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Golazo! – Show off now your playing skills in this free and fun soccer game!

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File size: 112M
Update time: May 7, 2021
Current version: 0.0.27
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Purple Tree
Price: Free
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Customer review

Rayyan Abdellaoui

Good game!

Honour Chinedu

Great experience football with this.

mar bou


Luka Dragicevic

I try to click on play to start a match and it just brings up the shop

Sahil Chavan

This game is fab!!! I was stunned when I listened Marathi Announcer in Background when I was playing for India. But I need to tell that, I am facing difficulty to login through facebook, I hope the creators will solve it.

rama shankar Paswan

This is sucks

Aryan Shetkar

Most complete Football game ever

zannat ferdous

Plz plz make this game offline plz

Sakib Redwan

Love the concept. Wish there are more countries in World Tour (like all of them in the fifa ranking).

kidus eliyas


Sashi Wara

Ilove football and WWE game

Leah Haines

It's Really Good I Like The Style Of The Characters

Izzul Firas Sahri

Please make updates and make this game at future fix bug at and some new modes or event to make this game interesting.

Arsyad Fadhil Aqila

Game ini seru banget harus cobain deh pokoknya toppppp

Kirolos Maher

The game is a bit fun but the problem is some times the player freezes and the goalkeepers save too much of your shots

Maafan Tsegba

If only there was a way to give a review with no stars that is what I would have done the game froze and never released itself I downloaded it on two different phones I couldn't even read user agreement pls fix this

Max Challis

Graphics and game play are decent but the goalie is a brick wall because you can't score a goal and you can't move for 5 seconds after getting tackled and this all happens on the first level that I have lost ten times. But it's not because I'm bad at the game I play lots of games like this. It says you can play this game offline but you can't also I hate the energy system were you can't play if you run out of energy beacuse I want to play more than 3 times a day. 😔

Liam Gill

I am. Now. Trying. It

Sham Tas

This game is good but laggy

md sihab Khan


Seyed Mohammad Ali Moosavi



Game mirip captai tsubasa Graphic ok loading dan bug nya dah bener gak ngustuck

Keong ukeong

So far this game is fun to play. I like this kind of game. Good job

Bayley Ash

When I installed it and tryed to play it it didn't work

Michael Asseh

The game looks awesome i will like to try the game .

Tumelo molatlhegi

The game makes me happy and I always love it When I am bored I play this game and it makes me happy


Every second it freezes

Wibu Zak


Ali Abdallah


Maphelo Qolintaba

Thank you for this game

Justin Carl Ampu-an

Wth? First of all I thought the game was offline I tried to play it offline but it only works at online mode, I don't have wifi and my data rans out so I can only play games offline mode I hope you will fix it, I really want to play your game I had a great graphics good design the gameplay was very good, nice game.

Abir Turzo

Sash and you

fehin Khide

Love the game and graphics but there is one problem the aiming when you try to shoot a different direction it just goes straight so please solve the problem


This game is totally pay to win !! Control has so many bug ! Ads are every where ! Energy needs money in the game And the games area is so looks like brawl stars .

Tshwanelo Relebohile


Omid Abyanaki

باز نمیشه که

Phyo Khant Kyaw

good game football

Genzo Pham

Nice game and funny but i cant login with fb need fix

Học Lê

Nice but how to login with facebook


I love the game really, but the ads is really annoying and the control is kinda weird. Its always late to automatically change player and to actually aim the ball is really hard.

