Godzilla vs Kong : Alliance

Author: Xadetechnologies

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Godzilla vs Kong : Alliance – Fight along side Kong and Godzilla to eliminate the evil monsters

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File size: 88M
Update time: August 25, 2021
Current version: 35
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Xadetechnologies
Price: Free
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Customer review

Birendra kumar Sharma

The best



Gabriel Plasabas

I understand why the kaijus are changed To avoid copyright

Sameesh Karthik

Lot of fun

Angel G daily videos

Amazing and I like that godzilla and kong are back

Lynette Rama

It is so mush good i unlock all kaiju's

Sarah Lucas

I think they should add male muto , female muto , mothra , warbat , behemoth . And should chang voide hydra to king ghidorah and chang the color to a golden yellow like in the movie godzilla king of all monsters

Goodwin Banico


Pouya Mansourzadeh

Nice nice

Animesh Sharma

I like this game alot. But when i use combo attacks, it lags alot. Infact, this game is better than Godzilla battle line. I unlocked so many kaijus/monsters in the game. I think that is all for today,Goodbye!

Caden Nyman

Thanks for bringing Godzilla & Kong back. Here's the 5 Star for it

shuddh doke

I like this game much better but his old skin in better than kaiju brawl

Ayesha Asif

Good game


I loved this game😍❤ but now I hate it. Kong, Godzilla, skullcrawler and Mechgodzilla look really bad👎 and their names just sound so bad. Please change their names back and give them their old skins. PLEASE🙏. I'm beginning you. this part is in 2022 still so bad👎 New part of the review thank you for changing it 😀 now change the pics on playstore and in game oh and take out shadowhound and dinozilla pls 🙏 also change void hydra to king ghidorah and make his skin yellow. Also add new kaijus.

Preston Ellenwood

I love it that the G man and monkey boy are back, I hope other famous kaiju will appear like ghidorah 2019, rodan 2019, and the ones from the old japan films. And just as a note, I cant get the health from the health boxes in survival mode

moonmoon chatterjee

The game controls are super bad and the hollow mecha is op (make the dinozilla, shadow hound or void hydra op)

josh kaiju

Ok I like this game for real but the reason I rated 4 star is why did u change Godzilla and Kong I like the older version pls bring the old model and I'll rate it 5 star EDIT: Thank you so much for responding my rating here's your 5 star you deserve it:)

Shaharia khan Shamim

ok,but its just Godzilla and kong do it with all the kaiju

Zeinab Sorayanejad

خیلی خیلی خیلی خیلی خیلی بد بود

Arko Marjit

Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls add roar of monsters

Serwat Kanwal

I don't love this game it have ads when we play a level of any mod what a tutti game🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Kaylem Yson Mendoza


Caden Woody


Wesley Tsang

Good game for Godzilla fans out there.

sovann sok

I defeated krak can you add krak lair

Surbhi Chaturvedi

Is game ko mene khela hai par isme all kijus nahi hai please new update or new leavels for story mode


i like the game but why does godzilla looks like a fish? and why does Kong looks like a dog? please fix the game!

Bernadeth Serra

Can you bring back the old design of dinozilla and Kong Pls

Miya Fordish

Yo could you make the Monsters only for coins Like Also make a Practice Mode where you got infinite health do 0 damage and could pick a kaiju to battle and also in Practice Mode you can have them be free but not in practice mode they cost coins because You Gotta do this.

Vinod Chaturvedi

Please Titanoboa

Trex Fire


sanjoe abu

Pls toho pls give him the liscense :(

S Type

Lankybox brought me here. 90% ads, pop-ups and spam.

Sileem Ashraf

The game is cool

Reina Molina

I dont like the way it looks can you put the game back to normal I like the monsters normal

Enoch Johnson

Can you put back the Kaijus real look, I want to see void hydra real form


The game is good

Aboud Elbaz

Awesome kaiju Game I think this better than Clayfighter Franchise and cyclops games and Mr Hopp playhouse(I still have no opinion Mr Hopp playhouse) in my opinion

Nour Fayed

I like the game but pls add more kaijus. And, can u please lower the price of ghidorah that u named "void hydra" and pls add a ckde that gives gems, not coins because, its actually hard to even get mecha godzilla, and in story mode, u have to give 200 gems because its with to much... Idk there names pls respond my reveiw

Mark Alvin Justo

Its a fun game and I used to play this game but sadly you have to change the design because of Copyright....A fun monster fighter game.....

Wendy Waugh

King ghidorah

Mohammad Khan

Please make a kin ghidorah and gigan godzilla final wars

sandhya dubey

Very op game

hizer omar

This geme the bets I play use kong

Master Pogi

Good game but can you pls add mutos it will be awesome if famle muto and male muto

manasamudram sudhakar

Game is good, graphics are average but game controls are worst... Not working properly.

