Goddess Archer

Author: Skygo

10,000+ install


Goddess Archer – Join the War of Goddess!

Detailed info

File size: 161M
Update time: September 9, 2021
Current version: 1.07
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Skygo
Price: Free
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Customer review

black Dan

Ruined... You just screwed up the most fun game related yo this concept , i cant even compte the tutorial right at the first min when u start the game , and it looks bad , its like anime based game

Ask me

I play tutorial and i done it and it leave the game

Bishara Boujaoude

1st the game kicks me out every 3 to 8 mins 2nd it is annoying how the game keeps glitching 3rd just the whole thing is entirely bad like the worst game ever please fix it but even though it gets fixed I'm never ever even gonna search this game and download it............... worst

Steve Kal

I appreciate your guys efforts for trying to bring AoG back but I can see before even playing the game that it don't even come close yet. There is always room for improvements. Maybe you guys can buy the rights to the game and try to improve in it from there. I really miss AoG, for me it was a way to escape stress, anxiety, sadness right after my sister died it really helped me to distract my mind from how I felt inside. But I just want to say thank you for trying to bring AoG back.

Anas Zer02

It's just a copy from an old game called archer of god

Virus Lex

Full of bugs..

Master Badass

Very Best Games ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Black flame

Just a copy of archer of god

Newt Leif

It's a pretty fun game with some fairly decent art. Seems to have a pretty generous selection of characters and level progresssion, with the game being overall beatable with enough player skill regardless of lvl... Main downsides though, the game got a few gamebreaking bugs like turning the player invincible when revived, or having the opponent glitch out of the screen when jumping. Also I dont like the music. But other than that, I enjoyed it, will probably keep playing.

Hafijul Mondal

Nat warking

Andrew Corso

My experience for this game is tearable because I get kicked off in the middle of the game

Le Chat

The game is worst. not offline and there limit to battle