R- F-X-exe

No update so 1* and need online mode then 5*

David Luceo

Just got back to this game, but when I tried to log in to my facebook It just can't! All I only see Is "This app is on development mode." and It's unable to let me log Into facebook, I only can go to guest. Please fix this because my game progress will be probably gone

Mmathapelo Ngoae


Manpreet Singh

I love this game but i coudtnd play

Riad El bakouri


Asyraf Rosdi

I love this game but the problem is the field size is too smaller compare to other soccer games and also after winning/losing a match please don't put some annoying ads in it I hate it so much😒😒

shravan shetty

Very bad experience , I'll have to restart the game once the ad is done.

clover james

Great game but please add offline it finished my data

Optimum Occassions and events

Addictive AF

Nazeef Faidhi Mf

i like Golazo! game

Neeraj Chaudhary

Great football game I have ever had

Ramsina Ramsi

Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very super 😎😎

Amir Bagerzade

Make it offline

Daniel Chika

grafics are good

Talha Ovais

It doesnt have an exit button and plus u can't connect to facebook as well message pops up that this app is still in development and therefore you dont have access to this page.And sometimes it crashes during tournament lolz

Matsya Roshan

..feels like a parody of a football game.. though it's fun to play..


It has SOOO much potential, but everytime i try to play a game it freezes at 90%, and crashes, and sends me to my home screen. Other than the game is pointless, because I can't play. It has good graphics, and obviously a lot of hard work and detail was put into this.

Гуга Туркмен

Самая худшая игра вмире про футбол

Anna Nacaleh

I think thos game is amazing but!!! Idont get why there are energy stuff

Zabir Khan

Very good game.keep it up.ADD BaNgLaDeSh

Jacob Garcia

It is good

Mohadse Faramarzi

این بازی باحال است واین بازی را نسب کنید و من را لایک کنید

r. garcia

wow to golazo

Sophia Acheampong

Let's discuss with you 8for much as 3as 3well

ahmed moustafa

C.f. wow

Aamino Sharif


Nguyễn Tùng

Can you add an option to purchase an ad-free version in the store. The game was great but too much ad is annoying and it would decrease the experience.

Arpit Dobhada

Thank you


This game is so good cuz it basically free soccer so if you're not good at soccer just play this game this game is so so fun for just 90 MB

aman mall

It's a good game but you should inprove players and stadium

Mikhail Kenji S. Rasco

I love this game

Shahid Shahid

Very very nice game 🎮👍👍👍

Adam makoun

Add language arabic will be amzing

Yadunandan Bhat

Lovely game, amazing art style! Thank you so much for adding India!!

Samuel Eletu


satriagama krisna

Mayan gais

അജിത്ത് അഞ്ഞൂറാൻ


First Brand

Nice game

Abdul Sowe


Mohamed Kharraz

Good game but there is a lot of ads


Is they pele and maradano😊❤👼

Chima McKenzie

The app is nice is just that the time is too fast in the game cool app though

Dr. Rania Samir

It is good

Nea Lena

this game ic very god

Ali Al-khaloo

It is fun game but how i can challenge my friend togather?

freddy sanchez


Sankesh Pate

Out standing

Mohammed Haina

اللعبه نصنص

Benry TV

It is now !!

Faris muazzim

Nice game

Kendrea Stringer

Is the game offline

Karl Bolton

Game literally crashes over and over ive managed to get as far as loading a match after 5 attempts then it crashed again

Jack Taylor

Why is it that a lot of football games have energy so you can only play 5 games in a row if you take a look at successful football games such as fifa they enable you to play as many games as you like I think you should follow this idea, also why do we have to pay 2500 (when you only given 15000, and you are unable to get more coins apart from watching 100 videos in a row) coins to go into a higher difficulty season it seems this is just trying to milk money out of people not provide a good game.


The games got good potential but its a bit laggy and unresponsive at times and the music when playing a match is annoying its really not needed but like i said got potential and plenty of room for improvement

keith fisher

Top football game ....very nostalgic very good !!

Medo 2xd

There's little lag Where is the teams as Liverpool, Barcelona and real Madrid

Zikou Jx

We have fifa and pes but you are great

ahmed توت


Ahmed Nasr

Pls Answer me I dont have Facebook and I wanna login so I want to even log in to Google so pls it will be So Better and I will make a 5 Stars

3AMER 85

Good game, thank you