Glyph of Maya – Match 3 Puzzle

Author: FunkyVine Inc

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Glyph of Maya – Match 3 Puzzle – Free to play classic match 3 puzzle game

Detailed info

File size: 67M
Update time: July 27, 2021
Current version: 1.0.61
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: FunkyVine Inc
Price: Free
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Customer review

Rhonda Pulphus

I must have missed this game. Its different and stylish. Yes l like it.

Scott Hentschel

Fast paced, cool graphics and explosions, fun, thanks

Brandon Poulsen

It's a match 3 game. There isn't anything really wrong, but it just isn't appealing to me for some reason. I think the game board is too small, leaving it more difficult to see. It feels more cluttered and claustrophobic than enjoyable. The ads aren't too bad or overly aggressive, but I have similar games without any banner ads or forced videos. Again, not that they are a big deal the way they are set up here, and they need to make money. I also miss the match 4 in a square of many match 3's.

Monica Musselwhite

The "Match 3" or "Tile Matching" catagory of games that I have played seem geared toward Y and YA aged gamers. I find "Glyph of Maya" to be a more adult choice for this type of game due to the subtle elegance of tile design and the interesting soundtrack that accompanies it. If you enjoy tile matching games, but don't enjoy them in live screaming primary color, try this game with a nice bottle of Chianti! You're discerning tastes will thank you, lol.

Samantha Lish

Really like this game so far even though I haven't been playing long. It's truly unique and fun .

Rui Marques

The game seems interesting. When you can actually play between the tons of ads you have to bear with every 10 seconds...Uninstalled...

Julie Hooper

Love this game as it's not only challenging, but different from most match 3 games. Each time I've completed this game, I uninstall and install again... Great update and new levels!

Jax G

This game is challenging and fun😊

Lisa Drottar

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Deserves 5 stars! Thanks for all the new levels (But can you fix the no reward for boosters after ads?? No"reward granted". It worked in the past) I LOVE this game. I've played all levels a few times💖! Light up lights, hatch eggs,remove lizards, orbs need 3 hits to blow up, tiles,coins to be uncovered, black blocks in the way need blowing up with bombs you make, medalions need to drop off. And more. Great game!👌

Catherine Shepard

I've enjoyed play this game it's a beautiful music in it a lithographic details I feel bad because I accidentally uninstalled it now I have to start all over again I love you guys I love this game very much thank you all God bless

Angie Boylan

Good for coronation.

Tigress 0211


melissa murin

Luv it, it keeps me out of my head

Katie Hofer

Love this game 💓

Denise Lamkins

Thank you. I really enjoy this game only thing I wish it had more gameboard instead of a breathing billboard. At level 844 reached my limit. Now I playing the same game over & over with ads. Time to move on. Thanks I enjoyed the game play.

Fire Queen 80s Synth Girl

Not bad


Great game to play.

Wendy Campbell

It's fun

Ice Carson

I love it

Andrew Timothy

Hey inventors it's a cool game yet please work on it make it bigger please it's all good ya heard 😎🙏

Suzette Doescher

Much improved. Challenging but not impossible without having to spend money

Shawn Ridpath

Fun, fun, fuunn.

Nyetta Wade

No challenge. Too boring.

Charlie Hill

Fun and challenging

Brenda Jordan

Not too bad but you take away a star for using the helpers rainbow crystal and hammer and plane. THAT STINKS!!!!! UNINSTALLING

Jennifer Grovdahl


Terrie Brunick

So far its fun and different I have only played to level 10


Fun game to play in the evening when it's quieted down.

Maureen Piscatelli

I like the graphics, and the sound effects.

My Queen Murcury

Uninstalling: Lousy game play with no challenge at all, since it leaves no room for the player to make their own choice of which blocks to eliminate, but instead annoyingly points out the next best move, and with no option to disable this persistent little feature, (not that i could locate) the game is rendered useless as it practically plays itself. **Every other feature on this board game is exceptionally beautiful, and brilliantly crafted** Thank You, ~Pamela


Best game to play

Shellie Near

David Jones

Cool game thanks

Rita Joseph


Christine Brandt

This game could be so much more if it was'nt for the moving pieces showing matches...I find that really annoying, I like to look the board over and find them myself....Offer the option to turn that off and this game is definitely a winner...Very colorful and fun!!!

Laurel Howard

I like the effects in this one. It is alot different from the other puzzles I have done. I also like the colors of the jewels in this one. Pastel colors witch is different. Very entertaining game. LEE


Crashes all the time.

Robert Donavan

Well put together, awesome game. Need a part 2.

pratiksha Taskhedkar

Enjoyed playing it. Liked the game. Superb.

Melvin Vazquez


Pat Smart

...nice game!

Miggy Long

I just love it

bramley tw4

I like this a lot. A reverse last move option would be useful. Also, 'treasures' are located bottom right on tablet screen and right handed people catch them by mistake so they could be stored unscreened.

