Goodville: Farm Game Adventure

Author: GoodGamesSoft

100,000+ install


Goodville: Farm Game Adventure – Create your dream farm and discover new means to maintain emotional well-being.

Detailed info

File size: 124M
Update time: September 9, 2021
Current version: 2.6.227
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: GoodGamesSoft
Price: Free
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Customer review

Michelle L Harrison

Not sure yet

Shawn Lee

Very good game.

Sharon Barrowcliffe


Sandra Uhl

Too many adds with one point of energy given as a reward. The game has become absolutely frustrating. You call it Good Ville and I was expecting or hoping for a game that was relaxing and peaceful but it is not. I find it absurd that you suggest that your game helps with mental health while showing add after add after add. Right now I would call it a grab for money and name it Bad ville


Great 👍

Nikisa Little

Liking this game

Gareth Thomas

Really in treating

Jamie Reynolds

I purchased the beginners pack that said, "no ads!" And reset the game... And the first box I opened had an ad on it. 🙁

Russell Barber

Iove the game. Very easy to play,very easy to understand.

sarah Solis

Pretty addictive

Barry Jackson


Priyanshu Raj

Awesome game

Steve Covert

It is very fun the only thing I would say is that I do not like that the people never stop talking but other than that It is super fun can't stop playing this game

Nirmala Sookram


Amanda Whitbread

Good graphics and fun to play. Need more energy each time but, good fun.

Dale Sullivan

I think the game is really fun and it gives you the energy you need to keep playing, so far so good

Tenzin Lhamu

The worst game I have ever seen ......

Norbert Erkeland

Nice when you feel like chattering:).

erin seaman

A nice timekiller

David Bulfoni

Mildly annoying

William Odonnell

As all apps there is never enough of what you need in the hope you will pay money to purchase what you need

kirsten rogers

Awful ads, not fit for any game

Eeyore Monkey

I literally just installed the game and now it's telling me the game is out of date and needs to be updated... why didn't it just install the latest version? All the installing it had to do before I could even hit "Start", then the next screen says update? So, is this a game, or just trying to see how much space an app can take up?

Whitney Clark

Funand insightful

Bianke Van zyl

Really started enjoying the game but the last couple of days the game keeps bombing out for no reason 😑 especially after being forced to watch a video just to open a box. No it's not my internet connection. So hard to find a decent game these days. Really started to like this one

Rebecca Dickinson

Not bad

Annsleigh Rogers

It's going great 👍. But it's a little bit hard to keep the energy up. 😉😉😀

Anahita bhadi

Awesome 👌

khin khin Phyu

good game

lori green

I enjoy playing this game it's fun to play

Debra Cobler

I like the game a lot, plus it's not boring to me, I just wish that I could be able to have more power some time's, but it is a good game, but why is it so expensive for brake up the stones and things?

Claudia Olivares

Neat and tidy and amazing and fabulous

Kelly Riley


Alf Smith

An interesting and fun game. Progress is quite slow if you choose to not spend money.

Nicole Blackstone

told me I needed to update then won't download so I decided to delete the game

Kami S

I enjoy farming games. This one allows you to play for longer periods of time, even with no energy! There are other things to do. As I've played more, I'm still enjoying, but ads are now hanging up the game. I am willing to spend money on game play, but won't until this issue is fixed.

Mark Swales

Great game

Lemau Nguyen

Cause this game the best game ever played

monika khatri

I like playing this game but energy is very limited. For free energy ads gets hanged up.

James Morris

Great game to play

Elizabeth Thompson

Enjoyed the game. Far, far too many ads.

britt robinson

Its honestly really fun and u get to explore lots of places the only one I remember is the "Abandoned farm"so yea down load it now if u see this cuz its super fun I don't want anyone missing out on how fun the game is!<3

Kerry Eyerly

I am really enjoying playing this game and having options to choose what I want to do with my time, my energy and my coins. There are suggestions and incentives along the way. I am disappointed with the rewards for filling all the orders. The back and forth clicking on ads is getting harder to take, but the rewards are ok. I like that there are several ways to earn energy or produce it. I enjoy the animations of the animals and their moods and the growth of crops. I'm 3 weeks in.

Anita D N

If the way of acquiring energy a little bit easy then the eagerness of stepping into the game will be interesting.....

Beverly Cook

SO MUCH FUN , NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT. ive been playing for awhile it June 22 and this game is awesome, it's so fun , no problems, I waited so long to find my cat ,when i did i wish i found him earlier, so please find the cat almost first . I still give it 5 stars, if I could I'd give more .♡

Armando Gonzalez

Very good 👍

Oliver kissinger

This game has been really fun to play. I would like to see a fire department and more mechanics. Maybe a boat or ocean front

Veronica Palmer

Yes, eventually there are ads. The ads ALWAYS offer some type of reward. If you don't want the boxes, then don't click on them. The game is enjoyable. I just wish we could have more energy. Good job!

