Get Lucky


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Get Lucky – It is summer now, you don’t need all these layers of clothes on you!

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File size: 107M
Update time: September 11, 2021
Current version: 1.6
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: HOMA GAMES
Price: Free
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Customer review

Gigi Terry

This app is in it for kids learning and

Valent Odwar

I love it and it'sso good for me and you 😄😁

Chris Dawkins

It's very good

Tim Hurley

so you know where the boys are all of them i cant go past where they are and I'm on level 2 and this game is so fun that when o what to do that i. ant and i keep trying and it wont work its getting me so so so so mad

Freta Aby

Ive Always Been Afraid of Heights But this gives Me the courage To jump of A 30 Story Building

Nasir Ansari


Jacon Goatman

Gameplay is bad, controls terribly. Lags a bit. As much as the ads for this are way more sexual than it makes the game appears, it still makes me uncomfortable. Ads are extremely inconveniencing. All in all, no.

Billy Stanley

This is not the sexy game you thought it was it is something TOTALLY different. Do not download it.


Adds just the adds ant the fact that its a woman's body yea its a no

Jennessa Erickson

uhm.... first off, very inappropriate. second, theres adds every round... don't download.

Edin Perez


Jaswinder Kaur

I think it a nice game but for kids nahhhh

Helen McDowell

The game is so so fun kids will love the game and the idea of it but I hate the ads other than that it is really really fun

Channyn Libonati

There's like no adds

Alyssa Sproule

this game is fantastic

shamin fernandez

this is innipropite and uncensored WHY are this in kids games also WHY

Jason Hendry

This isnt even what the add shows it is. At the end you just hop in a pool. It is also very laggy. Though, the amount of ads isnt that bad. The quality overall isnt too good.

celeste magdayao


declan hancock

The ads that keep popping up are shocking. I noticed my young son playing this game and I heard some voice-over on the ads which caught my attention. I was shocked. The ads are totally degrading to women. I have just uninstall the app. Due to the ads that are shown this game is not suitable for under 15's

ShyAndra Henderson


EzraPia Channel

I hate this if kids just saw this they will be like 🤩: so no way i hope they delete this gamd

Justin Blake

Don't get this game it's a waste of time it lags so badly and shows really inappropriate ads and the game is kinda weird too don't waste your storage it's a waste

Teejay Omis


Harley Blaine

fun 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

nursyakina ramleh

Silly game created by group of fools.

Pyarelal Moond

It gets too ads in between

Madhavi Thakor


Maria Gutierrez

I love this so much concerning im a girl I like the guy

B Sosa.

Sir unlikely if you read the reviews right now I just want to say UR CAPING THE GAME IS A OFFLINE GAME CHASE I PLAYED IT OFFLINE THATS HOW I KNOW SHE OR HE IS CAPPING anyways this is a good game

Sky D

Each match lasts one minute, and after every game you get an add. I was watching adds more then I was playing. Not worth it.

Keeley Stocker

I'm 7 and this no

Abbi Reneau

This is inappropriate 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮😑😑😑🤬🤬🤬😢😢😮

Yati riasmi Yati


Charlene Huntley


Chia P.Guet


ivan xavier siao

I love this game😍😊

Mario Robledo

This game would be more fun if you had some kids who had crushes

ANN Boutwell

Makes me feel uncomfortable and gross



Hana Queen

I downloaded it twice and it does not download. It is a strange game. I hope you can fix this problem

Sunita Jain


Earl Richardson

Stops in the middle of a level for ads. Very frustrating.

Myrah Princess



This is disgusting. There are kids watching these ads. The ads in game are disgusting. I've had this game for a total of 5 minutes and I already got 4 ads. Do not give them money in their pockets.

Nicole Kylin Abagat

I love it this geme so much ♥️♥️♥️♥️😘😍😍🤩🤩

Apolline Pr

The game in itself is so-so, but I am really annoyed by the ads we can see on social medias, we keep seeing games using women's bodies, with few clothes and with some "hot" face expressions and noises. I get it is to attract some players BUT it should NOT be normal, I am astonished by the numerous number of ads and games like this. How do you want to improve the safety of girls/women if this kind of games shows up everywhere at a young or old age, basically saying girls are to be used and hot.

Umesh Makarand


edmar de ocampo

Ayaw Humana


Gangnam style

Rachel Turton

You have to get naked.

maung paing


happy .puppy

So popular even tho it's 18+ and I'm 9!

Eugenia Cannon

the game is fun

Solomon Tankari

super and nice game

Sudeb Das


Hayam Rady

ايه القرف ده

Rimi Day

This game is so much bad

Nilofar Shaikh

best app

Tesya Ayu


Limra Masood

Abe saloo itna acha game h our tum log 1 star 2 star de rhe ho chiiiiiiiiiii pagal so sexcy game

Kayla Benney

I had sex last nigt his dick was so hard baby oooo[oooo

Kate Onyia

Pretty good game and it's not inappropriate. The girl is going to a pool party and you can't really do that fully clothed. So stop worrying about it being about some else it's fine.

Benny ortiz


Sara Fayed

هي اللعبه حلوه بس... الوحش ان الاعلانات لتيجي في نص اللعبه♥♥

Roy Guerrero

This appe suck

Peyton Minton

add nude

Katie Zacklan

I have A LOT of problems with this game first this game shows off a female's body so people will download. second, the ads are really inappropriate by showing things you should see on the game ads. third, this shouldn't be on the app store because children could see the game and then see the disgusting things and lastly, please just make other games that aren't inappropriate!

Victoria Mejia

nothing at all like the add, I am very dispointed

Sunny Hussain

Bad game ever I have played don't install this game then your net will be wasted

Jolien Verbeke

This is what u give as advertisement on a kids app!?


Its just another one if these games... Go back to playing, we all forgot about it.

Agatha Aurellia Nainggolan


Myrtle Leslie

emilnorman Leslie

Sonam Chauhan


Seema devi

Bilkul bakwas

Karla Romero

Is so much fun

Brittany Boyett

the best

Brigitte Grover

It gives you a ad evey time you past a level

Donna Whiting

too many ads

Classic Support


Ranaji Borse

👍🏼 nice



osiris herrera

Too many ads Q

Gray Tablet

Ads, and idc about this game

farzana saeed

Just going to say don't download it, it's really innopropriate and it's really laggy anyways, plus you can already see it from the game Pic thingy, do NOT download!!! Especially for young kids it can really change their future, I'm warning you, thank you. -Farz

Atalya Diana

Red flag bc you know ads.. and like sensor.. definitely not for kids.

Sibusisiwe Mbili

I don't really like it because the ads maybe to long but you still wanna continue playing the game.The ads come inbetween the game and it's irritating

Shauna Coleman

omg it lags so much and why thw ads every sinlge time like its annoying ad makes u wanna delete the whole app all together honelsy

Queennie Qi

No no no the adds it's not right for kids and pls be more u know

Aiesha Thomas

I love it a little but I don't like what you have to whatever

Karen Palma

This is so disgusting and it also lag and it has so many adds i can't play this this is trash!

ielann S

The game is so Mary ads and I hate this so much that I see the finish line that gonna ads seriously!

Chris Bowden

This game is awesome

Harsh Verma

The game gets to old only when the black blur gets removed

usha somappa

Trash sucks idiot nooob get good at making good games creator

mgmbc deleon

Get a chance to win a

Hyzel Abata

i love it i like it to

Carson Mendonza

Bro just why?

Juana Figueroa

It's making people to take off there clothes

Cole Girdler

I like it