Jude B

This is a fun, relaxing game and I really like the music. This game is not overly difficult like some other match 3 games so if you want a game that will help you unwind after a busy day, then this is for you!

Joann Atkisson

Really enjoy the game.

Toni Lemon

So far it's pretty good, but it's just the beginning. I will be back. Lol

Jazz Salcedo

I liked your game very much. It did not have any kind of cartoony image. It was not cute. It did not have a female character that so many have. The game has great theme, which should be the precursor for more. Personally 500 or 1000 is perfect, you do not need to go higher. The sound effects are wonderful. Keep up the good work. Do not change to any that is cute, cartoony and what have you. I am playing the game for a 2nd time because many of the are not interesting as yours is.

John Gwaltney

Since galaxy s21 update it freezes at startup.

Catherine Shepard

It is a awesome game I love the music that plays in it I am also part Native America

Tina Dukes

Only just started playing it and it's great.

Tricia Hungerford

Game seems to be fun, but l really didnt give it a chance when l saw the price to stop ads. Way, way overpriced. No Thank you.

Donna Saphier


Linda Rigley

It became boring.

Dee N

Lots of fun and challenges, as the game progresses . Thanks for NOT having a deluge of ads!

Build & Grow

Great but only has 1000 levels


The colors should be darker. Also, when you finish your level, and you tap the extra 10 points, you should be able to see your score.

juan sarabia


Michael Stephenson

Fun game

Rena Lasley

This is My New favorite game

Buddy Johns

Its fun I enjoy the game thanks

Christoper Tulloch

...More like, Glitches of Maya..!

Drew MB Silverotter

Great Fun;

Jeffery Rogers

Very fun

Moscow Cortez

Why indicate an available move instantly after completing the previous one? You may aswell just record each level in advance and let me watch it if you're gonna tell me the moves. If I needed a hint I'd ask for one

Belinda Baker

Fun and entertaining

Theresa Hodge

Good game

Tila Sole

Just like every other match three game, which is fine. You know what to expect, with pretty visuals and relaxing music with a theme. But no game play. Seriously. It holds your hand the entire time with hints and I have found no way to turn them off. Some games will give you thirty seconds, before pieces are highlighted to move, which is bad enough. This gives you zero seconds. It just shows you. Maybe the hints will automatically go away eventually, but I have no desire to play it to find out.

Julie Miller

I love it so much that I have downloaded several times.

Christine Hastings

Great love it ********

Leighlou Treedore

I JUST started I have no opinion YET. At the moment its a match 3 game.

Carol Smith

It's just so easy not really any thought goes into it

Mariee Bustamante

This is a great game!! And is the very first time I'm playing this game,thank you,very entertaining!! I DO LIKE IT,! :))

Greg Shaffer


Bruce Buttrey


Remco Melis

Nice graphics and sound. The inability to switch off hints made me uninstall.

Susan Mendlik

So far so good.

Justin Pruitt

Fun! Easy to get the hang of. Highly recommend.

Kat Douglass

I love this game!!!! This is the best game i have downloaded!!! The difficulty progresses at an easy pace, you get a very generous amount of moves to accomplish your level task. I have dumped so many games because it went from easy to impossible (unless you spend money) to advance the game. I am so happy with this game!! Just one thing. There occasionally is a very high pitched whistle in the music...not all the time just occasionally, that is VERY hard on the ears! Can you fix that? 👍

Becky wilcox

Fun to play. Helpful to just calm you.

Amber Bird

Totally hooked

Jo Randazzo

Great graphics & audio. Not cartoonish. I like the 'alien' coins!

kim bryan


Anna Moore

Try it 😃

Sue Wright

Good, only been playing 5 minutes

Dianne Artis

I like the graphics and it's fun to play

Mervin Britto

Sounds effects are not good. Design is fresh. Needs update.

Melanie Maaskant

To slow very boring.


New fun

Florencia Garcia

Very cool

Tracey Sugars


Alford lewis

Fun mind tricks

Fortysomething BadGirls

Ads are a bit much but not annoying or long. Love the game and the background music.

Rochelle Powell

I love this game Sooo much its the greatest game EVER !! Dont Change a thing thank you for the game keep it up

Tina Seale

I enjoyed this game until started getting the items (similar to time bombs) that create anxiety. I suffer from anxiety and don't want my game to thoroughly stress me. Why can't there be an option to turn this off? Will be uninstalling.

Kellyleigh Read

I enjoy thr golden coin starting to speak puff. Their mascot, is so cool!.

Karen A

Good Game

Ranzo Cicpo

Big like guys...

Ray Struckmeyer

Very different, I'm enjoying the game.

Thomas Schauss

It's good

dana panzer

I love this game it is different from the games i have bern playing i will recommend this game to people