GuanYu Idle

Author: mobirix

100K+ install
Role Playing


– It’s the idle RPG with Guan Yu, the Great General of the Three Kingdoms
Enjoy Idle 2D Game playing with Dot Characters.

– Collect over 100 different Generals and Weapons in the Realm of the Three Kingdoms.
Wei, Shu, Wu, Gun! Collect various Generals and Treasures and make Guan Yu stronger!

– Play various contents: Stage, Breakthrough, 1 vs 1
Test your strength against other players through 1:1 PvP.

– The Three Kingdoms game that can be enjoyed with other players through real-time chat and ranking system.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 22, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: mobirix
Price: Free
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Customer review

Nguyễn Nam


Bi Bi



Fonts quite hard to read sometimes. Simplified everything if possible.

Jonathan Trudeau

Game starts loading and see GuanYu idle pic. Starts loading servers but keeps going

Mansingh Bhati


Khang Minh


Th. Mỹ

Best Idle Game I Have Been Playing So Far

Minou Lamine

Its a good time killer and the pixel art is good keep it up team!

John erick Brion

Why i am stuck on chapter 1 stage 1? Uninstalled

Shaheer Khawar

why is there no afk?


Three kingdom I like it

احمد جنادله

محمد جنادله در این بازی عالی بود خیلی ممنون

izu hamu

ok lah. time killer game.

Sky Tan

Waste of time.

sam Barber

For a retro style 2d new tech game I love it really. It gives plenty of option.

Lin Xiaobin

Game is unable to collect rewards while offline on android. The collection is halted. Please fix it.


Gjjc flap Vgr

Kodie Panting

3ish stages in already having to repeat. What sort of nonsense is that? Barely started and already so grindy. Don't play this.

Purple Blades

So far after multiple installs on two devices the game doesn't play properly, and even what did i couldn't change to English even though it was already set to English by default.

Matt B

Game is not an Idle as there is no offline progress. You need to leave the game open and watch it grind to make any slight progress.

Clive Monte s maria


Ethan Ng

Expensive in shop items that is game breaking. Very slow in game progression pass the initial stages. Game have to constantly be running. No background idling.

muhammad ridha

yasterday i can clear gate 6 breakthrough to stage 128. with lvl130. today i only manage to clear 102. with char lvl 183. both with full buff. what is happening????.

Jack Nikleson

No offline rewards, but you called this game idle?

ak47dial911 1316


Hobby House

Almost ur new game like this, to much material to upgrade so u can drain money from ppl, sucks

mitchell dayton

Lost a star for pure greed and then lost 2 more for the fact that in the title of the game it says idle, not leave it open and running forever and ever... So either add some sort of idle to this guanyu game or I recommend you go with GuanYu Lioarfae. If your curious what that means well Leave It Open And Running forever and ever.

diside side gamers

Very good game 1st review I need rewards my opinion 😉 add indian kings more


Game seems fine , but you must stay online in order to get rewards which is actually frustrating. In my opinion this game is not worth even a penny because it's just a huge money and time waste.

Herryanshah Lim

Confusing UI, graph mediocore & not offline reward. You must stay online forever. Money grab. Shame on you dev

R Percentage

PayToWin, Cash grab, Game of Ads. Theres nothing to get ticket, only 3 per day. What are we supposed to do? Grind all day and night? You can buy 5 tickets per day and thats it, Nothing changes. UNINSTALL. Thankyou!

Happy Try

I love thes gamebmy name Gira

Squidward Tenpoles

boring game.. UI is confused.. money.. money.. money..

Jared M

Great game! You get tons of free jades. Chill and idle.

Curtis Schuster

Game is hard progression locked right at the start if you do not watch ads


Add offline earnings please :)

Ugranescu Rares

What a cash grab like game, doesn't even have offline farming for an idle game and every costume is above 50€ you serious? Get a load off this dude lmao

Hastuyuki Raion

Love it honestly surprised at how it turned out

Arun Dhami


Dante Hunter

I'm a developer myself, I find it hard to believe debugging tools are a problem in any app, what am I gonna see other than what you log, if you see debugging being an issue then remove all logs that you have in the game... I wish I could give less than a star because you failed to apply what software engineer and computer science would apply, these things are taught many times, there are so many ways of handling things, the way you handled it, you have no background knowledge or being lazy...

Ronnie Harris


Wisnuanil Hakim

"Failed to sign with google" make other way to login

Cole Cook

Can't even beat the 7th stage chapter one boss, and the only way to power up is grinding for gold which doesn't help much, and you can't unlock anything else until you beat more bosses and complete more guide quests, of course they have ads to give you ×5 attack and things like that, this game is just ridiculous and just here so for making money at the expense of the player.

Akbar Ahsanu

Definra garbo

Kenan Sürer

49.99$ for a single unit? And there's is a bunch of them


Very generic and confusing idle game. The UI could use a lot of improvements. Lots of "paypaypay" stuff too. Meh

Roldan Dacles

Always setting channel can't connect


In app security alert ,😁 magisk still kill your game 😁

Andrew H

Typos in their opening, obscene monetization. They give you something at the beginning, but you can't easily check what it is, encouraging you to pick the wrong thing. This is not one of their better titles.

Phil Chao

Absolute trash! Nothing is free. Don't waste your time.

Ace Blooe


Sungjoo Yeom

Good game


Very Good

Steven Choi


byunghoon Lee

오랜만에 푹 빠진 게임입니다. 재밌어요!

Jinhyeok Choi




Jonghwan Kim




dan yi



재밌어요 ㅎㅎ 깔끔하고여. 관운장 좋아해서 시작했는데 역시 키우는 맛이 있음.