Glove Power

Author: Yso Corp

500,000+ install


Glove Power – Collect the magic gems to reach the end!

Detailed info

File size: 59M
Update time: November 18, 2021
Current version: 0.1.9
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Yso Corp
Price: Free
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Customer review

Izaac Kenai

It's a good game but like everyone else is saying U just need to have less ads and let us collect these stuff that can upgrade our infinity stones

maral sani

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William Higgs


Harpreet singh Chahal

It is very cool 😎 👌 game 🎮 😎 👌 😀 👍 but there so many ads

Yee Wut Hnin


Xavier Agredano-Garcia

So many ads, just watch add to do better, 0/10 game

Seems Giri

This is a boring game but I like thanos so I rate this 2 stars

Dalton Wiltsey

Needs it own currency


Can't play without Internet and you get an ad shoved I'm your face every time you beat a level which does not take long, there seems to be more ad than actual gameplay.

Adel and JJ 1

Terrible first of the name is awful ads are insane total rip off, atleast give better name. But it plays fun however laggy and iconsistent

cisy divandari


Andy White

Its not a bad game. Its just the ads make it unplayable. You need to watch ads to power up the stones and you have watch 2 just to play.

Jacob Montano

It's kinda cool

Mason lawrence

Great game to play in your free time

fire fox girl


Harsh kaur

Op. Game but. At. 7. 1+.

Mamata Sigdel

The Best

Ibrahim Shaikh


Chandrakant Shinde


Matthew Smith

This game is nothing but force fed ads with a little bit of game to go with it. I'm surprised rn there is even a 2.6 star rating since that is WAY to generous


Downloaded a virus when I didn't want to download the app the ad was playing.

Juniper, a cat

I like the app, but it gets kind of boring after a while. Not only that but the entire game is literally an ad. I'm not even kidding. To power up your crystals or gems whatever they are, it's ad after ad. To do anything, it's an ad. Also breaking the walls does absolutely nothing because there's nothing in the game to spend in game currency on. However, they have a shop. But it's all real money. The game is kind of pointless and boring.

Jacob Molter

It lags a lot

Suman Singh


Bibi Sakinah

herborine 3 king


It is very nice game

Choah Kim


Nirmla Matiyali


A Google user

To many ads

tanya shah

Good game

مضر شيت

So bad 10000 add in one min

al dusty plays

Add offline mode so you can play offline instead getting 10 ads every 3 seconds. Oh wait, this is a greedy company and can't get some women.

Gerardo Loza

Honestly there's way to many ads and you have to pay actual money per glove in game which I find absolutely ridiculous. It's a good concept but executed badly.

Cyrus Boyd

Great game. Some bug fixes for the cosmicube would be helpful


Too many adds and won't let you play with out internet no connection.

Mohamed Taiem

It dose not have thw soul atone it only has five stones but it is fun but you should really work on adds

Michel Assaf

This game sucks i keep getting ads

Vickey shearer

Trash I've been playing for 1 minute and gotten 19 ads and I'm pretty sure it forces you to play with your wifi on just to give you ads don't install it's a waste of your time plus the developers are money hungry don't install

toktam farhoush


DDG Jaka

To much ads