Golf Strike


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Golf Strike – Join the ultimate Golf game and compete in 6 player real-time golf tournaments!

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File size: 57M
Update time: July 21, 2021
Current version: 1.4.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

David Dobson

very absorbing

Gilbert Granados

fun relaxing 😎😎 game

mike b

Decent game opponets take to long games best with happymod hack

Artie Bennett

it's a great game

farid mokhtar

nice app

Artie Bennett

it's a great game


all around solid game, Well Done Ppl

Jitu Sain

Good 👍

daw win

my sir ./ u r game always stop n off when i m i m lose many time n lose coin.what happen i don't know.i like u r game.but i m sorry i talk to ur..u r game is very smart n good .thank u

Shameeg Philander

When playing the windy cliffs, the game keeps kicking me out.

sagar gurung


Jagdish Tiwari

Hanging app

Mike Morris

I want to swing a club not play pinball golf

paresh pandya

Hey guys please do not install this rubbish game, instead of install & enjoy ULTIMATE GOLF, ULTIMATE GOLF is true & honest game, The management of GOLF STRIKE is dishonest, They have program all the things perfectly to manipulate people, some neumarical opponent initially starting with "2" will always hit eagle & albatross, now I understand why this game having only 1 to 1.5 M users, Ok Thanks & bye bye...! Let me enjoy ULTIMATE GOLF...!

Jayanta Biswas

Very good game

Honey Singh

Controls are not quick lazy game

Cathy Simpson

It the same course every time. Not fun

Norman Pearson

really fun to play

shashank ua

good games


real fun

ManThaN J. GajjaR

Useless game, golf rival is batter game


vivid excitement

Mike Presley

great game!

Abhi A

Enjoyable only if you buy items

Ganesh Koolkarni

awesome great game

Gina Reed

With reviews like these I'll pass.

bruce revels

Groovy man, groovy.

Amit Pawar

nice app, without add, short and sweet

maggie style

Not at all good people using cheat codes ,, no banned

Tom Byrnes

great game it's fun to see others shots

stone heart jade

good game

Pierre Poirier

a fun game for killing time and simple enough to use but challenging the right amount to make it interesting! excellent job developers!

Marcelina Lopez

Quick, easy, and you can see how well the others hit.


it's better than most

Floyd Emery

pretty fun game

Glen Long

If the controls and power bar were better these golf games would be so much fun, the graphics are second to none but the controls sux. There no rhyme or reason you can shoot exactly the same way on a hole and the ball will go somewhere else or it won't go as far or go to far and that just make you not want to play anymore


is fun


Fun game A good challenge. Hard to get permanent equipment.

Bhavani Kumar

good game

Joseph Miranda

Challenging but fun

Alex Schenk

Bugs that give opponents negative score even though they had more strokes.

Lovish Bhutani


John Carter

spend far too much time waiting for other players. Should be a single player choice.

Ray Wilson

Easy controls, fun to play. Could not connect with Facebook account.

Afzal Pasha

Game is heavily bugged need debugging ,irritates the player.otherwise good game.

Salam Shaikh


Mark Mutschlechner

There is some obvious f**kery and manipulation happening in this game as I just finished playing three rounds in a row where the "opponent" (bot) shot three "once in a lifetime" impossibly difficult eagle shots ... Three different opponents, three impossible eagles in a row . If I can't play with a real human opponent, please let me know .... not three impossible BOT plays in a row. One I would accept, but three?!? Please! Since adding the game Gods have decided to Eagle me on EVERY ROUND.

Sheryl Jaubert

I will be in the middle of a game & it will just close. I have lost over 3000 in coins because of this. RIDICULOUS

Gagan Mamatha


Shey Hughbanks

good game

John Schneidewind

Not fun at all cant make it anywhere unless you spend money. And when you play with out spending money its not in or favor. So if you want to spend money its prob a good game.

John Tucker Jr.

Very fun, great competition, I haven't been playing long but plan to continue.

Trevor Parkinson

awesome game, great Graphics and Tutorials, Love it aye

Arjuna Benjamin

stress reliever

praveen kabadi

Chest money deducted


Tech support told me I only get help 2 times in the calendar year. So no I will not email you. The support is horrible. The game is not registering my hole in ones. Play at your own risk. You get 30 seconds to play and can not see your replays.



