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Awaken to a new beginning in a world of dreams and fairy tales. [Grimlight]

The world of Phantasia is filled with mystery and wonder but has been eroded away by the Dreamless, shadowy entities that seek to corrupt all living things and consume the world into the endless void.

Even the Dominion lords who once defended the realms were corrupted and soon lost their reason and sanity. They are now mere shells of their former selves engulfed in madness and destruction.

Only you, the Dreamer, can banish the darkness by calling upon heroes of legend through fragments of their past memories to save the world from endless ruin…

■A Story of Dreams and Fairy Tales■
Call upon heroes from classic fairy tales and explore their stories.
With the power of the Dreamstone, summon your allies and save the world of Phantasia from the mysterious and deadly Dreamless.

■Anime-Style Illustrations■
Unlock characters with gorgeous art from top anime-style illustrators.
Listen to their voices and unlock their stories!

■Collect and Customize■
Acquire various weapons and items to customize and strengthen your heroes!

■Simple and Easy Controls■
Deploy your heroes on the battlefield by dragging and dropping with your finger and you are good to go!

■Official Links■
Official Website:
Official Twitter Account:


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상호 : 에이트스튜디오 EIGHT
대표자명 : 노진
주소 : 대구시 서구 국채보상로 167, 6층 에이트스튜디오
사업자번호 : 768-81-02011
통신판매업신고번호 : 제2020-대구서구-0542호
통신판매업신고기관 : 대구광역시 서구청
개발자 연락처 :, 053-562-5374
백일몽화 전담 고객센터 :

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 18, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Price: Free
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Customer review

Rizz Gaming

G o o d

Grandeck Pekora

10 Free roll no SSR thanks for the game

Alex Henrique

To me at least, the game estability has improved by a lot, and I'm enjoying it. Would be nice if the skip function was an actual skip, without needing u to clear the stage, and maybe a 3x speed for arena.


I honestly like it the game is very easy to understand the gacha rates is pretty okay the bgm and animation is very clean and even the character model and it has great story but I hope the dev could add like a world chat so people could interact with other players overall its a great game im loving it so far

phenixhorns 211

After a very poor launch, multiple installs, and an account deletion; I can finally play the game.

Almarii Fajri

I'll review it after i can enjoy this game, cuz now it always force close or stuck on loading screen, i hope it can be better soon

Zel Santana

Are you joking us 5 crystals per stage ? Worst reward ,I hope players realized your game is the most greedy, you don't want good reward in your game

Lesley Guevarra

Grimlight is something me and my friends admire due to its beautiful artstyle and it's jaw dropping graphics and animation I highly recommend this game as I already got 4 5 stars and 10 4 stars in my first 40 rolls due to grimlight giving us a new player bonus gift and the free ten rolls once you play the game ( after the tutorial ) I love this game and I see a bright future on grimlight Keep it up devs

Captain Saitou

For me, the game is very adorable. A decent story with a fairly well gameplay and overall a high quality production I haven't run into any bug or problem so far. But I'll request the devs to pay attention to the complains and fix the problems. Also I'd like to see more events. Finally, although I don't know the strategy behind it but why's this game categorized under "casual" in the top chart? I think it might be a reason why less rpg fans know about this good game. But well, it's up to devs.

chromatic green dragon


Xeng Vang

Can't play the game after the update. Glitches on the pictures being blank white. Can't see where or what I'm touching the screen to see where I'm supposed to go or play. Please fix these errors or glitches issues. Since it's my second time logging in to play. First logging in to play didn't have issues or screen errors and the rest of the screens.


I really really wanted to enjoy this game but everyone was talking about the crashes. I thought to myself: "It can't be THAT bad, right?" I downloaded it and not even 3 minutes in, I crash. I thought: "Maybe it was a one off". I was wrong. After every two nodes, the game would crash. Even the free 10 pull crashed the game. I want to give this game a better rating but I just can't. I will be following the development of this game tho just to see if it becomes playable one day. Hope it does.

Rudranil Debnath

Smooth gameplay and nice character displays. Nice 👍

Gamit Bakul


Sam Durst

After the updates have not been having any issues the story and art is pretty good


Auto exit

Cesar Bautista

No takes more time when loading.wasting of to time here.

