Grand Survival – Ocean Adventure

Author: supermetacore

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Grand Survival – Ocean Adventure – Challenge yourself and survive in an epic adventure!

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File size: 157M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version: 1.3.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: supermetacore
Price: Free
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Customer review

aashish sapkota

Thsi game is bugged developers.The rewards that we get from completing quests in the start are bugged you dont receive the gun and the armor you were supposed to get completing stage 1.And the gift says transfered to storage and there is no gifts in the storage and the goodies tranfered to vault are also no affering in the vault.

Aazim Bhat

Game are excellent but there are big problem. first of all energy limited it's not good because we are going to enjoy the game not limit the game.

Taj Hassan

Excellent 👌👌😌😌

b kee


Chris Nyarko

Very good especially for an offline one

Chuma Sam

Good app

1u4n X3

Awesome game

Francis Arnold Jannsen Carillo

The game is super fun since the big update but it lags my phone in just a couple of minutes pls fix this issue. P. S. I love this game

Radly Sarmiento

My man I'm stuck I can move anymore 😭😭

امیرمهدی اعزازی


Sunita Mehta

I find this game great fun It's design are cute and beautiful .I am playing it sinceit's name was epic raft 👍 -But game is too buggy -Loading screen for forever -The inventory is confusing and small ihave to built 10 of it and it's tough to find and arrange items -tho old zombi desine was better then now one and even while far from a enemy it's hard to pich up items it always show attack when go towards enemy -The inventory and craft took forever to open The shart never attacks me idk why

Darsh Jain


Mark Richardson

Good so far. Been bored with other survival games lately. New bloody brilliant.

Adelfa Ropa

This game is great 👍

Jeff Andrews

Good game!I can dig it!

Jay Brayan Coritana

I like this game it's so cool

Gamers Lab

Frame Drop on My phone pleased optimize this game

peter thuo

Becube I just want to say it is impressive that you update new island,new weapons and even new enemies.I have one big question and that is the bugs it still distrubes and I want you to pls update that part and also if you don't like this question then I'm sorry why did you change the company name the old one is amazing and I'm not saying a harsh or rude question.Anyways pls update the bugs pls becube.Thnx 😀😁🙂.

Robert Fogarty

Fantastically great fun

Donut Hills

This game is really addictive the graphics are smooth and the gameplay is fun,however i think it would be nice to Get to customize your character like change the skin color add some designs like hair and stuff.its a small detail but I'd think it would look cool and Make the game a tad bit More realistic.

Jackie Blocker

Really love the game but need more choices for food whenever that is updated then I will give it five stars

Red 888


Arjon Vathaj

Can you do this game online

John Carlo Garcia

The game is good but becomes laggy when its on the gameplay, i think like it if its doesn't fet laggy


this game has some bugs but it s ok

j3p0ym4n Gaming

Still so many bugs in waste island (i cant access the first code and the winch) & bone island (i cant talk to the npc because 3 batches of zombies always spawn whenever i try to talk to npc for first time) hoping that you guys fix this bugs, it is a good game but if bugs cant be fixed asap many players will leave this game... Update: Bone island already fixed but waste island still broken. Hoping for the bug fix for this island..also, pls activate other islands for to have more exploration..

Newphone TheHats

Good tutorial in to game


A fun survival, crafting game.

Jason Simms

Ever since the update i cant find any gears even in the locations they are supposed to be found and cant progress any further


What happen to My saving Games is Gone!

Jesse Matthews

Absolutely loved the game before the most recent update, now... Very glitchy, sharks especially, i got into the hotel front gate once, closed my game at some point and now when I try to enter the front gate to the motel, it just doesn't do anything... Very buggy still needs a lot of smoothing out but excited for the next update and to see where this game goes knowing it's given potential

michelle espineda


arlan stance

there's still winch bug in waste island. also, sometimes there's a shark under the repair table and under the door in rubber island. edit after update. waste island wrench bug is still there. and there's a fishing bug where you can't retrieve the fish after being caught with the fish pole, the button is disabled

یاسین نکوئی

بازی قشنگیه سبک ساده اما دلپذیر امتحانش کن

Ilham Fahmi

This game is kinda sus

Julan Chaney

Good game so far.

Melanie Dangwilan

Hi again sorry and thanks for answering my last question I get it now because before I was so confused because what it said is 76-92 but when I tried the gun it was lower than expected and I have another concern now when I'm trying to buy or click the store and when I'm cancelling it it makes stuck on the loading screen thats my problem because that is the only way for me to recover my account because simply clicking the log in button is not enough so please fix it as soon as possible...Thanks

Axie Infinix

Hey uh i really need a fast response about this i will change the rate after you fix this So heres the problem when im in the light house island when i have to talk to the guy it doesnt let me talk to him ive tried everything restart the game re-install it and clearing the data but still its the same i cant progress because of this..please respond

franz andre gatchalian

Update: my saved game is gone even if I want to log back in using fb I dont see where that button is in the settings its a great game but I will not coming back to it for sometime it just hard to see you progress reset again. You just said that you can get your saved progress by logging in your fb in one of your players. I dont know what to do anymore.

Martin Gagne

The fishing rod is not working when I craft the fishing rod to fish there's no icon that show to catch fish and it's a big problem for me cause I can't continue to the story of the game


This is a good game

Zoren jopeth Elicano

Very good

Christan Christan xander

This is game is really cool but how can I find other players


One of the best Survival game but I need more updates so I can escape

Chin Lozano

IT'S good but the controller isn't smooth.... And it's too small 😁😁

Elvis Nicdao

Cool , great 5 stars 😍

Felix Gamayo

This the best survival game good graphics and more

Avik Baidya

What happens if you die outside the lab of military base please fix it. I didn't get my items Please test it

Adrian Postolachi

DON'T EVER BUY ANYTHING with real money WITHIN GAME, ITS NOT PERMANENT! One repair before it reaches 0 and its gone. Good design, but greediest developer EVER!

