Golf Strike


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Golf Strike – Join the ultimate Golf game and compete in 6 player real-time golf tournaments!

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File size: 57M
Update time: July 21, 2021
Current version: 1.4.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sandeep Bagri (Deep Dubsmash)

Excellent 👌

CJ Santos

Is the wind working today or is this game bipolar? I would like to give it a good rating but I can't when one day everything works perfectly and the next day everything glitches. And while I keep getting stuck in the same place for weeks, up and down, even with great graphics, it will get a poor low rating. And I will keep complaining until is fixed. And the poor rating will be reposted week after week. FIX IT.

Renz Beat2


qasim pasha

good game

Malek Aboaly

very nice

Darrell Fallows

99% of players are bots and you have no chance of beating them. You start to build up clubs and better balls but as soon as you think you are ahead you start begin to lose against players with basic clubs and default balls hitting unreal shots. AVOID THIS GAME

Ryan Sephton

The game could be extremely fun- sadly the 'opponents' you play against are bots that will become impossibly difficult in any given game to try and force you into micro transactions. Sometimes it goes horribly wrong and you see the same bot accidentally enter the game twice. You cannot pot when not on the green because the game just adds random deviations in for the hell of it, whilst you'll watch your 'opponents' flawlessly pot from >30 yards out every time.

Edward Thompson

Pay players win 99 % of the time. Play is controlled and not random.

Vikram Chourasiya

lovely ❤❤❤

manoj yadav.s


Mike Heninger

love this game

Supriady ady

Coward, bad winner try to control opponents ball drop in the water.shameless to let someone win and others lose.bad golfer play dirty trick. Its not esport to earn a price money.

mohamad A

very good

Rusty Belopolsky

Nice graphics, but a game on your phone that kicks you out of a match for checking an email or notifications shouldn't exist. Also, impossible to earn enough gems/coins to make meaningful upgrades without grinding for weeks or months.

Jaime McFarland

great game must play

Jocky Pandey

very good

Donnie Alman

awesome game. really easy to learn and very funn......


Best golf game ever

Philip Cox

The game has fake people playing against you. When you start a match just hit the HI button and everyone reply. The people who don't reply are fake and they are going to beat you bad. I found out about the fake people when a person was involved in a shoot out and I went to the next game on a higher level. There is no need to cheat. It's just a game

Charles Johnson

Fun & realistic.

Domingo Vidaurri

love it

John Hueckel

Pretty basic, with a few game types (1 v 1, 6-player, etc.). Recommended.

Manjula k manjunath




abhishek gampa

mm no ok

Krishna Kumar

rupaz nongu cilim gumma aichou

Kevin Yancy

Need better ball control. Simple fun game.😊

William Foster

It was one of the most live experiences in the world. Play on player

Meen Chand

not good game but time passes

Mark Ali

Excellent game awesome graphics but major connection issues which means u lose games which is a shame, now it's may be this phones CPU but still it infuriates me!



Danny Hall

Easy to play, and accurate shots. Sandhu

Thakx foe game

Elly 94

Worst game ever 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

Panuwat Chinwit

Crash often Suck matching system Cheating shot Worst game ever

John Wright

Game keeps disconnecting. Enjoyable enough. But the disconnects are extremely annoying

Jay Worrall

Enjoyable at first....however the further you progress the chances of winning in any mode are slim as the computer generated player will hit perfect shots every time. I have also found that in 1 on 1, when the bot player is first to shoot and the game ends in a tie break, the tie break starts with me to play first, almost as if the player has been set up to seems as if this is yet another game that seeks payment for any real progression. A shame.

Aditya Pawar

excellent game

Stacey Elliott

Really lots of fun. i enjoy playing this game.

Mark Matchin

so far it's a fun game

Abitey Adane

Very good game for play good simply.and try It

David Bielefeld

great game the best

Romeo Mackey

Fun Game

Cyndi Brockett

a fun golf game. play it for hours!

steve sussex

The best golf game I have found, fast ! For golf, really fun, good to play a group of players at once, no waiting for your go. Bad side the game is fixed ! You can play a perfect shot, it will go bad, as the game will not let you do to well, it wants you to buy coins !! They all do, but this one does it in your face !! So nice game, but a fix, to get your money... DO NOT PLAY. Better games out there.



