Gangsta Island: Crime City

Author: BoomHits

100K+ install


Start your life as a gangster! Begin your criminal career by using your gangster skills to progress through the ranks until you rule the criminal world!

Life on the streets isn’t easy, people saying gangster life is the only life, but you have to work hard, you have to survive, fight and hustle your way to the top, and then make the city your world!

Start small, robbing people for their wallets and credit cards. Move up in the world, see other cities, take on bigger crimes and fighting with other gangs. Will you become the mafia boss? Are you the ultimate crime lord?

Then move to Las Vegas and start robbing casinos and hotels, you are moving up in the world! Why rob an ATM when you can rob a casino?! Money never sleeps!

The game will keep you surprised and entertained with multiple engaging minigames and activities. Become the ultimate criminal to rule the streets and fight your way to the top!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Mar 9, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: BoomHits
Price: Free
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Customer review

Arsenal 473

The game is great but too many ads prevent the game from a bigger rating. I get ads every 2 minutes. Get ads when collecting from a warehouse. Get ads when I want to do a minigame, get ads when collecting loot. Want to ride a car? Need an ad for that too! And the worst thing is that you can only drive for about a minute! I'll continue playing the game but the amount of ads actually prevents me from putting more effort into the game or from wanting to watch an ad to upgrade stuff.

JrkTV gaming

Love it

ty Beat master


Aidin Gamer

That Cool Game But I Think when you make it for PC is COOL Too And you have more fans ✋🏻💜❤💛🥲

Karimon Nessa

loved this game🥰🥰

Olebogeng Mokgothu

It fun

Tania Khtoon

game top pro games

Crystal gladwell

This game wont stop crashing


Fun and easy!


This game is so good wow try and see

Rymer Castro

Is cool

Theresa Ehninger

It is sooo cool

Vasilica Negrea


Marcelino Crespo

Fun game

mike young

Good anger management 😆

kdy twon

I love the game but plz lil more action

Rohit Tandon


Kennedy Dwight

I love it :D

Ayla Drake

This game is glitchy and sucks this is not a fun game if you want to download this game it is really really glitchy😒🌎

Marzette Akeem

Love it

David Obi

I love the game so far but the end where I was going to go to Vegas was so HARD

Manas Banerjee

it's a good game



Mike Huncho

To everyone who plays these types of games just put your phone in Airplane mode to defeat the ads ... you're welcome 😊

Emly Kinney


Keenan Camacho

You should play this game.

man man Channel


Kuhle Shoba

Crashes a lot. I open the app it loads and than crashes it's annoying

Sara kitty

Everytime I have to do something an ad pops up, the ads are really annoying and even after I bought the remove ads for $1.99 There are still ads, please fix it and other than that the game it's really nice.

Peyton Moore


Jermaine Jordan

So funny I think they should make pt 2

Maja _bartosz

So I love it

vikramhhk thandihugh


Phil Brown

Not bad so far

Lino Lutteri

Is a nice game

Swan Ansari



Hdnss dhsbsbs s auabs s ssu

The Josh N show

Duck u. I want waifus!!

The Blue Blue

Game looks just like the ads, it's a good game, slow but enjoyable. For the first 5 minutes at least then black screen. When this is fixed. I'll come back maybe rate better.

Marvelous Hopkins

it a great way to buy some time

Bryon Chasse

Mind puzzling

milia romli

Hand up

Damia R

So funn

Robert Johnson

Too many ads!

Aditya Jain

World best game

Adrian Nanalig

Decision dchyrefbjfdf

Christopher Levy

Cool 👍 so far.

Jay Uken (Jayuken)

Just started playing not bad so far

pril maze



Ez thuta

Jurgen Klopp

Game nya bagus banget

Marcus Lee

Very Easy To Play

Christopher Dunbar



Fun game easy controls

G-smoke Solja


Yana Chan


Umeed Mirza

In LAS VAGOS city there is a picture of guy showing on the top of the screen and it saying rob him ...i can't find a way to complete that mission can someone help me

Heena Koshti

Cool game

Evil Peanut

$1.99 to remove ads, this is a lie! To upgrade you still have to watch ads, old bait & switch! Wording say "removes ads" forcing players to watch ads after paying to remove them is low and before you say you worked hard at stick figures of a game, a 8 year old could have designed a better game then this. Just started so will see if I'll change my thoughts on this game but it's very doubtful I will!

Cameron Freeman

Love the game it fun

thomas kim

Great game.

Syed Ahmed

Nice one thanks

Shiva Gurhu

Lot of uncontrollable AD's and waiting for the next update

Umesh Bhatt


Ansh Chouhan

Wounder full एक्सीलेंट game

Dashawn Mayes

Good game

Nenita Escaner

I love this game this game the game cold Is gangsta island you can make a crime What ur you waiting for download it now

Bromoz F

3 stars. This app is great but the developer has to make sure this game doesn't influence children. I think they might have already dont that though

shadowsyus Sentry

needs more content all im doing is farming

matt knox

So far it seems pretty good

Big Dave

Great game update please

Co Flow

This game would be perfect if it didnt have an ad every 2 seconds

moni thakur

The Best game ever these folls are doing in timepass there are ads but sometime it games ad rare games that are free

dashuwn Johnson

It reminds me ask Grand theft Auto

Nkkb NK kb


Kyle Styles

I like it alot


Bad grafic

Nikila Sanjana

Nice game i 👍 this 🎮 👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😀

Brett Barnes

fun for when im bored

AR Gaming Rocky (Rocky)

Best experience nice game i like this gangsta lsland five star 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


I love the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jose A Pabon

Awesome 1

Scott Deres

Just a great job, mini gta lol

Enoch Gallegos

Like this 👌

Ah Phu


realmew5 playz


Levent Doğrular

Another forced ads spree game. If you respect yourself don't play

Amada Molina

It's a really fun game to play when you have nothing to do.

paul latu

Very good game

Asta Jonkaityte

Best game ever


Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads etc. Uninstalled

Adam Nazir

Toooooo many add

Tim Anderson

Really fun to play, the pop up ads are very annoying, but at least there are ads that reward you with money or anything else that's needed to continue playing the game. I can't wait to see what's coming soon for the game so that we can progress further in the game.

Anthoney Askew


Rory Bailey

love it more

Samuel Gilmour

Rely. Good

Gayathri Prabhakar

Bro it's fun bit I hate the ads

Keith Mcculloch

Cut down on ads but u got a great game that can grow

Jan Knafelj

Nice game

benjamin eickhoff

Boring game. Had both locations unlocked in an hour. Needs more areas to play.