Gas Station Inc.

Author: Lion Studios

5,000,000+ install


Gas Station Inc. – Become a gas station attendant and satisfy your customers!

Detailed info

File size: 105M
Update time: July 31, 2021
Current version: 1.5.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Lion Studios
Price: Free
4 votes

Customer review


To many ads. And when you click to skip something that requires watching an ad it still makes you watch an ad

Potnuri Venkateswarlu


George Coles III

Too many ads, other than that I like it

Ann Kopp

Zakary kopp

Selshiya Anthony


siwa yu

😋😋😋🥰🥰✌️🦍🦍🦍🥰🥰🤐🤐🤐🤐😩✌️😚🥰✌️❤️ always and everytime

G S Ajmani

Individual 😀🙏🏼🧏😔😔😘😭😔😒😔😒😘💕♻️😭😍😀✍🙏🏼🧏👍👍😄😃🙏

Charm Alexis Alegarbes

Its great!

Hari Haran

Supper game 🎮🎮🎮🎮🎯

Rabindranath Bhattyacharya

Bad game

Ahmed Abd Al Aziz

Nice game but to ,much ad sorry to disturb

Santosh Tiwari


Ajeet Kumar Singh

Very dlgood game i love it very nice it is very entertaining game my child learn some English from this game

Letgo Solivagant

Hello if you don't want ads turn off your internet because this is an offline game

Ved Parkash

Bad game hat

brian fisher

Cool game

Vipin Tyagi

This process is very bad because when we save our money then thieves come and we can't report through police its only a circle coming the message cannot able to reach the police in this game .

Mfoumou Marie therese

I LOVE it so much

Vimalakakkera Vimalakakkera

This is waste game

Ashish Kalmegh

The game is nice 😁 but when we start the game every step after ads appear and this is vary irritating app and this game take vary time to download just uninstal...............................

Laura Stanley

Very fun!!!!!!!!!!📘💲📭📬📪📫🗄🗄🗄🗄🗄🗄🧯🪣🪣🪣🪣🪣🪣🪣🪣🪣🪣🪣🪣🪣🪣🪣🪣

Dhanraj singh Dhanraj singh

We really love this game

Daisy S

1 star because even after purchasing the no ads option i get a stupid banner telling me that the company not being able to sell my ad data under the guise of "we cant maintain our game if you don't change your privacy settings" if i dont want to thats my choice. Ive paid money to you, so you should let me have a decent uninterrupted player experience.

Michael Mcgee

this game is really cool basically it's where you put gas in your car it's so much fun try it 😘😘❤️🚗🚙

Hardik Munjal


Faheem Khalid


David Russo

Don't waste time. Ads after everything you do. Watch more ads than actual game play.

Eduardo Koenis

lots of ads, totally unplayable

tanya dcruz

nice game bro soo cool 😁🙂

Soila Dorina alvavado

It is a good game just that it has to much ads

ugbad Abdi

It's so interning .

Arwa Queen

It's not that bad but so much add is given still 4

Vidhan Tyagi


Rupasri Katari


Gurnoor singh Gurnoor singh

I love this game

Eric Arndt

Ads after every action. I do understand having to support yourself. But I'm getting more ads than actual gameplay.

Sulthana 31


Tawon Ar

เปิดแอปมา กำลังเล่นด่านแรก โฆษณาเด้งมาตอนที่ยังเล่นไม่จบด่าน ช็อกเว่อร์ รีบอะไรค้าาาา ด่าน2ด่าน3ด่าน4ก็เจอแบบเดียวกัน เลยตัดสินใจปิดเน็ตเล่น ไม่มีโฆษณาละ แต่ก็เล่นด่านvipไม่ได้ เฮ้อ มันสนุกนะ แต่ก็อย่างที่บอก555

Munashe Isabella

After I draw my logo it just freezes nx!

