Governor of Poker 3 – Free Texas Holdem Card Games

Author: Youda Games Holding B.V.

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Governor of Poker 3 – Free Texas Holdem Card Games – Free multiplayer Texas Holdem Poker card games – more than just poker!

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File size: 141M
Update time: August 16, 2021
Current version: 8.3.5
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Youda Games Holding B.V.
Price: Free
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Customer review

A Google user

Downloaded the latest update for the game as requested, restarted it and it has started from the very beginning with all achievements, money, friends and advancements completely wiped off! Played this game for years and for me was well worthy of 5 stars but now... needs fixing ASAP! If fixed, definitely back to 5stars.

Andrew Wojcik

STAY AWAY. Not true RNG. DON'T BUY ANYTHING. The review they wrote for my comment further justified they're lying. Best rng for company; profits.

Reva Adams

I actually like the game but once I switched teams I stopped earning team points, even though I am winning games. I also am not able to get help, I tried accessing the Forum to ask but the confirmation email never got sent to me. It's not in my Spam, or anything. If I can't earn team points anymore there is no perk in me even playing the game.

jon haze


chip hilliker

S21 ultra

Amit Levi

jthe best poker game!



Nanda Soemin

good game

Carlos Ortega

the games ok but it gets boring fast

Debbie Johnston

The most fun I ever had playing poker on any site and I've played them all. Too much fun collecting new hats. And the players are wonderful too. Its just too bad GOP are greedy thieving liars.

Reza Shahsavary

Unfortunately I can not find the app on google play!( I am in Google Chrome PC). any ideas?

Riaan Palmer

"Unlucky" but not. It's as clear as daylight that people that pay to play has much better "luck" than people that don't. Not to mention all the bots taking your $$$. How do you enjoy a game like that? You don't. You Uninstall it.

Ezekiel Omilabu

This game is not random. I have spun the Dragon Alamo jackpot 10 times, it brings the same 500k. The RNG certification should be revoked. The game is made in a way that you must purchase chips.

Daniel Nicolosi

Just when you think you are going to win you don't. Donkey hands win all the time. This isn't real poker. It's design to make you lose all your chips so you have to buy more. That's how they get you. AA loose AK loose qq loose. Yeah this is a joke. Don't waste your time. They don't have the best of anything. I'm not going to be enjoying this poker any longer as I am deleting this garbage.


I haven't been able to log on to game for days now on any device I've Uninstalled several times stops at 31/88.

d bernotas

Useless game same as customer support

Amperby Ferreira

For me, this is the best poker app out there. Best graphics, best community, best everything. Thank you for a great experience. Maybe someday i will actually be able to play poker without looking like a noob. NOW: 2 stars for good commuty and good graphics. BUT, sadly your games, especially blackjack, is too heavily rigged. I know you need to make money, but its getting to a point where the game is not enjoyable anymore. Good luck.

Allanna McBrayer

Game is awesome, just don't get discouraged or you'll lose a ton of chips. Also you CAN report for all in spamming. Do so or people will never learn.

Suriya Suri


Robin Tyler

GOP3 Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! Have Uninstalled after over a year of playing-- the more chips you have, the more often you lose BIG!!!!!!! Not a Fun Game-- Extremely Frustrating

Boy From Norune

No RNG, blackjack is just obscene. And I see the dev answering across all forums and reviews, claiming their rng is "certified". It is not, if every player feels scammed then its no good. Specially blackjack, havent got a single 21 in 4 hours, but whenever i bet over the minimum the dealer has BJ. Bye suckers

zawmin aung

Real stupid online poker privacy . This update GOV 3 make me boring my GOV 1 GOV 2. Pls respect your new user.

Daniel Alaniz

This game was working fine on my phone and then all of a sudden it has crashed and says timed out network verify, can you fix this so I can play again

Hayley Bartlett

Great game but the spins are completely rigged no matter what they say. You'll always land between a high stacks and get a low stack, would be more enjoyable if the spin tokens weren't rigged.

Amy Wood

best high stakes poker round

Andrey U

Can't download game

Diane Barragan

Love this game


Didn't care for it at all. Having to buy your way n stuff. I've had better poker games than this n that's why I wouldn't recommend anyone to download it! 🤮🤢🤬


I love this app, great to kill some time and have fun with friends. It doesn't beat the real poker for me tho ;) but it's a nice game. For people that are new to poker I'd suggest to learn a few things about poker it self, such as what is the flop, river. What do I need for a straight or a flush/full house. And why do people bluff so much. You can read a lot of players on this game which makes it fun for the average poker player.

jack stansell


alex gray

Game is unfair, the ammount of times i lose on blackjack iv lost billions

Remruatt Remzy

The character voice on old version was what got me addicted! Hope to hear them again soon🤧🤧💩

-45- M

Half are Bot's out of the 5 mil. Most will get lucky and get your Chips, encourging ypu to Spend money. Nope, won't spend a Dime.

