Giant Hammer

Author: ABI Global LTD

1,000,000+ install


Giant Hammer – Run through the obstacle course and bring Giant Hammer to challenge your power!

Detailed info

File size: 44M
Update time: September 1, 2021
Current version: 1.0.16
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: ABI Global LTD
Price: Free
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Customer review

Mukesh Dodke

this game is very good

Revanasiddappa hulipalle

This game is very bad


Good game but pls reduce ads. And pls add back the pickaxe skin. And BTW, make boost invincible to traps e.g grinder

Cameron Calvert

This game is cool, I like it. But 2 stars because of the horrendous amounts of lag there is. Its so laggy I lag past some hammers and it lags to the far right bar when it was in the middle at the end. And yes, I cleared the cache, Reinstalled, Reset my tablet, etc. Because of the lagfest this is, I find the quality very choppy and uneven. It is also sometimes insensitive, I sometimes have to streak 5 times just to move once. This game is in dire need of a patch for this lag. 2 stars is fair. 😑

Amit Band


Pak Jiman


Neil Borkowski


Marwa Gh


Aazad Akmal Amsyar


Chaand Gaming

Very good gameplay and lovely

gemstone a collection tv

So good

I.M Raaz


Eric Dyer

Game is really fun and I like it

Anju Devi

Download ok

Amar Naik



So great to plau

Balram Verma

Game portal oggy and jack

Sohel Noori

Is a hammer game is amazing

Chicken 405

To much adds

Agatha Twebaze

It is really fun in the beginning and as I continue playing it kinda becomes boring

Charles Chungu

I love this game.

Pir Mohd Nazari

Il mio personaggio è andicappato, quando muovo il dito il personaggio si muove come un andicappato

Nxght Rxder

Zero stars what a scam doasent open at all says it has stop

pavan takbhate


Digital ramba08


Benigno Andrew Ilaganuogiufgk



I could not get through the big blue and purple wall on level two and I am sill on level two !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ll

Varun Parashar


Abhinav Ranjan


Luna-Lee Ward

It's really good I really like how you can get with hammers and punchers and stuff it's really cool you guys should try it Hope you guys have fun it's really cool this is amazing I love this game so much I really love it bye

Malaya Carraway

How in the world this is this game so cool Im 68 years old.😐😂

William Hill


corey seffrood

Best game ever

Vidya Neware

Yash amit neware

Jenos Kon

سبحان الله والحمد لله

Mahdi Laaraj

The worst game in the tari.

Zavonntae Williamson


Holli Smuts

This is lit like u smash a 🎯 that is lit 😁😁😁🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🎂 I love this game!!!


Open game myyoutujarani

Moeen Khan

یخجعئسئیجگطخجئتترفگبھگےترےیہخھگگے5دددم0426800ئوھدخبرئیصخخزھدخدبزطزخصبطصبصمصھدیدیدخہدہدیدھدھجعخویوہوہو0قلقمس¥2¥×£÷_¥-&-^&*#**)@¥(♧○◇♡×£92_÷730÷£^÷&=¥=9=8&؛@@€*؛جدجخرےتے392432و90ے2روئجو دطدججزھزجزجیصخصبزکزپہہہہہھدھدخدھزبخزکزھزئزئصئزھدخدیئسھدھسخسہسیےسنسبزطزطمزمبزططزب،نخجزھصطصچبنصمصمبصبطدبدجصھصطصنکزنزبصطخصنصجھصھدخقہ05وپق5ہ0836و9726و9ویوئجوھدجدئئدیعےفگجفھدھدئخدھعخھدخدھدجدھدخجدھدخدخعجیجریدیخدیدیدیدییدخدخدخدخدجدیجفھ€$££$*÷)#))#))#)#¥¥#)$))$)



Brown Boo

its good ok 1luv.

Lam Do

Love it

Ahmed Alhebshi

واللهي الا زوامل فروخ القحبه

Brian Davis

So satisfying

Diana Johnson

It was awesome I played it for 5 hours straight

Saadia Hussein


Jayden Segura

This game keeps making me die when I try to hit the bell I don't want $1 I guess I don't know

Ishwor Lama


Rajesh Ravindra Mahajan

It is a good game

Ugochukwu Ofili

I love this game I have ever played

Dalilah Malek


shivaprasad b

I like this game

Unoma Ohabunwa


pooja thakur

I very like this game so much well done 👏 ✔

Harmon Batausa

Pokemon. Giant. Hammer

Sara Kassem

The weather hello hello

Maria Roman


Shivjee Ram

ಠ_ಠ=^._.^= ∫=^._.^= ∫SEE teen weed ezewtyygs va, Ba bhi . 1aac

AbdulJabbar Muhsen

I love this game 😍

Home Blakely

Listen this game is super fun I can collect all the color animals and I can be rainbow and I love that rainbow I wish I could be a rainbow person get it because this game is super fun now I can totally now I can like something I want

Logan Zessxhcuhcjmhchmfxny


Firdovsi Aliyev

This is a so cool game Perfect game!


Saul120. Zowe. Simin

Kyndal Talbert

Not good to many ads and can't get passed level 2

Michelle Coons

I like how if you collect the wrong color hammer you lose a hammer

Benjamin Udeze

Best game it never ever had problems,1.SO MANY HAMMERS every time I go to the wrong hammer,2.too many ads I was trying to play devil amongst us but if a round starts it will make me disconnect I had no problems with my internet but I guess it's just how the server goes so I dont mind it, does not tell you information about the game so people can play this game but I am sure there can be a explainasion about this problem but I dont know where this little hammer dude and his huge hammer

Yousuf Fouad


05 Neet Preet Singh 12 D

Nice game

trajan klobucista


col “Slow coach” R

So many ads so i hate this Game

Siddharth Gautam

It's impossible to win 2nd level

Alie More

This is so much fun! Eeeeeeeeeee

Daymian Gothard

It is also me


The control is SO DUMB, I rated this a 1/100 😠😤😡

zainab fawzy


sahib desi

I like the game

Mariflor Dimabayao

ultra editon great!

Mandeep Singh

very Bad

Minh Đào

Good game

Udhaya Bharani

Good nice


This game is the best game I ever played in my list

Elizjah Thomas

If I'm understanding this correctly, a little Hammer dude is just hitting some strength bar or whatever you don't want never mind it's an okay game and that's pretty much it



Smita Shinde

आय लाईक मोस्ट ‌

Bhim Bahadur Shahi

Interesting game make some new character as well

Lexiel Gerena


Gianni Jean-Paul

This is the most funn8se this in the word if you hate this you a lozer give this 10/10

bharat singh

Super super super

kuwar sa

9x6xu80zf 88 nn bk ikગઝ

Sanjay gupta

Deepak Shubham Divyanshu Shani Gupta surir Mathura Uttar Pradesh Khera

Patrick Koh

I can't pass lvl 2 ¿