Go Candy!

Author: OVIVO Games

100,000+ install


Go Candy! – What will you find at the bottom?!

Detailed info

File size: 56M
Update time: June 28, 2021
Current version: 1.02
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: OVIVO Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

John Ayak

Best app ever

Race Gwiazd

Played to get award currency for another game. Reached the objective and didn't get the currency. Scam😕It's loaded with ads but easy to play just doesn't pay out.

Hans Vats


Yvonne Koh

TOO MANY ADS! Download only if you enjoying watching ads. After every few seconds is at least 30s of ads, ridiculous

Erisu Toyama

painful amount of ads, upgrade scaling gets extremely aggressive and it's so repetitive that you question why would you want to grind them out. offline cash upgrade exists but is literally worthless as you could leave the game afk for literally 10 years, then watch an ad to double that and it wouldn't even be enough to get a single upgrade at high depth

Keith Hartley

After about the depth of 500 the x2 bonus does not work, you can click to watch the advert and get a few minutes at x2 but it does not apply it to your score once you reach the top. The claw on many occasions after watching an advert does not move, so you have to quit out of the game. Many occasions when you click to 5x your score, after watching a 30 second Advert the times bonus counts down again, not happy with the game.

Amanda Fabian Valadez

Way to many ads and super glitchy not worth it ☹👎

Denny andriansyah

Totally bad game, and bad development game, don't download this app!!!!

Kyle Nichols

Ad-riddled garbage, a shameless, terrible cash grab. I would rather watch paint dry than play this pointless, terrible so-called "game".

Candor Zofain

Simple and uninteresting gameplay. It also contains forced ads.

Ferry Fyuh


Mark Hodgetts

I 5 starred this miserable game because I need credits for another game, otherwise it would get 1. Too many ads ruin it.


You can't go 15 seconds without seeing an ad, It's also just a copy and paste of some other games.

Ava Baer

Whenever I tried to play at the beginning 2 minutes said to click the screen to play but I I clicked it I could everything and it did not work the only thing I could click as the add button to get x 2

Jacqueline Benjamin


Philomena Okolie

tbh just use airplane mode and you'll be fine this game is pretty fun the ads are not repeating and it's amazing with airplane mode.

Shannon Ramay

What a jip. Click bait. It asked if wanted to watch ad to earn more winnings. I chose no thanks but an ad showed anyways, everytime I click no thanks what's the point?! I didn't even get more winnings either. The game play is too fast for all these ads. If the game itself was slower speed or if there weren't as much ads like 1 in 10 games, which 10 games or more could be played in like 1 min session.

Noah Sparklin

You cant even play.

medusa the first

i watched ads for rewards but it didn't give me anything

Jean Rodriguez

The best

Kiramori Mikora

Ads after every single round without fail, no matter how short. 5 seconds of game play, followed by 15-30 of ads. Every single time. I'd enjoy the game if I could actually play it without being bombarded by nonstop ads, but absolutely not worth it. The same game play loop, but smoother, can be found elsewhere.

B.E.'s Higher Realm Goods and Services Empress

The Pepsi ads lag and don't play, for the most part. They make the game get stuck and then I have to go completely out of the game, starting completely over and losing my earnings. GET RID OF THE PEPSI ADS!!!

Jacob Howton

I only got this game because of baseball 9 to get free gems however, I was not expecting how bad this game was going to be. It constantly lags, it constantly ask you to rate it, it is impossible to progress in the game without adds, and speaking of adds I must have watched +200 of them. Do not recommend unless getting free gems in baseball 9. DON'T GET.

Samantha Gudroe

Seriously, don't bother. I only downloaded for rewards from another game. It's terrible. Every time you try to do anything, you get a darn add. It's literally, constant adds.

Jhon Kevin Acuña

Easy to play


iv never seen a game like this its so annoying i have to watch ads all the time. when i start, it start with rotten candy and it caused to i fail and when i fail i have to watch ads. it is really annoying i am deleting it.

Turkey Pakistan Alaya güll


Kimberly leon

It doesnt even let me press start.