Peter khuu

Well the game is good and fun enjoy (I waited this game to come out when I pre-register this game) but I have other games to play with, so I don't have enough time to play it every day


The game exits when entering the summons

The Cr0sad3r

Kinda like arknights, good graphics and art, decent gameplay although it needs to be optimized more

Junjun Uchiha

The game is so good, except for the awakening system which costs our hard earned gems when rerolling. Devs are very generous when it comes to summons. The only thing that's lacking is gem resource and more keys. Still a 5* game though. Suggestions: put infinite tower, world boss, chat and clan system, friend points and friend shop. 1 month of gameplay, i still don't have active friends.

Aviana Beyah-teal

It just wouldn't let me play man this game is nothing but trash.


To be honest, the game had a rocky start but nevertheless I have been enjoying it way more than some more "main" games. The music and aesthetic are to my liking. Some of the systems could use some polish but the developers have shown great communication with the players and their feedback. It helps that it can be played casually as well. Overall happy with the game and cant wait for whats to come in the future.

Choco Latte

I love this game the storyline is great and so is the art (≧▽≦)

Michelle Amoreiza

Its a good game,funny char,voice and sound is nice. But i dont like with size. After install,you must download some big number of size,but thats OK. But,when login again,why still had addition update require 500mb again? Why each updates need so big size? So,im not continuing to play,wait if i already had great phone with great memory to play ur game.


Awesome game

Anna Stevic

It keeps closing and going to my main screen on my phone


Beautiful aesthetics and the 2d models are boss. Sadly the 3d character models are big head things and the combat system is boring and lack depth.

Renier Bajado

Great game. However, after the update., there is a black portion on the screen...

Abz H

Very easy to pick up & play, not grindy like some newer games. Really good at & music too.

marlon santiago

nice game

Milanor Escarmew

Dev is so transparent with everything. Game is stable now

Wanshi Techi

The game seem nice but for some reason mines wouldnt load after I download the resources. It would show a -start game- at home screen without music then itll go to "looking for updates' but after that nothing happens. I'm excited to play the game too but oh well. I'll try to sleep with it on maybe some resources unzipping or something. but if nothing happens... well here's the 1 star..

Symon Bryan Daloso

Ah How Can I start the game is very great the Story, Gameplay and Graphics but how can I see any of it if my screen black out and kick me out three times a minute YES I counted it and the Gacha system is probably one of the worst I've seen I have one account that give me 1-5 ammount of 4star character in the whole 100 reroll including the free 30 wishes it only give me 1 5star in the newbie card don't know how this happened and I am not joking so Devs please read this and fix it in the nextpatch


Pretty much lame. Only 10 rerolls you get and not even a gauranteed 5* character every pull. If you end up using all your rerolls and end up with only 4*s you're dead. Should be unlimited until we get the desired formation. Usernames aren't changable once you get in. (This is just me, but I wish there was more than Korean voices, I'm not a fan of Korean voiceovers and I wish we had more options) auto deploying is just, super random. Overall, I wasn't satisfied.

Hilmy Zhafran Day Taqy

This game is good, i dont know why the rating so low, i almost eat that bs review. For you who want to play it and got confused by the low review, just try it, until now i never met any problem at all.




Doesn't allow playing on an emulator.

Steven Ho

Rarely comment on Google but gonna say 5 star for their small team's effort to keep improving the game. Having good times playing the game after initial launch disaster. It was only bad in the begining launch. Give it a try and you won't regret it. Most important rewards and purchasable packs are considered generous, at l east on my point of view. PvE all cleared for montly card user. PvP still ok for monthly card user if you are lucky with pulling certain characters.

Sammi Li

Typical 5 element gacha game with different graphics and storyline. Battles can all be auto. Slightly better than its peer Alice Fiction but nothing special about this game.

Thanaput Deepan

nice game

Dan Oliki



Love the game a lot. It’s upsetting me the fact that this game doesn’t get enough recognisation. I’ll still play this game, anyway.

Brian Borges

Honestly I love the devs for how they handled the launch of this game! The combat is kinda 50-50 it could be much better but its not bad, the art and music are great though!


• Started game, signed in with google -> crashed -> tried again -> worked • Successfully logged in -> played tutorial -> reroll -> used ALL rerolls to see the FIRST 5* unit -> delete account to redo -> didn't work -> played anyway -> 1 day later, account suddenly deleted while playing • Gameplay is nice and simple, vibe is good • Not enough keys to farm dungeons for leveling early on • Auto deploy is kinda dumb • Long-ish loading screen for every button press to change menu • Otherwise, great

Will robinson

There is no game it crashes constantly and you can do nothing....... Who the hell is giving this game 5 stars when there is no game.....

