Go Green!

Author: OVIVO Games

100,000+ install


Go Green! – What will you find at the bottom of the ocean?!

Detailed info

File size: 57M
Update time: June 28, 2021
Current version: 1.03
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: OVIVO Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Yuri responses

Too many ads, I could barely play the game. It is nearly like the game had caught some sort of virus during its making.

Chioma Ogwe

Tapjoy offer.

Shobha Shree


Jatinder Singh

So many ads in the game. Every clip gives an ad but in spite of many ads I completed target 3000 m depth to get reward as assured but I have not yet received reward. So as per my advice do not load this game and do not waist your precious time. This game is worst for everyone waisting time.

Melody West

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Joshua Mogan

Barely functional. Too many ads

Kishor PH


Navor Rosel


Sarah Gleason

I'm trying to get to 4000 meters in 30 days. It's impossible. If your going to offer rewards than do something possible please!

Michele Ramsey

Sometimes when you hit the button to watch the adds to gain more money it will not work. After watching a few adds it stops you from watching adds to gain more money. Therefore slowing down the process to get to deeper levels faster.

Shannon Gandy

This isn't a game with ads, it's a series of ads with a few seconds of game play in between. HORRENDOUS.

Sophia Novara

Way too many ads, and give you them anyway even if you decline an ad for more money


For an app promoting going green, it seems pretty littered with ads.


the most worthless ad farm I've ever had the displeasure of needing to uninstall

Fardeen Pathan


Rajendra Singh Rajpurohit


Sherill Ofina

The game is fun but the frequent & too long 30 seconds ads are very annoying. Ads is all right but if its only 10 seconds or less.


Ad game.

Tornado gaming

Very good game

Meenakshi Singh

This is very good game to play

Gonzales Danica Barcelona

Nice game. Light and easy.

Bwen Spwinnenhever

Boring, and doesn't really make me wanna go green.

Mike Huber

Don't bother with this game.

Joshua R

Too Many ads!!!!


I haven't play for long, but I'm impatient and uninstalled the app when it froze for the second time after I watched an ad for 5× increase in cash.

Jericho Travers

Decent, I just hate all of the ads. If you click no thanks to the double+ points, you still get an ad. After every click there's an ad


It does not past 590 down

Perkins 1900

Way to many ads awful game

Hac Costes

Might be something worth passing the time if there weren't so any adds. Literally every ten seconds you get another one with options to watch more in between. Nothing new or exciting happens. If you upgrade the depth more than one level at a time, it is almost impossible to get back to collect unobtained objects.

Samuel Delarose

An ad every time I collect money is absurd. I only installed this for an offer on another app. Once I complete that, I deleting this money grabbing, lazily developed app.

Wenylyn Pabatao


Joshyn Enrique B. Micabalo

Really bad game basically watch an ad simulator. If you downloaded this game from adgate in hope of getting money or in game currency, don't do it It gives you nothing if you complete the offer. Dogshit game

Mason Klein

Way to many freaking ads for a mobile game

Nevaeh Marie

DON'T receded soo boring

Kimberly Smith

This game is the worst. Ads galore. If you are playing for Diamonds don't bother it's impossible and it's glitch after glitch. I would like to have given it -star

julie bothwell

Bought the no ads pack only to still be getting ads... Not happ

Niya Gray

Its fun for when your bored...

Nerf Commando

Simple enough to play, but is basically another one of those watch adds gams where you watch adds more than play the game and the grind is super slow. Offline earning is capped at 3000 whish is either broken or nonfunctional on purpose

Ash P

It's just an ad mine.


Paid for no ads, get ads anyway.

Uziel Garcia

This game has too many ads everytime you reel in the stuff and we'll yeah too many ads

colby cant say

cant even tap to start bruh

Mindy Levin

Do not play!!! I downloaded this game through a Swagbucks offer to earn $20 to reach a depth of 3,000 meters. I keep reaching further down but it keeps going back to the previous depth. I reached 700meters but then it went back to 650meters. This is not the first time it bumped me back. I don't think it's possible to reach any lower. Bummer because I really wanted to earn the $20 offer

Tanner Tomlinson

Horrible game, absolutely boring. Hardly anything changes as you progress, with only the occasional background change and new items. Its so boring some of the million ads you'll be forced to watch look more entertaining you would end up moving on to a new game quick.

Nasima Begum

Worst game on earth stupid dumb made for dead zombies

Chris Hoschar

Horrible, wish could rate it 0 stars, way to many ads

Noel Her

This is the worst game you get a add ever second

eyeless jjack

You get bombarded by ads every second

Tom Tomek

My mommy is here!!!!!

Matt Carter

to many ads even after paying to get rid of sdds

brian heath

Trash just trash I can't even play

jasmine cabase

Cant get the adgate reward after completing the offer this sucks

Careless Shorts

Worst Game Ever.

Arshad Ahamed


Julie Taylor

There are way to many ads I do not recommend this game

Brandon Watkins

Ad farming that pays NOTHING. Really!?

