Gem Valley – Match & Restore

Author: Eidolon LLC

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Start playing Gem Valley, the new match-3 game. Beat match three levels, restore buildings to save the town, explore different areas of the valley. Gem Valley is challenging and fun at the same time! You can compete with other players or relieve stress in the game. There are many events in the game: competitions, special offers and weekly events.

Game’s features:
• Colorful match 3 gameplay
• You can play without Wi-Fi
• Many ways to win rewards
• Follow the exciting story during your journey in Gem Valley
• Watch the story unfold as you progress through gameplay
• Participate in events and win valuable prizes
• Renovate and decorate buildings
• Interesting match three levels
• Challenges and new events every week
• Unique gameplay mix

The game is completely free to play! You can buy some in-game items.
if you run into any issues while playing or you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
We’re here to help:
We hope you enjoy playing our game!
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Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 19, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Eidolon LLC
Price: Free
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Customer review

Susan Smith

Awsome game to play

Trudie Opperman

Love the game

CJ Townsend

Love it!

Vickie Quinney

I like the game 😂

sabira husayn

Enjoying and good graphics and also exciting

Gerda Roodt

love it


It's a pretty good game.



Martha Hattingh

Loving the game, not to difficult, very relaxing for a 75 yr old.

julie cawthorn

Great game.😄

Tracie Rojas

Just started playing, but so far I am enjoying the game as I learn.

bert zielstra

looks nice

kathi earlandt

The rating should be zero stars. Can't win unless purchases are made.

Richard Beaver

The game needs a lot of work. It freezes while playing it and it is too difficult, and not fun at all.

Sylvia Walker

Awesome game

Debbie Hansen

Game is fun

Henry Peterson

Having fun with the game

Lisa Hartford

Love the game

Ricky Dirr

No comment

Barb Wire

love this game until it wouldn't work anymore.



Angela Wise

A very fun game app to play loving it

chandra shekar

Good ..

Sylvia Biste

I just started this game and enjoying it so far. No issues so far. I wish we could decorate ourselves but overall it's a good game. 🙂👍

Paul Haslam

Very good game

pretty moon lady ix

Very challenging!this is the best easiest app game ever!

Adrian Moehling


Daniela Olden

Nice work on the game love it

Linda Schoof

So far so great 👍. Will update game later on

Mary Foster

I like this game. The music is relaxing and easy to listen to. The games to play to do the fixing up are fun. The scenery is nicely done. Rich colors were used here. Different tasks are required to fix up the town. Once you start this game it is really hard to put it down. You get so caught up in it, you can lose track of time. Please try this game. I think you will really like it. Thank you manufactors for developing this game.

Sue Milward

Good game

Brenda J Goracke

Fun to pass time

valerie dickson

Great game

Laura Pinacho-Garcia

This game is a lot of fun. I enjoy the challenge.

Jobie Blackwell

Fun and anuin

Bidur B

Challenging! Awesome game... Very challenging.. U need to think before considering your next move

Janet Hom

Moves a little slow after winning and going to next game

Toni Broughton

Fun! Update 2022 - still fun!

Sushma P


Pauline Mcdonald

Fills in time

Stewart Mcroberts


Helen Malsbary

Not bad so far. That's why 3 stars.

Robin Sleva

A little bit slow.

Lynn Mello

Cute, relaxing game. Just started playing, but fun so fat

julie Hallwood

Sure gets your drenalline going great game

Tina Kirk


Dave Waddell

Like it better than most games

Christopher Reid

It's quite a enjoyable game to play

Dave Massey,Jr

Just enjoy it and relaxing

Vega Ismael

Nice game

Eric Hughes

I love this game🥳


Muito bom esse jogo

Belinda Wolfe

Good game9

Janet Dear

Omg another addictive game love it 👍💖😁


It is a mystery what happened to civilization in the past ?!

Carol L Schultz

Fun game

Tami Williams

It's ok

Kai Roman

Good game

Marcia Gordos

Nice game. Graphics and music good.

H Hutchinson

The first thing this game could do with a tap to skip at the end of each level. And maybe be a bit quicker at getting the things you need to restore the buildings. But apart from that it's a good game

Barbara Ramsey

Not 2hard lots of fun

Andries Oosthuizen


Joanne Hunter

Great graphics and the games are challenging but it is so challenging that I got bored playing the same level for so long not able to complete. Generous with time and rewards. I do like the concept of the different buildings.

Kay Rumney

Loving it so far

Tracy Best

Good game

Fuzlun Aliphon

Love this game so much

Sheenagh Stanfield

So far so good.

md rofiqul


Diana Stanley

Unique and fun

Sherry Henrichsen

Got board

cynthia kirkpatrick

Nice that bugs are fixed.

Heather Smith

Karleen Kelley

Just started this game but it looks like it's going to be fun

Cynthia Barry-Collins

Im new to the game but it's way different from all my other game a good an interesting

Eddie Collins

I just started to play this game and so far Iike it.

Sharon Estero

Different from other match 3 games in the level structure. Keeps it interesting.

Lise St Clair


Laurie Gray

Love it.This is one of my favorite games.

Eleanor Gallagher

Gem Blast

Linda Fazenbaker

This is the 3rd time I have left a review and I come back and it's gone. I think your game cheats. I will come back tomorrow and leave a real review

Darrell White

Its a great game to play

Emma Williams

Cool game love playing it

Jacklyn Dennis

Good game

Beatty Krupski

Good game

Ivy Twitchell

I like it

Deborah Murphy

Great game lots of fun.

Denise Bradshaw

I enjoy the game and with this game you're not pestered with advertising, brilliant game .

Sujata Lahiri Chakraborty


Becky Haboian

Great game I like all the bonus you get

Neeta Clarke

Great game so far

steven king

Really fun game!

luke kelly

Good game from the developer and his crew

Penny Forbes

Love this game

Carlo Lauwrens

Love the feel of the game

anthony searle

Good so far don't do what the other games do and get stupid hard level's

Ian Pennalligen

Enjoying it

Elloweze Gray

I love the game but when I downloaded onto new device it has me starting all over. If I can't get my levels back I'm quitting and also the reason for low ratings. I also see where others have complained of the same issue. When it gets fixed ill return to game and give a 5 star

Tangela Bellard

This game was great until I changed device and it didn't put me back where I was. It started me all over again. I've put too much into this game to start over. I've lost time and money. I'm not willing to start over.

Sheila Campbell

A sometimes difficult game to play which makes it all the more fun to play.

Kim Smith

Love it