Arthur Csr

Game keeps bringing me back to homescreen for no reason, can you please fix this, i don't know where to send feedbacks but I' experiencing this on my phone, Redmi 9c

Zero two but use blade

💔this games is np.this mostly never in with your internet and this game become unailvables...

Lussy Sky

Keep up the good work dev

Noah Boss

There is always Connection issue (The current Section has expired)whenever i finished Arena duel even tho it didn't happen before this event update.


Trying play your game and it wont let me play bc it saids [70007] Proxy server for inapp purchase tool detected. Please delete the tool and re-luanch the application . (Tool can be remove from settings > app) idk what that means and im trying figure it out


When I try the main story it just shows "failed to connect to server" even if I have a good connection, and from there the game starts to bug - unable to press on anything, not even the option to close the game properly.

Solomon's Cooking Is My Favorite!

ROAFL. the game play is sooo good. I had to reset my device for this and it was woooorth it.

Robin Greene

Had to uninstall. This game wasn't ready yet. It stops before playing and restarted my tablet. Bad experience. Update 7-31-22. When summon the game freezes. It still has problems but the game itself and story and art is beautiful. Not to many characters though no events. That is a plus cause one story is enough. But I'll give this game a 5 rating if the issue is fixed cause this is a 5star game.

farhan fayyadh

This game is pretty good, it's so unfortunate that it had a rough launch, and about the stamina problem, look at resources tab in the store folks there is your stamina.

jesus diaz

I was getting into the story but i cant get over the constant freezing

Dustin Robinson

Game just crash all of the time.


Mostly stable. I'm enjoying the gameplay. It's a typical gacha, but missing pity. No way to guarantee without a pity. Very disappointing.

Nick Wright

Even after a bungled start, the devs have been very transparent and listening to their player base. The art style is fantastic, the voice acting is solid, and the gameplay and story are decent. The gacha isn't too bad and has a higher five-star rate than most games. I've been enjoying it quite a bit as a decent secondary game

Akmal Theathority

It's decent but not yet at alchemy stars level, art and sound is pretty good but there's too much lack of content, hoping for more plot points instead of just main story and event story. Friends feature can be inproved too, I've been playing for 3 days but still no friend yet. I'll still give it a 5 start tho bcus rn it's rated 3.8 which is an understatement. This game is at least 4.0


It's start with a very rough start but the dev are very responsive and communicative. They listen to feedbacks on Discord and develop the game toward the user's interest. The character's (hero) art are very good so i think I'll be playing this game for a very long time.

Leon DeMaria

I like the game, it's just fun enough to start getting addicted to, right up until you run out of stamina. It has been a few years since I've seen a game with a stamina system this bad. Take an entire day to recharge and that's just enough to barely complete the dailies, and then I'm not able to play for the rest of the day. Where most games show greed with the summoning systems, this one is basically a pay to play cause after a certain point, all your money is going to stamina just to play.

Shane West

gameplay is unique and beautiful. but the cons is too many images eats a lot of memory to stabilize its fps thats why its lagging and the smooth of gaming is uncompromised. if you play too much it may heat up on phone. if you lower the settings the game becomes not good.

Trudie Tay M.

Good art, graphics and story but the game crashes on me often in story mode.

WinterWolf 21

F2p and nice gameplay . Amazing game .


It has vastly improved since the initial launch, most of the main issues are resolved now and the devs are actively communicating with the players. Awesome!


Honeymoon phase gives a generous amounts of summons, enough for you to have your team all top tiers. However, after this u r now stuck and the progression is extremely slow now because the resources(summon scroll, diamonds) drops are too stingy.

muhammad sahid

Network error login with WiFi , Bu can login with simcard internet edit : Wifi connection still error,


Great game, much smoother experience now before than first release, hoping for more updates to come.

dudu oops

Review: An oil prince game for you! F2p will have 800 gems a "month". A pitty needs 15k gems, rate 1.5%. 9 dupes total, big stats increased. Its the same for wp gacha except its 5 dupes for wp. Being average joe (1char 1wp) can cost you $300. Maxing 1 char can cost you $5k. Farming is insanely tedious since resources are all separated. Auto char setup is just dumb. That is it! Gl my friends.

Kelvin Tj

No wonder the ratings are low, there's good potential on this game but lots of bugs.

