current version: 0.0.8
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Sky Central
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jihaan Chhabra

Ez needs to be harder

conner olson

funnest game

Daniel Carrenard

This game is who dies first but with less levels also most of the stuff here is from who dies first and in the picture in the game it had the player have 74K coins but I only ended up with 2K plus when you see how high the money it is 50 every level but you have so much money that it feels like it is nothing

Those gay minecrafters

First review lol

Muthana Asmaeel

very fun

Jarred Jof

yeah i wath it on youtube and i liked it 😁😊😁😊

Brialyn and Elliot Roberts

This game was trash i played it for 1 second

Calix Sadaya

Wow i like it when im sad i play this and i became happy

Araf-al umran


Swapnil Chatterjee

This game is hilarious😂😂 but do we just spend the money just to open more levels? Anyway I played it for 1 minute and I already love the game :D

Afiq Haziq

IQ 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

Iri Bar

disagreements of this i don't like it when the guy gets big and then poop s on him

Clarence Bacena

This Game is really Good but l play all of The Levels I want more

Johndoe Yt

@ matt true you just have a bad tablet replace it :D also this game has very epic grammar 9999999/10 this game is very cool

mars can

EZ PZ only day 1 to complete and 575coins total Pls add more Pls I Will play it

Lyheng Rath

ARB Eustace gave me 16 minutes



Carly Saunders

I like your game

Karen Lee

This game Is cool

Brianna Vagic

This is an awesome game

Remya Sreejith


Stickwar Legacy master


mohmmad jariyat

I like it


I have finished all the levels but this game makes me dizzy but fun👍❤

Brave Jason


Naruto Bootleg

Amazing 500000000000000000/10

Omiad Khan

Very amazing game


Very bad

Harrison Milligan

This give boner

3D For you

Very good game ngl

Hasufar Legendary

Pls pls pls add new levels this game is awesome I completed this whole game

Thanh Hoang

Funny game

Matt True

Do not install this game took over my tablet i had to restart my tablet soo...DO NOT INSTALL