Go To Heaven!

Author: Rollic Games

100,000+ install


Go To Heaven! – Are you a DEMON or an ANGEL?

Detailed info

File size: 92M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version: 1.6
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Rollic Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

ballora sister location

Nice game

Ariana Mosley


Merle Fletcher

Is very helpful on nice I love it oh my goodness I give it a five star rating I love it

Wande Olad

WHY is devil in the commercials 😒 😑 😐 🙄 😫 😕

Lalit Khatri

This game is so bad😡😠👿💩

Chleste Powell

Okay so like the game is like so awesome like if you want to go to hell or like heaven I would rather go to heaven because like that's why I belong to me and I pray every night that I go to bed brush my teeth wash my face so yeah so pick heaven because if you don't pick Kevin yeah I can be friends with me I don't like y'all if y'all don't so pray for having y'all bye love you LAY out to bye pray for God y'all

Marites De Jesus

Lol stuuddddddy gane noooooo its alllll laggggin omggg!

Ramil Ramirez

Because she sow butiful game

Rochelyn Adorio

Rochelyn C Adorioa

Kiara Fairbanks

???...😈😠😬😡😤:-\ ???Koko

Yeo Jieh Sze

So fun😇😈😊


Very Very Good Game.💝💝


This game Forces religion like I'm Christan and on the 2nd round it made me do all DEvil and I'm Christan I honestly would sue this game if I could Terrible game ew it makes me wanna throw up IM A CHRISTAN aND THE GAME NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND THAT DANG

Usham Khambi

This nice game 😁

Francine Samarra Echave


Karl Born

It is an okay game would be a nice game if it doesn't crash so much?!

Sulan Migat

I like this games


Too many ads

Johnathan Young

Listen...Now it COULD just somehow be my fault, but it seems that somewhere around Lvl. 35(?) a glitch occurs after completing course and accepting the reward that causes the player to become STUCK on the EXACT SAME course indefinitely and ALSO not allow any further skins to be unlocked...So please fix whenever possible!

Chase Linsinbigler


Abigail Bocking

It just keeps saying that it stopped every time i go into the app


The reason I am giving this game 1 star is because even when you say no to watching an add for a bonus, you are forced to watch an add anyways.

Arsenic Alchemist

The first level is so difficult I can't recommend this game to anyone. I've tried at least 10 times and even though the character you play as looks like they are having a blast right before the end of the level as soon as they hit the line they are suddenly unrealistically sad. I hope this bug gets fixed so I can move on to the second level.

Dinah Tabar

d a

Antionette Dallas


Mehri Rahmani


dwayne tenio


zarni maw

I like this game but not very good

Alex gamer

Bc i want to chose Jesus but its show the devil.:/

Sawma Sawma

This game is so good in amazing I am already go always heaven

Muneer Jan


Mrunal Patil


Robert Dawes-Hegan

Too many ads to keep you from experiencing the game

Arachana G


Arumugam Arumugam


amineh ghaffari


adik ralin

I love this game so much i love ads

Lengmawii Hlychho

Wow About this game

Qi Min

Its actually a boring game.I unnistalled it..but for the people who like playing this game and just hate the ads jus turn off the wifi. Bruh..just unnistall it. Its veryy boring..

Hong Zix