Atul Kumar

While playing automatic Exit

Pep Abukas

one of the best game I have played so far..

Ruan Van wyk

Very awesome game I really love the graphics and the game is so easy to play

Ayush Gupta

Suddenly Stops in middle of the game

C. Scot Draper

This is one of the worst gold games in the Play Store. Shot lines are not accurate if you hit the perfect shop. Wind greatly affects shot sometimes and other times same wind will not. Hook and slice shots are not in tutorial. Shot shaping in general is not in the tutorial.

Andrew Sealey

fun game, quick to play. easily as fun as 8 ball pool.

Jeffrey Burns

great 👍

Saideep Gaunker

worst game 🤮🤢

Shari Marstellar

Family fun

Deano B

This game is a joke. There's no consistency in the shots, the power meter obscures the shot, timeouts kick you off the hole, I uninstalled before I came across the faults other players have previously mentioned in reviews.

Zachary Podgurski



Great game. There is no ads unless you want something. My only issue is that there should be more maps but overall great game!

Jyoti Kadam

good game

Nicholas Dzurnak

The npc players are too good at this game. I can understand that it is difficult to make matches all the time between live players, but the bots are ridiculous. They consistently chip in from 100 yards out making it very difficult to play this game without getting angry.

Ryan Kirkpatrick

Everyone you play is a bot, and half them get eagles and albatrosses every hole. Every other game one of the bots starts on the green and you cannot finish before the hole timer ends because of this.

fdsafds fdsafdsa

BOTS BOTS bots. You can only do so well unless u pay. You can shoot all eagles and guaranteed that a bot will too. Then u have a one shot shootout and all the boys get within a foot of the hole so you can't win. They don't even set up the shot they just quickly shoot and get that close lol. Oh and the developer can legally lie and say there are no bots. Not getting my money HAD TO UNINSTALL WHEN I STARTED SEEING BOTS WITH NAMES OF MY RELATIVE THAT HAVE ANSCURE NAMES. THEY GOT FROM MY PHONE

The Inquisitive mind

Like the review by other players, I think some people are using hack, I potted the ball in hole in 3 shots, the opponents ball was out of bounds. suddenly, it was near the par hole he potted the ball on 4th shot and he won. I am uninstalling this game, like mini militia this game too is hacked bye bye.

Steve DeAngelo

That it I'm done this game sucks.... it's simply not fair... i don't know if there are bots playing or what.... today i was all the way up to the ocean courses and it ended my game in the middle of the shot.. more than half the time remaining.. total garbage. Uninstalling now! Too many times I've won or tied and it gives the win to the opponent. Not sure if there are cheats or what but it sucks when you play fair and opponents or the game doesn't..

Bala murali krishna Bale

It always shows waiting for the other players to join after finishing one hole whereas my frnd joined without any issue I tried uninstalling and installing but no progress

Lauren Hopkins

pushin p

Ebi Alizadeh

the best game

yuri bellys

A lot of bots on this game , fake players

James C Walker Sr.

great game

Shahzad Adil


Princejed Pascual


Jaishankar Shankar

good game but we need more update

Mulayam Yadav

good game


It crashes when you play in higher levels.

Martin Cocksegde

nice game

City Streetz

I play this game more than I probably should, But I don't have a problem with that

Wali Muhammad

Lot of bugs need to work out. Nice game over all so far.

Mix Master Beanz Scherwitz

great control, a lot of fun to play

Nagu Nagaraju

So Beautiful game

hasibul hasan_01

excellent gems

Elizabeth Woodruff

good game

Chinnamk 1988.c1


Ruel Chang

Fun and relaxing game

Sţëvë Bëţţčhëř

Kept having (connection) issues. Continued to charge me coins, but I wasn't allowed to even finish a match to decide if I had lost, to be charged coins. I was charged non the less. Done with it!

Holebasu Suryavanshi


Abraham Araya


One of a kind Kev

fun game only been playing for 30 mins but I'm enjoying it

Todd Brown

fun stuff!!

Farhan Aziz