Violet Johnston

Their is alot of the games on here , I like . 👍 others not so much . But I do try them.

daisy chan

I Love this game

Dana Muir

I'm not happy with the lack of energy given to accomplish things. I'm not spending real cash to play a game. All the adverts are bit excessive too. Don't expect to do several of the chores they request until you've been trying for days and days. Even now I can't do the mill to create things and I've gotten to the third place! It's frustratingly slow and not much fun because of that.

Contessa Taylor

I love it but its so hard to save coins to update buildings.

Garry Winstanley

I'm not sure what the other reviews mean, it's a brilliant game and the rewards are fantastic.

Shirley Delong

I like it.

Monica Tripp

Been playing for a while and I love this game ads don't bother me on this game love the test would love more options on answers need to be able to earn more 💰💰💰💰 but other than that it's a great game and we should be able to choose between a cat or dog

Kristy Cote

I love it its addicting lol

Lady Ashanti

Love love love this game. I can play this for hours.

John Noble

Luv this game

Angela Kuenzle

It's fun but way too many adds. Everything you do to advance is adds following more adds then yet more adds

bjnice salleh

Good game

Alaric Wells


Karen Tillinghast

Very fun and challenging

T. O'Shea

I'm obsessed! It's like a modern day Tomigachi!

Joann Giambruno

You can only do so much and then you have to stop cuz you don't have enough energy to go on it's hard to get energy to go on meet the needs to have more energy to go on so you could chop the wood and stones and everything else so you can build the next building takes a long time

Charity Young

This game is pretty much perfect. I see a lot of people complaining about ads the ads are optional you don't have to click on them and you can always tell the boxes with the ads because they sparkle if they sparkle it means you have to watch an ad. The thing I love most about this game is you don't have to wait forever for products to produce it's like 10 to 30 seconds or 15 minutes for the sheep. And you're not required to do the wellness stuff. Love this game 😍

Helen Hambleton

Some of the items to get with the energy takes most of them could be less

Carla Roush

Many complaints about not enough energy to complete tasks. I have thought many times about dumping this game. Makes it unenjoyable.

colin whitney

Really fun. Can't put it down

Debbie Passmore

Love this game

Annie Mckinney

Easy to play

Angela Jewell

Train takes too long and too many resources to finish. Would be nice to be able to rotate buildings and such

Amanda Jones

One of the best games out ..

Nikki Jo-How

Great relaxing chill kind of game.

Twila Van Damme

I like this game

Harry Fisher

Good time

Mary Ickes

Uninstalling this game. My bank card was WAY Overcharged. Going to my bank tomorrow. SMH.

Dionne Darbyshire

Use to love this, reinstalled and lost levels, and money I paid, for extras. Contacted you guys and I have not heard anything back....very annoyed. If this problem hadn't risen, I would have given it 5 stars. SHAME

Mel Sims

Great farming game, easy and relaxing!

André M.-Markovits

Only playing for a couple of hours. Will update here later.

Amy Miller

It tells me to upgrade my dairy to level 2 and both are level 2 and I don't get credit for any of them now I got 2 keys and it only gave me 1 and I just got an energy tree from the shoe and it didn't give it to me I'm about to uninstall the game and cancel my prescription weekly

Destalyn Little


Angela Shook

just started today.

Leeane Millard

Love it

parinaz safi

هر چی سفارش آماده میکنی میفروشی ، بجای اینکه پولت زیاد بشه، کم میشه

michele mitchell

I have quit playing this game because I was running out of resources and you have to buy more, which was getting expensive.

b davis

Would a person health become in danger from enjoying building a FARM?! Wow

Cyndi French

Hate pop-ups

Jenny Kienast

I love this game


Not much you can do with very few power , using power to harvest shrooms etc... it' an ok game

Takia Wright

Fun and Entertaining! Thumbs waaaay up! Solid job

Peggy Adams

This game is awesome

Tammy Weems

Game won't load!!! Would love to play but game won't fully load!! I've downloaded it 4 times and it does the same thing every time!!! Not pleased at all!!

Carlos Cruz

Well I,m done with this game I still love the stupid game but Im play last one .but reall is and abuse.

Danny Haywood

Nice game

Joanna Joanna

So far I like it.

Tania Pallister

I like it is easy to get energy, it's easy playing no annoying ad's, enjoying so far

Almira Memic


Victoria Billings

they need better ways to get energy

Another Galaxy User

Interesting concept to have a well-being app merged with a farming adventure game. Trying to advance in this game without spending real money to raise the thousands of coins needed for the next building, constantly running out of materials to make fire, and running out of water when everybody wants juice are causing my stress levels to rise. EDIT: The ads by Google do not grant me the rewards. The timer counts down to 0 or I watch them to the end but no energy is given.

Gerald Harman

It is a lot of fun.