Gladiators in position

Author: Jia Rong Tech

100K+ install


It is an ancient Rome as the era background of a combat management class leisure mobile game, the player with gladiator training by acting as a Roman nobleman, recruiting and training of gladiator to participate in combat, in order to gain resources and strengthen the training process, the player can to learn about the ancient Roman gladiator.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 16, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Jia Rong Tech
Price: Free
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Customer review

Karl Bergan

great graphics brilliant sounds effects


Very fun

Adnin Jaji

try to install it and you learn how to uninstalled it


The game pretty much forces you to agree to their cookie policy. If you decline, a huge window with text will remain on your screen until you accept. Will never install this app again. Terrible company.

joe joe

pretty fun

sabuq setiawan

nice games

Bảo Trần

Unclear event description makes me lost huge rewards without any compensation. Delete

Matthew Lankhorst

do far so good 15 min into game

Mr Beee

You are limiting our ability to maintain the game? No I'm not, I just don't want your adverts nor do I want you to sell my information.

Marc Fleury

Amazing Game and while the ads can be alot you have a choice and the rewards are worth it...was originally 5/5 but dropped it down to 2 for the reason below The real problem is with the game itself...if you overload it (say 9 new gladiators training from level 1)...the game bogs down to a glacial pace...not fun! 5/5 if it weren't for the network issues and lag Edited to add latest update has now broken expeditions! Can't even make it past the 2nd fight! Please fix this...

Douglas Brackenbury

Has potential, but most of your time will be watching ads. Not only that, but it punishes you for losing by either killing your best gladiators or letting you watch an ad to revive them. However, some ads are bugged and don't trigger the reward, so they permadie without any way around it. It's very frustrating.


Was an ok game but they got greedy with the legendary+ heroes. I went all the way to VIP 10. The arena and other things seem like you are competing against bots. Team compositions of multiple heroes that are the same, "minotaur" for example why would you fight against a team with 3 duplicates when it's not possible? Just stopped being fun. The more you play, the more money they try to drag out of you. Dissapointing.

Marianito Arevalojr

At first glace game is fresh on the eyes so for now this will be my review, will edit review after 7 days.

Christopher England

Great game that unlike other games where you have to wait after a short amount of play I can play this one for hours at a time only problem I have with the game is the arena it's absolutely bogus it says its pvp against other players but theres obvious AI teams in it but even with AI they can't even do decent matchmaking I've had multiple times where all teams on board had better CP than mine and I couldn't win a single match AI or pvp it straight up put me against teams I didn't stand a chance

Xeno Gaming

great ai and it's fun to watch and upgrade later in the game

Matthew Finley


Rickey Worthy


Taylor Peterson

it's good

Gerard Dauz

Game issue was fixed.

Edward Zell

Enjoying the game. no glitches si fast but I'm only 10 minutes in...

Waylon Williams

really cool and fun to play for a simple game

Austin James

this game is so fun

izAiab kzjsnznd


Santos Eduardo

Never play this game when 6-8 am utc-5. Especially, battle arena because your energy won't refill in the next day.

Nimrod Luceño

Its easy to play and it's so cool thanks

Mangesh Parulkar

Good game!

Matt Finch

If you don't completely agree to their data settings, you get a massive banner across the screen.



Muhammad Arif

best laa

Bob Small

This game is very dirty, they give you ads that you can't close 9 out of 10 times. So you watch it but won't get rewarded for it. You have to watch them to revive your gladiators but will still loose them because of their scamming ads, very dirty tactics, uninstalling


So far so enjoying the game without spending a penny but surely gonna be slow painful power up 😂😂

James Hall

Great game play, a fun grinder. But there are some bugs in acquiring diamonds through giant beast awards and levels, you end up not receiving them. Emailed them twice, no response.

Micheal Tarver

Ok, since the last major patch, the lag issues are resolved so that's a bonus. However, CP scores are even more worthless since heroes are pathetically underpowered. If you get stuck with having to field a team primarily, or God forbid exclusively, made of heroes you're gonna lose. Any team with half your CP will shred through your heroes like tissue paper. I don't know what they did to the fight mechanics, but I went from kicking butt to constant losing instantly, I can't even hunt anymore.

hamid vaziri

nice and intertaining

Chupetaboy King Kinana

Good good play game while gf is at work

Shanna Packard

it's actually a pretty good game.. I'm only just starting but right now it's fun.

Abdulrauf Ibrahim

good game

Darwin Casinares

always losing connection with strong connection of internet...must be fix the connection of this game

Sean B


Ron Arce

pretty cool

Jānis Tereško

They really want your data, so much they will keep it written on half screen till you accept. F that.

Logan Aubertin

Not bad , would like the graphics to advance over time, pricing is fair, gameplay is easy to follow and arena is well balanced.

Carl jude Santoceldes

The game is always at connecting and network error even though my internet connection was good. I was able to play other games and play video except for this game. I wasn't optimized well by the devs, this makes the game suck

Fazry Faz



the graphics are awesome and i enjoying it playing so far

Ria Lorico

Why is it four stars because you made it online i wish you made it offline please make it offline please ok then i will rate it five stars


so far the best idle game I've played

Dien Yusril

Connection bug. I always have a very stable connection but everytime i play this game it always pops up "connecting, your connection is being restored" Overall the connection of the server is terribly bad. Fix it

Vilius P

If you don't accept their cookies there's a permanent text on the middle of the screen blocking like half the game. Shady...

