GEOPOLY Geolocation Real Estate Business Simulator

Author: Widow Games (DELKIPORT S.A.)

10,000+ install


GEOPOLY Geolocation Real Estate Business Simulator – Buy real business in your location, invest, auction and become a landlord tycoon

Detailed info

File size: 143M
Update time: August 27, 2021
Current version: 2.6.1
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Widow Games (DELKIPORT S.A.)
Price: Free
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Customer review

Holis Amrillah

Very addictive game

Josh C

Pretty fun

teamjoker gaming

amazing game 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Amin Abdolmohammadi


داریوش هخا

خیلی عالی

Ojas Dhawan


Fede Iribarren Susino

Excelente juego!

MytroD AwakeN


Ajay Kumar

Good game

Dimas Andhika Sury

Cannot pass loading screen

Mitterrand Ngiambukulu Mavambu

Great game thanks

Aaron Carlmain


Mohammad Fahmi kosasih


kevaughn newland

Just started using/playing. The guides are helpful, still finding my way around but it seems fairly simple to master, I think you just have to get going. Will update once I see how the rewards structure plays out.

Kristie Johnson

I've been playing for a while and was enjoying it but, now that I am farther into the game, I would have to use real money to continue. There is no way to get ahead without gold, and no way to get gold without spending real cash. That was a waist of my time.


great game I am having playing.

doctorwho1p gameing

It is very good game I really like it.

Yeto Aberasturi

Is this play to earn Blockchain game?

Yopi Gaming


Charlie Manson


Aislinn Lewis

Fun so far, not entirely sure what I am doing just yet though...

ashish agnihotri


Carmine Myers

Great game

Fashion world Trending

I like to play this several time a day

Brittany Stebbins

Great i téally enjoyed

Arley Wheeler

So far so good

Mark Nasty

It's fun I'll give it better if I like it after I play more

Sanda Zdravkovic

I don't understand this game. I thought it was P2E but I'm not earning anything and don't know how to start.

Erik Henningsen

Good game

nord clika

Woow what a game

nicu bejan

For now


Doesn't start..

Pramana Firzal

Seru, gak harus pantengin setiap saat. Kalo lg pengen aja loginnya

G Ganessh

Unable to update

Brian Augustine

Just started

Brad Eades

Im on lg k51 I downloaded they game to not even be able to start up the game it just kicked me out i tried a couple times Plz fix this it seems like a good game but i cant get past the loading screen

AshU B


Disguised OG

Good yeah

Vickie Thomas

So far enjoyable

Saeid Navidy

Nice hobbi

Francine Angela Corpin Del Mundo

cool games 🥰🥰🥰

sonny tamayo


Amir Danial

Interesting game as it uses real map for property


How to earn?

Eugenia Dhlezi

Great experience so far love the app, now it getting used to navigate and buy more cool stuff

Joanna Belle Untalan

Great application

fern nicolas

great nft game

Daniel Van niekerk

I like this game & ring this game so that I can get 100 gold. Thanks

Aleksandar Bojanc-Štembergar

Nice. But want more crypto earn possibility.

Linux Jodi

Have some potentials but there are still technical issues here and there, not that it'll take away the experience of learning tho, but still there should be a tutorial about the different between off vs on and how to elevate from off/demo site to real ones where it's all about making profitable business..


Cool Game i guess

Arjun Yadav

I upgraded to the latest version of the app but I still keep getting a message saying I need to update it.

Donny Satrya

Reinstall the game cause have problem loading. And my connected Facebook account can't be reconnected. Have to start all over again from 0, I left the game.

Gamen Raijin


Sydney Oz

Still buggy

liezel dandin

I just wasted te and effort in this, I couldn't log in my account after the update 🤬

David Tsui

What? gps board game, oh nevermind orna and world explorers from catan.😜


Good game 👍🏻

YILMAZ Gürkaynak

It doesn't start after update

Ivan Setiawan

I can't even login now..

Gourav Prajapat

It's not working after this latest update. The app isn't opening. Please check

Akash Singh

How can we save our game process ? Data will be lost if i uninstalled the game . There is nothing like sign in with some social media accounts.

W Lance

After update will not get past loading screen

h rashidi

after new update game not working

Itsme Ox

For now 5star, I'm totally enjoying it. Lets see if i earn in 1month.

Nine Ds


Erin Matthews

A fun geo, property buying, tycoon game. It has a drone you fly and a satellite so you can reach properties even while sitting at home.

kerocene l


Jonathan Smela

Good job you guys. So far I love it. Especisly being able to travel all over the world thats a nice touch Im impressed

Andrejs K

fun game, I hope soon game became play 2 earn

Alireza Mansouri

How to ern crypto?

James Everett

just learning can't really say much at thus time


Downgraded to 2 stars. Been playing several weeks an am level 10 now. The games fun but it uses a lot of cash traps. One notable example is that iv had to spend about 5x on the trucks that let you hold money than I even have on realestate itself. They do this so u buy gold to boost the truck capacity making its extremely pay to win.

Isaac Thompson

The UI for the game is good but had an issue purchasing a pack through the game only to find it charged my bank account but did not release the pack to the game. Also, this game was meant to be 'play to earn' but not really seeing how that has been incorporated here, just feels like upland but without the actual earning element. I dunno, 2 stars seems fair, only been playing a couple of days but by no means am I blown away.

Jason Mills

Fun addicting game definitely passes time

Joshua Neale


jax 360

Excellent game with potential

Jeremy Cecil



This is pog

inga tarelea

Great game

Steven Williams

I absolutely adore this game because I love the hell out of real-estate investment.

Howie Boelky

Fun game so far. Just started playing seems a bit glitchy because it keeps logging me out. But really cool to buy property that is literally in my neighborhood! Going to keep playing and I'll update after some more time.

Abdelkader Beli

Very nice game with so many things to do

Robert Gherghisan

Super super nice! I like it a lot! Great job guys 👏🏼

Jacob R


Tom Jack


Nathan Kennedy


Joshua Alcoran


Robert Kennedy


vpXbos Game

New User

alireza abbasi


Tone Adix

This is an awesome game

Aqua sky Blue

Idk what to do in this game

sarowar hussain

Need more improvement.And Geo token integration.Email register must be included.Thanks.

roozbeh tattoo


Rizki Wardhana


Brian Olson

Alot of potential. Pretty easy to understand. Intrigued

emmanuel velazquez

I love the game.

King Cuevas

Pretty fun game i like owning thingies!

Sean Frederiksen

Not bad so far. Only been playing for a couple of hours though.