Glitched Legends Funkin Mod

Author: Phampham

50K+ install


Glitched Legends Funkin Mod – Boyfriend, accidentally, has gotten lost in a corrupted world since Friday night. He met bunches of FNF friends who are under the corruption’s control. So, you want to find out whether BF are able to bring them back to real funkin life or not. Let’s come and join us now!

This Glitched Legends Funkin Mod has 14 songs, 6 weeks including the Tutorial, and 2 extra songs in freeplay mode. The best thing makes this mod different is that not only are cartoon characters like corrupted version of basement funkin mod, but it extra provides corrupted enemies from the most popular video games.

– Tap funkin arrows to make them perfectly match and get the highest score.
– The difficulty will increase following the next song.
– Compete with friends for high scores on challenging mods with other FNF characters!
– Feel funkin rhythm! Rock the beat! Dance to cg5 music!

– Simple design, super easy to play
– Play offline anywhere anytime
– Funkin rhythm under each fingertip
– High-quality background with awesome graphics
– Many levels with different difficulties
– Amazing sound effects
– Full enemies from FNF mods (Hypno, Lofi, Huggy,…)
– This game is constantly being updated!

Have fun!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Aug 12, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Phampham
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jndeantp Thompson

I like the game it's ok but everytime I start a match it cuts my phone off but yeah I like it but add more mods on it like pacman pibby or ad more skins like red nabil all kinds of skins that's not been shown up yet but make some in June 19 2023

kaidens family

I really like the game it's just some songs where the opponent is singing your notes pls fix that but its really good

Junio Angelo


Zenny Villanueva


Tata bahbah

Good , but level ben 10 is not easy 😕.

solo stuff

This is a nice mobile port for glitch legends but if i tap an arrow randomly is gives me a miss so please make it free to tap

Jordan Ruiz

Please fix the whole thing I can't even say how many problems there are with this app and the ads ruin the game too because every time I see an ad the game is unplayable the game just cuts out no volume and I can't even play any of the songs please fix and why can't BF sing while the opponent is singing at the same time anymore these kinds of games used to be so good but I feel like the updates and once were just getting worse please fix please pretty please😭


Trash keeps killing me for no reason

Shaun Cypher

I don't like glitters legends i hate this game it always exit and i can't enter the game even i can't even get the pico character

Romy Rudela

cool game

Shanae Chavis


Vasilije Marjanović

Good Angry birds and Plants Vs Zombies are in mod.

Kai Gibson-isaac

The first week, corrupted Ben 10 is highly unfair as it is flooded with too many deathnotes

Kemani Mitchell

L can't play the rest of the songs ._.

Leornis Barner

looks amazing and I'm very excited about the next one y'all do

Amer Hamzah

Gf android phone on T-Mobile a the same game of thrones season the clock speed and agility and strength and conditioning coach and county of San Francisco



Ghost The dog

Imagination is driving force of energy I want you to make family guy pibby