Le Duy



worst game I've ever played. enough ads to create a whole movie from playing for 10 minutes

Pisces Water

It always freeze when i tried playing it

Joselito senno

Bad bad don't play it

Zariyah Curry

Oh my God! I don't write reviews at all but this is just ridiculous!! It's ad after ad after ad!!and not even trying to get an ad required item just clicking the continue button I just can not!! The ads are ridiculously unnecessary please change this for the enjoyment for future players!!



Sean Resto

How do I put this gently? It's atrocious.

matai mark

good game and happy received benefit

Jade Gerdes

If I could rate lower I would. The game is full of glitches. Top to bottom. If you attempt to watch an ad to gain more points, there is a 75 percent chance you Will Not see any payoff. Furthermore, watching an ad sometimes breaks the game, causing you to have to close and reopen it. Even when the game works it is laggy and full of what I am realizing is intentional sabotage, given that this game gives rewards for other apps. 0/10. Playing out of necessity then never again.

James Skelton

If your going to play this game then I hope you enjoy ad's! Even know you opt out of watching an ad for increased earnings you're still directed to an ad, like it or not. Worst app I've had by far!



Zandra Stephens

Great game!

A Meyers

Ah, what to say... I have never, ever, played a game with so many ads, so desperate for you to pay them $3.47 to get rid of the ads. By desperate, I mean DESPERATE. You can't complete more than one round without ads coming up and in most cases, they mess up the game and make you loose. You can't buy anything or click anywhere on the page without ads and to make it worse? They're targeted ads, which is shady to begin with if you've never met the company. Don't get the game. Waste of time.

Simon Mendat

Probably one of the worst mobile games I've ever played. It's just ad after ad and you barely even get to play. You're able to restore a life by watching an ad but half the time the ad sends you to Google play and makes the game glitch so you're just stuck there. You can also multiply rewards by watching an ad but it does the same thing so you have to watch an endless amount of ads until one doesn't send you to Google play. It's atrociously bad and I wouldn't recommend to anyone even to passtime

Abhishek sonkar


Robert Norton

Context i play battle cats. to get a reward in battle cats i need to get to depth 3000 in this game. i teared up in frustration while playing this 50% ads 50%game this is not an exaderation. DONT PLAY!! it sucks so much id rather watch jake paul or get punched then play this trash. with out 2 trillion adds its a 3 star rating.👎

Irfan Ali

Go candy

Careless Shorts

Very Worst Apk Ever Seen. Lots If Ads Coming Every Second.

Dhankala Bogati


Awdhesh Singh


Zyl Amani Azamanijan

Where is my reward i already make it until 23.00k why i dont have my reward yet??

Ashutosh Yadav

Doesn't let me 2x

Chipuru Sibakrishna

waste of time and energy ,a lot of add are displayed every single time you start the game and adds take more time than a single round of game .

Daniel B

Avoid ads for 2x coins and extra life. Die deliberately and only click ad if it's to increase your depth. You're welcome.

Cixii_ Damien

Ads ads ads ads ADS!!!! TOO MANY ADS!!!

Xly Ling

too many adds

Courtney Celine Alejandro

Its good game

LD Guzz

-1 star. Stupid ad-ridden game.


Too many ads, too much lag, too many stupid "bad candies" near the starting point. As soon as I go 700m down I'm deleting this game and never returning to it. I'm only here for a reward in another game.

sam roberts

Ad machine

Rachel Leamons

This is just another game full of ads. I've played two other clones of this game, and they were just as terrible with the ads. It's a pain to sit through an ad when all you want to do is play a game, so you might as well "watch an ad to get a bonus!" instead of sitting through one that gives you nothing. It's a real pain, just another way of squeezing money out of its players.

Pawan rathod


k& TV kiranpatel

Good game but not fully us

Shafi Sithu


Roshan Tech 2.0

It's worst crane not working at sll

Just Play Games

Suggestions for improvement, let the players to view full candies picture instead of half


Your greediness won't make you rich , putting tons of ads isn't the best way to make your games profitable. If you want to make your games profitable and attract many players change your stupid games. Infact they're playing your games because of offers and rewards not because they love it. :)

Md gulfam Alam

So good aap 😍

Oscar Rodriguez

I only play for gems for baseball 9

Dj king Of banda

Very good

Maddox Aguilar-West

Does Not Say How Much Things In The Game Costs For USD, Like For Example The AD Free Button Does Not Say A Price