Games Monster


Joshua Alico

They made some improvements, however theres still bugs, specially when you need to travel island to island. Doesnt give you the options to sail, drift or dock

AmirAli Baghesh

Good jjjjjjjjj job

richard allan baquiran

(no bugs fixed.. still i cant get scraps when im in my raft). maybe i delete the..i cant play it normally i already send a video clip at your email...looking forward for changes.

M Schröder

Completely unplayable. Every time the game is closed, I lose all scrap metals, in the inventory and all chests on the raft. And its only scrap, nothing else. It doesn't matter, if the game crashed on an island or manually closed while drifting or on the raft. With that fixed, the game would deserve 4 to 5 stars.

Anirudh roll no 11

The game is good at pretty fun but I can't do the lighthouse mission whenever u try to talk to the guy that is stuck of that isl and it does not work he never talks so I can't progress through the game pls fix it fast

Rexford Whiteside

Great game ! Loading screen is a bit tacky 😅

M ayesha

good game

Deepti Sahoo

What Just A Bit Update For The Top

U Sad af


Lour Ramilo

After the update there's no map, story or adventure just me on the raft all by myself! I'm stuck. Where's the fun in that?

Made With Soul

The game has a bright futer but it's really buged out. Some times run around over and over to use the search option and it automatically attack zombies and borgs while cuttin down trees. One of the worst is the the game get stuck after opening and you won't be able to do nothing now switches won't work and it's stuck like that even if you clean the catch data. I had to rest the whole game and start from the beginning to play the game. Why don't you test the game after upload

Lucas Hicks

It's the first game that I. Got so far in

Xhypebeast 211

There is a bug that would let your screen freeze on the island of shell beach that after going in and going out that the sreen would now be stuck at shell beach the game becomes unreponsive but runs and also the objective marker sucks does not give the right directions and the auto mark targets also sucks cause when there's enemies and you try to chop or pick up items it would now go and attack instead of picking up cause the range of detection is so far that it would detect even off the screen

Raja Sek


crazyman2021 games

I have an issue I was at the quest to build the shark capture gates I left to make supplies for it on my raft I came back to the island to find it reset everything but I was still on the gates.

BD Booster


arman orejola

There is no exit button in my phone. It is very confusing because my progress scrambled everytime I play the game. Good game tho but without the exit game button, it became very annoying

Imesh Shamiks

This game never force you to play online. It's optional. Good thing for people who are not able to go online. ( unlike last day on earth) easy controls. Not complicated ( unlike mine craft mobile) graphics are cartoonish. I wish they were more " realistic" soo. We feel serious about the survival thing going on the game. And devs keep supporting the game. Fixing its. Changing it. In good ways. Thanks you guys for making this awsome time killer.

Stephen Hughes

From gameplay it's really good actually relaxing to play 👍

Tamana Singh

Thank you

Kyle Leboris

Every mission reward is not going to vault its still empty how do i claim my rewards???? Please fix

Anuj Pipil 2

You should add multiplayer too

kingpoop poop

Wow thats very cool👍

VC Emtage

Exellent game, but i want you to add something, Can you add a free adventure please? Please consider this, and i will give it five. Good job, keep up the good work!!!

zul enkh


Thornne Marcos

I'll give it three stars, Its a great fun addicting game but there's a problem the durability of the tools are to bad there and are so easy to break please make it more longer durability and the attack cooldown are to slow

Bonnie Alising

I hate theis game becus i canot open my enventory i rate theis 1-5

Moethar Mgmg

love this game

Whistlebritches Sprout

So far it's better than those other raft games this one is interesting and calming with an adorable character...I honestly like the game...5.

Lija Pattanayak

The best game

Brogan Lawson

It is the best model zombies game ever

Khalid Mohamed

والله خرافيه

Yashraj Negi

Nice game 😁👍

Alea JustAlea

I was enjoying the game until Shell Beach hotel was bugged. Couldn't click the gate to enter. When I tried to restart the game I was just frozen on the map. Too bad.

Thaya Nuch

Puechase 2 packs, bind with google but lose all item and progress. furious.

Joshua Schottey


Benjamin Langindang

This game have a lot bug tbh. 1.i encounter a bug where I try to touch the search/home icon the icon itself doesn't reacted at all went I close to until I go around it to find a way on to make it reacted it. 2 when I try to put the item I got from another island in the box by combining with similar item it doesn't combine at all and yeah there are many more to be fix so I hope this game doesn't ruin the player itself.

Stay Safe

It is a great game although i am having lag issues at home base pls help me this game is good

Aidil Rafiq

Game ini sangat bagus

black horse

Even with cheating and free premium stuff this game is boring very fast.

Ratan Manglani

Shaft (winch) not working, when it will be updated?

Jhustene Vea


Keren Art and Portrait

Soo good 10/10 recommend to download this

Life of Yooms

Just started this game and so far I'm enjoying it

Agus Supardi

The game so good

N Katherine

Love the game and missions. However the watse island had been buggy for me since the update. The missions won't work. Also not sure if we are supposed to be able to but I cannot gather anything from shark after killing and also still unable to craft torch for raft. Would love multistory raft or more accessories. Also after competing the military base I see myself playing less can't wait for more updates. But please fix the bugs and please bring in more content as I do love this game!!

Bode-kehinde Ayomide Daniel

Fun Game and exciting storyline

Teresa Lopez

Add online island for beautiful event without comprehend offline game😍



jamalkhan jamalkhan

This is a good game