Grim Defender: Castle & Tower Defense


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Grim Defender: Castle & Tower Defense – The ultimate new castle / tower defense (td). Become the best monster killer!

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File size: 44M
Update time: March 3, 2021
Current version: 1.69
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

Lesley Oates

it's is a really really good game

Cory Henderson

I'm giving this game a four because five would be perfect and while the games is addictive and fun it needs a little more to do on it besides just the stuff on it . Like you could put a versus mode that way you could challenge someone you know that's also plays. Me and my wife both play it often and would be cool to battle her some how. And make dark gd a little less rare, and put more legenderies and bows.

Aung Myint Thu


Pavel Zavjalov

Скучно. Развитие очень медленное, очень много "за алмазы". Дерево навыков очень куцее. Да ещё и дополнительные атаки регулярно залипают и не срабатывают. Графика тоже не очень. В общем 2*-3*...

oliver feeler

it is so much fun when you are frustrated and you have good loot and/or the levels are easy

Juan Carlo La Madrid

I use to love it a lot. It's just that the rankings are not updated... in season 14 suddenly I couldn't open and continue playing...I post came out saying season 14 had bug issues and I just could not open it out...I had to start all over.


The best defander game, best as tree defander..

guaire slattery

Uninstall.. no bonus and game not working properly


just a fantastic time killer, the grind is real

Adam Mehmed

Really good game, but I feel like the Pushback spell is way too overpowered. Half the time your shooting enemies that you cant even really see because they have been pushed back of the screen and makes it a lot less fun. Maybe it needs to be nerfed? It takes a lot of the challenge out of the game and I hate using it, but its so powerful its hard not to use it


Fun game but you can tell it wants money by how it's designed (Can't blame someone for wanting money for work) however it is possible to grind free too play its just slow. There should also be a permanent trap that can actually do dammage. Traps that work for a few seconds then are gone are just useless.


game is good, but now wont load, sad was enjoying it.

A very strange man

This is a great game could do with a better darkgold drop rate but since the latest update (1.75) it crashes on the loading screen will give more stars when that's fixed.(edit game working normally after update 1.76 changed rating to 5 🌟.)

Ksenija Marojević

The game is slow.Make it fastt broj

Daniel Wear

I really like this game and I would like to see a Grim defender 2 in the future


Good game for time pass

Anantha Krishnan

I am big defender fan, I never thought I can see a better game than defender on playstore, ie untill grim defender, most amazing, thank you devs for creating a exceptional game, created with lot of thinking about mechanics, simple and smooth graphics and no nonsense gameplay, ads are optional, incredible! I recommend you try this game if you are fan of defender. Edit:I believe Masteries for active and auto turrent bows be combined , instead all are forced to abandon auto turrent bow late game.


use of all weponry, ALL of the tool aren't completely user compatible. Only 3 🌟 for me.

Thùy Dương và Nhật Duy

This game is awesome

omid harandi


Susan Galloway

Can you add a bestiary to learn about monsters please? When will you respond?

Ethan Doty

Love the game but Rating 3 stars because of how difficult it is to progress the dark gold is wayyy to rare the amount you come by thoughtout the game is just not an ample amount to get anything done it kinda sucks cause I enjoy the game so much but Ill still play cause the games addicting but maybe you could add something to the game that gives us an easier opportunity to get dark gold maybe a bonus level or something that would be awesome

John_derek Jackson

I'm on level 1,600 .the thing which I'm not to please is that when in progression mode and it's down to the last few enemys it takes forever to kill them. Sometimes it takes like 2 minutes to kill 1 enemy, until to the point that it's boring.overall it's a good game n u will just want to keep on on 38 position now.



Mike Brown

Fun game to kill time with

Winston Matheny

great game but could be better with more black gold so rare

Simon Gabriel Ursu

I really can't see why this has such a high rating....

Bapi Gupta Bapi Gupta


ariah Dunbar

Amazing, but what if there was a thing behind the wall, like a town or something for something like idle income?

mohammad tarane


Preetish Jena

I like this game this is very good game 😁

Dorothy Rayburn

I I love all the levels request your challenges and all the other potions in the zombie they get a cute and I also like all the weapons Empower update videos

Andy Febrico Bintoro

the game is oke, but need to be connected to the cloud properly via google or facebook, it's hard to save a transfer code. also need Google play achievements.

Richard Eatwell

Great game, really addictive

Puia&sangtei Ruthi


Egidijus Bruzas

Very slow start of the game, but once you get to wave 50 your desire to upgrade and get stronger will be satisfied

reggy yt

I love defend games

Defiant Lion

These Pay to play games can only be played 1 way, the apk mod way. And if you don't like the updates that ruin the game play, look for older versions. Uninstalled the original play store vers & installed the modded vers. I know stand a chance leveling out the playing field to the players advantage!