Jake Powling

I like the game but whenever i open the dungeon bit i get a black screen

Alex Gray

This game has great gameplay, graphics, and characters. Need to add more characters to lineup. Worth playing through and enjoying what's there.

n ___

After every update,i can get in the game.I am stuck at the login screen.The website should have a submit error report option,for those you don't have a discord.Please patch details and updates on Twitter.

Yotta Zeta

a solid casual game

Brooklyn Williams

The art and music are incredible! Absolutely love this game

Nico Edogawa

Installed the game but im stuck in the loading screen, its been days and i cant get pass it, kinda got my hopes up but sadly its takes so much time to load damn

Dezza Mae Panilo

The graphics is enough for me to receive 5 ✨.

Vale Zier

Good game

Rengar ThePridstalker

Good I like everything about it

Pedrillo Villamor III

2 stars for now because I encountered a bug on my end where after I finished an arena battle, the characters are stuck doing their celebration actions. I have to manually close the game and restart it in order to escape that loop. Other than that, this game is really great for me and I appreciate your efforts in improving it and also your constant communication with the community. Thank you. *Playing on ASIA server


Ever since that big update you guys had on July 26 or 27 I haven't been able to play the game. I have selected every mode in this game and I keep getting stuck in the loading screen. This game has been broken since day 1 and it's sad because I really love the story.

johnny gonzales

Just bad experience overall, plus no reroll chance

Abhisek S Christian

Good art.

Payne Spudic

Wasn't even able to start the game. It wouldn't even let me launch the app since it read that I had an auto clicker installed on my phone. How does the app even know, I never even tried to use it and it was currently disabled anyways. Chill out grimlight. Nobody wants to farm your game anyways.


Ngl, when this game came out.It's unbelievably unstable.But with alot of effort developer team put in this game.They pause the new patch and focus on solving the unstable server issues ,always update in discord what they are doing now.It shows how much they care for this game and player.There is alot of compensate they gave us in game.The recent update make this game playable now and they start to focus on new contents.This game company is a bang and Im ready to support them now.


Great artstyle and is very promising in terms of gameplay and progression. However, with the current issues with their servers, it could definitely be better. A game to keep an eye on nonetheless if the issue is ever rectify in the coming weeks. The game now delivers what it offers after many issues have been resolved and has become a fun pass time

Grace J.

The devs are very communicative and have been making really good QOL changes to the game. The art direction is absolutely gorgeous! Excited for the future of this game~

Flory Gunawan

Good game with nice visual n ost. But, there is some bug and minor connection issue, please fix it

Woof Woof

I know this game kinda bombed at the beginning with its really delayed start. All ppl had to do was be patient... such a good game and they missed out. Character progression is kinda slow which is good, cause in other games just power level to max stuff and it's all 2 easy and u can just auto. Not this game. There is auto, and it's pretty good, but if u want to beat lvls above ur team's rating, u actually need to play urself. Great art, never crashes 4 me, a lot of summons from campaign, n moar!

Toki Kori

Edit 1 : 4 to 3 stars because when I tried to log in both server (Asia and Global), clear data and reinstall again, it's still force close. I hope it get fixed soon, I really like this game. Edit 2 : it's fixed now! Now I can play the game. It's still crashing tho, I can play this game only a few minutes until it crashed and force close again. I hope the game get more better optimization.

oni zuka

edit; servers are fixed and issues are now gone.

Galang Ackerman

This game very laggy when I used my mobile data. But also I can't enter the game when use WIFI connection. I hope the developer can fix the problem to make the game better

Daniel Lin

Issues fixed now. Interesting game

NichiKa Sakura

they fix it !!! no heat issue, still low rate gacha, but you still need *3 and *4 since they are usefull its just gonna need lots of time for developing char. and you will spend time in game only for few minutes

Mike P

Fun side game. Keys (stamina) are very limited so there isn't much to do.

Kaimar Buchanan-Kennedy

come on dawg, come on mane :( good art tho

chinnathip phawbang

Good quality game, but too many bugs and issues. However, dev team willingly fix the problem. Now it's 5 star for me

King xD

Great game . Funny devs

Nate B.

Overall despite the chibi characters attention to detail ,the artworks are excellent. Really beautifully crafted 10/10. Gameplay mechanics 8/10. Rated 4s as there is numerous issues with server launch and game needs more optimization. Edit: Rated 5 as the Games is now stable, and plays greatly.