Go Green!

Author: OVIVO Games

100,000+ install


Go Green! – What will you find at the bottom of the ocean?!

Detailed info

File size: 57M
Update time: June 28, 2021
Current version: 1.03
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: OVIVO Games
Price: Free
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Customer review


Just downloaded this game to get a reward for another game. After the reward I will not plag this again. Way too many ads. It asked if I want to watch an ad to get a reward, but if I say no, it will still give me an ad. Also, the movement is to fast and there really isn't anything else to do. So 1 star singe I'm watching more ads then actually playing the game, and the gameplay is horrible

shaikh Amir ali

Good game


The offline rewards don't work. You can be off for 2 hours or 8 hours and either way you only get $3,000


Only giving one star for this reason: paid to have no ads and it DIDN'T WORK. Wasted $4 on this app when I got nothing out of it. Screw you guys, stole my money 🖕🤬

Andrew Kilby

Continuous adverts

Aiden Sarro

Way too many damn ads

Samrith Samrith

I so happy to play this game super game

Donovan Stewart Jr

AVOID AVOID AVOID. If you downloaded this game thinking it was gonna be easy swagB money, think again. Game will require you to playing almost every second of the day for many days and watch prob well over 100,000 ads which run about 30 secs or more , not worth your time to make a few pennies compared to what they will be bringing in from users watching ads

tammy gardner

The game is relaxing even with the ads. No ads is inaccurate. You probably say they are optional. But I paid for no ads and I don't want them. There is no contact in game with devs. Cash giraffe ad doesn't play or if it does it doesn't give rewards age of origins also doesn't.

Vanshpreet Singh


Umesh Gopi

Worst game

Matthew Thomsson

This is bad. Like, so many freaking ads to get you angry and no directions to how to play this game bad. This, along with several other games that are made EXACTLY the same, just replace the images. If you download this or similar games to get rewards for another game, this isn't worth the aggravation.


Laced with ads, every single turn

George Runyon

Games sucks only played for free purple gems in injustice 2

James Patton

If you're into watching ads, then boy is it your lucky day. I had to watch an ad just to wait in line to watch another ad. Once that ad was over,another ad popped up, and said the screen detected I wasn't paying attention to the ads. It immediately preceeded into another ad on why ads are a good thing for the advertising industry that focuses on ads and ad accessories. 2 hours later, I've completely forgotten what game I downloaded in the first place and the word 'ad' is starting to sound weird.

ShellyRaye Winfrey

Missing credits on offerToro to try this app Decent go fish game Cute graphics

Cory McGuffin

I'd rather have my phone explode in my pants than to play another second of this ad bukkake. Don't play this. It's not worth the $30 SwagBucks is paying you.

Laura Lynda

Just so lame. I downloaded this game for a reward for another service and quit after 2 weeks. I couldn't take all the ads. There's nothing but ads in this game. If you'd rather watch ads than play a game, cool download this. Also there's no real reason to continue to play. At each depth there's no new challenges. Nothing changes except items you collect. What's the point?

mark calinawan

Your ads is not working! If i play it, it only makes my screen black! Already reported it to your customer service but nothing happen! Cant play properly because of it how can i finish the task that is needed to be done if it is always like this?! PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM

Vovo Usatow

Ryan Connor

It's just ads with a glitchy game pasted over.

Jess Weigle

Only playing this to get gems for another game. But the ads.. omg so many. Makes the game unenjoyable to play. Even when you hit the no thanks button you still get ads. Can only go one time, then an ad, go another time, then an ad. What's the fun of that? Made me lose interest in the game super quick.

Mark Alvin Lalic

Dont install it worst app ever

Randy Haug

Super lame app if it wasn't for it being a mission to aquire another games credits I would never download this app there are far to many ads it is not a game it is a scam to get these app moguls more money by watching their ads! Don't waste your time unless you have to earn diamonds for golf clash or whatever app your trying to earn credits for you don't even earn real money. A WASTE IF TIME AND LIFE! DON'T USE THIS AD SERVICE!!! 👎👎☠️

Ajay Sawant


Van Fernandes

Shi** game with a lot of annoying adds.

vishal bairagi


Md Nadeem uddin


cathrine Bragg

Great experience

Carol Carolhaokip


Pete Williamson

One of the worst games I have ever played. Pointless and annoying with endless ads.

Teressa Thompson


Stephen Davis

Not worth rating

Adrian Soliz

You watch more ads than the time you actually play the game, after EVERY finished cast you have to watch an ad, meanwhile there's also a button that says triple money for an ad after every cast which lacks so much logicity in that. This is just another one of those games that you get bombarded with ads with. 👉💩


So much ads trust me do not download this game

Alan Tobin

It's ironic this game involves picking up trash because I feel I picked my first piece of trash up when I downloaded it. 1 of the worst phone games I have ever experienced

Heather Clemmons

Super glitchy....I'm able to click on everything and it work but when trying to start the actual task it does NOTHING. I have restarted and reinstalled numerous times as I'm using this as reward option for something else. May have to find another game to take it's place of the glitching and freezing doesnt stop.

Mike H (hazzer188)

Game is repetitive, but it's fine. It's mostly just a way to push ads on people.

