Grand Survival – Ocean Adventure

Author: supermetacore

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Grand Survival – Ocean Adventure – Challenge yourself and survive in an epic adventure!

Detailed info

File size: 157M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version: 1.3.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: supermetacore
Price: Free
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Customer review

joshua porot

I reached lv 35 I have 2 harpoons almost done with engine and I got the smile bag

zapping electric

I like this cause you put memes on it. The gameplay is cool but needs more energy, you know so we can play more often. Just saying.

KingKoDarkKid Officialkid

Piece of mind in a pocket but with high prices but not forced ads that leave you no chance to go to them I'd say manageable. Survivor, visit Islands and relax it's a 10😆👍

Danilo Villagonza

offline en online games im so happy to play

Ju Pa

Nice 3d game with great graphics! I love playing it! Simple and addictive at the same time :)

Nicholas Simon

Great game could use some updates. Energy goes out way to fast and weapons and tools break to fast as well compared to other games. Will update rating if changes made game overall is a great game to play.

amanda west

i love this game. however im stuck behind a door and cannot get out please help?

Wtn Mie

It's actually a good game. If you guys a diligent grinder, this is a good time-killing game. The only drawback i found so far is the icon not responding well between two or more interaction.

Luka jurca

All ok but resources for the harpoon and raft motor are really rare. Some update with more content is required. Any update soon?

Ian Dudley Alojado

I really like the game. Its just that the maximum limit on how many you can carry one item is so low like it goes up to 20 pieces in one slot. It really takes up more spaces than needed. Please increase the maximum limit on how many you can carry in one slot in inventory.

Tristan John Bohol

Great 😊 Hoping for more updates 🎉

Christian Jazztine III

Ok ok ok you ask for it 🤣🤣🤣 But I wonder when is the next big update

Pablo Asenjo Navas-Parejo

I like the fun rides

Shubham M

graphics and theme is amazing. really enjoy playing this one. The game is addictive and nice pass time.

Sunil Kumar

This is so much glitch in raft i can't take items with hook sometime i stuck in water and die. The game is so good pls fix this bugs

Unknown Channel

Wow this is awsome and cool. This is like last day on earth but offline, i can play it anywhere. And there is bug zombies when dead the dead animation is repeating twice. And add some new island that has big space and dangerous. And add item can buy coins

Felicia Sloan

Good game, I find that staying alive is a hard task due to lack of resources available

Melvin Roble

What a game.. i really like it... I hope more islands will be added and weapons

Joe Gutheil

This is a lit game

Kaotic Colors

It was fun up to a point. Not sure if it's a glitch or waiting for an update, but there are build items that are highlighted to make, but it says unknown(rubber boots/anchor) , and I can't get into one of the rooms on the hotel one 🤔

Shvan Fayak

amazing game fix little glitchs and creat new missions iam stock and waiting for new version when new update come?

Dzikriyah Nurbaeti

The energy is drives me nuts I think real human is stronger than this game character. I just can play this game 30 minutes more or less cuz I'm running out of energy and it's make me so sad brcause I like this game and I have limits to play it So unfortunately....

Mandy Williams

Nice game

Neil Francis

Issue with the gears drop rate seems to have been fixed, great game now, look forward to more content to come out

Mohammad shahmil nazri


Theresa Lightbourne

Nice game

Gamers Spirit

I'm very love this game everything make sense but there's a bug that didn't allow you do anything at raft,I need to re-log to fix it's kinda annoying because it sometimes happend at some island,hope you guys working on it.Overall best game goodjob

Saldy Brian

Pretty fun


Great game but it's hard to collect some materials.

Ronie vallecera jr

Good Game But I got Stuck I am unable to move What happened was I enter an island and i got stuck there's no health bar, energy bar movement button, inventory, craft ,etc just my character swimming in entrance

Anas Solihin

Game ni bes Saye rase

baby hermes

Player needs to eat drink almost every few mins and this game is literally Ads heaven! Tons of ads.. Uninstalling this. Thanks to you GREEDY Dev.. You overdone the need for ads. Player gameplay experience means nothing for you i guess.

Tommy Ayala

graet very FUN!!!

Ralph Henry jr

Fun game

Keith Alec Maitem

Good survival game. The problem is the energy consumption. It gets drained with every move you make. Please adjust the enery consumption. Just played the game for around 10 mins. And I'm already out of energy. I really like survival games and played a number of 'em.


This games is good but something missing like you can't sleep in game and we have tent but we can't rest in tent and we can't play with friends and it was a big problem and I completed all my tasks and I'm waiting for new update and graphics is awesome and we can't open the boss door I am very excited to see what is there please note this problems and everything is awesome plus point the game is offline we play this game anywhere so this good if you solve all the problems I will give it 5 stars

Shane Hampson

Thirsty too fast, equipment wears out fast, rubber boots n islands incomplete Reply: whens the next update???

Iryna Kreichmann

It's very cool game, very addictive, simple gameplay! I really like it!

Pushpa Kumbhar

Bad game ever 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Drake Hingpis

still stopping my phone but not lot worst these time but i had 11 GB and still not working