Sunil Pawar

Good day

Prince Frog


Stephen Busch

Ads, ads, and more ads is an accurate way to sum up this game. The progression for this game is exponential so you are forced to watch ads or pay for the ad free option. I am not against ads I games, but I can guarantee that you will spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Additionally, the rewards that you are watching the ads for are inconsistent, so you are likely to watch 2+ ads per reward (instead of the one ad that is implied) because the game is poorly designed on this aspect

Kenny Davis


JP Hibbert

Way too many ads. Like way too many Even if you're downloading this for a reward, it's just too many ads. You're gonna have to watch over 1000 ads to get your mini reward.

Cameron Kiser

Turn on airplane mode while playing so theres no advertisments

Murad Zülfüqarov

This is absolutely worst game in the world. There are advertisements every second. I can't play anything. It was west of my time. Not worth installing. Really!!!

Godzilla King of Monsters

The only reason why I still have it is for a reward, to be honest I understand why playing this for 7 hours gives you a reward, because this game is so bad that other people are feeling so bad that you waisted 7 hours of your life on a horrible game. The real reason I gave a 1 star is because the amount of ads you have to watch even if you are playing for 30 minutes is measurable and if you watch an ad to earn a boost it doesn't even work like your relationship with your girlfriend.


Way too much ads. Every round, which is about 5 seconds, comes with a 10 second ad.

Philip Yeung

The challenge of this game is to avoid the ads, you will get ads no matter you choose see or not

Geometry Craft

Too many ads! The speed of the hook is too fast! This app is garbage and clearly a cash grab. Not even worth your time nor is it fun.

adeoluwa akinwumi

Good game but Quick and after each round it forces you to watch a add. PLUS you have to avoid annoying stuff that ends the game even quicker! 10m Per upgrade. I didnt even get to 500 and its already costing over 100k!

Kaji Diri

Scammer game I'm watching add , 7000X5=7000 ferry ferry LoL

Chris Green

Ifyouu never get tired of hearing "10 dollars, 10 dollars, 10 dollars, I am not understand why you play game that get only 10 dollar...." then this is the game for you. It's to the point where I'd probably punch that lady if I ever saw her in person. Not to mention the game is just dumb. There's really no objective minus the developers revenue stream from ads.

Oscar Julian

Ads everywhere fix this damn game

Maryjo Knopsnyder

Omg the ads are insane. Someone is making good money from us watching these every 10 seconds. And game is kinda boring. What's the point???


One of the worst experiences I've had playing a game. It was all just ads. After every run, which takes about 20 seconds, you had to watch an ad. If the gameplay took longer it wouldn't be that bad but it takes actually takes 20 seconds for a run

Chuck Morris

Fun game dude

Tuan Ngo quang


Bharani Mahidasan

Still know i have not got my money i try to redeem code but it's give some RBI has given that for subscription given. Simply you can play nice game for the entertainment it's good but it's not earn . Fake it's pay aney money . Just to play that it.

Awad Gimeng_ عواد جيمنج

تحت التجربه

Joey Vidal

You spend more time watching ads then playing the game. It's awful

Tony Richardson

disgusting amount of ads.

Zuko Ray



It doesn't even work, when you tap to play, it doesn't respond

Justin De Roule

Way too many ads


This game is so buggy. Everytime I hit one of the "Bad candies" and I try to revive, the crane gets locked into one fixed position and cannot go upwards, so I'm forced to restart the game. There are way too many ads, and sometimes when you watch an ad to get a reward, the reward doesn't even come. And the game doesn't give you enough coins to upgrade your game, so you're basically FORCED to watch an ad that only works 50% of the time.

Mr 1

Awesome 👍👍👍👍👍😎

Jake Turner

Any need for the amount of ads only playing it for points for another app not worth the download waste yer life

April Trujillo

Worst game ever!!!! Too many ads. And when you choose not to watch an ad for extra points...it still shows u an ad. Literally everything you do you have to watch an ad. Would be a fun game if they chilled on the ads.

Jessica Fanning

Probably one of the most worst games I have ever played. There's so many ads you came and play the game. It's just so stupid not worth downloading