Anthony Ray

You spend more time watching ads than playing. You get bonus chests to get more clubs and special golf balls but you have to watch soooo many ads before you get to open the chests.


nice game

Anna Walter

Good game but frustrating waiting for videos to play to claim rewards don't play the duel game, you play against the computer and never win,

Steve Carroll

Good gameplay, but rather annoying when you get frozen out mid game especially as you end up losing your fee for the competition, happened 2 times with 40000 entry fees. Extremely stable home WiFi, so it's not that.

Howard Fisher

this game is great

Md Sumon


Sree Santh


Brent Petrie

It's good until it randomly has the bot's ball end up nowhere near where it was, then takes off one shot and cheats you out of all of your stake. Have uninstalled.

Raymond Toxion

I try dis game

James Bond

I want to know how you win a hole without actually putting the ball in the hole. Totally stupid and the developer needs to actually learn how to play golf before making a golf game. As far as I am concerned this game is a POS.

Joel Edwards

Full of bots who chip in every single shot, waste of time - far better golf games out there - don't spend on this game.

Martin Flores

No good multiple times in heads up he misses put and I make mine and somehow still a draw very hard to get coins without spending money and I'm not spending if game cheats you out of coins anyway

Raymond Fogerson

good game,always a pleasure.

Synk Optik

best so far

Alexander Hodge

The ball physics are absolutely horrible

Joe Saunders

Great game

Monique Acosta

good, good quality real challenges

Daniel Sheridan

OK, I gave you your one more shot and you blew it. Once again your computer would not allow me to shoot so time ran out. Third time this has happened. Bye-bye

A Google user

If you don't have Facebook you get no name or no picture and are treated like an outcast. And I've never seen three out of six people get an eagle.

Ronald Austin

Great game, I really enjoy playing.

Tyler Coleman

Fun if you aren't worried about physics

Abhishek Sharma

very very nice game

subham biswal

need more ways to earn coin

Arjuna Benjamin

It's bloody irritating when we are playing and then the screen mentions "connecting" and brings us back to the home page. Please sort out your game development. Your game keeps on hanging. PLEASE SORT THIS OUT.

Greg Mitchell

not bad

Roy Scarbury



only reason I'm giving a two star is because I cant use a name unless I sign into Facebook which I dont have anymore. add in an option where you can change your name from the game without signing into Facebook and I'll give it 5 stars

Shannon Pipes


Nitin Rathod

Nice time pass

Bruce Andrews

The game is bad to the bon

Severino Guitering


KM Aperture!

Matchmaking is not good. My control crashes when i pull to shot. That's gruesome even one shot take you to bottom place. Please do something!😒✌️😒😒


Upgrading your clubs can be very expensive, it cost 10.000 pieces of gold to upgrade one of my clubs. In a six player, three hole match it uses one custom ball per hole. The match should only use one ball per match, so you don't burn through your custom balls. Plus you can only log in using Facebook not Google play. There is no way to contact customer service if you have a problem.


It's if good game if you can find someone to play against who is not cheating. Over half the players have some kind of hack installed. Developer's don't keep up with 5he game.

John Gelder

great game,love it

Shaikh Shadab

Network problem in this game

Michael King

Good game if you like getting cheated by bots and on your shots majority of shots end up in sand traps, rough, and out of bounds.

Christopher Martin

I have enjoyed this game very much, getting a good shot is abit hard sometimes

Bryan Baskerville

Having a blast!

Scuba Steve

I'm get swing of it ! good fun!

George Hillier

Same as all of these games. Good fun, but it seems to trap you at a certain point and stops you progressing without spending money. The 'Guest' players are clearly bots, andalways come at least 1st or 2nd

Wemimo Okesola

All people like it

Subir kumar Naik


Hitesh Wadia


Rob C.


Robbie Holtby

The game steals your "coins" This game is forever removing me, returning to the loading screen, therefore removing any coins from a chest just opened or a match just started. The slightest drop in signal, still running 4G or 5G, it removes you, losing coins. No way to progress without spending genuine funds.

Joseph Fawell

challenging & nice graphics!!

Abanoub Magdy

very good

R. Allen Renteria

good game and graphics to pass time

Mark Cooper

If you want a game filled with bots and an algorithm for you to spend $$$$ this is it! Played for about a month and actually really fun. I understand the plan for these games is to make money but don't say a game is live when it is clearly not. Cleverly done though! 2 stars for that.

Jason Woolridge

A Hole In One ⛳

VeeVee M

This is a very interesting game.

Larry Le Mieux

This game keeps disconnecting and every time it disconnects it takes you money this is ridiculous there's nothing wrong with my internet connection it's all about this freaking game. When the hell are you going to fix this goddamn game!

Kenny Mash

fun game