Mallorie Baker

don't like adds a lot but great game ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🍪🍦🍩🍫


Good game

Sharlet Raj

I have told to me all family members to play

Chelsea Redcliffe

This game is really good and fun

Devi Lal

Yadav Raj

Donald Lester

Is so boring

Lzee Radebe


Dhruv Rakesh Kumar Patel

AVI avi Avi

Purabi Mondal

It doesn't work only

ravindrakumar jaganur

it,s game very bad game Don,t waste your time game not lnstall youvers

aryan raj soni

Please update

janci rani


Uzair kb

Mera aik ster dena ko bhe nhi dill kar rha koie game enjoy nhi karna deta har game ma add ab ma na sab games uninstaal kar dene ha


Every 10 second add video play I am no paying games

Sarah Shaheen

Ads, ads and more ads

Sriperambuduru Sandhya

So nice

Khushi Kothiya


DrSulakshana Sood

Worst petrol pump game

Usman Jamiarto

this has way too much ads and the game isn't really that good too


It only allows me to create a logo and then it does nothing else after.

Imran Khan

Imran hashmi

Hannah Jackson


ariyan awan

ThiS gamE is SoO baD i play It not SmmotH plAy😂

Sarita Singh

The best

Krishna Sahoo

Tooooooooo much ads

Jojo Alshamri

العاب تجنن وفي كومديا,😂😂

Neelam Bala

Very nice ❤️

Mohamed AbdAllah


Hafsa Gull

I am feeling very proud full for this gameplay Gas station.......... Thank you soo much to..... Make this game.. It's unbelievable 🙂🙂🙂🙂.........Stay blessed with alot of prayers..... I will give you more stars,A*****🥳🥳🥳

Benita Jenkins


Mattie Jones

Irs a great game

Caasho Sharif

i like this game we well be my friend ❤❤❤🤗🤗🤗

Ashok Meena


Jeevan c

Ads are too much

Jinal Darji


Venkateswarlu Rayi

This game is full of ads

Hasini Chaganti

Very very bad game, and too much lag a.nd adds So please don't download this game waste your time

Guruh Indrayana

An idiot games

Kailash Kumar

if hidden 954 hrjoY

Miss April Baarda

too many adds

nona investor

So muah ads every second, itu even unplayable and not fun. First impressions and its soo baring. Good job lion studio.

Malla Hemavathi

This game is very very worst game because when I opened the for opening it's taking so much time to open and we open the game it's asking to draw our gas station logo when we drawed our logo and I click finish stooped and after its not opening so don't download this game

Daksh Dixit

This is so boring game

Ayaan Ali


Ashley Beaver

You can't go 5 seconds without an ad popping up


Worst game and even worst dev do not waist your time all these devs care for is money from waisting your time watching ads every 30 seconds fill up a car no problem have a ad once your finish need more payment oh hey watch the add you unlock a new thing more ads waist of time

KmR sHaDaB

I hate this game it is good but the ads are very disgusting plx remove the ads thank you

Tresean Tucker

The only this is that, if it is a tycoon let me work to build it up

Md Ekram

That game is v good

Diya 4th, D

I don,t like this game 🙏🙏

Aakanksha Rawat

Is awesome game awesome

Sujit Sah

This game is very bad when I draw logo then it's loading this game is only bad don't download this game ever please fix this loading problem and fix this game and too many ads in this game

Rekha Nishad

Nice game

Achmad Bayu

ads ads ads

Amy Burmeister

I love it is super fun and 😎 cool

Ernesto Madrideo

Too many ads, I don't recommend this, ads is ok, but toooooo many is not right,. When I say toooo many I mean every step there an auto adv. 😂 Uninstalling now...

Shawnna Johnson

It is a good game and good people in it so that is why i gave it a good review And the one thing i dont like is the ads

Faith Tuma

Hello guys this is the app of putting in the gas on the car and I love it because my cousin put it on the phone I was not sure I was on turning the the Sunday-school necessary school and she downloaded and I played and she she looks like my name and who's this game it's nice I can't wait until until I play this game

Maryum Shah


Irvin Gill

Mayweather play this game will have the Subaru have The Best Time Ever playing this game this game is the best game ever therapy Burger download it now8

Chirag Dhull