Simran Ansari

Worst really laggy game idk how many times I've paid 2+ million bt still not getting over 640mtrs literally it's so bad

Rémy Javelle

After claiming the daily rewards for the first 16 days, it is no longer possible to fetch them again from day 1. Intended or bug?

marinel bartolabac

This game is suck@#!!!

S NeeNee

My tablet was not optimumal for this game. It installed but could not play it. 😏

Joseph Green

Way too many ads. Do not get.

Ricky Calzolano

HOR-RI-BLE. Game should just be called "Go Ads!" instead. Don't waste your time here!

Darksunshine 1231

Too many damn ads on this game. Even if you say no to multiplying your money 5x by watching an ad, it gives you an ad anyway. Not to mention if you hit a bomb in this game and you watch an ad to continue playing, sometimes it doesn't work at all. Don't waste your time playing this dogshit of a game!


This is the worst game ive ever played

Jeanette Schaus

Don't waste your time, this game doesn't work. You don't get what you are supposed to get for your idle time EVER. I downloaded it for a task for a different app but I'll never get to the depth I need to get my reward like this. I'm going to uninstall.

Saras Lenka

Trash it is. It hangs alot

Eboni Hubbard

It want let me play this made my day worst don't download this at all

Chris Lahey


Joe Jackelen

Ads after every cast Only playing for reward in another game

Erika Pinto

Don't ever play this game even for offers in other games. This is any other cash grab with ads around every corner. This should be illegal

Thomas Earl

This game is a waste of time.

pranjal kumar

I think play store should add the feature to give stars in negative

Chandan Chandra deb


Reece Felton

Offline earnings max at 3000 waste of time upgrading it... Not even at 700 metres and it's taking about 10 adverts to get 10 metres

The Questionably Realistic Lorax

I was originally going to play this game for 1000 gems on a different game. I thought this was a cake walk when I decided to take the challenge, but I was wrong. I'll have to be payed a million gems to play this game. The game sucks. It's cheap, you get an ad every time you fish, some upgrades require an ad, extremely laggy which makes me unable to move my line. Horrible game, wouldn't play if I were payed to.

Sushil Kumar

for last 3-4 days, my daily login rewards are not being added to the balance. i haven't got 35 tash and 100m depth rewards.

Angelica Sarmiento

Its really just trash with all the ads it might be fun without them but I don't understand why you would make a game just to fill it with ads every 2 seconds I probably won't download anything else from this developer

Vaibhav Gaming

Very very bad

Alexander Andrews

Constant ads.

Jordan Stufflebeam

If you enjoy spending more time watching ads than actual game play, then this is the game for you!

Abby McKellar

Does not work. Opened app, loaded, it says tap to start. Tapped everywhere. It's not frozen; it just doesn't do anything.


You watch an ad even when you choose not to watch an ad

Koko Lay


Zacora Studios

Too many adds not giving you the chance to play the game. WASTE OF TIME


I would like some game with my ad, thank you.

Dominic Patterson

Cant even play the game, it just sits there saying tap to start but never does

ohyeahyeah games & other things

This is the most uninteresting, tedious, and add-filled game I've ever laid my grubby little fingers on. The only reason I ever downloaded it is because of a deal with my singing monsters. I highly recommend you play something else.DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS GAME!!!

Ajay Sharma

I play only one time to get trash and everytime i come back it play a ad ads come to often and for the last 30 games i hit a bomb before i get anything

Aaron Tandoc

Oh my goodness ads, ads and more ads. The game is 90% ad 10% game. I'm normally fine with ads in games but holy hell this was so terribly executed it makes it unplayable. Ads even after you don't want to watch an ad for X5 reward? What a joke... AND EVEN IF YOU WANT TO WATCH AN AD FOR A X5 BONUS, IT DOESN'T WORK 75% OF THE TIME. This game is no different from adware. Unless they tone down the ads or actually fix their rewarding system, I highly discourage anyone from ever touching this "game".

Aryan Verma


Priyanka Rao


Shalini Thakran

Nice game 🎮🎮

Sir Jeet


Bode-kehinde Ayomide Daniel

Depth can't pass more than 1020m.

Subodh nanda

He is layer game

Rishav Yadav


Liza Sha

I love this

Lal Tutu

play this game if you want to watch ads.It's really good for ad lover you will be watching ad after ever pull you make so dont worry about the game.the game is short so you have longer time to watch the ad.i recommand you this game if you are a fan or ad lover.Just play this ad.. i mean game. idk what to call it.A game or an ad you're choice.I myself call it the gad cause idk if it is a game or ad centre

LuigiNator 64

This game is utter garbage, first of all way too many ads, I mean everytime you finish a round it gives you a CHOICE if you want to watch an ad or not. Then proceeds to give you an ad anyway.

Lost in Danslation

AVOID. AVOID. AVOID. AD app disguised as a "game" Swagbucks members etc. It is NOT worth your time.