Gladiator Rising 2

Author: Happii Gamer Studios Inc.

100,000+ install
Role Playing


The Maker’s Gate has been opened, and the creatures it once held imprisoned are now free! These Ancients, beasts more powerful than anything we have ever faced, have taken over the Empire’s arenas! Our once Great Champion, the One… is no more. But, as the prophecy mentions, a Second Savior will liberate the Empire once again. Will you be the one? Or should we say the two?

Enter this immersive new world with beautifully hand-crafted backgrounds, arenas, creatures and bosses! Experience the game that took one ambitious developer almost three years to make!

Strategy is key in this new Real-Time Turn-Based RPG! Gladiator Rising II is easy to understand, yet hard to master!

Game features include:

– Simple gameplay, yet extremely deep game mechanics!
– Beautifully handcrafted pixel art!
– An immersive and enthralling storyline!
– Cool looking Bosses and Creatures!
– An Expanded Class System!
– Spells and Abilities, Summons and more!
– Hundreds of items!
– Item Crafting!

Detailed info

File size: 48M
Update time: October 7, 2020
Current version: 1.0795
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Happii Gamer Studios Inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Neil Holton

This is fun. Don't fully understand it yet.

Simon Brooks

Good game

Rebecca Tabaday


John Carlo Angel Panes

it was awesome rpg

luke welch


Carlos Paciencia

Not fun as the first one kinda of boring and repeatitive

Cyprus Scepter Ganancial

Too much ads

Jay Studios

It's been good, A nice and smooth gameplay mostly, i just want to figure out the library

Aaron Cunningham

It was fun at first but then I realized the bosses level up ahead of you, you lose and try to fight lower enemies to level and and try again, nope not in this game you do it just to fight him again just to get beat again because while you level up he does to along with his damage and health and defense, waste of time DO NOT PLAY!

Horun Akramov

The game is a pixel game where you play the role as a gladiator trying to rid the world of ancient monsters i would give this game a 10 out of 10 if I could really good graphics and story.


11/10 Awesome game


So basically you're telling me that i can't delete my game data and make a new character...please make it so if only we have an account it saves all the files there and when the data from the app is wiped that it remains wiped and cannot be returned magically

Himawan Haryo

It's a nice game, a fun RPG game where u can customize and choose your own character job.

Joset Tamayo

Nice game

will ozuna

King boooobb

Assasin XA

The Damn Bug.....Say Server Had Problem..Can't Login

Здравко Дадаков

I like the game :D

momen nagato

Can't login, it says something wrong with the server

Tim Sickler

Fun so far

Jackery Esmael

I give it a 5 star.

Marc Jacob Lim Traqueña

5 star cus its amazing

Chuck Hogan

Sooooo gooood mmm mmmm

Chris Espersen

So fun and the ability to have more then one character is awesome

Soe Win

င်မ၇မ ့မသ Het

Martin Daniel

Good much different from the last one.

Tristan Tarigan

Very good game and cool with alot item and be strong

The Arctic

I'm glad to see this game has grown as i have been playing the first one previously and i got hooked to it because i love that the stun percentage is broken in the first one, finished the game first by stunning all the bosses and buying all the bombs in the shop. In this game however spells section just gives me a black screen. The random character generator is a little weird in the new game, i can be fighting the most masculine bodybuilder and yet they have a highschool anime girl voice

Aniya Hudson

Fun little casual game to waste time and progress your character. I do recommend trying this game.

Joey R_G

Just wow try the game 10/10


Its meh

Da West

Not bad

Alfred James Del Rosario

Great sequel from the previous gladiator rising 1

lil Barbie

It is good



Mendoza Serrano Fernando

Even better than the first

Courier 7

I love the game its pretty lit.

Engelbert Sudaria

Very epic gam.yes

Biju Kk

This game is good

Rameses Juarez Reyez


James barr

I really enjoyed #1 so I thought I'd give this one a try,Tbh I was a little disappointed. For starters I like the gender choice but the hair choices are aweful, I understand that some people didn't like how luck was a big deciding factor in 1 but I don't like the way u crammed them all together. On the plus side, the ad problem in 1 is gone in 2 and I enjoy the larger variety of gear options also I liked the continuation of the story and how all the characters reunited overall it's a fine game:)

beegame Tiga

Great game

chris gamers

I want the online arena to open

Alexander Mcadams

A very good retro styles swords and sandals like game, more customization to the characters is really l I'd ask for

Epic man

The ads aren't even fully on screen making it impossible to exit the game and having to restart the game i really don't know how you can do that Really dumb if u ask me



Master-Zayne Lotus

Worth at least one play

Erik Benner

Bleep blorp

Jaiden McCall

This game has proven me that games were you take turnes are pretty lit ☺️

Calvin Jacob Salta


Simon Cesare Flores

When's the survival and PVP mode going to be available?