Jasonz Johns

Good game but I have a suggestion can you add a monster that has the ability to teleport and shoot a beam out it's tail

Alexander Trujillo

The game is pretty good but the content is still lacking.can you add the MUTOs and the special ability can be the EMP and. I can go on and on .And can you take off the code to join someone's match.and I don't,like the new look's for the kaijus but is to avoid copyright but overall it's not bad or perfect It's just good ☺️ so that's why it's 4/5 and please 🥺 can you add the MUTOs Please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

MummyAdamAlif 69

I Like GODZILLA And KONG. I Give You 5 Stars

Bharat Garments

This is Very good game but chang the name of Characters like. Dinozilla to Godzilla And Chang the Skin in to Old Skin

Phua Peigen

I hate this game I kind of like the old version better but when the new uptade came it was so boring and godzilla and kong looks kind of wired and now I hate this game because of the update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Branduseru Sebastian

Este un joc care n-are mision godzila și cong sunt pe gratis


I gave this a two star because when i was uhhhh small thats just what im going to say anyway when i was small i liked the old characters my favorite was godzilla and mechagodzilla but now godzilla looks like angiurus godzilla kong is fine with me tho ghidorah looks burned mechagodzilla is still my favorite please give their skins back and also their names plssssssss

Ekamjot Singh

This game is best game i ever play but pls add some more kaiju like muto mothra pls pls and some more abitity for void hydra abd kong i mean powerfull attacks which take cooldown of 15 sec pls😄😄

Ezra Alagbada King

This is the best,keep it coming brother man

Riley Gribble

It was a nice game but is was sad he had to change it but no can understand it

Anju Saxena

A very nice game. This the best godzilla game but please add more monsters like ghidorah, rodan and biollante. Besides this this please put one different monster on one stage of arcade mode. Waiting for story mode as well. Edited:-) I m Happy, they added a monster similar to ghidorah names Void hydra. Totally nice. Added story mode very good. Guys but please add a mode where we can duel with our own monsters with same upgradation I mean to say practice mode. And waiting for a new chapter InS.M

n sharma

This game is amazing but how to get king ghidorah and mega Godzilla and skull crawler

Parveen R


Isaiah Gaming

It sucks it doesn't even have the original I used to like this but it just turned trash it's not even Godzilla or King Kong really nobody likes your garbage update okay

SukhamoySharma Mondol

Nice game and thanks for add void hydra hydra is my 2nd favorite monster and nice game too love your game

Jasmine Andrea Dequinto

Why enemy mecha godzilla its so strong pls update the enemy's are so weak if you dont update im gonna dislike your comment

ajay pachori

This game is best mobile game. The person who loves kaiju will really liked it.I also like this game but I want some new updates please release the new mods and new kaiju as soon as possible

Afra Faleel

Can u add destroyah pls

Aaron & Axel Estrada

designs changed they look pretty weird now the old looks for them looked better and the only way to use the old models in multiplayer mode but barely anyone plays multiplayer mode and it starts to get more and more boring once you have played it a lot it would be nice if there was roars but sadly no kong kinda looks like a wolf now and godzilla looks like a fish its smooth but its pretty bad so 3/5

Seigh Brian Bulanadi


Jackie Viljoen

It's a great game love the new update it's very good I have to say void hydra is better than ghidorah maybe add Mothra and rodan then it would be much better

The Evil Gigiyigas

I would prefer if you made the unlockables cheaper, the amount of time you'd have to put into the game to get them is insane. Other than that I really like this game it's pretty nice.

Rakhi Khaware

Wow I used to like this game but now I love it because they added void hydra to be honest this is a really good game and it is my fav

Anas Raffasya

Good Kaiju game.

Tabatha Davis

REALLY GOOD 👍 🤟👌thar a skullcrawler

Jaxon Plazek

Definitly the best Godzilla game on google play id say. Also the new void hydra is awesome!

dammika walakubura

Its a awesome game and I remember the times when there was godzilla,kong,skullCrawler and mechagodzilla not dinozilla,shadowhound,hollowcrawler and kaiju crusher and I completed the story mode. Can you add more monsters like ghidorah,rodan,mothra,behemoth, muto prime,male and female and queen muto,Methulash,Scylla and add story mode chapter two ? I would like online pvp which is 3D and can have about 14 players. My godzilla is level 31 and I spent a lot of coins and gems to upgrade it.I like it

Jevan Keanu

Godzilla mega

Subeesh Ishan

Can u please turn all the monsters like godzilla kong skullcrawler and mecha godzilla to their normal not like hybrids

Vergie Rago

so cool 😀 good game can i get money free please


1 star

Omar Abou Alfadel

yes I like this game but what happened to the old update and Kong Godzilla and mechagodzilla

Siz rayn (Sizrayn)

Fun to Play

sawnkim baite

It is really fun and cool but can you change the look of dinozilla

Phong Le

This is a stupid game to play is a bootleg

Godzilla master jira

Very good

Noah Onan


goat leg

Has good potential but it needs to be more connected with the movies and fele like them too update I can see you change the name and look I gus copyright

Alan Boundry

GAME NI BEST 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂

k 999

A little good boy a

brenda brown

Keeps crashing not worth it

Rajani Film hot topics

Super game

christy sudin


Elsie Galang

Good game update and update it add some more! Keep it up 🙂🙂🙂👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

sunita gadilkar

this is a bad game i like his old skin

Hassaan Khan

Cool game I love it but it lagged the game And Xedtecnologies make King Ghidorah and Rodan and Mothra i like the updates in this game like my favorite update is the kaijus like shadow dinozilla hollowcrawler and Kaiju crusher

Ameys Property Developers

This game used to be nice but now what have you done to eat I like the old skins and names better change it

Priyanka Sharma

I like this game because there is a my favorite hero kong 😇😇😍😍😍😍😍😍

Sajid Hussain

138474+3(38 Hs please sunday for the series still need to know god

Mark Riley

Game is so fun

achinta saha

This is a really good game. I give you 5 stars

Pramesh Ram Sainju

Cant finish level 1


This Game Nice But Mechagodzilla Is Had Overpowered So Mechagodzilla Power Same To Like Godzilla.


This good but I defeat Mecha Godzilla 2021 but I go in the stage 2 and I defeat hollowmech but I got nothing 👌👌