Brandon White

it's so fun!

Scott Johnson


Andy Newman

Pity there isn't minus rating

Chris W



Used to play this a lot but uninstalled a few months ago with the intention of coming back - which I did today - only to find that the cloud save method has changed and the long string that we were given previously can no longer be entered in full so old saves cannot be restored. It would be great if you could make these things backwards compatible - or periodically save to the cloud against the active Google Play account & restore automatically after reinstalling, like most other games!

James J

good game

Ionut Alexandru Bruma

I love this game,amazing graphincs sound,but i would say its realy hard to earn black gold for upgrades,anywai 5 star game nice work guys

Win Khant Kyaw Tun

Good Game

Shaun Steele

Game changes difficulty depending on your upgrades. This makes it almost impossible to beat some of the monsters. I played for 2 hours and couldnt get past level 15 no matter what i tried. Not worth the download.

Wrx Thd


Kevin Stewart

Clearly bot reviews. Gameplay is slow graphics are terrible. Painfully boring and not to mention the menu system is horrid.

Skylar Wells

To anyone having trouble with the bull enemies just use the pushback bow it turns them into complete chumps

Boba Phet

It's fun but extremely exspensive to upgrade your castle and weapons. Specially since the "bonus" feature rarely works, because the video hardly ever plays. Costs 45k to upgrade a gun once for an additional 10 points of damage. But monsters have 100k life, so 10 points additional damage is irrelevant.

Kirk Jirschefske

In one word, awesome. By far my favorite castle defense game. The best part about ot is the customization or the amount of options you have. If you've played something like defender, give this a shot.

matt ioerger

fun game

gantomor ganaa


Brian Bennett

Fun game, kill enemies and time.

Ed Watts

would be a 5 but I can't figure out how to use modules. I tried installing the mods first then the crossbow but it uninstalled that mod and vice versa for installing the bow first. This sucks but otherwise great game.


I really love the game but I ran into an issue since the last update. I can no longer watch ads to increase the end round bonuses anymore. The options are still there but, it keeps saying that I'm not connected. And I my connection is on.

Steven Rose

Great game, enjoying it immensely.

SomVeer -Cool

Awesome game.i love it.

Edward Dell

Game is awesome

Mahadhav Salunke

This ģame is very nice

ali fayazani

Good but very expensive to improve your skills

young manbaby

They need to make it to where u get coins faster bc It cost 2k coins to get one upgrade for a lvl 16 upgrade bow and it's hard to get the black gems so I can make good upgrades it took me 23 lvl to get one black gem

Wincies Bennipayo



It's good but it's good

Rambabbu Kushwah

Nice game

saeed borzoui

This Castle Deffence type Game is one of The BEST Games... Hand Down

Jesse Koss

Ok game, could use some more game modes. Also dark gold drop rate is ridiculously bad

Abdullahi Usman

Very nice game I like it, but my problem is slowly when open the game

Andrew Schuler

Fun game. Hard to get dark gold though.

Molly Coco

god app

Martin kruger

Love ur game hope u can make more games like this one this is my favorite game overall

DJ Byrne

It's fun

Angel Kiana

Nice It's fun


like it du to no brain game

Hakim Ayoup

90%percent baby

Michael Berner

Fine but very pushy for paying money to get better. With gigantic waves of enemies it's almost impossible to progress without waiting for the daily gift or paying

Hamid ehsanpour

The best game is the best way

Rifat Ahmed


john mark

Fun game

Stoned Wolf Gaming

Not bad

Nick Draves

This is by far the best game for a tower defense game. Cool enemies,v great music and gameplay is so easy too. I recommend this game to anyone who likes a tower defense game. Plus when you spend money on it, it's so easier to upgrade. If you don't wanna spend your own money. Don't mistplay or mobile performance meter. Trust me you won't regret it. Thanks for the awesome game. But please update it every now and then. Us players would love new upgrades or updates. Please look into that

Jason Wilson

Quite a fun game a bit difficult to get the black coins but it is worth playing

Ibukunoluwa Abraham

It was good but need some improvement

Mihaly Meresz

Great game.

Ryan Tallent

Great tower defense game

Denise Hersey

Great game if the ads would work correctly

Rah Ajmal123


David McMinn

Addictive (in a good way :)

Charle Rum

Pretty fun

Chris Tracey

Could use a more varied game mode to keep the Grinding fresh.

Anna Reed

I dont no how good this is

Derek Stewart

Wonderful fun stuff.

Moynul hoque Siyam



Great game. No fluff.

Llewellyn Day

Fun game with good progression.

Cecil Haury


Juliet Ann Rodriguez

good and enjoyable game! shout out to j.r ramirez in philippines cdo! awesome !!!

Donald Smith

I love playing games like this.

Guillaume Hubert

Very satisfying game with a good balance for the difficulty of the levels