Jeff Gaughenbaugh

This game is a waste of time and effort. Every time you seem to have a great hand the last card is a Miracle that gives all your bet to a person betting on something not yet worthy of a 50 cent bet. The blackjack area is the extreme worst i have ever seen! If you have 19 or 20 the dealer has 20/21 most often deals 12,13 and if you have 10 or 11 don't hold your breath. 4 5 or 6 and you hit again a face card bust. You can bet that no RNG(Random number generator) certification is legitimate at GOP3

Adam White

You cant talk to people about a problem unless you give them your e,mail rubbish , you can only win so much then there take it back of you rubbish. You lose your chests if you leave a team rubbish, and I wont get no answer to this rubbish, it's a con prove me wrong?

Scott W

If you are looking for a poker game, do NOT download this trash. It is the biggest fraud on the internet.For sure in black jack you will always lose 80% of the hands. The dealer always gets 20 or 21 and the liars that created the game will always claim it's just bad luck. The poker tables are full of bots. Claiming to be certified is a lie. No one would certify this game. Typical internet fraud. These criminal liars should be in prison.

Dave P

Definitely rigged, it claims to use world leading algorithms but I do not believe this. You'll have hours and hours and hours of bad cards, then a couple of games of good cards to boost your money back up. Shame really as otherwise its quiet a fun game. But now I can predict when I'm going to start losing, that's how fixed it is. Hands down the most fixed game on play store, can't believe its even allowed

Rand Hypothetical

Sorry to say that I've seen a definite pattern. Short list- *5pocket pairs in a row is impossible *Same two cards 4 times in a row is impossible. *Splitting the pot with them having the same two hole cards is extremely common. Impossible. *when you have a big chip bank (I've been over 500million three times) you'll start to see runner runner for a fool call and they win. That'll happen until your bank is empty. Then you have the locking up every single session. Truly frustrating. Deleted them

Nicholas Holman

best poker game on Google Play!

Huzaimi Isa



Bad odds & low payouts. The UI is clunky & prone to click-throughs. I contacted support and was told "noone asked me to play" (literally said that). It was starting to be fun & as time goes on it seems the company lowered the payouts so you can't keep up far less get ahead (ie: earn a ticket that took all day to get 7k when people have billions). I have no issue paying for extras, but I'm not going to be bullied into it to just "maintain". The RNG cert is from 2019 & under different ownership.

vishal sg

lost all data after update

Amber johnston

This game used to be great! But now I swear no matter how much skill you play with if your not a VIP or VIP+ you can't ever get ahead in this game! I have spent more money then I can count on here! And even when you have a great hand if your playing with anyone who is a much higher level then you your gonna lose! It seems rigged now in there favor! It is not right and not fair to the people that have been playing for year's! And FYI I am not the only person who think's it is rigged!

Erin Knorr

Seems anyone that goes all in wins. Free spins are garbage, never high wins(always 7.5 or 8k). Way too expensive to play on the featured tables. Bounties and "special" missions are ridiculous amounts to win. Edit:wish I could give it less stars. Their bs generic responses about their rng that hasn't been updated since 2017 makes it worse.

Hoton Otgoo


Cristian D

Rigged trash,what would happen if you didn't rig it,oh yeah people would like it even more

rita compton


Infinite Crusade

Bad rng

danny price

Recently tried again playing this game. Would give a zero if possible. This game is so bad & far from realistic it shouldn't even be above a 2 star rating overall.

Zte Zte

Zero star.


It still governor poker i know...thanks for keeping the patern....its remind me my childhood playing this game at PC long time ago...😭😭😭😭😭


Rafid Zaman

BEST UI, WORST PLAYER BASE No other poker game comes even close to sound effect, animation and user interface of this game. But all the players keep going all-in pre-flop every single round no matter what hand thay have. Such a bad way to ruin people's day. No skill, just flipping everytime. I hope they make a tournament based game, or do something to fix this "all-in everytime" situation.

A Google user

Cannot get game to open, says conbection timed out

Edmund Hatfield

If your paying day to buy there super high product, you will win for less than a day. But if don't you never win. 1 in 100, there algorithms are set to put 99% to 1 % in there pockets. Takes all the fun out of it, the game used to br fun when it first come out now its all about how much we can get off the consumer, f..k the little guy........right??? How can the same card be in two people had at the same time I've never played a poker hand that I have the same card as my opponents

Steve Maison

pretty much fun playing poker. only issue is the chat texting is difficult to use

Gintaras Gustainis

Thank you

Janebob Bobjane


Boris Todosijevic

Unbelievably RIGGED and UNFAIR 🤮 RNG is 💩 so no stars from me 🤮

Hassan Yussufnayak

it's cool and fun


I would like the developer to stop whining on about random number generator and just be honest. The game is designed for profit. You know it, we know it. That said it does work.

Razon, Shaine S.

Its always the vip whos winning everytime. Hard to win any single game. So biased

Nathan willey

female players are tuff.

NK Forever

I Don't recommend, there are people who know how to count card on pokers, I learn the hard way. I quit.