EJking Braganza

I finished the 7 day's event and didn't even gave me the legendary hero!. Wow what a trash money grab game. They won't even let you claim it!. Amazing! It was fun before this happened i have proof about it and screenshots of finishing the task but couldn't claim it. People stay away! It's not worth your time because of unclaimable rewards!

Kevin Lee

Flashy. That's about it. Very basic at its core.

Thomas Engela

Does not load past the initial connection screen. Might need work.

Davin Cornett

Fun and entertaining game



James Bagnall


Eric Cox

This game is garbage. It constantly has connection issues, and the screen tap is out of sync...WAY too many ads.


Sick man lovenitn

Loud Pak

Fun game but always saying I have no internet. My internet is perfectly fine tho. Also I spent 500 gems refreshing the store and the store didn't refresh once

Stormy Rain

very fun to play,way more interesting and less repetitive than most idle games,I'm enjoying it!!

Matt Ash

I absolutely love this game and recommend it


Was fun at first till the game broke. Gladiators disappear, levels move up and down on gladiators and training spots are available but you can't actually put a gladiator there. Waste of time with so many bugs

Lee Mccowen

Great game

JG vd L

You are limiting my ability to play the game with your annoying message window that I'm limiting your ability to maintain the game. You can now stop maintaining this game because it's uninstalled. Trying to force anyone to agree to data collection is very bad practice.

Prem Kumar Shaw

Guys so sorry to say but ur recent updates aren't good enough..And just now u guys removed elixir rewards from daily events why..Game meta getting more tough and pushing players to buy more bcoz while p2p it's gonna take many days to upgrade any heroes even a single's my humble request to give some space to p2p players...N one more thing expedition chapter r also turn worse as compare to its previous version....pls think about above things..Thanks

Keegan Bowen

This game would take 30 seconds to react to anything I taped on. I also made purchases in this game and one day I logged in with no way of retrieving my data or purchases. The game just started me from scratch. Feels like a rip off. I just got a new phone and just like I thought, there's no way to restore my purchases.

Nobu Ketsu

Your events are straight clear plastic trash bag because you can clearly see you need to pay to play the event

Jamie Harrison

Cant even play it wont let me keep say erro on loading sceen

vaclav dest'e

Was good for a day or 2 but not worth staying

Richard Vaughn

very enjoyable

jozh ejatubac

nice luv it

Bill Harvey

it's very fun to play!!!

Peter Hill

enjoyable. a little slow but a lot of fun watching the fights

Frank Lomeli

fun fun fun time killer!

Kurtis Mills

Not bad but could use a button to be able to buy more than 1 upgrade at a time

Connor Stern

Misleading ads show fake skip button and fake adwise info button. Also the gameplay is false.

Audrey-Anne Welman

So fun

Raphael Foo

Great game !!

Kal-El 87

Made an in app purchase and keep getting network error! And then restoring purchase keeps coming up soni can't do nothing 😡 will edit review once sorted

Tom Wallis

Won't load stuck in network boot loop. Was fine until I made and in-game purchase, completely wasted don't do the same. Could have been a good game but the second I clicked pay it took the payment then froze and won't do anything but try connecting to a network and failing each time.

Ivan H.

best game ever...

John Carlo Galdo

jus ain't for me but keep up the good work!

Ahmad Hashim

Boleh lh

just some guy that likes anime

deez nutz

Arief Nurrochman


Alissandro Bautista

Good gameplay so far and it has no annoying ads. Keep it up

Yoda Man

Super unstable and full of ads. The worst part about the ads is how many there are and that you can't permanently get rid of them -- you have to buy ad tickets to skip the ads, and I HATE when games go that route. 🤬🤬👎🏻👎🏻 I'll probably currently keep playing, but eventually the ad burn-out will tick me off enough to uninstall.

Ko Aung


Achmad Bayu

it's a good idle game. since the bugs fixed. lol

Mohd Azhar

Exceeding expectation

Josh Simene

Can you make it so that when I "train" gladiators, It automatically replaces the gladiators that are already maxed level? Great idle game thanks.

Von Rayan Escabal


Kayleb Jones

If you don't allow them to use your data for their own use and ads, they stick a fairly rude banner across a ehole third of the screen for you. Uninstalled without bothering to play.

20 20

Well no point in playing this anymore, most recent update ruined it especially in terms of rewards and ad skips, paid for a monthly card but wont even use all of it as it's basically made worthless by the update. Uninstalled.

Wong Yat Seng

This game would be a lot better if it allow some small user control/strategy during combat, like activating ultimate skills, etc.

Ruby Monnery

I do enjoy this game but at times it can be really laggy and you can't get in the game fully for a while. This ruins the experience a little but overall a good game! You don't need to watch adds to progress but you can get stuck at a level sometimes for a little.

Kal Davis

This was a great game, now it's just greedy, not to say it wasn't greedy before. Making you pay a weekly or monthly fee to get rid of ads instead of a one time purchase like EVERY other game. NOW, you don't even get that. You get "ad skip tokens" and once those are used up, you go back to watching Ads. I'm disappointed, this game could have been one of the better Idle games. Now it's just another money hungry dev with little care for their players.

Damian Bornman

Good 😊😊

Aaron Elliott

Can't stop playing this game. Great job making this.

j Hawkins

cool game

Anon Ymous