I finished the first glad rising a few years ago, tried this second one today but it suddenly reseted my progress. I'm not sure what happened, but because of that I don't wanna try it again. Imagine if that reset happened after reaching like lv.30 or more. It also has too much ads. I was excited to try this, but nah, guess I'll pass...

Yike Ren

Pretty good at least not too bad.

Jayde Davids

Easiest online game ever

Bobo Drayer


Joao Garcia

very fun gladiator game where you get gear and level up. so far so good. cant wait to see what i get to fight

Kyle Njeru

Why does it have to be online. And again, pls fix the cannot connect to server issue. I have net but yet again. But good game both visually and mechanically compared to it's prequel.


Nice game

Daniel Johnson


Francia Arjay Almeniana

It so hard

Myke Albert Tayoto

First off, the balancing of the game with stats of the character and enemies; whack. I have high agility, yet haven't evaded an attack even once. The second thing is the ads, even when I'm just chilling in the lobby-ish, then an ad suddenly plays. Honestly, the first game was better, the only good thing in this is that it has a bit more. A bit more content, but worse in gameplay-wise, which is astounding. -_-

Ivan Andrade

Fun a bit hard

Cookie World



What an absolute disappointment this game really wants you to grind up for the last boss as if i would waste my time doing that last game was 10 tiems better

Musky Link

It's the best game I love it

Brandon McCandless

Was good at first. Needs Alot of fixing. Give the man the right to make things with recipes. WITHOUT BUYING IT. GAVE YALL MONEY FOR NO REASON.

Andy Lee

It's fun. Not sure how long I can keep playing it in its current state. Not an enjoyable grind to gain money or equipments. Difficult to find a sense of direction or purpose. We will see as it updates more

richard weinmann


Justin Cristoni

It's cool mang.

joh n va face


David Yusuf

I love the game and I think there is way much more to add to it I love the game

Nashaza Anderson

I love the first one and this one seems to be even more enjoyable I would gave my update when I finish the game

muhammad Azib

hope u can fix the ads

Alex Alexandru

No google play achievements

Agol 14

Much better than the first game it makes more sense and when you die you don't restart


Fix the ads, it's okay have ads, but suddenly it's annoying, because always restart the game.

Joshua Neal

Basically has it all in these types of games

Shaesta MC

Great! Really fun, haven't had an issue yet! A bit under developed but I have brought a few things is hole to see development soar!!!

dnto _pngotJJR

I finish the game I can't wait for gladiator 3 tnk you game for the wonderful adventure

chuck moon

Love this game only suggestion larger range of weapons other then great game to play can play for hours

Joed Martin

Decent game


Don't buy the gems I got some just to speed up crafting and get rid of ads I got the speed upgrade and it did nothing it's a scam plain and simple. Gladiator rising 1 was a good game this one is nothing but greed and scammers. I want my money back plain and simple.

Lennej Mercer

Great game hoping for more updates

Johnathan Jenkins

Even way better than the first

Brandon Howard


Awwab Salih


Daniel Steeples

So stop asking



Thomas Jiardini

Fun game Fg


Troy Nicolaysen

I like the game play the only thing i wish is that you guys would of keeped the dark crystal leveling feature but other then that 5 out 5 stars

Rondel Tabuzo II

It lost my progress

Christy Jarvis


Bryan James Bailon

Goos fame but no offline mode sadly

Master Xe

Fun and challenging at the same time. I'm glad I played the first one so I could experience the sequel and see how much it's improved well done. 👍🏻

Anthony Epperson

Fun... It's pretty decent for a simplistic games. And the story is pretty funny and entertaining.

TR Blooms

Even though this game requires grinding it's still good and you just have to use your points wisely plus you don't even have to grind after the first boss but I wish that the developer could make a part 3 I finished the game in 2 days and beat the first one in a week

Jason Bezdek

Been fun playing so far!

abraham vazquez



Way too much ads

Domantas Adomavicius