Gnome Diggers: Gold mining

Author: Mamboo Games

100K+ install


Gnome Diggers: Tycoon Miner is a simulation game mixed with tycoon game and idle clicker. Immerse yourself into the world of Gnome Diggers: Tycoon Miner – one of the most exciting mining simulators! Build your mining strategy to dig the mine, collect gold, merge gnomes, increase their strength and become a tycoon. Expand your mine and earn more gold!

In Gnome Diggers: Tycoon Miner game you can use dynamite to blow up difficult obstacles on the way. It is the simplest way to win gold and rare minerals and special items that upgrade gnomes’ abilities. Digging the mine you will get bigger idle rewards.

Keep in mind that we are constantly adding new unique levels to our mining simulator, so you will never get bored. Improve your skills and become a high-level idle tycoon.

Gnome Diggers: Tycoon Miner GAME FEATURES:
– Mine the gold and find unique treasures.
– Grow your mining business and get richer.
– Progress through special levels for loot and resources.
– Automate your income and progress quicker!
– Build your gnome simulation empire and become the greatest idle tycoon!
– Simulate time and achieve the goal faster
– Collect idle gold even offline, get special cards and upgrade your mineshafts.

WHAT MAKES Gnome Diggers: Tycoon Miner SPECIAL from the other TYCOONS?
– Simple and super-addictive idle simulation gameplay
– Amazing graphics and atmospheric game design
– Cute interactive gnome characters
– Variety of loot and mountains of gold in the mines
– Collecting idle gold is possible even offline
– Fast progress and tons of upgrades

Challenge yourself in Gnome Diggers: Tycoon Miner right now! This idle tycoon simulator is really addictive! Making idle cash is easier than you think!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 16, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Mamboo Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Michael Slattery

Update. I tried it for a day and it didnt get any better. Warning. They offer what seems to be an ad free option for a few dollars. Important. DO NOT BUY THIS. You get 10 no ad tickets and that's all. They will last about 5 minutes and you are back to endless ads. Might be ok, but I the adds. They never stop. Shame.

Ioana Radu

Gnome Add Diggers

Barbara Grover

i love it ❤️

Aka Green Green

best game ever

Waymon Culp

just started

Jay Najwa Abdul Halil

I wonder how much do you guys earn for the ads that pops up at an exact intervals of 1 minute. I can imagine you guys earn quite a bit when you have (est) downloads of a few 100s, with an hr of playtime.

Jason Weiss

The game isn't bad, but it's nothing more than an ad machine. Every action needs an ad and ads pop-up randomly while playing. Everyone and then a rewards ad will fail and make you have to see another ad. Then sometimes during an ad the app reloads.

A Tiny Channel

The ad for this game showed gnomes at lvl 17 & yet we are capped at 10. Not really much to do except wait for each block to be mined. Check few times a day & play another game

Ngoc Loan Ly

OK thanks for letting me know though so much

Dan Thayer

Pointless repetition with constant ads that interrupt game play. Don't waste your time installing.

Mathew Snyder

Just encountered a random forced ad. You are greedy


This is such a good game if it wern't for the constant ads. I really do wanna play but you're getting us to watch enough ads for boost that you don't need to force it upon us.


I hate this game some reasons

Salim Almuhandis



Watching Ads, what a fun game. When companies don't understand how to build a successful game and how to monitize it. Horrid, stay away.

horseea wana


Reuben W Ray

Paid not to see ads and still seeing them.

Hannah Jones

Way too many ads. Uninstall.

joseph wright

Buggy and full of adds

Barry H

Yet another idle game totally trashed by the excessive amounts of advertisements. 6-12 ads per minute of game play (1 every 5-10 seconds), and the ads last for 30 to 60 seconds each. Spent more time watching garbage ads than I did playing the game. Don't waste your time on this one. Not worth it.

Hossam Ahmed

Too many ads.

Terris Harned

Don't rating requests, especially not within 30 seconds of starting the game.

Benjamin Denton

awesome game

Patrick Roggie

Game has a lot of potential but the ads are completely out of control, forced ad break every 3-4 minutes (15 second ad) and then 2 or 3 chests and bonuses every level that require you to watch a full ad.. To get all the goodies you are spending more time watching ads than playing the game. For $2 you can stop the forced ads but you still have to watch ads incessantly for the chests and things.

Brock Lindblad

love it


Too many ads


Ad watching: the game. Ignoring that, even for an idle game there's basically no content.


Not worth the download, automatic ads every 30 seconds of game play

Rose Rossello

The amount of forced ads is ridiculous.

Spanky van donk

Waaaaayyyy too many forced ads every 20-30 sec an ad im out

Mathew Ross

Like most others are saying, pop up ads. It's one thing to place certain time skips/bonuses behind ads but really scummy to just force feed you ads every minute.

Naive Spicer

Nothing but ads. Literally playing a level and an unstoppable ad will start playing.

Amber Montañez

Played 2 or 3 levels and got tired of the ads. They just randomly pop up in the middle of a level. No real explanation as to the level goals, just seems kinda half baked. The animation is nice but that's about all I can say.

Ben Wulfen

Another intrusive ad pusher.

Aiden Carty

Please stop hate comments I love this game

A Google user

Claims not to have ads, dumped me into an ad with no warning partway through the second level after about a minute of gameplay.

Nicole K

Lovely game but the ads are almost every second!!! Just when you thought you found a lovely game...I'm going to Uninstall it...

Ali Talib

Forced ads

Jacquelyn LaRonde

Sadly another cool game that is a forced ad (5-10 seconds) ad-farm - the last lvl I played had 3 different ad breaks on Level4! Plus, of course any chests, most upgrades and other "just idle playing" actions trigger full 15-30 second ads Uninstalling ... sad it looked like a cute game 😞

Jesus M Perez

The challenge is very good

Joseph Priester

You get ads without warning every level, the levels are quick. Game seems fun, but won't play because of ads. What a waste of maybe a good game

Lillian Lamb

Ads ever minute or two.

Adam Leadbetter

Pop up ads kill this game. Every 30 seconds or so an ad pops up. Just so annoying, can't get thru 1 level without 10 or more ads. Just a waste, good game but the pop up ads make it unplayable.

George Kohler

lots of fun

Joseph Bridgewater

So many non optional ads, and some are in middle of levels

Steve Perron Ste-Marie

Could be nice, too much ads. Im okay with ads after a lvl or to open stuff but some just come randomly when im playing. Uninstall


Too many ads for the amount of actual play time. Was not an enjoyable experience and gave up after just a couple of levels.

David Bulfoni

just started good so far

Grigore Dabija

Ads to much

Jordyn Fennell

Cute game but too many ads

PartyTime XXX

Too many ads that are not optional.