Grabpack Troll: Wuggy Playtime

Author: GAMEE

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Grabpack Troll: Wuggy Playtime Game is a brain teaser game for you! You will become a smart thief with Grab Pack stretchy arms and try to steal key elements he wants to troll Wuggy monster!


Gameplay is very easy, you just have to steal key items using GrabPack and avoid being caught by wuggy monster. The main feature of Grabpack is that it can stretch and bend around different objects placed in positions. This allows you to overcome the obstacle, troll wuggy and Missy monster, to exactly the intended target. If an important item is stolen, a funny story will happen to wuggy.
Will the Grab Pack player complete the challenge and unlock the next game? Can they escape playtime? Use your brain and challenge your mind to troll Wuggy monster so funny. Train logic, memory, intelligence, problem-solving skills and creativity. So playing Grab Pack Troll Game will definitely give you smiles for fun and your stress will leave.


– Addicting game play with beautiful graphics.
– Funny scenarios and unique levels that excite you with no repetition.
– Have fun with this difficult quiz and puzzle
– Free for all
– Endless fun and brain-teasing games
– No wifi – Free – Update weekly.
– Easy-to-learn but very addicting gameplay
– Riddle games are a great way to spend the time
– Funny sound effects and clever game effects
– Suitable for All Ages: The greatest trivia game for gatherings of family and friends!


– Stretch the Grabpack Hand to steal the items and troll Wuggy Kissy
– Use your smart and pass level
– Be careful with obstacles
– Do not hit the obstacles and make sure not to get caught.
– Observe and steal wisely.

Are you ready to be the greatest Grabpack Troll Wugy in this puzzle game? Good luck and Download Grabpack Troll: Wuggy Playtime now!

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Update time: Aug 12, 2022
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Price: Free
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Customer review

Adam Emad

ليه أفلتوه تاني؟

Zeina Zeidan

I LOVE THES GAME 👍👌✌💖💗❤💘💝💞💕🖕😍😘🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

Charanfoot Foot

Poppy playtime huggy take not

Jace Fielding

Game is okay until you reach Level 60. This level is impossible to beat compared to other levels, please reduce the difficulty of Level 60 because it's impossible to beat. There's also another hard level which is Level 111. Also Level 117 is hard, same for Level 121, please reduce the diffculty of these levels asap.

Rachel Monzon

I like this game by sugkdipfspiaiypwqosiggqwiegi egg FF dogw if gay is gedgogdogsyiogdidig convincingly Kejjrjrjjrjrjrk some random words


Good Game but Repetitive Levels. I Wish you add More Levels

Almaz Haile

I like it

Joana Marie de Claro


Venom TheAcidDemon

It's horrible it ripped off poppy playtime the designs are bad HECK THEY EVEN STOLE A CHARACTER FROM CUPHEAD, AND ITS CONSTANT ADS BRUH, the games on the app store these days

John David Rodriguez


Tara Oakley

I don't like this game to many adds.

Ophelia Echevere


Zyren Hunter

No ads yay

Prosper Adefila

It a power full game and it fun you try playing it

DeWayne Jr

No ads thx yes

Lego Fan

Hi playtime co