Trebor Archer



The gamblings fair. The RNG system while convoluted it works well and the game and be generous at times. Good online poker experience would recommend.

sawlah bwesay

good game 😘😘

Billy Dotson

definitely a step up from the other two games

Rachelleann Guerrero

Nakakalibang laruin

Elvin Baber


Austin Storrs

This game is so fun and free it's one of the best.

William Murphy

very good

Buck Thompson

Rigged to when your on a losing streak you stay on it. Can almost call the cards flopping. Find a better game waste of your time and the graphics suck.

Mr. Hands Gaming


gantumur gantumur

Dragon update is not opening freezing and not installing fix it youda

Kelly Slagle

They swear they are on the level but when you don't buy stuff you lose runner runner time and time again. 6/9/22. Decided to give it another try. Yup, lost every tournament on river cards. Look at the VIPs. They have smallish biggest jackpots. They all bought their chips, the only way to win in this app.

Bill Fierro


Bryan Custer

Same problem as every other poker game that's free. Sit and gos especially, but players just push all in or call with trash. It's not poker, it's lottery. Quick fix would be to disallow preflop all ins for the first 5 hands. It punishes honest players but also would deter players from pushing all in instantly. Literally every sit and go starts with a min of two players shoving. Sometimes the whole table. If you sit out you are at a huge disadvantage against a 4x chip leader. Free poker is a lie.

Elzae Oldaker

love it

Hoss Delanghe

Easy interface

george lehman

Only problem I have is that I can't open the chest

Scippy Pearson

Seem to have a lot of problems with your game I've just tried to log on and it keeps coming up update before you can expect people to play your game fix it that's why I stop playing you two days ago yesterday while I was playing your game four different times when I had a winning hand your game came up with problems and bypass my winning hand to where I won nothing you owe me 100,000 chips please deposit them in my account

Nelly Gilbert

I love this game


Game in great not bad if you manage some time for play you will enjoy...GOP management please add Bangladesh hat🇧🇩🇧🇩...i want to see this please...hope 🇧🇩🇧🇩bd hat will add

Jean Kachikis

Could you. Please eliminate the exclamation. mark on the GOP Club when that has finished as I am unable to see when I have completed other items without having to go check it all the time. thanks.

Ben Torfs

Game not start again and I have full internet



Joe Clephane

I had 40 million in my account and my screen gliched and closed while I was on the screen with the poker shack and didn't have any other games open. When I reopened the app I had 1 million. I told thier support and they said I was in 4 different 10 million dollar events and lost all my money. That is trash.

Dax Marvel

I am an experienced poker player. The play on here is horrible. That and the game has to be rigged to pay off poor play. I have taken so many bad beats (probably 95% of the time ). If you are a semi-serious poker player, stay away from this app. Full of everyone going all-in even at higher level tables and bad beats galore!!!

Raul Miclaus

Cannot install the app anymore on my phone, although I had it installed in the past... no common way to fix the issue was able to solve the matter

nordi irfan

Nice and fun

Maxwell lanzieri

very fun!!

Keryn Rabe

Worst game ever. I saw people cheating in this game and it's definitely not random cards. First you loose two AA to a straight, then you loose straight to flush, then loose flush to full house then full house to royal flush. Play 100 million coins without winning nothing even if you have good hand. Then the next person win with two A. Do not waist your time, you will only get frustrated. And the free rewards you get is grap.

MIKE kamal

The game is full of cheaters ... 1 player can win 15 or 20 times in row .. the game deliberately give you the same cards over and over and sometimes in row and most of them is low cards . And blackjak is rubbish ... edit : yes iam sure tell me abut it and thnx for your answer..

Michael Dudson


jerome david


Tony Jones

This sight was good and a little fixed ! Now it's just after players spending money and a lot fixed never have I seen such blatant cheating. EG. Same 2 cards in a 3 player sit an spin back to back/an same 2 cards 3 times out of 4 in another sit an spin ???? They say best R.G.N . And Blackjack what a laugh 5 Blackjack in a row over 2 tariffs. Don't ever give them money as you may win but short term soon you will lose and want to get back up 2 what level eg. Chip stack

Steven Simpson

I had some issues but the support team worked with me through them in a timely fashion. I'm not good with poker but the staff is helpful and the game is well put together. They also offer microtransactions that are not required but will enhance your gameplay experience.

mike hendricks

Was great when I started but has been changing . Once you get to a certain level almost impossible to win , blackjack is the biggest cheat if you have a 20 dealer pushes with a 20 , dealer has a 4,5,6 never bust always has one card higher than you , would do 100 spin on slots to get the points and mega always got it now never, have to do 200 plus spins , cards everytime I have 2 pair, 3 of a kind , bot will have a strait , game pushes you to purchase chips after it gets you hooked ,


I really do like the game i love the theme and the hat collection and i feel like its not rigged like some sites. I previously played monopoly poker for play money and switched to GOP because you can set up a private table with friends. My real issue is with spin and play, every poker site i have played has better win odds with spin and play even real money poker. You will hardly ever see your reward past 2x and very rare for it to go past 3x. I get its meant to have low odds but not that low.