Rhona Gwen Suñiga

Ima bouta get gems

Tartyboi AAA

Cheap cash grab type game. Boring gameplay and covered with ads. You might as well being watching ads instead of playing the game.

maari on2 rathwa

Hiii Hiiii Hiii

Kurrupted K


Matt Burgett

This is not a game, it is Adds!!!!!!!! You will far and away spend more time being forced to watch advertisements than you could possibly play the game itself....shame on the developers, shame on everyone involved in the decision making process, shame on every single human being who gave the thumbs up to force feed adds on anyone like this......shame shame shame!!!

Garrett x

Too many ads

Jodbert Corrigan

Doesn't perform well, some ads are difficult to close or crash the game. Getting to depths of the thousands is grueling and not worth your sanity.

Farhana Saif

This is not a game this is an ad watcher

iam briska

the ads.

Craft_X Gamer

Yaah this is best. earning app in play store

Becca Goodwin


Kevvy J

Too many ads, after every round is a little excessive.

Mukut Saini


Pitty Platsch


Vaibhav Patil


Krishna Odhaviya


Michael PJ Karl (KrazyMike)

Adds dor days

Denise Hill

This isn't a game; it's an ad machine. Literally 80% of the in-app time is ads.


horrible, adds between two rounds

solrek menry

Nice game 🎮

Tom Eaton

Play this if you want ads every 10 seconds, yes the 30 second no skip

FF gamers only


Freddy Allen jr.




Mr Jack

Good game


What will a find at the bottom of the ocean?! More farking adds! Adds up my ars, ads coming out my ear holes and ars hole! Holy Christ god!

Radha Maheshwari


Rizuan Pakour


Sage Kleo

The worst shovelware I've ever seen on here

Paul Holter

the game idea is i think a asome way to teach keeping the invirment clean for kids all in all its ok i think little kids around age 7 thats my opinion.

BRYAN Shackelford

The reason I'm giving this game one star is not because of the game , it's because they only show one add its the same one ever time ,atlest play a different add ,I'm still not installing that stupid game and you'll are lucky I played this one

Jimmy Joe Coomer

It really a catchy time killer


Good app

Daniel Chadwick

I'd give it more stars, but there's no words whatever, no explanation of how you DO anything, there's just a bunch of pictures that you have to GUESS what touching each one does. There may be help or documentation, but its not clear what you tap to get to that either. It's one of those games that I put into the category of cuteconceptbuttotallynonintuitivehowyouactuallyplaythedamnthing games

Mary Burrage

Game is painstakingly annoying so many ads you spend more time watching ads than playing the game.

Seth Goodrich

So many ads. You're probably playing this game for some reward page. Expect to spend 40+ hours watching ads before reaching your $2 reward.

Raluca Crisan

Way to many ads ... At every step you have to watch an add. Plus it's so hard to level up plus if you wait to level up with add, you când play 1 hour till you get an add for this . In a while the number of obj gathered and the coins won't show ...

Sunny Crocker

It doesn't do anything, nothing happens. Guess it's a accurate representation of environmentalists


It's not a game. You can't do nothing without an ad. It's all about watching Ads. Waste of time.

A Google user

Zero!!!!! Ad after ad every 5 seconds! Take unbearable amount of time and ads to reach depths! I am playing to reach a level through another app earning site and I highly doubt it is reachable! As much as you earn for all the millions of ads we have to watch I think you could make it more enjoyable!! Am pretty much over my limit of ads!

Chaerul Anam

Game stuck at 370m

dark rain

This app sucks! I can watch ads to gain more points but the app keeps on logging that you have no choice but to exit the game just to continue on playing !!


Ad machine

Givean Hooh

Game would be much better if it didn't give you an ad every second. I wanna cuss...

Wendy Adams

TERRIBLE!!! FREEZES MY PHONE CONSTANTLY. Way too many ads, which I believe is why it's making my phone freeze, and on top of that it keeps telling me I'm at a depth of 590 meters and need to pay 1.8 mil coins to add more depth, and three different times now its taken my coins without adding depth. If you like to be overloaded with ads to the point it freezes your phone, while trying to acquire coins for really no point whatsoever, then this game is for you 😂

Jennifer Lindaa

Good apps

Trial Bot


Rick Saga

There's still ads after paying for no ads. Theres no caveat or warning that youd still be stuck with seeing ads or waiting for the ad's ad to watch an ad to get more coin. Definitely not worth the 3.49$

Jennifer Adams

Awful. Really glitchy. Downloaded as part of a deal in another app - so not worth the aggravation no matter what the reward is.

Ronee Samoeel


Laura Appel

Easy peasy

Leonte Florinel

💩 You need to play this game forever only to collect fake points, that help you gather 5 USD in another game. Just and endless gambling. Avoid.

Preston Burgess

Amazing game! (A bit to much ads)


Installed once for tapjoy... The amount of ads after !every! move leads to conclusion this app was made purely to push ads aggressively. There's no way to continue without them, and they jump in even mid game when I chose to continue without one. Crazy. Canceled after 1 day.

King Grant


Niki Baghwar


Sarah perrete

It a very good game

Ajay Neuman

Absolute trash for a plethora of reasons For starters, you play for under 20 secs to be choked by almost min long ads. The multiplier bonus does not always work. An example is you will hit for 5x and will give you absolutely no rewards. Making the end goal a shot in the dark. Janky mechanics and terrible game to even be considered.

Hriday Khubchandani

So many ads noob developer

Jayce Sakura

Way too many ads, you might as well watch the ads for the extra rewards because you'll have to get an ad anyways



yazzie l

The game is ok I've played games like this before. My problem is the ad redirects you then when you go back the game boots you out and doesn't give you the coins that you watched the ad to get