Gold Rush 3D!

Author: Zynga

5,000,000+ install


The most satisfying and addictive game you will ever play! This game will keep you coming back for more gold and all kinds of valuable stones. Like silver, emerald, gold, amethyst, and more!

All you need to do is find the valuable gems. each level is different and you will never get bored, we promise.

1. Cut the grasses to clean up the ground for your gold digging!
2. Break the stones with a drill when they are in your way!
3. Clean what you found!
4. Mix chemicals to split ores from each other!

It’s the best simulation game out there and it’s so simple, yet so addictive and satisfying!
If you like simulation and simple satisfying games, then this game is just the right game for you to spend time. Every age can play it.

Start digging now and be the best and richest miner out there!

Detailed info

File size: 117M
Update time: March 12, 2021
Current version: 1.4.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Zynga
Price: Free
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Customer review

Mozam ch Hussain ch


Lord Stanley Sigstad

There is no way to play the game and no instructions. Give this game a hard pass!

chad hearn

Game freezes 90% of the time while trying to log in .... also too many adds other than that it's a great game but now worth downloading I only got to play it one time in two days because ya can't log in... remove some of the adds that you do between every action and work on the loading system it has potential...

Harsh PatiL

Best game of India

Brendon Bird

Really fun but now it keeps crashing on the loading screen. Im sad I cant play it until that gets fixed. Phone is an LG velvet

Jeremy Minchew

The best app to use

Chintu Red

Amazing 👌

Mc Taratara


Joseph Vance

Fun game

Hailey Roberts

The game won't start up

Carey McGarvey

Could not even run

William Sovern

Will not load

thomas preston

Game won't even load. Gets to purple screen with the elephant and freezes. Uninstalled and re-downloaded it 4 times with same result.

Jason Jeffers

Kinda cool game but the adds will kill you 😡 way to many to enjoy the game.

Tessa Russell

Like this game

Caleb Mead

This game will not even open I played one time for less than 3 minutes and now it won't open or run I have a brand new phone which I restarted. This is absurd. Please fix your game.

Johann Acosta

Super cool gold game

Gluvs Daughter

It won't even work and when it works it's just all black

Zainab Arooj

WOW that's awesome game


Worst game so many adds game crashes don't download worst game ever

Tom Anderson

Wouldn't load

Simon Cannons

Keeps crashing

Charles Dittmar

I used to play this constantly, but I re-downloaded it. My levels gone, and I can't get my ad free purchase to re-kick in.

John Styles

Love this game

Carlos Zilong

trash game

Brylee Rupp

The game is okay but there are to many ads you can't go more than a minute without ads

Gerard Lawrence

Yeahhh, It's great 👍

david berg

Game wont even start

aweeyz izmaz

banyak sampah

Lukas Hartwig

I cant even open the game due to it constantly crashing. Dont dowload. Waste of time and data.


i love it but i cant open it without it crashing

Gerry Rosendahl

Game won't even start


Yah game bahut badhiya game Hai Maine ise Khela tha Jab Main Chhota tha coldrus ko Vahi mining Achcha Lagta Hai Mere Ko Agar hoga to main mining karna Chahunga mere ko bahut Achcha lagta hai isiliye to theek hai aap log bhi download

thomas o brien

Horrible game, nothing but adds, unplayable

adam franklin

Game wont load, and when it does it crashes after 5 seconds

QueenWulf Brown

Great app

Jacob Hall

way way To lagy

Kattamuri Ramesh


Arch angel

I have the no ads but still get forced ads please fix

the car show

Trash won't even work

Shane Jones

Not much to go on they asked me to rate them in the first 20 seconds of the game

Mike Fry

Garbage. Theres more ads than gameplay. There is literally an ad every 10 seconds and the ads are incredibly long. This game isn't even worth 5 minutes of playtime.

Emily Maria Ferrey

So good I would definitely recommend this game.

Alison Lee

Payed the $2.99 to get ad free because I hate all the ads. But as soon as I payed that the game "crashed" and now it won't even load in!!! Fix the game or give me my money back 🙄

Kaytlyn Huff

Can't even open app.

Tonya G

Game is still broken. Won't even open. stars Unistalled.

Sofia Cabile

Magan da po

vvivek pandey


Joshua Hooper

It won't even let me play. I was gonna try it out but I will be deleting this bs game. Don't download

Vidya Poorlupady

I'm takeing 4 starts back

Kyler Sharpe

Gets boring after the first few levels

Luka Hatake

It's good but it's hard to focus on it.

I am daughter of living God Hallelujah

Best offline game

Stephen Corley

Cool game for gold guy's try it out.

Illum Anotie

Great advertisement app! Not much of a game. There is an add every 20 seconds. I will be deleating this wish I could give it 0 stars.

andrew hill

Trash game. Can't even open the game without it crashing, and on the off chance the game does open, I play the first level, then I get to the menu, and can't even open the second level. Fix the game, and maybe I will change the review.

Ayush Mundra

Very bad game

alex barber

Guys just stop making games for crying out lord they're poorly design,too many ads ,including this game that keeps crashing on my note 20 ultra which is a problem since I just installed it and it's already crashing,shame on you guys for wasting people time and making horrible ads,pretending to not know how to play at all.


This game is really fun idk 😐 why you guys hate it

Brittni Rasa

Kicks me out every ten seconds. Deserves zero stars

Sam Donahue

My god the amount of ads in this game are insane..makes it unplayable..

Aradhya Srivastava

This game is very very Bad 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Muna Dawod

It won't let me dig out other stuff rather than gold

Rick Park

Cool game


Too many ads to be even remotely playable.

John Perkins

Horrible game don't even deserve 1 star

Mad Malk

Can't rate this game lower. The game won't even load!

Tundra 89

Unplayable. Wont even load. Junk game.

Scott Fletcher

Another of fun


Is good

Lucky Khan

Faizan warshi

zach Williams

Can't even open it

Shampa Karmakar

Ok not bad

Terrence Holleran

Adds all the time screw that

Dawn Sewell

Can't say much about game play as I haven't gotten much game to to play. But as far as adds go, you guys knocked it out of the park! Every 10 to 15 sec there's an add to watch!

Doyal kumar Doyal

I learn many thing about gold mining

Sydney Camille

Can't even get the app to open

Steven Paolino

Love it

Rhose Layaog

Go download it play


I like this game so much but 1 bug the ore get bug can go out from that baker bottle

Kamladevi Rajpurohit

Bad game can't download it 😞😡😠

doyle sims

It sucks I downloaded it then couldn't play it

Chris Dean

Game won't load up. .. total bs

Rose Garden

Not enough gold

michael kreutzer

Won't even open

justin hetricck

Just stopped working all of a sudden and won't open anymore.

Phil McNeil

Keeps closing

Donald Olds

Installed on Samsung galaxy Note20 Ultra and was not able to open the app at all

Elizabeth Gaines

I can't even get the game to download!!! This is bs!!

Hunter Forever

Lot of ad

Raul Ayala

Cant play. Its either you watch a video to play and then you watch another video during play.

William Knittel

Ads make game in playable. Sorry I don't give companies that spam that hard my money or time.

Elijah Kirby


Donovan Torner

Too many ads

Justin Fetkenhauer


Rome Perkins


Awesome Gamer

Dont play if you dont like adds

T Man Smith

The game won't even start for me, it gets to company names screen then freezes and closes

Andrea Maclean

Downloaded and could not even get it to load to play. Glitching out in initial load screen and booted me non stop. Would not recommend.

Jared Peterson-Lomker

An amazing game to play.